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WELCOMEAs a MICA graduate you are enteringthe job market with a very uniqueset of skills. You spent the last fewyears honing your talent, refiningyour technique and establishing anextensive knowledge base of materials,tools, and art and design theory. Youhave learned to be a creative problemsolver, and innovator with a strongwork ethic. Now it’s time to put yourMICA education to work. This JobSearch Tool Kit will help you focusyour job search and establish yourcareer as a working artist or designer.JOB SEAR CH TOOL K IT1

contentsMICA Resources& Links7 Steps to JobHunting SuccessWeekly Workshops & SpecialProgramming1. Know YourselfMICAnetwork2. Update YourProfessional PackageOnline Career Resource Library3. Consider Your ApproachCurated Web Links4. Utilize Your NetworkMICA Portfolios5. Develop a Planand Be PersistentMICA Internship BlogSocial Media: LinkedIn, Facebook,Twitter & KickstarterGrants and CompetitionsSource Book6. Become a Stronger Candidate7. Make the Most ofCareer Development74

MarketingYourselfBusiness Cards and PostcardsWeb PresenceCareer FairsJob Banks &Search ResourcesInterviewing & SalaryNegotiations1. Learn About the OrganizationMICAnetworkPlacement Agencies2. Review yourQualifications for the JobGeneral Job Banks3. Prepare your PortfolioTalk to Your ProfessorsAnimation, Game Design,Illustration4. Look the PartGet InvolvedApparel, Fashion, Textile Design5. Preparing for a Phone or VideoConferenceProfessional AssociationsArt Therapy6. In-person InterviewsEducation7. Their QuestionsEnvironmental / InteriorDesign, Architecture8. Your QuestionsExhibition Openings139. Follow UpFilm, Video, Media, Photography10. Salary NegotiationsFreelance Design andIllustration Opportunities26Fine ArtsGraphic DesignMuseums, GalleriesTheater, Set Design, Costuming18JOB SEAR CH TOOL K IT3

MICARESOURCES& LINKSThe services of the Joseph Meyerhoff Center for Career Development are available to youat anytime as a MICA alumnus. We are here to help you in your job search, to review yourprofessional package, to offer advice in applying for grants and residencies or to graduateschool, to provide resources for business or entrepreneurial endeavors, along with a host of otherservices. We offer appointments in person if you are in the Baltimore area, or via phone or videocall if that is more convenient for you. Whether you are a recent grad, or fifteen years out andcontemplating a career change, we can help you get to the “next step” in your creative career.w e e k ly w o r k s h o p s a n dspecial programmingLook for our Program Calendar onmicanetwork.comMICAnetwork is our free, exclusive onlinedatabase listing opportunities from each semesterwho are actively looking to hire MICAfor the dates of upcoming professionalstudents and alumni. MICAnetwork allowsdevelopment workshops, guest speakersyou to create a public resume and profile forand panel presentations. Many Careeremployers to view as they search for potentialDevelopment programs are open to alumni.candidates. This is a great place to postyour website and resume so employers canfind you. MICAnetwork also offers valuableinformation in its Resource Library in additionto many employment, internship, and fine artopportunity postings.

online career resourcesMany professional development resources are availableto you online at you will find downloadable PDFs of our handoutson topics including resumes, cover letters, grants andapplying to graduate school. There are also videos ondocumenting your work and other audio/visual resourceswe think will be helpful to you as you establish your career.mica portfoliosUndergraduate students, graduate students, alumni,and faculty are invited to join MICA Portfolios—an exclusiveportfolio network—to gain broader exposure for yourwork, connect with other MICA students and alumni,and be discovered more easily by potential clients,recruiters and creative enthusiasts. Portfolios.mica.eduis hosted by Behance. If you have an existingBehance account, you can link it back to MICA PortfoliosWe send employers here to find you!Internship Career Fair,Photo by Jing Zhao ‘13 PEMFine Art Review, Photo by Micah E. Wood ‘13 PhotographyJOB SEAR CH TOOL K IT5

social mediaFacebook: MICA Career Development Group,MICA Alumni Association Page, MICA AlumniRegional GroupsInstagram: @mica cdLinkedIn: MICA Alumni GroupTwitter: @MICA CDKickstarter: Team: MICA ForeverCareer Development uses Facebook,Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Kickstarter,and Etsy to stay connected online, sharegrants & competitionssourcebookinformation about job openings, calls forentry, and upcoming exhibitions. Joiningthe MICA Alumni Group on LinkedIn andBuilding your artist resume by showing inyour regional Alumni Groups on Facebookexhibitions and participating in competitionscan greatly expand your personal andis integral to the development of a robustprofessional networks. MICA hosts a curatedcareer and a balance to studio practice.Kickstarter page, which highlights student,Applying to any competitive opportunityalumni and faculty projects. Contact Careerrequires a great deal of work, starting withDevelopment to be featured on this page andresearch, preparing materials, and creatinggain broader exposure for your project.a statement of intent. The Grants andCompetitions Sourcebook, available online onour Career Resources page, will help you beginyour search for competitive opportunitiesand provides information on how to formatyour applications. Career Developmentstaff have a tremendous track record inassisting successful applicants to some ofthe worlds most competitive and prestigiousopportunities, and are available forapplication support and portfolio reviews.Mark Isaac (left) ‘08 MFA Photography and Digital Imaging2017 – 2018 Fulbright to Ukraine for Photography

STEPSTO JOBHUNTINGSUCCESS1.k n ow yo u r s e l fQUESTI ONS TO ASKThe fields of art and design are unique in that there are What technical skills haveendless possibilities on how to apply your education to ayou mastered?professional practice. If you are unsure how you can translate What computer programsyour MICA education into a career, a great way to begin isand special tools or equipmentby taking some time to think about your unique skill set,are you familiar with?knowledge base, experience and personal goals. What makes you unique fromBy creating a list of all that you have to offer in terms of skills,other job candidates?knowledge, and experience, and by understanding the What job, internship or projectelements that are most important to you in a job setting, youexperience have you acquired;will have a clearer picture of where to focus your job search.which aspects of each haveIf you are still uncertain of positions or titles to which you couldyou enjoyed the most?apply your skill set, take a look at the Careers in the Arts Where would you like to live?handout in our Online Career Resources. Also utilize LinkedIn What type of work environmentto research professionals with similar skill sets, or tois appealing to you?see where your fellow MICA alumni are working. What do you value and wantyour work to contribute to?JOB SEAR CH TOOL K IT7

2. u p dat eyo u rp r o f e s s i o n a l pa c k a g eBy the time you have graduated you should aim to have thefollowing materials prepared. As you begin your job searchremember to update and refine your materials so theyare tailored for each specific application. Visit the onlineCareer Resources for many resources to help you draft andpolish these documents, including the Building Resumes,Cover Letters and Artist Statements and Bio handouts.ResumeKeep your resume up to date with current workexperience. Note your technical skills as well as personalInternship Career Fair,Photo by Micah E. Wood ‘13 Photographystrengths such as communication, project management,organization and self-motivation. Design a layout andpresentation to reflect your visual communication style.Cover LetterYour cover letter is an example of your writtencommunication skills. Tailor each letter to emphasizeyour most relevant and transferable skills. Always bepositive in your language and remember to personalize andcustomize to show what you know about them! Be sure todedicate one full paragraph explaining why you would liketo work with them specifically.Portfolio and/or WebsiteContinue to document new work as you make it. Yourportfolio should reflect your current level of ability.Internship Career Fair,Photo by Micah E. Wood ‘13 PhotographyThe images in your portfolio should be clear and welllit, cropped close to the frame with no distractingbackgrounds, and organized to begin and end with impact.Tailor your portfolio to reflect the work that best representsyour desired skill set and abilities for each position, andresearch the best presentation method for each situation.Your website should include only your best work and beupdated at least once every six months with new imagesand information.Artist Bio and Artist StatementUpdate these to reflect your current body of work andachievements. Your Artist Statement should be 1–3paragraphs detailing your work and should supplementyour portfolio, providing information that may notInternship Career Fair,Photo by Micah E. Wood ‘13 Photographyimmediately come across when viewing your work.

3.c o n s i d e r yo u r a p p roac hbe missing out. Take a look at the graphicHow you approach your job search can makeall the difference in your success. Considerbelow illustrating how typical employers prefershifting your focus from job postings, toto fill an opening compared to how typicalresearching and connecting with the peoplejob hunters go about their search. You willand places who are best matched to yoursee there is quite a disconnect. Try to build askills, interests and style of work. Therecommunity alongside your portfolio.are many art and design specific job bankslisted by industry in this tool kit. If you arefocusing your research solely on job boardsand applying “coldly” to job postings, you mayEMPLOYERS VS JOB-HUNTERSSee if you can get hired for an internship,Promoting someone FROM WITHINtemporary position, freelancer, contractworker, or volunteer.the organizationFind people and places that match your skills andSeeing a great candidate withPROOF of skills/portfoliointerests through informational interviews, studio visitsor portfolio reviews. Attend or volunteer at professionalevents, conferences, art openings and festivals.lETypicaSpread the word about what you are looking for,REFERRALS from friendsand ask for recommendations of people and placesto connect with.& colleaguesM P LOThere are many agencies that can help usher qualifiedAGENCY REFERRAL:YERfor the job hunter, paid by the employer. See a list ofHiring a firm toJOB-HlTypicaachApprorecruit and screencandidatesListing a JOBPOSTING on aUNTEjob boardcandidates to employers. Often these are free servicesAgencies on page 19.Limit your time browsing job boards by automating yoursearches. Do the necessary research to connect with someone“on the inside” so your application is not lost in the shuffle.Always include a cover letter that is tailored, specificand professional. Include names of any connections youhave to the organization.RachApproSending aRESUMEEmployers Search forCandidates the ExactOpposite Way CandidatesSearch for JobsAdapted from “WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE?, A Practical ManualFor Job-Hunters and Career- Changers” by Richard N. BollesJOB SEAR CH TOOL K IT9

4.u t i l i z e yo u r n e t wo r kThe most efficient and effective way to find a job is to focuson building a community or network around your professionalinterests.According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, at least70% of all jobs are found through networking. This is a greatway to uncover job opportunities that might not yet — or mayNETIQU ET T E When reaching out onlinenever — have job postings. Shift your focus from researchingjob postings to researching and making a list of theto potential contacts, youorganizations and people within whom you want to connect.must be professional in yourAlumni, Faculty and Industry Professionalscommunication. Keep the subject lineprofessional and relevant(don’t use all caps or emojis)and always include a formalgreeting, especially if you donot know the person. Keep it concise; break textApproach alumni, faculty and other industry professionals asmentors. MICA alumni can be especially generous with theirtime and advice. Don’t be afraid to ask for an informationalinterview to learn more about entering the field and industrytips — these people were once recent graduates in need ofsome guidance too.Consider joining professional organizations in your field orinto paragraphs so your emailattending industry conferences or meet-ups to make newdoesn’t come across as densecontacts and expand your network. Attend art openings andor overwhelming. Use spell check withprofessional language andstandard capitalization, noemojis or TXT abbreviations. Be sure to correspond usingan email address you checkregularly. Be warm and friendly, thankingthe person for their time. Include a link to your websitevisiting artists’ lectures to stay updated on current events inthe local art scene.Follow up with people you meet, especially if they have agreedto an informational interview. Sending a thank you note orfollow up email to show your appreciation of their time to meetwith you can go a long way.Online Social NetworkingLinkedInGo to the MICA LinkedIn page to see career insights. Developa professional profile on LinkedIn and join the MICA Alumniand include your contactLinkedIn group. LinkedIn can be an invaluable research toolinformation at the finding out about career opportunities in your desiredfield, and to connect with alumni working in an industry ororganization you want to learn about. Review the onlinetutorials to get the most of out LinkedIn!Behance, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, FacebookClean up any preexisting social media profiles. If anemployer were to Google search your name, would they findembarrassing photos or information about you? Your onlinepresence should be professional and reflect positively on yourwork and personal life.

NETIQUETSearchTESampleJobWorksheetCOMPANY When reachingout onlineWHITE CUBE GALLERYto potential contacts, youCONTACTANN JONESPHONE(212) 555-5555EMAILAJONES@ WHITECUBE.COMPOSITIONGALLERY ASSISTANTDATE RESUME SENT2/3/15DATE OF FOLLOW UP2/17/15FIRST INTERVIEW DATE3/1/15FIRST INTERVIEW COMMENTSINTERESTED IN CHECKINGDATE THANK YOU SENT3/2/15NEXT STEPSAWAITING SECOND INTERVIEWMY REFERENCES5 . d e v e l o pa plan &be persistentCreate and maintain a database ofemployers to track your contacts, datesof applications, responses and interviews(see chart above).Use a cover letter to request a formal“Look for opportunitieswith someone whosework interests andinspires you.”interview, or reach out via email to request aninformational interview.Once you have made contact, be sure toDealing with Rejectionfollow up. Following up shows sincere interestIf you have reached out twice, yet still haven’treceived a response, move on to the nextand initiative.opportunity.If you are granted an interview, always send athank you note and/or email within 48 hours!If you are receiving a lot of rejectionletters or not getting any response to themany applications you submit, give CareerDevelopment a call. We can help you refineyour search and update your materials tomake the most of your efforts.JOB SEAR CH TOOL K IT11

6.b e c o m e a s t r o n g e r c a n d i dat eBuild ExperienceIf you are getting the message consistently from your“Consider theinternship anopportunityto build skillsand meet newpeople whomight help youlater in life.”networking efforts and research that you are not yetqualified for the position, you may need to consider gettingsome more work experience or pursuing further educationto acquire the knowledge and skills that you lack.Take a position as an intern, volunteer, or administrativeassistant to gain on-the-job experience and expandyour professional network. This type of position may notbe glamorous but will get your foot in the door so youcan show them what you are capable of.Acquire the Knowledge and SkillsAcquire technical and computer software skills by utilizingonline tutorials, attending workshops or taking continuingeducation classes.Attend MICA programs or events hosted by MICA’s OpenStudies that can help you improve your professionalpractices, learn tricks of the trade, and enhance yourknowledge of the field.Determine if graduate school or further education is anecessary step in your career path.7. m a k ethe most ofcareer developmentSchedule an appointment with a counselor in CareerDevelopment to discuss your professional development. Asa MICA alumnus, our services are available to you anytime.Learn about career building resources like LinkedIn andhow to utilize them to make the most of your job search.Discuss past experiences and stumbling blocks to getBao Nguyen ‘19 PhotographySheree Hovsepian Studio; Ridgewood, NYMeyerhoff Internship FellowPhoto by Micah E. Wood ‘13 Photographyfeedback on how to improve your outcomes.Brainstorm career opportunities, new directions and learnabout upcoming professional development workshops.

MARKETINGYOURSELFKnowing how to market yourselfis probably the most importantskill for any artist or designer. Theamount of opportunities availableto you is largely a product of whoyou know, and who knows you. Thissection outlines several ways tomarket yourself. Never underestimatethe importance of sharing what youare creating, keeping in touch, andkeeping your contacts “in the loop!”JOB SEAR CH TOOL K IT13

business cards and postcardsThese are both an effective and useful way to be remembered. Business cards are not only areminder of who you are (name, email, phone, website) but they also show off your designskills and aesthetic. Postcards are a great way to advertise for an exhibition opening and ensurethat your guests can go home with a piece of your “work.” A postcard has a “shelf life” andmight speak for you months after your show, as people will pin them up if they like the image.Don’t underestimate the power of a strong postcard! Below are a few suggested ways to printbusiness cards and postcards:Online PrintersBusiness Card Websitesfor InspirationIn the Baltimore Areamoo.com4by6.comcardonizer.comlocated in Federal Hill andvistaprint.comreencoded.comOwings inting.comlocated in Columbiaworkprinting.com48hourprint.comlocated in Pigtowngotprint.comPrintmaking majors trying tomake some money!web presenceDo you have an online portfolio, website or blog? An online presence is essential in today’sfast-paced world. If you do not have the skills to build a website, consider starting a blog witha user-friendly site (free), or use a paid service to host your domain name and provide easy,user-friendly templates. If you are tech savvy, and studying web/graphic design or interactivedesign, you should consider building a website to display your work. Not only is this a greatway to showcase your work, but the website itself will speak for your design skills and technicalabilities. Some suggested sites MICA Portfolios is an twork just for MICA studentsand alumni at no

Internship Career Fair, Photo by Micah E. Wood ‘13 Photographycareer eventsCareer Fairs and Portfolio Reviews are great opportunities to network and make face-to-faceconnections with potential employers. MICA holds an annual career fair open to both studentsand alumni. Visit for information on past and future fairs. Beloware some important things to remember when preparing for and attending a career fair.Plan AheadTreat it Like a Job InterviewFind out which organizations, companies orBe prepared to communicate yourgalleries will be represented. Decide whichqualifications in a 30-second “elevator speech”employers you’re interested in and visit theirincluding a few selling points about yourself,websites to learn more about them and anybut make sure it doesn’t sound canned.available jobs before the event.Establish ContactDress The PartYour objective is to make a lasting impressionCareer fairs and portfolio reviews canbefore you leave the table. Be pleasantoffer you “on-the-spot” interviewing, whichand express interest in the company. Pick upcould be your one opportunity to make aa business card and follow up the next dayprofessional and lasting impression so, makewhile you are fresh in their minds.sure you are dressed professionally. As artstudents it is okay to show some style andcreativity, just know your audience.Follow UpSend a “Thank You” email and inquire aboutan opportunity to interview. This is no time tobe shy. Follow-up contact will put you on topof the candidate pile.JOB SEAR CH TOOL K IT15

exhibition openingsg e t i n v o lv e dExhibition openings are a great way to stayParticipate in activities and/or organizationsconnected to the local art scene, and offerthat interest you such as volunteer oropportunities to network with emerging andcharitable organizations, art-related or otherestablished artists, art enthusiasts andgroups/clubs including alumni, political, orpotential collectors. You can learn also aboutrecreational related activities — you neverupcoming exhibit opportunities and otherknow who you will meet!art-related events at openings and byattending art fairs. Be prepared to give a quickelevator pitch about your work to the peopleyou meet at these events.ta l k t o y o u r p r o f e s s o r sprofessionala s s o c i at i o n sProfessional affiliations are another way tomeet people and professionals related tothe art and design world. Most professionalDo you ever think, “If only I knew someoneassociations and trade organizations havein the field who could help me get started ”student memberships. Make the most of yourWell, you do! MICA’s faculty are amongmembership by becoming active, gettingthe top ranked in the nation, coming fromon committees and becoming a valuable partexceptional professional backgrounds andof the organization. By doing this, you willstellar graduate programs. Many studentsbecome more visible and well known to thehave found internships, jobs, and startedother members, while learning a lot aboutbuilding professional networks throughyour field. Check out some professionaltheir professors. So don’t be shy, a directassociations on the following page.connection to the art and design worldis at your fingertips.Internship Career Fair, Photo by Micah E. Wood ‘13 Photography

Professional n of Academic Museums & GalleriesAmerican Alliance of MuseumsAmerican Institute of Architectsaiga.orgAmerican Institute of Graphic hearts.orgAmerican Art Therapy AssociationAmericans for the Association of Art Museum Curatorsarteducators.orgTarek Turkey ‘15 Film & VideoProducerMic Media CompanyNational Art Educators Associationasid.orgAmerican Society of Interior Designersasla.orgAmerican Society of Landscape Architectsasmp.orgAmerican Society of Media Photographersceramics.orgAmerican Ceramic Societycollegeart.orgCollege Art Design Management Institutefgi.orgFashion Group Internationalidsa.orgIndustrial Designers Society of Americaigda.orgInternational Game Developers Associationisea-web.orgInter-Society for Electronic Artsillustratorsclub.orgnaia-artists.orgThe Illustrators Club of D.C., MD and VANational Association of Independent National Alliance for Media Arts & Culturenceca.netppa.comNational Council on the Education of Ceramic ArtsProfessional Photographers of Sculptors Southeastern College Art ConferenceLiz Mortati ‘17 Post Bac Graphic DesignColor Designer at NikeNorth America Express Lanesiggraph.orgFor Computer Graphics and Interactive textilesociety.orgSociety of IllustratorsSociety for Photographic EducationTextile Society of The Illustration ConferenceJOB SEAR CH TOOL K IT17

JOB BANKSAND SEARCHRESOURCESmicanetwork.comMICAnetwork is Career Development’s free online databaselisting opportunities from employers actively seeking to hireMICA students and alumni. Through MICAnetwork you willfind open job, internship and volunteer positions as well as callsfor-entry, residencies, and competitions. Many postingsare made by MICA alumni or those who have worked with MICAstudents in the past and are looking specifically forMICA talent. 500 opportunities are added each week!

c r e at i v e s ta f f i n g a g e n c i e sCreative staffing agencies work with employers to recruit staff that match their needs and values.They are generally paid by the employer after a hire is made, and therefore a free serviceto you, a job seeker.aquent.usStaffing agency for graphic designers,croshak.comNew York-based creativeweb designers, illustrators, art directorsstaffing Staffing agency for museum,digitalpeople.netnon-profit organizations and art Specializesattackmarketing.netin entertainment, arts, and creative industriesEvent staffing, advertising,Specializing in creative staffingdesign, and experiential Print producers, web editors,and interactive mediaMobile/internet marketinginteractive art directors, and graphic Advertising, marketing, andmultimedia, and front end developmentDesign, production, marketing,interactive work, both full-time and freelance creative positionsStaffing within design firms,corporations and advertising agenciesyehideology.comDigital, marketing andSpecializing in industrial designand related industriesh - 1b s p o n s o r s h i pThe following sites are resources for international citizens seeking employment opportunities andH-1B Visa sponsorship in the United Accessible through the MICA isajobs.comimmihelp.comjob search enginesEach of the sites below preform advanced searches that pull from multiple job searchwebsites Instead of spending hours of time searching these websites for positions,set up an RSS feed to email you with new postings of interest. Many also havea corresponding app for your Job search engine that also includesjobtargetjobfinder.comsalaries and experiences from community membersjuju.comwho have worked specific eed.comsimplyhired.comJOB SEAR CH TOOL K IT19

non-profit, government,social designidealist.orgJob listings specific to non-profits andphilanthropic Full-time job openings at US-basedfoundations and non-profitsusajobs.govJob listings for nationwide and international opportunitiesthrough the U.S. governmenta n i m at i o n , g a m e d e s i g n ,i l lu s t r at i o Creative and technical jobs in the Film & Animation,Video Game and Multimedia industriescreativeheads.netResource for jobs in the video game, animation,VFX, and software/technology This search engine seeks jobs and companiesthat they think are awesome what designers and engineers would wantto do and who they would want to work The game industry leader in career resources with jobssearchable by company, title, description, city, state, or countrygamedevmap.comA living map and catalog of game National job board for the game Jobs in the video and computer game Video game job boarda p pa r e l , fa s h i o n , t e x t i l e d e s i g n24seveninc.com24 Seven is the leading talent recruitment agencyfor the biggest names in fashion, retail, marketing, advertising,and & Company is a full serviceExecutive Search Firm that specializes in the soft goods industry,including the apparel, home furnishings and industrial Women’s Wear Daily job bank for careersin fashion retail and productionstylecareers.comThe largest fashion-only job listing site on the abundance of hip jobs and internships inthe fashion industry

art org The premier electronicrecruitment resource for the Art Therapy fielde d u c at i o naimsmddc.orgAssociation of Independent Schools of Maryland and DC,listings and job fairs for private College Art Association job bankof openings in arts education in higher education and Blake ‘16 IllustrationProgram Coordinator, NationalPartnershipsThe John F. Kennedy Center for thePreforming ArtsThe Chronicle of Higher Education isthe No. 1 source of news, information, and jobs for college anduniversity faculty members and administratorscois.orgCouncil of International Schools, hosts job fairs to teachat international schools around the Academic Keys is a national listing ofcollege and university level academic positions in the arts fo

mica portfolios Undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, and faculty are invited to join MICA Portfolios—an exclusive portfolio network—to gain broader exposure for your work, connect with other MICA students and alumni, and be discovered more easily by potential clients, recruiters and c

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Search jobs on LinkedIn and set-up alerts Search by criteria like job title, location, remote work, industry, or company. Download the LinkedIn App to get alerts about new job openings when a new job matches your search, so you can be the first to apply. Download now. Go to the urgent jobs section on Jobs