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Ⅰ PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONThe top drive device is a new type of oil drillingequipment,it revolutionizedl ti i d ththe ttraditionalditil rotaryttable—Kelly stem drilling model, the drilling power(AC and DC motor or hydraulic motor) from the rigfloor rotary table directly to the swivel, drilling stringdriven by the top directly.Drilling practice shows that the application of topdrive device can save drilling time by 20% to 25%,prevent stickingg accidents. the economicand pbenefits are especially significant that it applyespecially for complicated drilling wells in horizontaland directional wells.3

Ⅰ PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONBOMCO is the first manufacturer to research &develop the TDS in china, BOMCO made the firstDQ-60D top drive device in 1995.With 20 yearscontinuously research and development, a series oftop drive units with rated load of 600kN to 6750kNhave been developed. such as DC type, AC type,ytypeyp etc, which are designedgfor differenthydraulicsrequirements of drilling and workover rigs.The whole process of product design and productionis certified by ISO9001 and API Q1 qualitymanagement system,system to ensure the quality of theproduct is guaranteed.4DQ-60D TDS

Ⅰ PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONMain adoption standardsAPI SPEC 8C 《Drilling and Production hoisting equipment》(PSL1&PSL2)API SPEC 7-1 《Specification for Rotary Drill Stem Elements》API SPEC 7-2 《 Threading and Gauging of Rotary Shouldered Connections 》API RP 500《 Recommended practice for classification of locations forElectrical installation at petroleum Facilities 》SY/T6726S/ 6 6《 Topop ddrivingg drillingdg systesystem foro ooil ddrillingg rigsgs 》SY/T6283《 Health safe and environmental management systemguidelinge for oil and gas drilling 》GB/T 3797《 ElectricalEl t i l controlt l assembliesbli 》GB3836.1《 Explosive atmospheres part 1: Equipment-Generalq》requirements《 Petroleum and natural gas industries. Drilling andproduction hoisting equipment 》GB/T19190GB/T 310495《 TopTddrivingi idrillingd illiequipmentit forf oilil drillingd illirigsi 》

Ⅰ PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONBOMCO Top Drive Products SeriesTypeLoad levelDrive type4500 kN(500 tton))DC ddrivingi 40/2250DBDQ50/3150DBDQ70/4500DBHDQ70/4500DB61800 kN(200 tton))M t driveMotordi2250 kN(250 ton)3150 kN(350 ton)OffshoreAC driving4500 kN(500 ton)DQ90/6750DB6750 kN(750 ton)DQ10/600Y600 kN(65 ton)OffshoreHydraulic driving

Ⅰ PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONDirect Drive Electric Top Drive DQ30/1800DBZTDSThe TDS using 1set 420 kW hollow AC motoras power source, and directly drives the TDScenter tube (main shaft) to drive drilling pipefor drilling; The maximum output speed is 300r/min which has the characteristics of hightorque and high speed; There is a side doubleguide and a slide block type guide pulley; suitfor the requirements of hydraulic elevators; itcan beb usedd forf drillingd illirigi withith nominali l 3000meters drilling DaqingThe DC TDS has been appliedppq g 30DBautomatic drilling rig , from rig site feedback ,the TDS working with a good performance.7

Ⅰ PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONDirect Drive Electric Top Drive DQ30/1800DBZ8TDSRated load (elevator, main shaft)1800 kNRated power of main motor420 kWMax. continuous drilling torque20 kN·m@200 r/minMax. break down torque40 kN·mprangeg ((steplesspadjustable)j)Main shaft speed0 300 r/minMud channelΦ64 mm,35 MPaMax. drift diameter of back up tongs190 mmMain body height5.56 mTDS VFD input power600 V/50 Hz,ACHz AC

Ⅰ PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONAC Electric Top Drive-- Single Motor KDQ40/2250DBTop Drive deviceTh ttop dThedrivei adoptsd t a singlei l AC variablei bl ffrequencymotor as a power source, and drives the top drivecenter tube (main shaft) to drive drilling pipe fordrilling through gear deceleration; There is a sidesingle guide and slide block type guide tackle; Thehydraulic station is integrated with the top drive body;It can be used for drilling rig with 4000 metersnominal drillingg depth.p9

1、Product IntroductionAC Electric Top Drive-- Single Motor KDQ40/2250DBTopDriveTD i deviced iTop Drive employs a single AC and variablefrequency motor as the power source; the gearreduction can make the rod rotary drilling byd i i thdrivingthe ttop ddrivei spindle;withi dlith doubled bl guideidrail and roller guide block;and the large diametermud channel is equipped with the remote controlhigh-pressure ball valve;adapt to the drilling andsampling operation requirements of deepwatersurvey ship.It has been appliedppin the deepp water surveyyship project.10

1、Product IntroductionAC Electric Top Drive-- Single MotorTDS ModelDQ40/2250DBKDQ40/2250DBDrilling depth(114mm drill pipe)m2500 4000 2500 4000Rated loading kN(tons)2250(250)2250(250)Max. continuous drilling torque N m(lb-ft)31400(23160)30500(22495)Max. breakout torque N m(lb-ft)53000(39090)52000(38350)Main shaft RPM0 191 0 186Thread for Saver sub connect drilling pipeNC50 8 5/8 REGBack up tong Clamping range in2 7/8 6 5/85 6 5/8 mmBack-ups max diameter mm216 260Mud channel mm/MPaΦ76/35 Φ105/35Main motor rated power kW1 315 kW1 294 kWW kih i ht ( hook)mh k)Workingheight4 854.85 Working height ( traveling block) m5.36 115.37

1、Product IntroductionAC Electric Top Drive-double motor DQ50DB、DQ70DB、DQ90DBDQ50DB DQ70DB DQ90DBTDS deviced iThe top drive adopts double AC and variablefrequency motor as the power source, and the gearreduction can make the rod rotary drilling by drivingthe top drive spindle. The main motor adopts one-tog motor or doubleone control,which can choose singleone; with single guide rail and roller guide block; withthe hydraulic station on the ground,ground the dual pump isfor backup.There have been many applications of top drive onthe onshore and offshore drilling rigs.12DQ70DB顶驱装置

1、Product IntroductionAC Electric Top Drive-double motorTop drive model13DQ50/3150DB DQ70/4500DB HDQ70/4500DBDQ90/6750DBNominal drilling depth m3500 50004500 70004500 70006000 9000Rated loading 6750(750)Max. continuous drilling torque )80000(59005)Max. breakout torque )140000(103259)Brake torque )100000(73756)Spindle speeds range r/min0 2270 2270 2270 241Thread for Saver sub connect drilling pipeNC50NC50NC50NC50Back up tong Clamping range in2 7/8 6 5/82 7/8 6 5/82 7/8 6 5/82 7/8 6 5/8Back-ups max diameter mmΦ216Φ216Φ216Φ260Mud channel mm/MPaΦ76/35Φ76/35Φ76/35Φ102/52.5Main motor rated power kW2 2802 3152 3502 450Working height ( hook)m5.55.525.526.45Working height ( traveling block) m5.9655.9855.9856.91

1、Product IntroductionHydraulic Top Drive DQ10/600YTDS deviceThe TDS is driven by two main hydraulic motors asthe power source, and the ggear reduction can makethe rod rotary drilling by driving the top drive spindle.A hydraulic motor can compound with two mainhydraulic motors after the gear reduction,providing theunloading power together; and with single guide railand roller guide block. It can provide hydraulic powerby hydraulic station of the drilling rig.The overall structure is compact and light weight andit can be used in the nominal drilling depth of 1000mcar or the trailer rigs. It has been used in Xinjiangoilfield.14

1、Product IntroductionHydraulic Top Drive DQ10/600Y15TDS DeviceD irating load(links、main shaft)600 kNrating power110 kWMax. continuous drilling torque6.63 kN mMax. break-down torque28.5 kN mpMain shaft RPM(stepless)0 140 r/minmud channelΦ64 mm,35 MPabackup tong Max. diameterback-up175 mmMax. working pressure of hydraulic system30 MPaworking pressure of control system16 MPaworking height(including traveling block)4.2 m

1、Product IntroductionRegular Top Drive power swivelmain motor/hydraulic motorlifting bailbalance de icebalance devicebrake devicegear reducer(as needed)mud circulation devicecoverrotating headrotating headTDS DEVICErotating locking deviceback-up tongPipe handler Pipe handlersystemli k tiltilinks tilting mechanismh iGuide beam & pulleylinksHydraulic systemElectric controlElectric control systemAccessories16IBOP&control systemelevator(optional)


Ⅱ Product FeaturesBOMCO TDS universal features: LiftingLifti systemtusingi patentedt t d double-loadd bl l dchannel structure, during the trip in and trip out ,drill string load from the main bearing does notpass,pass effectively extending the service life of themain bearing With side-mounted split-jaw back up clamps,patented four-pointfour point floating dies clamps drillstring for reliable holding. The back-up clampcan be used to complete the on-sitereplacement of Saver sub and IBOP.IBOP Equipped pipe handing device with highdegree of mechanization, Greatly reduce thelabor intensity and danger level. Configure the remote control valve, in theevent of well kick and blowout can quickly closethe mud channel,, make the well controlloperation more safer.18

Ⅱ Product FeaturesBOMCO TDS universal features Breakes are equipped to assist with drill stringorientation during directional drilling operations. HydraulicHydraulic H d li pump andd motor,t Hd li controlt lvalve group、seals、bearing ,etc. The keycomponents using the western imported parts toensure reliable operation . The control loop uses two sets of PLC to builty, set several safetyythe cold redundancy,interlock function to ensure safe and reliableoperation. Running casing with link tilting mechanismmechanism,can avoid the thread alternating and improve theeffectiveness of drilling.19

Ⅱ Product FeaturesBOMCO TDS Universal Features Cables and hydraulic hose using the quick coupling plug, convenient and quick . Modular design and packing, be easy to transport and rig up at rig site.20

Ⅱ Product FeaturesDirect-current (DC) TDS Features The hollow motor directly drives the mainshaft , infinitely variable speeds, simplestructuret tandd highhi h ttransmissioni i efficiency.ffi i Main shaft with high RPM ,can meetrequirements of high speed drilling . The short-time overload ability of themotor can be used to break out and easypto operate. Rotary head internal reserved hydraulicelevator rotary oil connection , to be adaptto the upgrading of pipe handing system.system Control system can be seted in DCR orseparate console.21


Ⅲ、APPLICATION AND PROSPECTAs the first manufacturer of top drive products in China, BOMCO has richpracticalpac ca eexperiencepe e ce ofo topop ddrivee in thee desdesign,g , manufacturea u ac u e aanddapplication ,etc. BOMCO has hundreds of top drive specialist on expertise,manufacturing and field service.There are already several sets of top drive units keep operating in the DQ70/4500DBHDQ70/4500DBDQ30/1800DBZ

Ⅲ、APPLICATION AND PROSPECT24TrackRemarkRecordLoad Rating (kN)Drive FormEnd UserDQ-60D4500DC driveShengli Oil FieldDQ-60D14500DC driveDQ-60D24500DC driveDQ10/600Y600H d li DriveHydraulicDiXi jiXinjiangOil FieldFi ld2DQ70/4500DB4500AC driveChangqing Oil Field2DQ70/4500DB4500AC driveHDQ70/4500DB4500AC driveDQ90/6750DB6750AC driveKDQ40/2250DB2250AC driveCNOOC1DQ30/1800DBZ1800AC Direct DriveDaqing Oil Field1Changqing Oil FieldTuha Oil FieldChuandong Oil FieldCPTSC1221Shengli Oil Field11Rent

Ⅲ、APPLICATION AND PROSPECTBaoji Oilfield Machinery Co., Ltd. (BOMCO) is a leading research & developmentmanufacturing enterprise, affiliated to China National Petroleum Corporation(CNPC) for oil drilling and production equipments(CNPC),equipments, With the technological capabilityof research & development, BOMCO has been appointed by Chinese governmentto set up the National Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment Engineering and TechnologyResearch Center.BOMCO TDS with independent intellectual property rights. We can develop theper the customer requirementsqto match the different workingg conditions .TDS as pwith perfect after-sales service system and support team, we are going to providethe 7day 24 hours oversea service to clients.25


The top drive device is a new type of oil drilling equitltiidthtditiltipment, revolutionized the traditional rotary table—Kelly stem drilling model, the drilling power (AC and DC motor or hydraulic motor) from the rig floor rotary table directly to the swivel, drilling string driven by the top directly.

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