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Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking AuthorityCOTPASanta Fe Parking GarageRenovations/Improvements2 Santa Fe Plaza, Oklahoma City, OK 73102MB-1021PROJECT MANUALISSUED FOR CONSTRUCTIONNovember 19, 2012Project No. 201116STRUCTURAL ENGINEERZahl – Ford, Inc.Oklahoma City, OKELECTRICAL ENGINEERDarr & CollinsOklahoma City, OK

CENTRAL OKLAHOMA TRANSPORTATION AND PARKING AUTHORITYAPPROVAL SHEETMB-1021SANTA FE PARKING GARAGE RENOVATIONS/IMPROVEMENTSPrepared by:Miles Associates865 Research Parkway, Suite 100Oklahoma City, OK 73104ArchitectRecommended for ApprovalEric J. Wenger, P.E., DirectorPublic Works/City EngineerRick Cain, AdministratorTrust 1/12/11AS 1

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TABLE OF CONTENTSMB-1021SANTA FE PARKING GARAGE RENOVATIONS/IMPROVEMENTSDOCUMENTNUMBER OF PAGESCover Page:Approval Sheet . AS 1Table of Contents . TC 1Notice to Bidders. NTB 1-2Instructions to Bidders . ITBT 1-14Special Provisions .SP 1-13List of Contract Documents . LCD 1-2Contract .C 1-3BondsA. Performance Bond . PB 1-2B. Statutory Bond . SB 1-2C. Maintenance Bond . MB 1-3D. Defect Bond . DB 1-2Certificate of Nondiscrimination. CND 1Small & Disadvantaged Business Subcontracting Plan & Affidavit . SDLBSPA 1-2Small & Disadvantaged Business Subcontracting Close Out Rpt . SDLBSPCO 1City of Oklahoma City Certificate of Insurance . COI 1-2Contractor Identification Numbers . CID 1List of Documents Required for this Bid . RD 1Signature Requirements for Bidding Documents . SR 1-4Bid Package Cover Sheet .BPCS 1Bid Form with Alternates . . ABFTF 1-2Detailed Bid Form . DBF 1-2Noncollusion Affidavit. NCA 1Business Relationship Affidavit . BRA 1Attachment: Consulting Architect’s Drawings and Special Provisions (TechnicalSpecifications)TC 1

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CENTRAL OKLAHOMA TRANSPORATION AND PARKING AUTHORITYNOTICE TO BIDDERS FORSANTA FE PARKING GARAGE RENOVATIONS/IMPROVEMENTSThis Notice is for Contractors shown by the Office of the City Clerk to be licensedand/or prequalified in the specific areas of construction required for this project.Notice is hereby given that the Administrator of the Central OklahomaTransportation and Parking Authority (COTPA) desires to receive sealed Bids forthe construction of a Public Improvement:MB-1021SANTA FE PARKING GARAGE RENOVATIONS/IMPROVEMENTSA mandatory Pre-Bid Conference will be held:Date: Monday, December 3, 2012Time: 2:00 p.m.thPlace: Office of the Administrator, 300 SW 7 Street, Oklahoma City, OK73109Bids must be received in the Office of the Administrator, 300 SW 7th Street, OklahomaCity, OK 73109, by no later than 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 20, 2012. Bidsshall be based upon the Plans and Specifications and other Bidding Documents(electronic or hard copies).All Bids timely received will be opened and reviewed by the Administrator. Thesuccessful Bidder shall deliver the executed contract and the certificates of insurance tothe Administrator prior to the commencement of work and shall deliver the executedbonds within seven (7) days following COTPA’s notification of its intent to awardContract, unless that time is extended by the City Engineer or the Administrator. TheAdministrator reserves the right to recommend that COTPA reject any or all Bids and torecommend that COTPA waive immaterial defects and irregularities.The Bidder shall use the Bid Forms and Affidavits provided in the Bidding Documentsor photocopies thereof. All forms must be signed and all affidavits sworn to andnotarized. All Bids shall be typewritten or legibly printed in ink. Bidder shall file theBid in a sealed envelope. Each envelope shall bear a legible notation thereon that it is aBid upon the project proposed.NTB 1

The Administrator may issue addenda as may be necessary in the best interest ofCOTPA. Addenda may amend the date and/or time for receipt of Bids or anyspecification, item, document or requirement in the Bidding Documents upon notice toall Bidders who signed the Bid Document Receipt List at the Pre-Bid Conference or inthe Administrator's Office.Bidder’s Obligation: The Bidder shall attend the designated pre-Bid conference to beeligible for opening of the Bidder’s Bid by the Administrator. Attendance is aprequalification requirement for this project. Failure to attend this meeting will because for the Administrator to return the Bidder’s Bid unopened.The pre-Bid conference will begin at the designated time. A sign-in sheet will beavailable and must be signed by all prospective Bidders in attendance. Employees ofthe Bidder’s firm will be considered as eligible representatives of that firm. Fiveminutes after the pre-Bid conference is called to order, the sign-in sheet will beclosed (late arrivals will not be allowed to sign-in). The official timekeeper forclosing the sign-in sheet shall be the project engineer or staff member chairing the preBid conference.In case of a Joint Venture, an eligible representative from each of the participatingorganizations in the joint venture must be in attendance. Sub-contractors are notrequired to attend.Prospective Bidders leaving the conference prior to adjournment, or whose name hasbeen placed on the sign-in sheet (but was not in attendance), or anyone arriving at thepre-Bid conference after the sign-in sheet has been closed, will not be eligible to Bid onthat project.Rick CainAdministratorNTB 2

Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking AuthorityINSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERSARTICLE 1 - IN GENERAL1.1BIDDING DOCUMENTS; DEFINITIONS1.1.1The Bidding Documents (electronic or hard copy) consist of the BidDocuments and the Contract Documents. Electronic copies of the BiddingDocuments are contained on a compact disc (CD).The Bid Documents consist of: Notice to Bidders; Instructions to Bidders;List of Documents Required for this Bid; Signature Requirements for BiddingDocuments; Bid Package Cover Sheet; Bid Form including Bid Form withAlternates and/or Detailed or Unit Price Bid Form, if included in thedocuments; Non-Collusion Affidavit; Business Relationship Affidavit; anyother documents listed in the List of Documents Required for this Bid; andany Addenda issued prior to the Bid Date.Each Bidder shall be responsible for printing from the CD a copy of the BidPackage documents and submitting their Bid in accordance with the ContractDocuments, including all Addenda. Additionally, each Bidder shall beresponsible for acquiring, copying and distributing the necessary documentsrequired to develop the Bid and construct the project.The Contract Documents consist of: Contract; Performance Bond; StatutoryBond; Maintenance Bond; Contractor Identification Numbers; Certificate ofNondiscrimination; Standard Specifications; Special Provisions; SpecialProvisions - Technical; Drawings; Plans; Specifications; Defect Bond, ifrequired; other documents provided in the Contract Documents or required tobe submitted with the Contract; and all Addenda issued prior to the Bid Date.Any Amendments and/or Change Orders issued after the award of Contractshall be a part of the Contract Documents upon their approval by COTPA.1.1.2The Definitions set forth in Part 1 of The City of Oklahoma City's StandardSpecifications for Construction of Public Improvements, and in the Bid Documents, areapplicable to all Bidding Documents.1.1.3"Addenda" are written or graphic instruments issued by the Administratorprior to the Bid date, which modify or interpret the Bidding Documents by additions,deletions, clarifications or corrections.ITBT 1

1.1.4A "Bid" is a complete and properly signed proposal to do the Work for thesums stated therein, submitted in accordance with the Bidding Documents. Asubmission shall not be considered a Bid if it is untimely. A submission by a proposedContractor or Bidder who is not Prequalified shall not be considered a Bid unlessPrequalification is specifically waived in the Bidding Documents.1.1.5The "Base Bid" is the sum stated in the Bid for which the Bidder offers toperform the Work described in the Bidding Documents as the base to which Work maybe added or from which Work may be deleted for sums stated in Alternate Bids.1.1.6An "Alternate Bid (or Alternate)" is an amount stated in the Bid to be added toor deducted from the amount of the Base Bid if the corresponding change in the Work,as described in the Bidding Documents, is accepted.1.1.7A "Unit Price" is an amount stated in the Bid as a price per unit ofmeasurement for materials, equipment or services or a portion of the Work as describedin the Bidding Documents.1.1.8The "Bid Date" and "Bid Time" are the date and time for the receipt of Bids asprovided in the Notice to Bidders.1.1.9The "Consulting Architect" or "Consulting Engineer" is that person or firmunder contract with COTPA or other contracting entity to prepare the plans andspecifications for and supervise the construction of the Work.1.1.10 The "Bid Security" is that security submitted with the Bid which shall be inthe form of a certified check, cashier's check or Bid bond equal to five percent (5%) ofthe Bid or of an irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of five percent (5%) of the Bidand issued in accordance with the provisions of the Public Competitive Bidding Act of1974, as amended. (61 Okla. Stat. 1991, §107) The calculation of the amount of the BidSecurity shall be as provided in Section 4.2.1 of these Instructions to Bidders.1.1.11 "Prequalification" or "Pre-qualified" shall mean that prior to the Bid Date theBidder is listed by the Contractor's Prequalification Board of the City of Oklahoma Cityas Prequalified for the type or types of Work required for the project.1.1.12 "COTPA" shall mean the entity, created under the Oklahoma Public Trust Actand of which the City of Oklahoma City is a beneficiary, which has issued the BiddingDocuments for this project and the duly appointed governing body thereof.1.1.13 "Administrator" shall mean that individual who has been appointed byCOTPA to be its chief administrative officer or his designee.ITBT 2

1.1.14 "Completed" shall mean that the Work shall have been constructed inaccordance with the plans and specifications and other requirements of the BiddingDocuments and is fully completed, the final inspection(s) have been conducted and anycorrections made to the satisfaction of COTPA.1.1.15 "Acceptance" shall mean the formal recorded acceptance of the completedproject by COTPA.1.1.16. "Emergency Award of Contract" shall mean a public improvement contractawarded through an informal notice and Bidding procedure and approved or ratified byCOTPA.1.1.17. “Small and Disadvantaged Local Business Subcontracting Program” shallmean that program which implements the policy adopted by the City Council of theCity of Oklahoma City resolution of June 3, 2008, to promote and encourage the use ofsmall and disadvantaged local businesses as subcontractors on public constructioncontracts and to require contractors performing public construction contracts to submit aSmall and Disadvantaged Local Business Subcontracting Plan.1.2CONFIDENTIALITY1.2.1No Bidder shall divulge the sealed contents of a Bid to any personwhomsoever, except those having a partnership or other financial interest with theBidder in said Bid, until after the sealed Bids have been opened. A violation on thepart of the Bidder shall make void any Contract made by the Bidder with COTPAbased upon such Bid.1.3PREQUALIFICATION AND LICENSING1.3.1Specific procedures for prequalification are established in the City ofOklahoma City's "Standard Specifications for the Construction of PublicImprovements." Application for prequalification must be made to the Contractor'sPrequalification Board for the City of Oklahoma City and the required informationprovided to the Board. Unless prequalification is specifically waived in the BiddingDocuments for the project or by formal Trust action, all Bidders must be listed by theContractor's Prequalification Board as "prequalified" for the type or types of workbefore the Bid date. In the event prequalification is waived, or in addition toprequalification, the Bidder may be required to present other evidence of qualificationas required in the Bidding Documents.1.3.2Unless prequalification is specifically waived for the project, the City Clerk ofthe City of Oklahoma City will return the Bid of any proposed Contractor or Bidderwho is not listed as prequalified for the type or types of work required for the projectand such Bid will not be considered by COTPA.ITBT 3

1.3.3The prequalification requirements for the project are set forth in the standardprovisions of the Bidding Documents.1.3.4Regardless of whether or not prequalification is required, any proposedContractor or Bidder must have obtained any required license or licenses which is/arenecessary to the accomplishment of the work. Such license(s) must have been obtainedbefore the submission of a Bid on the project. Failure to possess the necessary license(s)is reason for a recommendation to COTPA that a Contract not be awarded.1.4PREVAILING WAGES - Deleted1.5CONTRACT1.5.1The awarding of a Contract upon a successful Bid shall give the Bidder noright to action or claim against COTPA upon such Contract until the same shall havebeen reduced to writing and duly signed by the contracting parties.1.6STANDARD SPECIFICATIONS1.6.1The City of Oklahoma City's "Standard Specifications for the Construction ofPublic Improvements," as most recently adopted and approved by COTPA for use inthis project, shall govern all aspects of Bidding for and construction of the project.Exceptions to the "Standard Specifications" will be set forth in these Instructions toBidders or in the Special Provisions and/or the Special Provisions - Technical. TheSpecial Provisions and/or Special Provisions - Technical shall prevail over anyconflicting statement in the Standard Specifications. The "Standard Specifications" areavailable for review or purchase in the Office of the City Clerk of the City of OklahomaCity.ARTICLE 2 - BIDDER'S REPRESENTATIONS2.1The Bidder by making a Bid represents that:2.1.1The Bidder has read carefully and understands the Bidding Documents andhas visited the site and become familiar with local conditions under which the work isto be performed and has informed himself by independent research of the difficulties tobe encountered and personally judged the accessibility of the work and all attendingcircumstances affecting the cost of doing the work and of the time required for itscompletion and has correlated the Bidder's personal observations with the requirementsof the Bidding Documents and the Bid is made in accordance therewith.2.1.2The Bidder has read and understands the Bidding Documents to the extentthat such documentation relates to the Work for which the Bid is submitted and forother portions of the work, if any, being Bid concurrently or presently underconstruction.ITBT 4

2.1.3The Bid is based upon the materials, equipment, systems or services requiredby the Bidding Documents without exception.ARTICLE 3 - BIDDING DOCUMENTS3.1COPIES3.1.1Bidders may obtain complete Bidding Documents from the Office of theAdministrator or as designated in the Notice to Bidders.3.1.2Bidders shall use complete sets of Bidding Documents in preparing Bids;neither COTPA nor the consulting architect or consulting engineer assumesresponsibility for errors or misinterpretations resulting from the use of incomplete setsof Bidding Documents.3.2INTERPRETATION OR CORRECTION OF BIDDING DOCUMENTS3.2.1The Bidder shall carefully study and compare the plans with thespecifications, Bid form and other Bidding Documents. The Bidder shall compare theproject to be Bid with other work being Bid concurrently or presently underconstruction to the extent that it relates to the work for which the Bid is submitted. TheBidder shall examine the site and local conditions. The Bidder shall at once report tothe Administrator or the consulting architect or consulting engineer any errors,inconsistencies or ambiguities discovered. All requests for interpretation of theBidding Documents must be made to the Administrator and to any consulting architector consulting engineer.3.2.2Addendum Required. The Bidding Documents represent all the informationCOTPA will provide. Interpretations and corrections of and/or changes to the BiddingDocuments will be made only by addendum. Such addenda shall be issued by theAdministrator or the consulting architect or consulting engineer and shall have beenrecommended by the Administrator and approvedorratifiedbyCOTPA.Interpretations and/or changes made in any other manner will not be binding uponCOTPA and Bidders shall not rely upon them.3.3SUBSTITUTIONS3.3.1The materials, products and equipment described in the Bidding Documentsestablish a standard of required function, dimension, appearance and quality to be metby any proposed substitution.ITBT 5

3.3.2Pre-Bid Consideration; Addendum required. No substitution will beconsidered prior to the receipt of Bids unless a written request for approval has beenreceived by the Administrator or consulting architect or consulting engineer prior tothe Bid date. Such requests shall include the name of the material, product, orequipment for which it is to be substituted and a complete description of the proposedsubstitution including drawings, performance and test data, and other informationnecessary for an evaluation. A statement setting forth changes in other materials,products, equipment or other portions of the work, including changes in the work ofother contracts that incorporation of the proposed substitution would require, shall beincluded in the request. The burden of proof of the merit of the proposed substitution isupon the proposer.3.3.3If a proposed substitution is approved prior to Bid date, such approval will beset forth in an addendum issued by the Administrator and approved or ratified byCOTPA. Bidders shall not rely upon approvals made in any other manner.3.3.4Post-Contract Consideration. Substitutions may be considered after the awardof Contract unless specifically prohibited in the Bidding Documents. However, anyBidder basing a Bid on a substitution not approved by pre-Bid addendum does so at therisk of being required to provide the materials designated in the Bidding Documents.3.4ADDENDA DELIVERY AND RECEIPT3.4.1The City Engineer may issue addenda as may

Security shall be as provided in Section 4.2.1 of these Instructions to Bidders. 1.1.11 "Prequalification" or "Pre-qualified" shall mean that prior to the Bid Date the Bidder is listed by the Contractor's Prequalification Board of the City of Oklahoma City as Prequalified for the type or types of Work required for the project.

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