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United States Naval Sea Cadet CorpsU. S. Navy League Cadet Corps Summer Training CommandMarine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, CAORIENTATIONSummer 2013Dear Navy League Cadet Families:Welcome to the 2013 Summer Training Command, at MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP PENDLETON – 33AREA. The following information is VERY IMPORTANT in making sure your cadet’s training goes well.Please review the information listed below with your cadet. This will help insure a safe and positive trainingexperience:TRAINING OBJECTIVES: To provide basic and/or advance indoctrination to Navy League Cadets in the fundamentals of: barrackslife, military standards, Naval Traditions, and responsibilities to enable them to enhance their fulfillmentas a cadet, and to perform and excel during their tenure with the Corps. To provide a training in specific subject(s) for those cadets attending training. To provide professional training to NSCC Officers and NSCC Staff Cadets so as to allow them theopportunity to utilize their abilities in a supervised military environment. To promote the highest level of training that is consistent with NLCC/NSCC National Goals with anatmosphere of respect, support, and spirit de corps.TRAINING LOCATION:Our training site will be in 33 AREA, BUILDING 33605. This is an active duty Marine Corps basewith all the facilities and amenities for quality training. We will be using the chow hall and classroom facilities.Regular bathroom and shower facilities are available. THIS TRAINING SITE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGEDUE TO MILITARY NEEDS OR OPERATIONAL SITUATIONS.SAFETY:Safety is our #1 priority. The success of this evolution depends on the safety of all personnel. This willbe accomplished by the following methods: Accountability – This is achieved by knowing where our people are at all times and what they are doing.Each individual will act in a responsible manner. By always being alert to possible hazards and taking appropriate action to prevent possible harm to anypersonnel under our care. By making safety everyone’s responsibility, from the cadet to the Commanding Officer. If any personfeels their safety is about to be compromised, that person will bring it to the chain of command.CODE OF CONDUCT/HAZING/FRATERNIZATION:Please review the attached CODE OF CONDUCT. These will be the basis for a quality trainingexperience. Furthermore, there is a ZERO TOLERENCE for hazing and/or fraternization. All cadets and staffmust review the “Hazing Orientation” presentation on the website at www.nsccpsw.org.CADET PREPARATION:All cadets need to understand that this is a TRAINING evolution. They are participating to learn moreabout being in the NLCC program. Each individual will be asked to do things that are challenging and differentfrom “the way I’ve always done it.” To prepare for this evolution, each person should: Do physical training. Push-ups, sit-ups, and running are a good way to start. Physical training isincluded in the cadet-training curriculum. Pack their sea bag. This will help in knowing what has been brought to training. Each cadet will be100% responsible for their own belongings.

REPORTING PROCEDURES:1. Report to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, 33 AREA, Building 33605,Sunday, 14 JUL 13 between 8:00am – 10:00am. (Commercial travelers see below)2. Reporting Uniform: Summer Dress (Commercial travelers see below)3. In your possession should be:(a) Cadet Service Jacket(b) ID Card(c) Complete Sea Bag(d) Proper Haircut (Males)/Secured (Females)CADET SERVICE JACKET:Your cadet service jacket should include the following on the right hand side:Top to Bottom National Training Orders (NSCTNG005) Copy of Request of Training Authority (NSCTNG001) Copy of Cadet ID Card (Front and Back) Record of Cadet Advancement (NSCADM009) Record of Awards (NSCADM010) Cadet Application (NSCADM001) Report of Medical History (NSCADM020) **Updated within 30 days of training Medical History Supplemental (NSCTNG025)**REQUIRED IF TAKING MEDICATION Report of Medical Exam (NSCADM021) Request for Accommodation (NSCADM015)**If REQUIRED All other medical forms in reverse chronological orderA CADET WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CHECK IN WITHOUT A SERVICE JACKETID Card:Each cadet and staff is required to have a valid USNSCC/USNLCC Identification card (ID card) currentthrough the end of training.SEA BAG:Review the attached sea bag list. All items must be marked with the cadet’s last name and first initial(all underwear and socks look the same after a while). A sea bag inspection will be conducted on the first day oftraining. If required items are not in sea bag, parent will be required to return to base and bring itemsneeded. Due to the number of unauthorized items brought, any confiscated materials will not be returned.HAIRCUTS:YOU MUST GET YOUR HAIRCUT PRIOR TO TRAINING. Each session we have cadets whoactively choose to not get their haircut because they have been told it will be done at training.THIS IS NOT THE CASE. Cadets may not check-in without a proper haircut.All cadets must conform to the following haircut guidelines:Female: Hair secured in a bun which will fit below their coverMale: #1 all-around. Short haircuts are for comfort and hygiene.GRADUATION:Graduation events will take place on Saturday, July 20th at 9:00am. A formal invitation outlining theday’s activities will be sent to all families.NO CELL PHONES ALLOWED FOR ANY CADETS:Cadets traveling by commercial carrier may bring a cell phone to stay in contact with family untilarrival. These cell phones will be secured during training and returned to cadet for their return travel. Failure toturn in cell phones or using cell phones during training will be grounds for dismissal.

TRAVEL TO/FROM TRAINING:All cadets must complete “online travel” within 10 days of the start of training. Failure to do so may result incancellation of your orders. This can be found at www.nsccpsw.org COMMERICAL TRAVELERS (PLANE/TRAIN):All personnel traveling by commercial carrier are to travel in civilian clothes. Cadets must arrive onSaturday, July 13th no earlier than 1200 and depart after the graduation on Saturday, July 20th(no earlier than 1400 unless other arrangements have been made in advance). San DiegoInternational Airport (SAN) arrivals and departures will be transported by a shuttle service to/fromCamp Pendleton for a 30.00 fee each way (Fee must be paid within 10 days of the start of training).Oceanside Train arrivals and departures will be shuttled to/from Camp Pendleton at no charge. PERSONAL VEHICLES:All personnel traveling by personal vehicle will receive a base access letter and map within 10 days ofthe start of training. In order to enter base, the vehicle driver will need a valid driver’s license, proof ofinsurance and vehicle registration.OUTSIDE PARTY CONTACT:To create and maintain the most productive military environment needed for a successful training, it isnecessary to isolate trainees from outside influences that may prove distracting. To this end, it is essential forparents, relatives, and friends to understand: Visits from parents, relatives, and friends will be prohibited. Visits from home unit staff not attached to the training are not allowed, unless approved in advance bythe Commanding Officer of the Training. Trainees are not allowed to place or receive phone calls. In case of family emergencies parents are tocontact Training Commanding Officer. If there is an emergency regarding a cadet, a call will be placedto the parents and the unit Commanding Officer. Cadets may send mail to family and friends.MEDICAL RESTRICTIONS:Trainees with pre-existing medical conditions that will affect training cannot be allowed to participate.While we want cadets to complete their training, safety is our first concern. Medications prescribed or over thecounter are permitted. If you cadet will need to take medications, a Request to Administer Medications (FormNSCTNG025 – included in this packet) must be completed and approved prior to training. Discontinued use ofrequired medication is not advised. The final determination of participation in training due to medicalcondition lies with the Commanding Officer, based on NSCC Regulations.QUESTIONS/CONCERNS:Your unit CO is the first person who may be able to answer questions or concerns. They have been senta copy of this Welcome Aboard letter. If you still have questions, please e-mail to mfranklin@seacadets.org.We look forward to your cadet having a positive training experience. Welcome Aboard!LCDR Melissa Franklin, NSCC2013 NLCC Summer Training CommandCommanding OfficerAttachments:a) Sea bag Listb) Code of Conductc) Standing Ordersd) Medical History Supplemental for Training Authorization, Consent and Release

United States Naval Sea Cadet CorpsU. S. Navy League Cadet Corps Summer Training CommandMarine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, CANAVY LEAGUE ORIENTATION SEA BAG LISTCheck each item off as you pack it into your sea bag!!!REPORTING UNIFORM (SUMMER DRESS): See NLCC Uniform attachment 1 – Shirt, Summer White with USNLCCC Insignia (left sleeve) 1 - White crew neck t-shirt 1 – Name tag 1 – Ribbon bar w/ribbons 1 - Trousers, Service Black 1 - White Dixie cup Cover (Males) 1 - Black Garrison Cover w/NLCC Device (Females) 1 pr – Socks, Service Black 1 pr – Shoes, Service Black 1 – Belt, Black with silver clip 1 – Belt Buckle, Silver 1 - UndershortsWORKING UNIFORM (UNIT DECISION): 2 Complete sets of WORKING UNIFORMS:To save oncosts, a cadet may bring more than one type of working uniform (example – a set of BDU’sand a set of utilities, etc) as long as the uniform is complete. Sample diagrams fromthe uniform manual have been included as an attachment to this sea bag list. 2 – Working Uniform Shirts (NWU, BDU or Utility) with USNLCC Insignia 2 – Working Uniform Trousers (NWU, BDU or Utility) 8 – Working Uniform T-shirts (Make sure if you bring two differentworking uniforms that you bring 4 ea working t-shirts) 1 – Working Uniform Cover with USNLCC Insignia 0 – (Belt/buckle included with dress uniform) 0 – (Athletic shoes from PT Gear will be worn) 7 pr – black socks 7 – Underwear (Males – Boxers o.k.) 1 – White crew neck t-shirt (extra for graduation) NOTE: BOOTS WILL NOT BE NEEDED FOR ORIENTATION CADETSPHYSICAL FITNESS GEAR: 71221111pr - Socks, White Athleticpr – Shoes, Athletic (NO Slip-On or Deck Shoes)– Shorts, Navy Blue or Black– Athletic bras (female)- Sweatshirt, Navy Blue- Sweatpants, Navy Blue- Watch Cap, Navy Blue/Black (Beanie)- Swimsuit (female – must be one piece)

SEA BAG LIST (Page 2)TOILETRIES 1 - Deodorant, Stick (No Aerosol Cans)1 - Shampoo1 - Soap, Body1 - Toothpaste1 – Toothbrush1 – Chap stick1 – Sunscreen, SPF 30 or greater1 – Hair Brush/Comb1 pr – Shower Shoes1 – Bathrobe or shower wrap (optional)1 – Mesh laundry bag2 – Washcloths2 – Bath TowelsTies/Pins, Hair gel to secure long hair (Females Only)Feminine Hygiene Supplies (Females Only)EQUIPMENT 1111111114126––––––––-Sea BagSmall FlashlightPadlock with 2 KeysNeck Chain to wear key around neckSleeping BagPillow w/pillow caseShoe shine kit (NO LIQUID POLISH)Hand soap (small pump bottle)Hand Sanitizer (kept in uniform pocket)self-addressed stamped envelopes with paper to write homeReligious material (optional)Black ballpoint penhangersALL ITEMS LISTED ABOVE AREMANDATORY!!!

U.S. NAVAL SEA CADET CORPSPACIFIC SOUTHWEST REGION 11Code of ConductIn order to live, work, learn, and become a team, certain rules must be established underwhich trainees may grow and work together. To this end, the following Code of Conductis established. There are no double standards. All personnel, cadets and staff:1. Will conduct themselves in a military

United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps U. S. Navy League Cadet Corps Summer Training Command Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, CA . 2 Complete sets of WORKING UNIFORMS: To save on costs, a cadet may bring more than one type of working uniform (example – a set of BDU’s and a set of utili

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U.S. NAVAL SEA CADET CORPS ADULT LEADER APPLICATION U.S. NAVY LEAGUE CADET CORPS DECLARATIONS FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY 10. AGREEMENTS I consent to the following as being a member of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps/Navy League Cadet Corps (hereinafter referred to as NSCC/NLCC) and in consideration for my acceptance of membership.

I promise to serve faithfully, honor our flag, abide by Naval Sea Cadet Corps Regulations, carry out the orders of the officers appointed over me, and so conduct myself as to be a credit to myself, my unit, the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, the Navy, the Coast Guard, and my country. So help me God. 2a. Applicant Signature 2b. Date (DD MMM YY) 3.

I understand that such uniforms or equipment shall remain the property of the Naval Sea Cadet Corps while on loan, and I agree to return them when my child/ward ceases to s erve as a cadet, or at any other time upon request of a Naval Sea Cadet officer or other authorized agent. I h

UNIFORMS –– Remember 10.00 for the Type III Parka 6. GROOMING CODE – Sea Cadet regulations require proper haircut and styles for all Cadets. If a male Cadet arrives on the second day of drill with an inappropriate haircut or any Cadet refuses to adhere to the hair, makeup, or jewelry regulations, the

CAP Cadet Flight C/Maj Michael Lucero PCR AK 071 1,000 CAP Cadet Flight C/2dLt Joseph Mccollum NER PA 337 1,000 CAP Cadet Flight C/2dLt Laurel Munger MER VA 088 1,000 CAP Cadet Flight C/2dLt Timothy Richner NCR MO 139 1,000 CAP Cadet Flight C/1stLt Ayaan Shaikh GLR MI 202 1,000 CAP Cadet Flight C/MSgt Garrett West PCR WA 002 1,000

Sea Cadet Uniforms USNSCC Cadet Uniforms The uniforms you will wear during your Sea Cadet career are a necessary part of your membership. The initial uniform charges will be no more than you would spend for Boy/Girl Scouts, Baseball or other uniforms for participation in other activities. A full initial compliment of uniforms costs the Unit .File Size: 2MB

The purpose of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps Uniform Regulations is to: (1) Provide descriptions of all authorized U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) and Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC) uniforms and components. (2) Provide guidance for prescribing uniform

2 Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol 06.03. 3 Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol 14.03. 4 Reagent Chemicals, American Chemical Society Specifications, American Chemical Society, Washington, DC. For suggestions on the testing of reagents not listed by the American Chemical Society, see Analar Standards for Laboratory Chemicals, BDH Ltd., Poole, Dorset, U.K., and the United States Pharmacopeia .