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Agenda 2Mobile LandscapeIBM Worklight Mobile PlatformMobile on System ZCICS & Worklight Demo Application

Mobile business opportunity is hugeTime Magazine, January 2014Projections of mobile growth and PC decline based on Gartner data1.2BNOTE: Ericsson predict 4.5B in 2018(World population 7.2 B)

Smartphone users demand instant gratificationand real dataMillenials don’t have patience –they expect the data to be instant and accurateReplicated copy is unacceptable and results in excessive requests

So Why is Mobile so Challenging?

Mobile Enabling Your Business Is Not Easy! There are many ChallengesFragmenta)on of#devices#and#pla.orms#Speed con4nuous#delivery#Connec)vity to#back9end#systems##and#cloud#Security g#Your#Own#Device)#Mobile Context 9loca4on#Delivering #feedback#

The Roots of Mobile Development Run DeepTeamworkShort time to marketIndustrialize devWeb? Hybrid?Native?Integrate with SDLCFront-endof the valueand effort isvisible(mobile UI)70%Back-endUser engagementOperationsConnect to back-endManage andenforce appversionsEfficient and flexiblepush notificationsTrack problems thataffect UXTrack and leveragelocationSecurityOffline availabilityB2E app curityDataprotectionEnsuring continuedsupport in a quickchanginglandscapeof the valueand effortlies underthe surface

Spectrum of mobile app development approachesPure web!Mobileweb!PrepackagedHTML5resources!Pure native!HTML5 native tive Continuum! HTML5, JS,and CSS3 (fullsite or! Quicker andcheaper way tomobile! Sub-optimalexperience! HTML5, JS,and CSS! UsuallyleveragesCordova! Downloadable,app storepresence, pushcapabilities! Can use nativeAPIs! As previous! moreresponsive,available offline! Web nativecode! Optimized userexperience withnative screens,controls, andnavigation! App fullyadjusted to OS! Some screensare multiplatform whenmakes sense! App fullyadjusted to OS! Best attainableuserexperience! Uniquedevelopmenteffort per OS,costly tomaintain!

IBM Worklight: Main ComponentsRun Time!Development !Operational Console!!UI for app deployment, management, andversion enforcement, real-time operationalanalytics, push notifications!Worklight Studio!!Worklight Server!Leading tools for crossplatform hybriddevelopment thatmaximize code reuse,speed up development,and promote team work!!Gateway for mobile user engagement,security, analytics, and application control!App Runtime !!Operational Analytics!Client APIs available for native, hybrid, andweb apps!Worklight App Center!!A non-MDM, cross-platform, private mobile app store tailored to the needsof development team or as an enterprise store!

Worklight flow in detailWorklight Studio!Android!HTML5, Hybrid, andNative Coding!Integrated Device !SDKs!3rd Party LibraryIntegration!!WindowsPhone!App Feedback Management !Public App Stores!!Mobile Web!Functional !Testing!4JSON Translation!Geolocation Services!Adapter Library forBackend Connectivity!Stats and Logs Aggregation!Worklight Server!Mashups and Service!Composition!ReportingLocation-basedfor Statistics!event handling!and Diagnostics!Enhanced crash &platform-levelexception capture!Desktop Web!User Authentication andMobile Trust!Encrypted andSyncable Storage!Runtime Skins!Java ME!3Cross-Platform !Compatibility Layer!Server IntegrationFramework!Enterprise App Provisioning !and Governance!Windows 8!Device Runtime!!Development Team Provisioning!WYSIWG Editor!and Simulator!Enterprise Backend Systems &Cloud Services!2Worklight Application !Center!Blackberry!Build Engine!OptimizationFramework!1iOS!Application Code!SDKs!Feedback Management!5Client-Side!App Resources!Worklight Console!Direct Update!Unified Push and SMS Notification!Mobile !Web Apps!Unified Push!Notifications!Development and Operational Analytics!App Version Management!

Studio – WYSIWYG UI Construction (HTML, JQuery orDojo)Eclipse perspective forWorklight or#Dojo#Mobile#widgets#in#the#paleEe#Optimized layout forhybrid appdevelopmentRich page editor forvisual ile#view #or#jQuery#mobile#page #widgets#

Rich mobile simulator for hybrid applications Device specific tests early during development.Change device types, orientation, device settings (GPS, accelerometer, etc )Supports Cordova and Worklight client API

Worklight Server: Adapters Run time!Lightweight server-side logic to expose systems of records in amobile-friendly way!– Automatic JSONification of enterprise data for quick transportand ease of consumption by mobile developer!– Server-side service composition to reduce number of requestsover slow mobile network!– XSLT to reduce fat SOAP responses!Security!– Automatic enablement of server-side authentication control andaudit!Analytics!– Automatic collection of user actions and device and appproperties!Data sync!– Enables synchronization with on-device JSON Store!Mobile user engagement!– Push notifications and geo-based event management!For the server developer!! JS anywhere: Simple APIs for server-side JavaScript development!! Extensibility: Java API for custom adapters!For the client developer!! Easy-to-use, consistent client-side API to call any back-end system!SQL / JDBC!SOAP / HTTP!JMS!REST!CAST IRON!JavaExtension!Node*!ESB**!Worklight Server!Enterprise back-ends andEnterpriseback-ends andcloudservices!Enterpriseback-ends andcloud services!cloud services!* As tech preview!** Available with IBM Message Broker!

CICS Connectivity Options with WorklightWorklight ServerSystem QMessagingMQMQMQTTMQHTTP14Web ServicesTN3270HATS3270SNA

Unified Push Notifications Uniform access to push notifications providers‒ Register for, notify, and receive a notification via Worklight APIsor SMS Register for and send SMS based notifications‒ E.g., for feature ateDatabase!PollingAdapters!UnifiedPush ters!User-DeviceDatabase!Administrative Console!Notification statistics, SMS subscription control!iOSDispatcher!iOS!Push API!Apple PushServers(APN)!WorklightClient-sidePush Services!AndroidDispatcher!Android !Push API!Google PushServers(GCM)!WorklightClient-sidePush Services!WindowsPhoneDispatcher!Windows!Push API!MicrosoftPushServers!WorklightClient-sidePush Services!Broker API!SMS/MMSBrokers!SMSDispatcher!Optional 2-way SMS!

Transform business processes with geo-location services Geo-location info has important potential for consumer and employee-facing applications– Creating differentiating services based on user location– Optimizing business processes and operations– Increasing application security But holds challenges– What to collect and how?– How to use what s collected? Worklight provides you simple and strong tools to:COLLECT and USE on the mobile deviceControlacquisition ofGPS and WificoordinatesDefinepoints ofinterestand geofencesTriggeractionsbased onlocationchangesEfficientlytransmitto ServerUSE on the serverStoreHandleeventsPerformanalytics

Encrypted and synched on-device data storageEmbedded JSON mobile database: JavaScript APIs to store, query and update data Multiple user support on the same device Supports data encryption Bi-directional data sync for simplified off-line operations

Worklight Operations ConsoleDevice specificversions areuncoupledSupportsmultipleversions on thesame platform

App Version ManagementRemote Disable: Deny access to an app of a specific version on aspecific environment Ensure users use the latest security fixes Avoid using previously installed old versions that are no longersupported

Direct Update On-device LogicNative Shell1DownloadPre-packagedresourcesApp Store2Check hedresourcesUpdate webresource1.Web resources packaged with app to ensure initial offline availability2.Web resources transferred to app's cache storage3.App checks for updates on startup and foreground events4.Updated web resources downloaded when necessary, with user confirmation or silently

Fine-grained Blocking of Users Block access of a specific app from a specific user device,to address scenarios where a device is lost, stolen, or isotherwise banned from accessing the system The device does not need to be controlled with MDM.

IBM Application Center Share apps across developers,testers, and other stakeholdersiOS, Android, Windows Phone8, BlackBerry 6 and 7Developers Easily distribute app to testersTesters Easily find apps and versions to testTesters Provide rating and feedback directlyfrom the deviceDevelopers Access all feedback in a centralizedmanner

Worklight Analytics23

Unified Client and Server Analytics Out-of-the-box analytics address the following:–––––User adoption, device and app propertiesUser actions and called adapter proceduresPerformance and data usage informationExceptions, crashes, logs, response timeJSONStore performance

Service integration analytics Robust analytics for adapter usage including average responsetime, average data usage, and server usage statistics

Server and Client log inspection made easy Worklight Analytics Console enables easy searching of both client and server logs

System z addresses Enterprise mobile development and delivery challengesFragmentation and developing for multiplemobile platforms Highly fragmented set of devices, platforms,languages, and tools complicatesdevelopment, test, and operationsIBM Worklight Studio and RDz Seamless integration with z dataand transactions. Device runtime provides mobiledevice independence.Accelerated time to market requirementsSystem z Scalability Accelerated development demands instantprovisioning of development servers. System z Linux cloud enables rapidprovisioning of Worklight servers. Spikey mobile traffic demands highlyscalable cloud-based infrastructures, forboth SoE and SoR. z/OS is the leader in transactionprocessing and easily scalable tohandle workload increases.Connecting apps with existingenterprise systemsz/OS is mobile enabled Apps typically need to leverage existingenterprise services, which must be mademobile-consumable, and remain secure. Enterprise systems must be able to instantlyprovision new services and environments.27 z/OS subsystems are mobile-ready,with consumability enhancementsplanned. Eg: MongoDB API for DB2 WAS Liberty z/OS Connect End to end mobile security. High-performance access from z/Linux

System z bridges Systems of Record and Systems ofEngagementSystems of RecordSystems of EngagementMobile lfillmentSiloed Dept. AppsCloudAPIs28Systems ofEngagement arecloud-based,decentralized,support rapid appdevelopment.Linux on zz/OSSystem ofEngagementSystem ofRecordSystems of Recordare well integrated,trusted repositories.

Do I have to buy new servers to run Worklight?AppZ

No! Worklight will run on zLinux!AppZIf you have an Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) you can get startedNOW!

Typical Services Deployment Good, but can bebetterJSONLightweight servicesFew Kbs(good for 3G connections)SOAP/XMLHeavyweight servicesMany KbsAppCalls toexistingmainframeservices anddataJSON SOAP/XMLJSON SOAP/XMLTransformationsParsing XML Takes time and CPUZ

CICS V5.1 Mobile Feature PackJSONLightweight servicesFew KbsNEWCICS V5.1Mobile FeaturePackJSONLightweight servicesFew Kbs(good for 3G connections)AppCalls toNEW'mobile friendly'mainframeservices and dataNoTransformations :-)Z

IBM WebSphere Liberty z/OS ConnectEmbedded in z/OS Middleware: CICS, IMS, Batch, UNIX appsIBM WebSphereLiberty z/OSConnectNewRestfulInterfaceAppNoTransformations :-)Discoversz/OS assetsSimplifiedAccessAuditing andChargebackZ


CICS Application Walkthrough35

CICS Application Overview CICS Catalog Manager Application––––36COBOL based CICS applicationVSAM FileSeparate Presentation Logic and Business LogicCallable Interface - Commarea

Existing CICS Web Service Enabled App3270 Clientz/OSCICSEGUI MainBrowsePlace OrderVSAM File (EXMPCAT)37

Worklight Modernizes the CICS Web ServiceEnabled AppMobile Clientz/OSWorklightServerCICSCICSWeb Services WebServiceEGUI MainBrowsePlace OrderVSAM File (EXMPCAT)38

Worklight Enhances the CICS Web Service EnabledAppMobile Clientz/OSWorklightServerEnhancedSearchCICSCICSWeb Services WebServiceEGUI MainShoppingCartEnhanced Search andShopping Cart Features areadded via Worklight.BrowsePlace OrderFeatures do not currently existin the CICS application.VSAM File (EXMPCAT)39

Worklight gives a Mobile UI to CICS ServicesIBM z/OSCICS TS 4.2z/LinuxCICS WebServiceIBM WorklightServerCICSCOBOL,C, PL/1,Java AppHTTP AdapterJSONCICS MobileFeature PackMobileDevicesCICSResources

CICS application for Android and iOS






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A non-MDM, cross-platform, private mobile app store tailored to the needs of development team or as an enterprise store! IBM Worklight: Main Components App Runtime !! Client APIs available for native, hybrid, and web apps! Development ! Run Time! Worklight Server!! Gateway for mobile user

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