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NAMIBIA SENIOR SECONDARY CERTIFICATEBIOLOGY ORDINARY LEVEL4322/1PAPER 1 Multiple Choice1 hourMarks 402013Additional Materials:Multiple choice answer sheetSoft clean eraserSoft pencil (type B or HB is recommended)LEVINSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION TO CANDIDATES ELYRANMake sure that you receive the multiple choice answer sheet with your Candidate Number on it.Write in soft pencil.Answer all questions.There are forty questions on this paper.For each question, there are four possible answers A, B, C and D. Choose the one you considercorrect and record your choice in soft pencil on the separate answer sheet.If you want to change an answer, thoroughly erase the one you wish to delete.Read the instructions on the answer sheet carefully. IDREach correct answer will score one mark.Any rough working should be done in this booklet.All questions in this paper carry equal marks.You may use a non-programmable calculator.OThis document consists of 14 printed pages and 2 blank page.Republic of NamibiaMINISTRY OF EDUCATION MoE/DNEA4322/1/13723046[Turn over

21All living things exchange gases with their environment.Animals take in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. As this occurs, energy isreleased in the animal cells.Which characteristic of living organisms is described in the paragraph ch feature is characteristic of viruses?Ahave a cell wallBhave a protein coatChave double stranded DNADhave mitochondriaThe diagnostic features of an organism are unicellular with a definite nucleus in thecytoplasm.To which kingdom does the organism belong?4AanimalsBfungiCprokaryotesDprotoctistaWhat function does a muscle tissue tation4322/1/13723046

35The diagram shows a modern compound light microscope.XWhat is the function of part X?67Aadjust the opening through which light passesBbrings object into focusCfor magnification of the objectDto reflect lightWhich is the correct definition of an organ?AA group of different cells working together to perform a particular function.BA group of similar cells working together to perform a particular function.CA group of different tissues working together to perform a particular function.DA group of the same tissues working together to perform a particular function.The cell membrane of red blood cells will allow water, oxygen, carbon dioxide andglucose to pass through. Other substances are not allowed to enter.Which feature of the cell membrane is illustrated by this?Afully permeableBimpermeableCpartially permeableDperforated4322/1/13723046[Turn over

48The diagram shows an experiment to demonstrate osmosis.tubesolution Xsolution YWhat describes the changes that would happen after 30 minutes?9ASolution X has a higher water potential than solution Y and the level in thetube falls.BSolution X has a higher water potential than solution Y and the level in thetube rises.CSolution Y has a higher water potential than solution X and the level in thetube falls.DSolution Y has a higher water potential than solution X and the level in thetube rises.Which process is responsible for the uptake of glucose from the villi of the smallintestine into the blood stream?Aactive 46

510 The table shows the quantities of four nutrients in 100 g of four foods.Which food would help prevent scurvy?Avitamin A(mg)10.00iron(mg)0.7calcium(mg)42vitamin C(mg)45B0.750.53380C0.035.03540D0.050.86750food11 The diagram shows the external structure of a leaf.leaf apexlaminamidribleaf marginWhich contains the vascular bundles?AlaminaBleaf apexCleaf marginDmidrib12 Which food substance will give a positive result when tested with Benedict’s 6[Turn over

613 A simplified human alimentary canal is given below.Where does egestion take place?ABCD14 Which secretes both digestive enzymes and hormones?Agall bladderBliverCmouthDpancreas15 The diagram shows a section through the stem of a green plant.ABCDWhich tissue transports sugar to different parts of the plant?4322/1/13723046

716 Blood vessels are structurally adapted to carry out their function.The diagram shows three types of blood vessels found in the human circulatory system.1blood flowfrom the heart2blood flowback tothe heart3How are blood vessels 1, 2 and 3 structurally adapted to carry out their function?123Ahas valvessingle layer of cellsmore elastic fibresBhighly permeablelarge lumensingle layer of cellsCnarrow lumenhas valveshighly permeableDsingle layer of cellsmore elastic fibreshas valves17 The diagram shows red blood cells trapped by fibres.Which blood protein is converted into these 2/1/13723046[Turn over

818 During a vaccination programme, all Namibians were given the Sabin vaccine, aliquid containing weakened polio viruses.How can this help vaccinated individuals to become immune to polio?AIt causes a mild form of the disease.BIt increases phagocytosis.CIt prevents viral infections.DIt promotes production of antibodies.19 In which structure of the cell does respiration take place?AchloroplastBmitochondriaCnucleusDvacuole20 Which balanced equation represents respiration?A C6H12O6 O2CO2 H2OB C6H12O6 6O26CO2 6H2OC 6CO2 6H2OC6H12O6 6O2D CO2 H2OC6H12O6 O221 An athlete is running a 100 metre race. The following changes take place in theathlete’s body during the race.1increased availability of oxygen to muscles2increased breathing rate3increased carbon dioxide concentration in the blood4muscular activity produces carbon dioxideWhich is the correct order?firstlastA1234B2431C3124D43214322/1/13723046

922 The diagram shows part of the respiratory system of a mammal.ABCDWhich label is necessary for dissolving of oxygen from the air?23 Which component of cigarette smoke reduces the oxygen carrying capacity ofhaemoglobin in blood?Acarbon dioxideBcarbon monoxideCnicotineDtar24 What substances are found in the urine of a healthy human?saltsglucoseureaA B C D 25 Mary and her friends were all bare – footed and were playing in the school grounds.Mary stepped on a large thorn and soon afterwards jumped up and screamed inpain. Her foot started bleeding since it was injured by the thorn.What is the reflex action?Aa bleeding footBjumping upCstepping on the thornDscreaming in pain4322/1/13723046[Turn over

1026 The abuse of drugs has negative effects on the human body.Which organ is permanently damaged by the abuse of alcohol?AearBlarge intestineCliverDpancreas27 Drugs cause both personal and social problems that arise from drug abuse.Which is a personal problem?Adriving under the influence of alcoholBhearing things that doesn’t existCselling drugs to other peopleDstealing to pay for the drug28 The diagram below represents the nucleus of a body cell of an organism.Which one of the following diagrams does not represent a possible gametic nucleusproduced by the organism?ABC4322/1/13723046D

1129 The diagram shows the exchange of substances between fetal and maternal bloodin the placenta.O2maternal bloodCO2fetal bloodWhy does oxygen move from maternal blood to fetal blood?Aless blood pressure in fetal blood than in maternal bloodBless blood pressure in maternal blood than in fetal bloodCmore CO2 in fetal blood than in maternal bloodDmore O2 in maternal blood than in fetal blood30 Which statement is both an advantage and disadvantage of asexual reproduction ina plant species?Aall offspring genetically identicalBno pollinators requiredConly one parent requiredDspecies crowds out competitors31 The diagram shows a flower.5 mmWhich feature enables this flower to be pollinated by wind?Aconspicuous flowerBfeathery stigmaCpollen varies in sizeDproduces nectar4322/1/13723046[Turn over

1232 The diagram shows parts of the male reproductive system.CBDAWhich labelled structure would be cut during surgical birth control?33 In which structure of the seed, is food for the growing embryo stored?ABCD34 Which method of measuring growth in organisms gives the amount of living materialin an organism?Adry massBheightCvolumeDwet mass35 A heterozygous type A blood group man and a homozygous type B blood groupwoman had one child.What is the probability that the child is blood type O?A0%B25%C75%D100%4322/1/13723046

1336 A book contained the sentence “only the best adapted organisms survive andreproduce”.Which biological process is being described in this sentence?Aartificial selectionBevolutionCmutationDnatural selection37 A ladybird feeds on an aphid.At which tropic level is the ladybird?Aprimary consumerBproducerCsecondary consumerDtertiary consumer38 The graph shows a population of aphids, before and after a ladybird population hasbeen introduced into the habitat of the aphids.Ladybirds feed on aphids.aphidpopulationintroduction of ladybirdstimeWhich factor caused the aphid population to decrease?A decrease in diseaseBdecrease in pesticide useCincrease in food supplyDincrease in predation4322/1/13723046[Turn over

1439 The diagram shows the water cycle.What process is happening at X?Xwater spiration40 Which is not an effect of irrigation?ACrops can be grown during dry seasons.BCrops can be grown in low rainfall areas.CIt can lead to soil erosion if not carefully managed.DIt increases soil fertility, producing high crop yields.4322/1/13723046

15BLANK PAGE4322/1/13723046

16BLANK PAGE4322/1/13723046

NAMIBIA SENIOR SECONDARY CERTIFICATE BIOLOGY ORDINARY LEVEL 4322/1 PAPER 1 Multiple Choice 1 hour Marks 40 2013 Additional Materials: Multiple choice answer sheet . 12 O 6 O 2 CO 2 H 2 O B C 6 H 12 O 6 6O 2 6CO 2 6H 2 O C 6CO 2 6H 2 O C 6 H 12 O 6 6O 2 D CO 2 H 2 O C 6 H 12 O 6 O 2 21 An athlete is running a 100 metre race .