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MT 75 Manual Transmission and ClutchManual Transmission – Overhaul (transmission removed) (16 118 8)Special Tools16-041Front transmission housingremover and installer15-030AUniversal flange-holdingwrench1604115030A16-041-01Adaptor for 16-04115-035Bearing ring installer16041011503516-042-AAdaptor for 16-042 A-0115-036Countershaft roller bearinginstaller16042A1503616-042A-01Threaded spindle15-050ARemover (basic tool)16042A0115050A15-064Adaptor for 15–035, bearingcones16-043ADrive flange oil seal installer16043A1506415-068Adaptor for 15–033, bearingcones16-044Guide sleeve oil sealinstaller160441506816-045Mounting bracket15-091Separator160451509116-050Collet for 15-050 A15-092Bridge, 1509621-036ARemover for pilot bearing16-040AGuide sleeve wrench21036APZ16040A09/97Scorpio ’9500-01-1

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch21-037BPilot bearing remover21037B21-051Oil seal removerMaterialsCable tiesSealerHigh-temperaturegreaseTransmission ry Tools2105121-103ALocator21103A21-540Angle gauge21540Two-legged pullerInternal extractor30 mm socket wrench (double hexagon)8 mm Allen key14 mm Allen key17 mm Allen keyT40 Torx wrench9,5 mm twist drill bitWorkshop EquipmentAssembly standDismantle1. General notes.Some synchroniser units and bearings areidentical and must be marked for reuse.Mark the synchroniser units in the directionof travel of the vehicle.All the bearings are paired and must notbe mixed up.Use soft jaws for all operations in a vice.2. Drain off the transmission fluid(transmission for diesel engine shown).D160115009/97Scorpio ’9500-01-2

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch3. Mount the transmission on an assemblystand.1 Screw the tool bolt into the threaded hole forthe oil drain plug and tighten it.22 Secure the mounting bracket to thetransmission.16–0451D16011514. Detach the pressure line and the bleedscrew.121 Pull out the spring clip; disconnect thequick-release coupling.2 Remove the bleed screw.D16010115. Remove the slave cylinder complete withthe release bearing.D16010126. Unscrew the drive flange nut from themainshaft. Use a 30 mm socket wrench. Hold with the special tool. Discard the nut.15–030 AD160115309/97Scorpio ’9500-01-3

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch7. Pull off the drive flange.15–092D160116015–0918. Remove the guide sleeve.Remove the thrust washer.16–040AD1601154Remove input shaft guide sleeve oil seal9. Remove the radial oil seal.Prise out the radial oil seal using a suitablelever.S160114810. Remove the input shaft circlip.11. Remove the countershaft bearinghousing.1 Remove the bearing housing locking plate.2 Unscrew the bearing housing using a17 mm Allen key.12D160115509/97Scorpio ’9500-01-4

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch12. Remove the selector interlockmechanism.1 Remove the plug with a 14 mm Allen key.2 Remove the spring, pin, ball and sleeve.12D16011562113. Remove the reversing light switch andthe locking screw.1 Reversing light switch2 Locking plate locking screw.D160115714. Unscrew the transmission housing bolts.1 Housing flange (10 bolts).2 Only slacken the bolt of the reverse gearidler shaft (marked in blue).13 Unscrew the bolt of the reverse gear idlershaft (marked in blue).32D160115815. Prise out the radial oil seal.21–051D160116309/97Scorpio ’9500-01-5

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch16. Remove the speedometer drive pinionand worm gear.Remove the blanking cover.S1601149NOTE: Do not drive out the housing locatingdowels.17. Separate the transmission housinghalves.NOTE: Only apply the levers to the reinforcingribs.J16011602Take care not to apply CAUTION:excessive pressure to the input shaft16–041–0116–041through the special tool as this coulddamage the 4th gear synchroniser ring.118. Pull off the front transmission housing.NOTE: Hold the special tool with a drift.1 Attach the puller.2 Screw the adaptor into the threaded hole ofthe guide sleeve. If necessary, assist with levers.D160115919. Remove the 3rd/4th gear selector fork.1 Move the main selector shaft to the neutralposition.21 Pull out the auxiliary selector shaft.2 Remove the 3rd/4th gear selector fork.D160116109/97Scorpio ’9500-01-6

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch20. Remove the second retaining bolt of thereverse gear idler shaft (marked in blue)and the magnetic disc.J1601168Move the selector shaft to the CAUTION:neutral position so that the locating pindoes not break off the shift finger holder.NOTE: Locate the puller on the housing bosses.21. Press the mainshaft out of the bearing inthe rear transmission housing.J160116922. Remove the main selector shaft with theselector fork.23. Lift out the complete gear train.Dismantle main selector shaft1NOTE: Catch the two balls from the springcarrier.24. Dismantle main selector shaft1 Remove the circlip.2 Remove the spring cup, spring and springcarrier.2D160116409/97Scorpio ’9500-01-7

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch25. Dismantle the main selector shaft(continued).311 Drive the roll pin out of the shift finger holderand the main selector shaft.2 Remove the shift finger holder.3 Remove the 1st/2nd gear selector fork.2D160116526. Dismantle the main selector shaft(continued).21 Remove the locking sleeve.2 Drive the roll pin out of the shift finger andthe main selector shaft.3 Remove the shift finger.13D1601166Dismantle rear transmission housing27. Remove the countershaft rear rollerbearing.Use a proprietary internal extractor.J160117128. Remove the selector gate.D160116809/97Scorpio ’9500-01-8

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch29. Drive out the main selector shaft ballsleeve together with the radial oil seal.21–103 AD160116930. Unscrew the retaining bolts of themainshaft ball bearing.D160116731. Remove the mainshaft ball bearing.Drive out the mainshaft ball bearing using asuitable length of tube.D1601171Dismantle front transmission housing21–037 BNOTE: Insert a spacer (approx. 63 mm) in thehole.NOTE: Use remover 21-036 A with the thrustelement of 21-037 B.32. Remove the main selector shaft ballsleeve.21–036 AD160117209/97Scorpio ’9500-01-9

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch33. Remove the input shaft ball bearing.Use a suitable length of tube or Special Tool15-096.D1601173Take care not to damage the CAUTION:bearing housing thread in the housing.34. Drive out the countershaft roller bearing.S1601150Dismantle mainshaft35. General notes.From build date 17.8.1994 CAUTION:onwards (see table on page 2, GeneralSpecifications) the synchroniser rings for1st, 2nd and 3rd gear have a taper angleof 7 and are coated with molybdenum.The synchroniser rings for 4th, 5th andreverse gear have a taper angle of 6,5 as previously.Vehicles manufactured from build date17. 6.1996 are fitted with a 1st/2nd geardouble synchroniser unit.When the shaft is dismantled, thesynchroniser rings and synchroniser unitsmust be marked.When dismantling the synchroniser units,also mark the synchroniser hubs in relationto the shift rings.09/97Scorpio ’9500-01-10

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch36. Remove the input shaft with the 4th gearsynchroniser ring from the mainshaft.31 Input shaft2 4th gear synchroniser ring3 Roller bearing12J160117937. Remove the 5th gear wheel with thesynchroniser ring from the mainshaft.1 5th gear wheel12 Needle roller bearing2J1601180The synchroniser units must:WARNING:not be allowed to fall apart as there is adanger of injury from springs, blocker barsand balls.38. Remove the 3rd/4th gear synchroniserunit with the 3rd gear wheel.123 Clamp the mainshaft in a vice with theoutput shaft pointing downwards. Remove the circlip.1 3rd/4th gear synchroniser unitJ16011822 3rd/4th gear wheel3 Needle roller bearing09/97Scorpio ’9500-01-11

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch39. Pull off the 3rd gear bearing ring.Locate the puller in the recesses in thebearing ring.16–056J1601183NOTE: Mark the parts.40. Remove the 2nd gear wheel with theneedle roller bearing and synchroniserring.J160118409/97Scorpio ’9500-01-12

MT 75 Manual Transmission and ClutchVehicles manufactured from build date17. 6. 1996 are fitted with a 1st/2nd gearsynchroniser unit.12NOTE: Mark the shift ring for the gearsynchroniser. Components are paired.41. Remove the 1st/2nd gear synchroniserunit with the 1st gear wheel. Remove the circlip for the 1st/2nd gearsynchroniser unit.31 1st/2nd gear synchroniser unitELS16011952 1st gear wheel3 Needle roller bearing09/97Scorpio ’9500-01-13

MT 75 Manual Transmission and ClutchNOTE: Mark the shift ring for the gearsynchroniser. The components are paired.142. Remove the 5th/reverse gearsynchroniser unit with the reverse gearwheel and needle roller bearing. Clamp the mainshaft the other way round inthe vice.2 Circlip31 Synchroniser unit2 Reverse gear wheelJ16011883 Needle roller bearing311Take care when removing the:WARNING:shift ring from the synchroniser hub. Theballs and blocker bars are spring-loaded.43. Dismantle the synchroniser unit.1 Synchroniser rings2 Shift ring3 Synchroniser hub54ELS160119409/9724 Ball and blocker bar5 Compression springScorpio ’9500-01-14

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch12Vehicles manufactured from built date17. 6.1996 are fitted with a 1st/2nd gear doublesynchroniser unit.344. Double synchroniser unit components.1 Outer synchroniser ring2 Inner synchroniser ring3 Synchroniser cone4 Gear wheel4ELS1601193Dismantle countershaftNOTE: Insert the puller in the annular grooveprovided in the ring.15–050 A45. Pull the inner ring off the countershaft.16–050J1601190Dismantle reverse gear idler shaft31446. Dismantle the reverse gear idler shaft.1 Drive out the roll pin.2 Bearing housing3 Idler4 Needle roller bearing2J160119109/97Scorpio ’9500-01-15

MT 75 Manual Transmission and ClutchAssemble transmission47. General notes. Lubricate all moving parts with transmissionfluid before or during assembly. Renew all the circlips, oil seals andself-locking nuts. Measure the circlips so that they fit into theirgrooves without free play.48. Preparatory operations.J1601707Clean and check all parts thoroughly andrenew if necessary.Assemble rear transmission housingNOTE: If the rear transmission housing isrenewed, a new detent pin must be fitted.The distance from the tip of the detent pin to thehousing mating face must be 69,0 0,3 mm.69,0 mm 0,3 mmD160167549. Fit the mainshaft ball bearing.15–064Use only the spindle of o ’9500-01-16

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch50. Secure the mainshaft ball bearing withbolts and washers.24 NmD160166751. Drive in the main selector shaft ballsleeve flush.21–103 AD160116952. Fit the main selector shaft radial oil seal.D1601670NOTE: Use new locating bolts.10 Nm53. Fit the selector gate.D160166809/97Scorpio ’9500-01-17

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch54. Drive in the countershaft roller bearing asfar as the stop.15–036D1601179Assemble front transmission housing155. Fit the input shaft ball bearing.21 Fit the circlip in the annular groove of theball bearing.15–0642 Drive in the ball bearing from the clutch sidePZJ1601677NOTE: Do not drive the roller bearing in flushbut allow it to protrude approx. 2 mm on theinside.15–03656. Fit the countershaft roller bearing.2,0 mmJ160167857. Drive in the main selector shaft ballsleeve flush.21–103 AD160167209/97Scorpio ’9500-01-18

MT 75 Manual Transmission and ClutchInstall input shaft guide sleeve oil sealNOTE: The sealing lip must face the tool oninstallation.58. Drive in the radial oil seal.16–044S1601648Assemble reverse gear idler shaft241NOTE: Do not fit the bearing housing twisted.The threaded holes must line up with oneanother.59. Assemble the reverse gear idler shaft.1 Needle roller bearing2 Idler3J16017063 Bearing housing4 Drive in the roll pin.Assemble countershaft60. Fit the bearing rings.Heat the bearing rings to approx. 100 C andslide them on.J1601690Assemble main selector shaftNOTE: The shift finger must point in theopposite direction to the actuating pin of thereversing light switch.61. Assemble main selector shaft1 Slide the shift finger onto the main selectorshaft and secure it with a roll pin.212 Slide the locking sleeve onto the selectorshaft and shift finger.D160166609/97Scorpio ’9500-01-19

MT 75 Manual Transmission and ClutchNOTE: The roll pin must be aligned centrally.162. Assemble the selector shaft (continued).1 Fit the 1st/2nd gear selector fork on theselector shaft.2 Slide the shift finger holder onto the selectorshaft and secure it with a roll pin.2D160166563. Assemble the main selector shaft(continued).31 Fit the spring carrier on the selector shaftwith two balls.2 Fit the spring and spring cup.3 Secure them with a circlip.21D1601664Assemble mainshaft31164. Assemble the synchroniser unit.1 Fit the compression springs.2 Synchroniser hub3 Ball and blocker bar4 Position the shift ring correctly and slide iton.5425 Fit the synchroniser rings.ELS160119409/97Scorpio ’9500-01-20

MT 75 Manual Transmission and ClutchNOTE: Marking65. Fit the needle roller bearing and reversegear wheel with the synchroniser unit. Clamp the mainshaft in a vice with theoutput end pointing upwards.21 Reverse gear wheel2 Synchroniser unit13 Select a circlip which fits without free playand fit it.3PZJ1601694 Available circlips:2,03 mm2,07 mm2,11 mm2,15 mmVehicles manufactured from build date17. 6. 1996 are fitted with a 1st/2nd gear doublesynchroniser unit.3NOTE: Marking66. Fit the 1st/2nd gear synchroniser unit. Clamp the mainshaft the other way round.21 Fit the needle roller bearing.2 Fit the 1st gear wheel.1J16016863 Fit the 1st/2nd gear synchroniser unit. Select a circlip which fits without free playand fit it. Available circlips:2,03 mm2,07 mm2,11 mm2,15 mm09/97Scorpio ’9500-01-21

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch67. Fit the synchroniser ring, needle rollerbearing and 2nd gear wheel.1 Needle roller bearing2 Synchroniser ring33 2nd gear wheel21J1601684NOTE: Slide the inner bearing ring onto themainshaft as far as the shoulder.68. Fit the 3rd gear wheel inner bearing ring.Heat the inner bearing ring to approx.100 C.J1601683NOTE: Fit the synchroniser unit with the smallcollar facing upwards.69. Fit the 3rd/4th gear synchroniser unit. Fit the needle roller bearing.1 Fit the 3rd gear wheel.2 Fit the 3rd/4th gear synchroniser unit.21J1601682 Select a circlip which fits without free playand fit it. Available circlips:1,99 mm2,03 mm2,07 mm2,11 mm2,15 mm2,19 mm09/97Scorpio ’9500-01-22

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch70. Fit the 5th gear wheel. Clamp the mainshaft the other way round.1 Needle roller bearing32 5th gear synchroniser ring23 5th gear wheel1J160168071. Fit the input shaft. Clamp the mainshaft the other way round.31 Roller bearing22 4th gear synchroniser ring3 Input shaft1J160167972. Assemble the countershaft with themainshaft and secure the assembly witha cable tie.D1601677NOTE: The 1st/2nd gear selector fork mustengage in the 1st/2nd gear synchroniser unit inthe middle.73. Fit the main selector shaft.D160167609/97Scorpio ’9500-01-23

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch74. Assemble the reverse gear idler with thecountershaft and mainshaft assembly. The end of the shaft with the flat pointsupwards. Secure the assembly with a cable tie.D160167975. Fit the 5th/reverse gear selector fork inthe lower synchroniser unit.The outrigger points upwards.D160167876. Fit the complete gear assembly in therear transmission housing.77. Slide the speedometer worm gear ontothe mainshaft.D160168109/97Scorpio ’9500-01-24

MT 75 Manual Transmission and ClutchNOTE: During installation, guide the mainselector shaft into the ball sleeve correctly.NOTE: The distance between the countershaftand the synchroniser ring must not be zero.78. Draw the mainshaft into the reartransmission housing.1 Screw the spindle into the mainshaft.2 Fit the adaptor. Guide the countershaft into the rear rollerbearing.79. Remove the speedometer worm gear.2116–042 A16–042 A–01D160168280. Insert the retaining bolt for the reversegear idler shaft and screw it up fingertight. Remove the cable ties from the gearassembly. Fit the magnetic disc.J1601168NOTE: The chamfered end of the selector shaftpoints upwards.81. Fit the 3rd/4th gear selector fork in theupper synchroniser unit and the auxiliaryselector shaft.D160166109/97Scorpio ’9500-01-25

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch82. Fit the front transmission housing.Position three spacers approx. 25 mm inlength between the housing sections.J160170383. Draw on the front transmission housing.16–041–011 Attach the adaptor.12 Attach the two clamping shells to the inputshaft.16–0413 Secure them with the sleeve.23D1601659NOTE: During installation, guide thecountershaft correctly into the bearing.Tighten the flange bolts within 15 minutes.184. Draw on the front transmission housing(continued).16–04121 Slide the large sleeve over the clampingshells and sleeve. Remove the spacers and apply sealer to themating faces of the rear transmissionhousing.D1601662 Apply sealer (ESKM-4G242-A) to the insideof the mating faces.2 Draw on the housing.09/97Scorpio ’9500-01-26

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch85. Bolt the housing halves together.1 Insert two housing bolts on opposite sidesand draw the housing sections together.24 Nm Fit the remaining eight bolts and tightenthem.12 Tighten the bolts of the reverse gear idlershaft (both bolts are marked in blue).232 NmD1601658186. Fit the reversing light switch and thelocking screw.14 Nm33 Nm1 Reversing light switch22 Locking plate locking screwD160165787. Fit the selector interlock mechanism.1 Insert the sleeve, ball, pin and spring.2 Apply sealer (ESKM-4G242-A) and screw inthe plug (14 mm Allen key).224 Nm1D160165688. Fit the speedometer worm gear.89. Fit the speedometer drive pinion in therear transmission housing.Apply sealer (ESKM-4G242-A) and fit thespeedometer drive pinion cap.S160164909/97Scorpio ’9500-01-27

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch90. Fit the drive flange radial oil seal.16–043 AD160168391. Draw the drive flange onto the mainshaft. Fit the flange.21 Screw the spindle into the mainshaft.16–042 A2 Screw on the adaptor. Hold the spindle with a drift.116–042 A–01D160166092. Secure the drive flange with a new nut.Hold the drive flange.200 Nm15–030 AD160165393. Fit the input shaft circlip. Select a circlip which fits without free playand fit it. Available circlips:2,26 mm2,30 mm2,34 mm2,38 mm2,42 mmD160165509/97Scorpio ’9500-01-28

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch94. Prepare the guide sleeve for installation.1 Fit a new O-ring.22 Stick the thrust washer in place with grease.1S160165195. Secure the guide sleeve.16–040A250 NmS160165296. Fit the countershaft bearing housingusing a new O-ring. Grease the O-ring. Screw in the bearing housing with a 17-mmAllen key.40 NmS160165397. Unscrew the bearing housing 80 .21–54080 S160165409/97Scorpio ’9500-01-29

MT 75 Manual Transmission and ClutchNOTE: Tilt the clutch housing downwards atleast 45 .98. Drive the countershaft bearing homeagainst the bearing housing.Strike two blows on each of the bossesusing a brass drift and hammer. This willdrive the bearing home against the bearinghousing.S1601655A minimum torque of 6 Nm CAUTION:must be achieved.min. 6 Nm99. Tighten the bearing housing 20 andsecure it with the locking plate.21–540If the 6 Nm are not achieved,sub-operations 97. to 99. must be repeated.25 Nm20 S1601656100. Fit the slave cylinder complete with therelease bearing.10 NmD1601512NOTE: Make sure that the quick-releasecoupling is locked securely.12101. Fit the clutch pressure line and bleedscrew.1 Connect the quick-release coupling.2 Screw in the bleed screw.D160151109/97Scorpio ’9500-01-30

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch102. Detach the transmission from theassembly stand and detach the mountingbracket.103. Tighten the oil drain plug.D160165009/9735 NmScorpio ’9500-01-31

MT 75 Manual Transmission and Clutch 09/97 Scorpio ’95 00-01-16 J1601707 Assemble transmission 47.General notes. Lubricate all moving parts with transmission fluid before or during assembly. Renew all the circlips, oil seals and self-locking nuts. Measure the circlips so that they fit into their grooves without free play. 48.Preparatory .

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