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The Cayman Islands Health Services Authority, is the principal healthcare service provider in the CaymanIslands, offering the most comprehensive range of inpatient, outpatient and public health servicesthrough a 124-bed hospital and four District Health Centres on Grand Cayman, an 18-bed hospital inCayman Brac and a satellite outpatient clinic in Little Cayman.We invite applications for the following position:FORENSIC MANAGERSalary range: CI 94,066.00 – CI 115,828.00 per annumThe post holder manages and executes all activities in the Forensic Department, delivering a clientfocused, high quality accredited forensic science service to all clients and customers, including simple,complex and multi-evidence/inter-discipline cases with interpretation where appropriate. Postholderis accountable for administrating and managing the morgue facility and delivery of autopsy serviceswithin the Cayman Island’s Hospital. Provides strong team leadership, effective people and processmanagement skills while demonstrating good communication and influencing skills within the team andwith other hospital departments.Responsibilities include: The successful applicant is responsible for the day-to-day management, scientificsupport and business development of the forensic laboratory and morgue autopsy suite. This includesdelivering leadership and vision at the strategic level, providing impartial expert advice and evidence bothwritten and orally to the judicial system in the Cayman Islands, overseeing, monitoring and interpretinginformation necessary for the successful function of the forensic services. Provides leadership andmanagement support to motivate the delivery of a high performance team including conducting staffappraisals. Continuously seeks to improve the quality of forensic services performing proficiency testingfrom relevant external agencies and provides annual reports on its activities. Works towards obtainingaccreditation status for those services not already under the accreditation scope.Qualification & Experience: The successful applicant must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry,Chemistry or Forensic Science related areas and a Master’s Degree, or higher in a specialist forensicscience discipline (or equivalent) from a recognised institution. The post holder must have experience inforensic drug analysis, forensic toxicology and preferably in forensic criminalistics, with a minimum of 10years performing multi-disciplined forensic analyses and interpretation (if the post-holder has arecognized higher post-graduate qualification, then this work experience may be reduced to 7 years) ofwhich five years must be in a manager or supervisory role in an ISO 17025 accredited forensic laboratory.Experience of budgetary preparation and management are highly desirable. Must have experience ofattending court and giving impartial verbal evidence and explaining scientific interpretation as an expertwitness. Post holder must have experience and knowledge of using instrumentation and be proficient inthe use of specialized analytical equipment used in forensic chemistry analyses including, but not limitedto: Immunoassay, GC/MS, GC/FID, HPLC, TLC, Microscopy and IR & UV spectrometry and whereapplicable, use of associated computer software. Experience of successfully completing validation studiesfor new methodologies from design to implementation is essential. The ability to work well within amultidisciplinary team is essential.A remuneration and benefits package, commensurate with experience and qualifications will beoffered to the successful candidates.If you are interested in joining our dynamic team of professionals, please forward your resume andHSA application online to: using PDF format.IMPORTANT: HSA Application Forms must accompany all resumes or they will not beconsidered for processing.Applications can be located with each Job Description on www.hsa.kyDeadline for post: April 4, 2021

Job DescriptionJob titleForensic ManagerJob HolderReports toMedical DirectorSectionForensic Science LaboratoryBackground InformationThe Health Services Authority operates the Cayman Islands Forensic Science Laboratory which islocated within the Cayman Island’s Hospital. The laboratory offers a comprehensive forensicscience service to law enforcement agencies in Cayman in the areas of forensic toxicology, forensicdrug analysis and identification, forensic criminalistics, morgue services (including medico-legaldeath investigation), forensic biological examination and forensic DNA testing. These servicesalso include crime scene attendance, expert opinion and advice. Also offered are urine drug testingservices to other Government agencies and private sector companies for Drug Free WorkplacePrograms. Paternity testing is also offered to members of the general public.The Laboratory’s objectives are: To contribute towards a crime-free Cayman Islands by providing a quality forensic scienceservice to the Government of the Cayman Islands through its agencies and other privateenterprises. To provide a professional and high quality forensic science service in the Cayman Islandsin a cost effective, efficient, error free and timely manner. Provide a 24-hour emergency response service to the clients and customers of thelaboratory. Continuous improvement in the services and quality of work offered in a customer focusedapproach. Maintain international accreditation status of the laboratory’s services. Provide a safe working environment at all times.Job purposeThis is the primary management role within the Forensic Department of the Health ServicesAuthority. The post holder is accountable for managing and delivering all activities in the ForensicDepartment, delivering a client focused, high quality accredited forensic science service to allclients and customers, including simple, complex and multi-evidence/inter-discipline cases withinterpretation where appropriate.Accountable for administrating and managing the morgue facility and delivery of autopsy serviceswithin the Cayman Island’s Hospital.Provide strong team leadership, effective people and process management skills whiledemonstrating good communication and influencing skills within the team and with otherhospital departments.Overall responsibility for the profit and loss of the Forensic Department and budgetarycontrol which are monitored by departmental KPI’s.Responsible for the strategic direction and business development of the laboratory.Manage the laboratory’s health and safety program to ensure operational compliance to allactivities which it applies.DimensionsThe post-holder has responsibility for 5 staff members and manages an annual operational budgetof 540k. Day-to-day management accountability for the Forensic Department and hospital morgue/autopsy suite.Manages scientific and support staff within the department.Responsibility for the laboratory’s budget and the laboratory’s profit and loss status.Delivers leadership and vision for the laboratory at a strategic level.Give impartial expert advice and evidence, both written and verbal to the judicial system inthe Cayman Islands.Recognized as an expert in their field and acts as an advisor to the Cayman IslandsGovernment and its agencies.

Duties and responsibilities Duties: Managerial Oversee, monitor and interpret information necessary for the successful function of forensicservices. Provide leadership and motivate to deliver a high performance team, to communicategoals and objectives for the forensic department.Continuously seeks to improve the quality of the services offered to clients/customers. Management of staff directly assigned to the post-holder. Responsible for posting billing charges for forensic services onto Cerner system. Prepare monthly and annual reports on the activities of the forensic laboratory to theSenior Manager for reporting to the HSA Board. Responsible for in-service training and continued education of the laboratory’s staff. Responsible for investigating complaints. Responsible for recommending and managing the annual operational and capital budgetsof the laboratory. Responsible for ensuring a cost-effective billing structure is being set. Conduct performance management and staff appraisals. Accountable for procuring services of overseas Specialist Forensic Pathologist(s) followingrequests from the Coroner. Liaise with overseas Specialist Pathologist(s) for performingautopsies at the request of Coroner. Perform any other relevant duties that are assigned as part of the job. Build and maintain positive working relationships within the forensic team.The successful post-holder should be able to deliver in three key areas:Operation Management Plan, direct, organize and co-ordinate management of day-to-day operations and activitieswithin the forensic laboratory. Management of the morgue and autopsy suite. Represent the laboratory at various departmental or professional meetings. P&L management and delivering key KPI’s for the department. Goal and objective settings for the laboratory. HR issues, including succession planning and participation in the selection andrecruitment of staff. Identify and implement new laboratory policies and procedures. Co-ordination of equipment and work space planning within the laboratory. Delivering effective and efficient operations while maintaining the highest quality ofscientific standards and forensic practices. Developing team members, both professionally and operationally, through delegation andinclusiveness while promoting team building. Ensure all work adheres to strict health and safety guidelines. Customer Focus and Client InterfaceThe post holder is the interface between the laboratory and local customers and clients,and will be required, when necessary, to meet with these clients. The post holder isresponsible for meeting the operational service requirements of these clients and theintroduction of new services to the laboratory.StrategyResponsible for the strategic direction and business development of the laboratory.Assess and plan for the short and long term needs of the laboratory includingstaffing, equipment, instrumentation and supplies.Develop growth/capacity in the laboratory to meet a growing demand for its services.Duties: Scientific Undertake personal casework in Forensic Chemistry and Forensic Criminalisticdisciplines including contemporaneous note writing, exhibit examinations and sampleanalyses whilst assuring that these operations are performed according to statedinternational standards upon which accreditation is maintained. Produce reports/certificates including interpretation, to all customers and clients in atimely manner that meets the needs of the customer. Attend crime scenes within areas of expertise when requested by law enforcementagencies. Provide impartial and without prejudice, expert evidence in either written or verbal formatto the judicial system in the Cayman Islands. Attend court as an impartial expert witnessto give verbal evidence on scientific findings. Provide training, case conferences and advice to the law enforcement agencies and otherswithin the criminal justice system to ensure optimum use is made of forensic science. Administration of the quality system in Forensic Chemistry disciplines, ensuring that theStandard Operating Procedures and Manuals are kept current, assuring the validity,accuracy and reliability of each test method and their alignment with the quality system.

Administration of the quality system in Morgue, ensuring that the Standard OperatingProcedures and Manuals are kept current.Work towards obtaining accreditation status for those services not already under theaccreditation scope.Perform proficiency testing from relevant external agencies to show continued compliancewith the quality system.Perform technical problem solving of analytical methods and quality issues.Develop/modify new or existing methodologies applicable to customer requirements.Validate any new method or new instrumentation, including revalidation of methods ifnecessary.Conduct corrective actions to correct instrumentation faults when identified. Arrange forany relevant repairs that cannot be completed in-house.Conduct continuous professional development, keeping abreast of new techniques,research and developments in forensic science area(s) of expertise.Write and review technical and non-technical quality manuals and documents.Maintain an up-to-date back-up of all electronic documents and data generated fromcasework and administrative tasks.Accept and release exhibits/samples from customers/agencies ensuring ensure correctchain of custody rules are followed throughout.Responsible to ensure the laboratory is adequately stocked by ordering supplies/capitalequipment as necessary.Ensure secure storage of all exhibits and confidential paperwork within the laboratory.Responsible for offering forensic services in an urgent/immediate fashion and provide anon-call service 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.Act as the Forensic Department’s Health and Safety Manager and Fire Marshall.Qualifications, Experience & Skills RequirementEducationThe minimum qualifications for the role are a Bachelor’s Degree with Honours in biochemistry,chemistry, or forensic science-related area and a Master’s Degree, or higher, in a specialistforensic science discipline (or equivalent).Experience It is essential that the post holder is an experienced forensic scientist in forensic drug analysis,forensic toxicology and preferably in forensic criminalistics, with a minimum of 10 yearsperforming multi-disciplined forensic analyses and interpretation (if the post-holder has arecognized higher post-graduate qualification, then this work experience may be reduced to 7years) of which five years must be in a manager or supervisory role in an ISO 17025 accreditedforensic laboratory. Experience of budgetary preparation and management are highly desirable. Must have experience of attending court and giving impartial verbal evidence and explainingscientific interpretation as an expert witness. The incumbent must have experience and knowledge of using instrumentation and beproficient in the use of specialized analytical equipment used in forensic chemistry analysesincluding, but not limited to: Immunoassay, GC/MS, GC/FID, HPLC, TLC, Microscopy andIR & UV spectrometry and where applicable, use of associated computer software. Experience of successfully completing validation studies for new methodologies from designto implementation is essential. Experience of acting as an assessor to perform ISO 17025 Internal Audits, having undergonespecific training in the standard, is highly desirable. Experience of crime scene attendance is highly desirable.Specialized Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Ability to read, speak and write English proficiently. Ability to work independently. Must be a solution orientated leader who is self-motivated with the ability to motivate others. Must excel in the following; decision making, communication (written and oral), leadershipskills, people management and development. Must be flexible with the ability to work under pressure and time restraints and have theability to prioritise personal work and for other team members in the department. Handle sensitive and confidential information in a professional manner at all times. Has documentation of yearly continuing education. Has documentation of successful annualproficiency testing and qualifying tests for methodologies in which they are qualified. Skills in training and/or mentoring other forensic staff. Extensive knowledge of Microsoft Suite products and has a working knowledge of computers,computer networks, and computer database management. Skills in writing standard operating procedures, technical manuals and interpretationguidelines.

Ability to undertake advanced trouble-shooting and preventative maintenance on specializedanalytical instrumentation within their area of expertise.Experience of working with chemical and bio-hazardous substances.Ability to effectively communicate complex scientific information to non-scientists.Ability to effectively resolve conflicts.Ability to provide a high standard of customer service to stakeholders and customers.Professional CertificationThe post holder will be affiliated to a reputable and relevant professional scientific body(s), suchas American Academy of Forensic Sciences or the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences andwill adhere to their Professional Code of Conduct at all times.Reporting RelationshipReports into the Medical Director, however the post holder is also responsible to the DiagnosticServices Clinical Head.Direct reportsThe Forensic Manager is accountable for managing all forensic staff including, but not limited toForensic Assistant, Forensic Technician, Forensic Analyst and Forensic Scientists. In addition,part-time Morgue Technicians report to the post holder for administrative purposes (e.g.certification of time sheets and other HR functions related to that role).Other Working RelationshipsThe post-holder is expected to establish and maintain effective relationships with a wide range ofagencies both internally within the hospital to deliver broader operational needs and with externalagencies, including but not limited to: RCIP, Customs & Border Control, Department ofCommunity Rehabilitation, Public Transport Unit etc.The post-holder communicates directly with representatives of the RCIPS below the level ofCommissioner and DPP below the Director, as need be, in order to establish protocols,understandings, and so on. Communication with the Commissioner for higher level, stake-holdercommunication purposes is carried out through the HSA Senior Manager.As the senior scientist and departmental manager, the post holder will be required to liaise withcustomers directly and meet with potential customers to market and promote the department’sservices, in particular non-law enforcement services such as Drug Free Workplace Programs andPaternity Testing.Decision Making Authority and ControlsThe post-holder has a large degree of autonomy and is expected to lead and direct the ForensicDepartment on a day-to-day basis in a professional and appropriate manner at all times. Theincumbent is responsible for budget control and providing the HSA Finance Departmentinformation for setting the annual departmental budget.

All work undertaken by the laboratory is conducted to set turnaround times. However, in somecircumstances the work is of an urgent nature and must by completed to timescales set bycustomers, such as courts, police etc. For this reason the post holder must be able to prioritisetheir work and that of other departmental staff accordingly.Accountable that all services adhere to the forensic department’s quality assurance program(QAPISO) and ensure compliance within those activities to which it applies, and with theinternational standards with which it is accredited.Accountable that the Forensic Department complies with HSA policies.Working conditionsNormal working hours for the laboratory are 8:30AM to 5:00PM. However, analytical proceduresoften require working outside these hours or for longer periods of time than the 7.5 hour workday.The post-holder is on-call after hours and weekends and expected to be available in case of rushanalysis requests and must therefore be available to respond appropriately to telephone requestsat all times of the day. If the post-holder has crime scene experience they are expected to attendcrime scene at client request which may be outside normal work hours and in difficultenvironmental conditions where they may be subjected to high outside temperatures andunfamiliar settings.While attending to duties within the morgue/autopsy suite, there is a potential for unpleasantsights, smells and potentially emotional/distressing conditionsThe post-holder will be exposed to corrosive chemicals and biohazardous material and healthand safety precautions of handling such material must be strictly adhered to at all times.Physical requirementsThe post-holder must be comfortable working in less than optimal environmental conditions offsite and around human remains, body fluids, strong odors, and other grisly conditions.Problem/Key FeaturesThis post-holder has a significant scope of work with significant pressures, both internal andexternal, in difficult environments, and under tight time constraints.The post-holder must be able to multi-task in their role as forensic manager for the smoothoperation and running of both the Forensic Science Laboratory and the morgue facilities. Thisinvolves wide ranging roles and duties from scientific work and expert opinion/advice toproviding management and leadership to the other staff members within the department.Since the post-holder will have access to sensitive and confidential information they will have tosign a confidentially form and undergo a comprehensive police security check prior toemployment. The incumbent will also be required to provide a DNA buccal swab for retention ona staff database for DNA casework elimination purposes.Evaluation Metrics Operate within the set departmental budgets.Performs staff appraisals in a consistent and timely fashion.Continued compliance with quality standards and continued international accreditation.Successful maintenance of quality assurance program for the laboratory including internalaudits/assessments conducted and organization of external assessment activities.Number of forensic cases/samples processed and their turnaround time.Number of relationship testing cases processed and their turnaround time.Number of DNA Database profiles processed and uploaded to National DNA Database.Number of successful departmental proficiency tests completed.Performance indicators from solicited and unsolicited customer feedback.New methods/equipment validations completed.Trainings performed (internal or external).Approved by:Date approved:Reviewed:Next ReviewDr. Jefferson, Medical Director04-Feb-2020

forensic science discipline (or equivalent). Experience It is essential that the post holder is an experienced forensic scientist in forensic drug analysis, forensic toxicology and preferably in forensic criminalistics, with a minimum of 10 years performing multi-disciplined forensic

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