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FIRST GENERAL MEETINGBruin Actuarial SocietyNote: Slides will be posted on our website after this meeting

AGENDA Meet the Officers What is an Actuary? BAS Events Relevant Majors and Minors Actuarial Exams Joining BAS BAS Website Announcements for Fall Recruiting


KRISTI INTARAPresident Class: Senior Major: Financial Actuarial Mathematics Minors: Specialization in Computing; Accounting Work Experience: Pacific Life, Newport Beach Liberty Mutual, Seattle

GAVIN HUVice President Class: Junior Majors: Applied Mathematics; Statistics Minors: Specialization in Computing; History Work Experience: Beam Dental, Columbus

ROGER YUANDirector of Professional Development Class: Senior Majors: Financial Actuarial Mathematics; Statistics Work Experience: Cigna, Bloomfield

GABBY IGNACIODirector of Finance Class: Junior Major: Financial Actuarial Mathematics Minors: Geospatial Information Systems and Technology Work Experience: Cobec Consulting, Washington, D.C.

EVA MARSDirector of External Outreach Class: Junior Major: Financial Actuarial Mathematics Work Experience: CSAA, Walnut Creek

ERIK CHENDirector of Internal Outreach Class: Junior Major: Financial Actuarial Mathematics Minor: Specialization in Computing Work Experience: Milliman, Seattle


WHAT IS AN ACTUARY? Business professional who measures and managesfinancial risk Uses math, data analytics, and business knowledgeto study future events Helps businesses deal with risk of loss by quantitativelymeasuring and qualitatively managing uncertainty

WHY BECOME AN ACTUARY? High compensation Work-life balance Job stability During economic recessions, risk management is even more important Our work requires a certain level of human input that computers can’t replace Impactful work We can see how our solutions and proposals affect the real world Instead of paying to go to graduate school, career advancement is made through aseries of (employer-funded) exams Salary increases with passed exams and accrued experience

WHERE DO ACTUARIES WORK?Actuaries can work in insurance companies, consulting firms, government, accounting firms,tech companies, and more.Major Lines of Business:Other Roles: Health and Benefits Data Mining Property and Casualty Catastrophe Modeling Retirement Investment Management Life Software Reinsurance Quantitative Analytics


WHAT BAS OFFERSOver 20 firminfo sessionsActuarial CaseCompetitionSpring BanquetFallWinterSpring Professional Development andTechnical Skills Workshops Mentorship Program Opportunities to socialize withfellow members

FIRM INFO SESSIONSInstead of our usual in-person Career Fair, we will be hosting individual firm info sessions. Monday, September 14th to Friday,October 16th (times vary by firm) Each presentation will be followed byoptional 1-on-1 networking time 20 firms representing a variety of linesof business Zoom details will be sent after RSVPLearn about different companies(industries, company culture, and workenvironment) Recruit for full-time and internshipopportunitiesAll students, even freshmen and transfers, are HIGHLY encouraged to attend! Even if you’renot looking for a position this year, firm representatives may remember your face next year!

FIRM INFO SESSIONSTo attend the firm info sessions, you must: Be a current UCLA student or alumnus Attend the Info Session Preparation Workshop on Thursday, 9/10 at 6 PM PDT RSVP for each info session at least 2 days in advanceWe will take attendance at the Info Session Preparation Workshop and info sessions.

WINTER AND SPRING EVENTSCase CompetitionTeam up with other BAS members to gain professional experiencethrough a practical problem written by industry professionalsSpring BanquetMeet and speak to firm representatives over dinner as wecelebrate another eventful yearWorkshopsLearn more about interviewing, writing a solid resume, developingtechnical skills (e.g. Excel, VBA, R), and more

TENTATIVE FALL 42712Resume BookSubmissionDeadline, 12 PM19261617Ezra PenlandVideo InterviewingWorkshopAIG Info SessionEzra Penland EntryLevel Session18CA Departmentof Insurance InfoSessionBeam Dental InfoSession232425Molina HealthcareInfo Session22Allstate InfoSessionDW Simpson InfoSessionHealth Net InfoSessionPacific Life InfoSession282930Oliver Wyman InfoSession (Seattle)Milliman InfoSession (SF)Blue Shield InfoSessionUnitedHealthcareInfo Session21SATURDAY1115Aon Info Session2010FRIDAYInfo Session PrepWorkshopResume Workshop13THURSDAYEY Info SessionVisit actuary/events.html for up-to-date scheduleLast Day to SubmitResume Critiques

TENTATIVE FALL Ascensus FuturePlanand Kravitz InfoSession89CSAA Info SessionAetna Info Session15Farmers InfoSession1622First-Year andInternationalStudent Workshops23293056Liberty Mutual InfoSessionCigna Info Session1213PWC Info SessionFidelity Info Session14Oliver Wyman InfoSession (LA)19202126Actuarial Fields /Career PathsWorkshop27FRIDAY1Milliman InfoSession (San Diegoand irst GeneralMeeting (Session 2)1017Mercer Info Session24Mentorship MixerCoachingActuaries TutorialVisit actuary/events.html for up-to-date schedule31


FINANCIAL ACTUARIAL MATHEMATICS MAJOR Math 30 series (6 classes) 1 additional math class 2 PIC classes 3 economics classesPre-MajorRequirements 1 management class 10 math classes, including: Probability Financial math Actuarial coursesMajorRequirements 2 electives from math, stats, or economics

OTHER RELEVANT MAJORSMajorRequirements (Excluding Pre-Major)Mathematics12 pure math coursesApplied Mathematics12 applied math coursesMathematics of Computation14 math and computer science coursesMathematics / Economics14 math and economics coursesData Theory16 math and statistics coursesStatistics13 statistics courses, including a capstone projectBusiness Economics10 economics and management courses

RELEVANT MINORSEmployers look for students with quantitative backgrounds. If your major is not as quantitative, it is agood idea to supplement it with a math-related minor.MinorRequirements (Excluding those necessary todeclare the minor)Mathematics(if not in a math major)5 upper-division math coursesSpecialization in Computing(if not a Math of Computation major)7 PIC and math coursesAccounting7 management coursesStatistics6 statistics courses


ACTUARIAL EXAMS Actuaries typically do not go to grad school! No more student debt Instead, the actuarial career involves a seriesof around 10 exams It generally takes 5-10 years to complete

ACTUARIAL EXAMS The two actuarial organizations (SOA and CAS) require the same first three exams: P (Probability) FM (Financial Mathematics) IFM (Investment and Financial Markets)UCLA offers courses that cover all three of the above and more

ACTUARIAL EXAMS Firms typically require at least one passedexam for internship or full-time positions The preliminary exams are 3-hour, multiplechoice exams The recommended study time is 100 hours perhour of the exam (100 x 3 300 hours total)


JOINING BASAnnual Fee: 20

MEMBERSHIPAnybody can attend our workshops. All majors and all years are welcome! No application (but paid members must fill out a form) No time commitment or attendance requirements Even if you decide this career isn’t for you, you’ll still be able to benefit from our resumeworkshops, interviewing workshops, and technical skills workshops!

HOW TO JOINTo become a paid member,To become a general member,1. Fill out the BAS paid membershipform here: Join the mailing list by subscribingto the BAS Google Group: The form contains paymentdetails via PayPal or Venmo3. Join the mailing list by subscribingto the BAS Google Group:

CODE OF CONDUCT Bruin Actuarial Society is a professional organization. We want to maintain our strongreputation. We expect our members (both paid and general) to abide by a set of professionalstandards. In turn, you can expect us to uphold our duties as officers and representBAS professionally. Recruiters tend to think highly of UCLA FAM majors and BAS members. Let’s notscrew that up.

CODE OF CONDUCT (ABRIDGED)IntroductionAs members of Bruin Actuarial Society, all students, alumni, and officers are responsible formaintaining the highest ethical standards.PurposeIt is our commitment to use the highest ethical and professional standards as the basis of alldecisions. We are each accountable for our own actions and are collectively responsiblefor upholding standards of behavior.AccountabilityAs members of Bruin Actuarial Society and students at University of California, Los Angeles,you are expected to be honest with yourself and answerable for what you say and do.

CODE OF CONDUCT (ABRIDGED)Rules Your attendance is expected at all events to which you RSVP. If you must cancel anRSVP, you must do so by email with at least 24 hours’ notice. Providing false information on resumes or during interviews is prohibited. Direct questions and concerns to the Bruin Actuarial Society email address, even if youhave officers’ personal contact information. Interact with the firm representatives professionally. actuarySchedule of EventsUp-to-date schedule of upcoming events andworkshopsActuarial CoursesList of UCLA actuarial courses and their relevant exams/VEEsHandbookDetailed guide on writing a resume, interviewing, takingactuarial exams, creating a 4-year plan, and moreExamsExam overview, study groups, and exam prep discounts

FOLLOW BAS ON SOCIAL MEDIA!Like our page on Facebook to stay up-to-date with events, announcements, and with us on LinkedIn and discover a network of fellow BAS


RESUME BOOKStudent resumes are sent to all firms that host an info session. Recruiters may extend interviewsor invitations to apply to positions based on resumes in the Resume Book.Monday, September 7thWe will begin acceptingresumes after our ResumeWorkshop.Saturday, September 12thIf you’d like your resume tobe included, submit it by12 PM PDT (noon).Friday, September 11thIf you submit by 10 PM PDT, we will let youknow by 9 AM on Saturday if we are unableto include your resume for any reason.Please follow the submission guidelines listed in the formSubmit your resume here:

Resume Workshop 8 9 10 Info Session Prep Workshop 11 12 Resume Book Submission Deadline, 12 PM 13 14 Aon Info Session UnitedHealthcare Info Session 15 Ezra Penland Video Interviewing Workshop 16 AIG Info Session 17 Ezra Penland Entry Level Session 18 CA Department of Insurance Info Sessio

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MEETING MINUTES 1 Name: Vehicle Services Business Process and Communications Meeting Meeting Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2020 Organizer: Craig Plummer Meeting Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am Location: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting 1 651-395-7448 United States, St. Paul (Toll) Conference ID: 296 240 105# Purpose of the Meeting

Once logged in, you will be presented with the main Zoom window. At this point you can: Click on Screen Share Meeting to start a meeting sharing your desktop or application. Click on Video Meeting to start a video meeting. Click on Schedule Meeting to setup a future meeting. Click on Join a Meeting to

Meeting #6:Self-Esteem Pages 30-31 Meeting #7: Bullying Page 32 Meeting #8:Gender Inequality Pages 33-34 Meeting #9: Sexual Violence 101 Pages 35-37 Meeting #10: Sexual Assault Exams Pages 38-39 Meeting #11:Self-Care and Assertiveness Pages 40-42 Meeting #12:Safe Places and P

1. In the meeting request, on the Meeting tab, in the Online Meeting group, click Meeting Options. 2. In the Online Meeting Options dialog box, ustomize access and presenters for this meeting check box. 3. Make changes to Access and Presenters Start an unscheduled meeting 1. In the Lync main window, click the Show Menu arrow , and then click .

Chris Berry SP Power Systems Claire Maxim E.ON UK Patrick Hynes NGC The final agreed ToRs are attached as Appendix 2. The working group has met 9 times, on: 1st Meeting 23 September 2003 2nd Meeting 14 October 2003 3rd Meeting 1 December 2003 4th Meeting 12 May 2004 5th Meeting 18 June 2004 6th Meeting 26 August 2004 7th Meeting 12 October 2004

Conduct of the Meeting . Meeting Script and Rules of Conduct. Q: Will a company need to make significant updates to its annual meeting script if it is hosting a virtual rather than an in-person annual meeting? A: Generally, no. The script for a virtual annual meeting should be largely the same as for an in-person meeting.

Oct 06, 2019 · their first meeting together was a prayer meeting. The word Prayer – proseuche, means toward God – communication which addresses God. The first gathered meeting of believers who would birth the church, was a 10-day “toward God” meeting. The upper room prayer meeting challenges us to the core