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bizhub 423/363/283/223Monochrome multifunction devicesfor lower cost of ownership

The multifunction device designedto cut more than your costsKonica Minolta has developed a multifunction devicewith the user in mind. The bizhub 423/363/283/223 cutsyour costs of ownership and reduces your impact on theenvironment while you do business.Plus the new bizhub 423/363/283/223 black-and-white multifunction device boastscolour scanning, enabling you to easily share your colour and monochrome documents.2bizhub 423/363/283/223

The bizhub 423 Serieshas the answerQ) How do I incorporate colour documents in mymonochrome workflow?Colour Scanning – You can digitise, save, share andreuse colour documents easily by scanning them andprinting in monochrome.Q) How do I streamline my office’s documentmanagement needs?Smart Output Management and Unified Firmware –You can choose between biometric* and non-contactIC* card authorisation to suit your application, andenergy and paper usage can be controlled by severalcopy number, print and fax output functions. Universalmanagement of all your multifunction devices is easyon your network because the 423 series uses the samefirmware as colour models in the bizhub range of products.* OptionQ) How do I minimise my environmental impactand total product lifecycle costs?Total Design Philosophy – Using less materials inconstruction, the 423 series complies with environmentalregulations, offers low energy use, respects the environmentand helps your bottom line.3

Consider theenvironmentYou can save the world’s resources while you work, and at the sametime ensure that your office is a pleasant working environment.Toner Recycling MechanismIt’s QuietWith the bizhub 423/363/283/223 you can recycleuntransferred toner to reduce the generationof toner waste.The bizhub 423 series is the quietest multifunctiondevice in its class in standby mode. High performancedoesn’t mean high noise levels, with the ADF featuringnoise reduction to minimise interference in your workingenvironment.The cleaning blade removes all toner that is nottransferred from the photoconductor and carriesit through the recycle duct to the developing unit.Environmentally Kind TonerIn 2000, Konica Minolta introduced the revolutionary newSimitri toner, the world’s first polymerised toner for digitalmonochrome multifunction devices, made from biomass,a plant-based resource. The result is perfect imagesprinted with minimal environmental impact.4bizhub 423/363/283/223Save Your EnergyYou can save on energy costs with the bizhub 423series. Its TEC* values gain Energy Star certificationwith ease, surpassing them by up to 62% in the caseof the bizhub 423.* TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) is the method used by Energy Star.

InnovativetechnologyThe bizhub 423 series brings manyof the features of colour multifunctiondevices together with monochromeoutput to keep running costs as lowas possible.Colour ScanningYou can store and share colour documents using theinbuilt colour scanner, while reducing costs by printingin monochrome.High Quality Monochrome OutputYou can print high quality monochrome output without havingto worry about gradation shifts. Optimised screens ensurethat the print engine minimises gradations and graininess.Image Processing EngineA new ASIC image processing engine ensures high qualitymonochrome prints.Open APIWorkflows can be customised using Konica Minolta’sproprietary API system.Integration with Colour multifunction devicesColour devices can be completely integrated throughnewly developed firmware.Simitri HD Toner with BiomassThe bizhub 423 series boasts Simitri HD Tonerwith biomass. Simitri HD Toner ensures brilliantimage quality every time.5

Exceptionaldocument handlingThe bizhub 423 series delivers the kind of high performanceyou expect to find on more costly multifunction devices.High Speed Network ScanningYour office can experience the benefits of a colour workflowwithout the costs. The bizhub 423 series can scan at a speedof 70 opm, in colour or monochrome, and automaticallydetect mixed colour/monochrome and mixed sizedocuments without pre-scanning, saving you more time.Multi-Method SendThis time-saving function enables you to scan adocument and send the data to several destinationsat once, including PCs, email addresses, and more.You can also send documents to numerous contactswith varying network environments.Scan to SMBSend scanned data directly to a shared folder on a PC.Scan to FTP/WebDAVSend large or multiple documents to a serverto make saving and sharing easier and quicker.6bizhub 423/363/283/223Scan to BoxSend documents to the Box, from which they canbe sent or shared.Scan to USB MemoryScan documents directly to an attached USB devicefor even greater convenience and security.Scan to E-mailSend documents to e-mail addresses as attachments.This function is compatible with S/MIME encryptionand LDAP to retrieve addresses easily.

Searchable PDF*Compact PDFYou can save scanned documents as PDF fileswith selected text and data using Optical CharacterRecognition (OCR) processing. You can also searchfor keywords in the PDF text, and copy and paste thedesired text into other applications.The Compact PDF function can automatically separatea large file into text and photo areas, to reduce the sizeof PDF files for easier saving and sending. Image qualityis preserved as per the original.* Optional.For a Smoother WorkflowPageScope Web ConnectionInformation on the device’s status and settingscan be found on a web based network utility.Box FunctionSaves scan, copy, print or fax data to the Box,making information sharing easier than ever.PageScope WorkwareThis manages data as PDF files to enable easyediting, processing and searching.PageScope Box OperatorThis function lets you view, download, reprint,rename and delete files stored in the User Box.7

Better performance,easier to useKonica Minolta makes complexprocesses easy to accomplish byfocusing on the needs of everyuser and addressing them directly. 8bizhub 423/363/283/223Colour LCD PanelThe new bizhub 423 series uses a large 216 mm colourLCD screen with four adjustable tilt angles for easyviewing. The intuitive layout and easy-to-read interfacepromises hassle free navigation.

Guide FunctionsUniversal DesignTwo Guide functions make it easier than ever to use features.The Guidance function shows information for the featurecurrently being used, and the Animation Guidance takesusers through the process of removing paper jams.Everyone in your office can open, close and replenishthe paper trays with the easy-to-use overhand andunderhand grips.Easy Setting KeysStylish DesignEasy access to as many as four common functionscan be set up and displayed on the main menu.The new bizhub 423 series will make a stylish statementin your office with its stylish infoline design.9

Comprehensiveoutput solutionsThe bizhub 423 series enables you to be more productive. At the sametime it can reduce valuable time and resources saving you money.Diverse Finishing OptionsWhatever your demands in finishing options, the bizhub 423 series provides a solution to suit.Choose the floor finisher for a wide range of features, or the internal finisher to save floor space.FS-527 Floor FinisherFS-529 Inner FinisherThe FS-527 offers stapling, optional saddle-stitchingand hole punching for easy preparation of high qualitypresentation materials and reports. The optional JS-603Job Separator can divide finished documents betweenthree trays to suit different delivery destinations.This is situated inside the main body to save floor space,and offers stapling and separating functions. The JS-505Job Separator can also be used.Finishing Tasks and Necessary OptionsFS-527Stapling FunctionFS-529Stapling FunctionBooklet Function& FoldingFunctionHole PunchingFunction10bizhub 423/363/283/223Cornerstaple2-point staple(Side)CornerstapleFinisher FS-5292-point staple(Side)Centre stapleand foldingFoldFinisher FS-527Up to 50 sheetsUp to 50 sheetsTri-Fold(SD-508 only)Finisher FS-527 Saddle SticherSD-509Up to 15 sheetsFinisher FS-527 Punch Kit PK-51782-hole2-hole top4-holePunch PaperUp to 256g/m 2

Quick StartPaper CapacityThe bizhub 423 series is capable of a warm-up time ofjust 12 seconds or less when in Sleep Mode, and a firstcopy output time of just 3.6 seconds or less. This ensuresgreater productivity and reduced energy consumption.There are two 500-sheet universal trays and a 150-pagemulti-bypass tray as standard, for a maximum paper capacityof 3,650 sheets with the PC-409 Paper Feed Cabinet.The multi-bypass tray can handle stocks up to 210gm/m,providing even greater choice in finished document options.Duplex/n-in-1 Copy & PrintSave paper and reduce print costs by using the n-in-1function to print up to 16 pages on one sheet, or 8 pages forcopying. The optional Reverse ADF makes duplex copyingand printing a breeze, again saving on costs and paper.Maximum Capacity: 3,650 (80gm/m) with the optionalPC-409 Paper Feed CabinetCompatible Media: 60-90gm/m (main unit); 60-210gm/m(Multiple Bypass tray)Network PrintKonica Minolta’s proprietary Emperon print controllerenables standard network printing, whatever the combinationof operating systems you may have on your network.More Copy and Print Functions Booklet Copy & Print Card Copy IPv6 Compatible Direct Print from USBmemory device Print & Save Files from mobiledevices (Bluetooth)11

Cost effectivefax solutionsThe bizhub 423 series keeps information flowing with a rangeof advanced fax features, while keeping costs to a minimum.IP Address FaxColour Internet FaxSend a colour or monochrome fax to any SMTP-compatibledevice or bizhub on the network that supports IP Fax,by simply selecting an IP address. This feature uses existingnetwork systems and does not incur additional costs.This standard feature enables cost-efficienttransmission of colour and monochrome faxes to anymultifunction device that supports Profile C standard,including those outside the intranet. This method takesadvantageof your pre-existing internet infrastructure, helpingto reduce costs even further.TSI RoutingTransmitting Subscriber Identification (TSI) recognisesand sorts faxes by sender, whether they are individualsor organisations. All faxes from each sender can beautomatically received and stored in a folder in the Box.Faxes can be sent separately to an e-mail, FTP or SMBserver, providing extra convenience for users absentfrom the office.PC Fax*The bizhub 423 series enables users to send datadirectly from a PC to any fax, cutting paper wasteand reducing total cost of ownership because it isnot necessary to print before faxing.* OptionalExtra Fax FunctionsSuper G3 Fax (optional) – Send high-speed, highquality images by fax, with exceptional cost performance.Spam Fax Protection – Incoming faxes canbe stored temporarily on the HDD as thumbnailsand checked before printing.Memory Reception – Documents can be received,stored in memory and printed as required.Multi-Port Fax (optional) – Send faxes to twodestinations at once.Address Registration – Store up to 2,000 individualand 100 group addresses and fax numbers for quickaccess and easy sending.12bizhub 423/363/283/223

Total securityBiometric Authentication*This authentication process scansthe unique finger veins of users sothat only registered users may operatethe multifunction device. This meansthat cards and passwords are nolonger required, making the job ofadministrators much easier andsimplifying the process for users.* OptionalNon-Contact IC Card Authentication*Pre-existing employee cards can be usedwith this security method so extra cardsare not necessary. IC cards may also beused to authenticate or restrict entry tocertain rooms or floors for added security.User AuthenticationThere is a standard authentication system in the body of thebizhub 423 series. For situations where there are no servers,users and departments can set permission for greater controlof output and reductions in costs.Copy Security*(Copy Guard and Password Copy)Documents can be copied or printed with a specialsecurity pattern when Copy Guard is used, to preventunauthorised copies. This function can be cancelledwith the use of a password to allow the documentto be copied again.*Optional* Optional13

Total security (continued)Device ManagementPageScope Enterprise Suite3. Pagescope My Panel ManagerThe control panel setting desired by each user can becustomised and simultaneously stored in multiple bizhubs.The web-based PageScope Enterprise Suite was developedto streamline the management and administration of thedevice, thereby controlling costs. Five modules simplify tasksthat were once time consuming.4. PageScope Net Care Device ManagerSystem administrators can create initial settings for devicesmanaged by PSES for streamlined device control.1. PageScope Authentication ManagerThis enables simple and efficient setting of authenticationdata for each user for multiple multifunction devices on anetwork. User management is integrated and streamlined.2. PageScope Account ManagerThis simplifies aggregate analysis and managementof network devices. Analysing detailed usage conditions,estimating costs and graphing the aggregate results helpto reduce unnecessary costs and to manage costs ona group basis.* When authenticating users.More Security Features IEEE 802.1X Compatibility POP before SMTP Fax Security* HDD Encryption HDD Auto Deletion NDS Authentication over TCP/IP Random Erase Formatting Encrypted PDF Function* HDD Lock Job Log* Optional Scan to Me and Scan to Home145. Pagescope My Print ManagerDocuments can be released from any managed deviceto facilitate printing, so it is not necessary to check forthe nearest device when sending a print job.bizhub 423/363/283/223


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2 bizhub 423/363/283/223 Konica Minolta has developed a multifunction device with the user in mind. The bizhub 423/363/283/223 cuts your costs of ownership and reduces your impact on the environment while you do business. Plus the new bizhub 423/363/283/223 black-and-white multifunction device boasts

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