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GazetteAUGUST 2020 VOLUME 3, ISSUE 2GAUDENZIAA D D I C T I O N T R E AT M E N T & R E COV E R Y S E R V I C E SNEED HELP?Gaudenzia's Treatment and Recovery Hotlinewent live to the public on June 8. For any individual seeking helpwith a substance use disorder, this confidential 24/7 service offerseasy access by connecting the personwith a skilled agent. Any personneeding help can get quick accessto screening, referral schedulingand transportation assistance toinpatient programs by calling1-833-976 -HELP (4357).From left: Attending the launch werecall center specialists Charlie, Amanda,Marissa and George.Members of Gannon University'sEngineering Department designedand donated 50 face shields toGaudenzia Erie, Inc. on April 22.To reduce the spread of COVID-19,Gaudenzia Outpatient sites now offertelehealth services for assessments,outpatient services and intensiveoutpatient services at the followinglocations:In Central PennsylvaniaBerwick Outpatient205 Chestnut Street, Suite 2Berwick, PA 18603 (570) 752-2985Coal Township500 Northumberland County DriveCoal Township, PA 17866 (570) 215-7800Fulton County Outpatient201 Lincoln Way West, Suite 105McConnellsburg, PA 17233 (717) 325-4855Harrisburg Outpatient2039 North Second StreetHarrisburg, PA 17102 (717) 233-3424Lewisburg Outpatient480 Hafer RoadLewisburg, PA 17837 (570) 524-3884Middleburg Outpatient201 East Main Street, Suite 1Middleburg, PA 17842 (570) 837-2208Pottsville Outpatient1 South 2nd Street, 4th FloorPottsville, PA 17901 (570) 622-6485Sunbury Outpatient51 South 4th StreetSunbury, PA 17801 (570) 215-7800West Shore Outpatient4740 Delbrook RoadMechanicsburg, PA 17050 (717) 766-8517From left: Nick Devine, Lab Engineer,Biomedical and Industrial SystemsEngineering, and Steven Rowland,Lab Engineer, Electrical andComputer Engineeringwww.gaudenzia.orgAUGUST 2020Continued on page 2.GAUDENZIA GAZETTE1

Gaudenzia Outpatient sitesIn Greater Philadelphiaand State of DelawareBucks County 24 Hour Assessment Site501 Bath RoadBristol, PA 19007 (215) 405-6530Coatesville Outpatient31 South 10th AvenueCoatesville, PA 19320 (610) 383-9600Montgomery County Outpatient166 West Main Street, 2nd FloorNorristown, PA 19401 (610) 279-4262Outreach I1306 Spring Garden Street, 1st FloorPhiladelphia, PA 19123 (215) 238-2150Outreach II39 East School House LanePhiladelphia, PA 19144 (215) 849-7200Road to Recovery18514 Pentecostal StreetEllendale, DE 19941 (302) 836-8260West Chester Outpatient110 Westtown Plaza, Suite 115West Chester, PA 19382 (610) 429-1414Willow Grove/Dresher Outpatient830 Twining RoadDresher, PA 19025 (215) 433-1634In Western PennsylvaniaCorry Outpatient45 East Washington StreetCorry, PA 16407 (814) 459-6304Erie Outpatient141 West 11th StreetErie, PA 16501 (814) 459-6304Girard Outpatient259 East Main StreetGirard, PA 16417 (814) 459-6304North East Outpatient6 East Main StreetNorth East, PA 16428 (814) 459-6304Sharon Outpatient912 East State Street, Suite ESharon, PA 16146 (724) 359-2976In Maryland and Washington D.C.Glen Burnie Outpatient5 Crain Highway North, Rear EntranceGlen Burnie, MD 21061 (443) 569-7950Park Heights Outpatient44 Park Heights AvenueBaltimore, MD 21215 (443) 454-9075RAP1949 4th Street NEWashington, D.C. 20002 (202) 462-75002PPEProtectingAll of Us!Personal protective equipment(PPE) is used every day byGaudenzia employees to protectthemselves, their clients and otherswhile providing care.All of Gaudenzia’s residential locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland,Delaware and Washington, D.C., have remained open, and we haveadmitted more than a thousand patients since the coronavirus pandemicbegan in March.In total, Gaudenzia operates more than one hundred programs,and operating our residential programs comes with a cost. This wastrue enough in happier times, as we provide services to everyone seekingtreatment, regardless of their ability to pay.The cost of doing this is even higher now. Most important, for thesafety of all, is personal protective equipment (PPE) — cloth masks,surgical masks, gowns and face shields — which comes with a monthlyprice tag of 211,000.As of production, Gaudenzia gratefully recognizes the followingorganizations that have generously helped us purchase PPE either throughmonetary or in-kind donations:Brandywine Valley Insurance GroupMask-ErieCentral Susquehanna CommunityFoundationMedsPackComstar TechnologiesPA Head Start State CollaborationOfficeErie County Gaming Revenue AuthorityThe Montgomery County FoundationThe Foundation For EnhancingCommunitiesPartnership for Better HealthGannon UniversityRecovery LancasterGrass Family FoundationTFBCaresThe Hershey CompanyWawa, Inc.The John & Melinda Ortenzio FamilyFoundationWest Girard Health PharmacyLancaster CommunityFoundation/United Way of LancasterLockton CompaniesGAUDENZIA GAZETTEAUGUST 2020PHL COVID-19 FundThank You!

Gaudenzia: Embracing Diversity and Inclusionsince our founding in 1968.Editor’s Note: The following statement was issued by Dr. Dale Klatzker,Gaudenzia’s President and CEO, shortly after thecivil unrests began across the nation.Letter on DiversityFrom left, Lynette Smith, WithdrawalManagement House Manager, andVerneice Green, OutpatientAdministrative AssistantRecently, two of Washington,D.C.’s leading pastry chefscreated a fundraising initiativethat guided sales of confectionsfrom home bakers andprofessionals to organizationsfighting systemic racism andinjustice. One of them, PieShop DC, raised 500 for RAP,Inc. as its charity for the BakersAgainst Racism fundraiser.Editors Note: Gaudenzia has amanagement agreement in placewith RAP, Inc.Nullifying the long-standing racism in oursociety is imperative for us all. Racism ispoisonous, and its effects are real, pervasiveand traumatic. Systemic racism is notbeyond our control, but it is ever-present in oursociety. The Covid-19 pandemic doesn’t stop it. The addiction epidemicdoesn’t stop it. Both of these have disproportionately impacted people ofcolor, and both of these exposes and reveals our racism. Racism is notsomething that can be delayed, nor can it be postponed for another day toaddress —it is a constant. White supremacy does not shelter in place, andanti-blackness does not take vacations.Change is necessary. Author Ta-Nahisi Coates recently wrote that whatwe are experiencing opens a new window — “An America that looks awayis ignoring not just the sins of the past but the sins of the present and thecertain sins of the future.”As the leadership of Ben & Jerry’s recently wrote, “We do not have anoption to look away. No one and not for any of us. Every citizen, everypolitician, and every company must do its part to look at the truth withoutflinching. In that way, together, we’ll continue the fight for a more just andequitable country.” I echo these sentiments, and my heart aches for whatwe are observing and living—we can and must not let this continue.Diversity is the mixture of individuals in society, while inclusion isallowing that mixture to exist and work well together. Diversity recognizesthat everyone is different. Some differences people are born with and cannotbe changed. Other differences are adopted as part of our unique identity.Inclusion is involvement and empowerment, where the inherent worthand dignity of all people are recognized.Gaudenzia was inclusive since itsbeginnings in 1968 and will continue to embrace diversity, inclusion andall of humanity today and into the future.Sincerely,Dale Klatzker, PhDPresident and CEOwww.gaudenzia.orgAUGUST 2020Embrace change. Change is notour enemy. It is something toharness so that we can continueto be part of the recovery ofthousands of individuals andfamilies we serve each year.GAUDENZIA GAZETTE3

Stories from theFRONTLINESAmy BakerHouse Manager SupervisorFountain SpringsMy name is Amy Baker, and I am the House ManagerSupervisor at our Fountain Springs facility in theCentral Region. Recently, I had the honor of beinga critical supporter, along with one of my coworkers,for a woman who came to us about a month ago.I picked this woman up from a coronavirus shelterin the Scranton area. She was eight-months pregnantand had very little prenatal care before coming to ourfacility. She was eager to be in treatment and start anew life for both her and her baby, but she was veryafraid. Her prior experiences had made her hesitantto trust anyone.I was able to watch this incredibly brave, strongwoman give birth. I held her hand and told her howproud I was of her. I spent the night in the hospitalwith her to make that sure she and her baby were okay.Our facility is all that she has right now. She has nosupportive family, so my coworker and I took onthe responsibility of encouraging and supporting herduring this important moment in her life, when shebecame a mother.Every day, I show up to work with the hope that,as a Gaudenzia graduate and now employee, I canbe a role model to the women who are wearing theshoes that I once wore. Instead, on this day, a womantaught me something about myself. Her strength and4GAUDENZIA GAZETTEcommitment are two of the reasons I show up to work.It is also why so many of my coworkers show up everyday and put their best foot forward. It reminds me thateven in the toughest of times, helping someone elsethrough their own struggle is helping me.Kimberly LondonClinical Supervisor, Lower BucksNo matter how exhausted I felt, I was rejuvenatedevery time I walked through the program doors andsaw my staff present and accounted for. They keptcoming to work, despite the fear and lack of resources.They came in because their dedication to our clientsfighting for a chance to live weighed more than anyfear that COVID-19 could instill.We will continue to inspire one another and go theextra mile. We still need help though. The support thatwe receive from agencies that have contributed to ourPPE needs is invaluable for the work that we do. Thosewho have contributed are a major part of our team anddon’t even realize it. Their generosity and work save livesevery day, and our staff and clients are grateful for it!AUGUST

Amy BakerKimberly LondonElisa Dingle-AdamsElisa Dingle-AdamsDivision Administrative CoordinatorChesapeake RegionMaria ShelleyCounselor II, Gibson HouseI am a mother of three who recentlywelcomed a new baby in November.After returning from maternity leavein early March, it seemed like all hellbroke loose in the world.I love what I do here at Gaudenzia,and in spite of what is going on in theworld, I continue to come to work each and every day,even though I have a vulnerable infant at home.When I came back to work, my son wasn't evenfour-months-old. His dad was very concerned aboutmy health and safety as well as our son's. I made surethat I only went to work, and I sanitized myself whenI arrived home.We only went out when it was absolutelynecessary. I carried a can of disinfectant spray,wore a face mask and used hand sanitizer everywhereI went. I washed my hands constantly to decreasethe likelihood of contracting the virus and take itback home to my infant son.In spite of the rising numbers of confirmed casesand deaths in the country, state, city and even the zipcode my program is in, I continued to come to workand do my part to help the community because I lovewhat I do!www.gaudenzia.orgMaria ShelleyI feel proud to be able to do my part, especially forour clients that think they have the virus. Every day,when I get up in the morning, I tap into gratitude andmy faith. On my commute to work, I focus on howI can engage our clients to participate in their ownwell-being, make a difference in their lives and putthem at ease. I also make sure that I’m keeping myselfsanitized and take all of the proper precautions. Morethan my safety at this moment, most important to meis helping other people. This gives me the mostsatisfaction. Stay safe, everyon

West Shore Outpatient 4740 Delbrook Road Mechanicsburg, PA 17050 (717) 766-8517 Continued on page 2. Members of Gannon University's Engineering Department designed and donated 50 face shields to Gaudenzia Erie, Inc. on April 22. From left: Nick Devine, Lab Engineer, Biomedica

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Contact Gaudenzia Today If you are someone you love needs a residential treatment program serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and DC, give Gaudenzia a call at 833.647.0719. We offer a variety of residential housing options and know we can help.

Gaudenzia recently launched a new platform called G-Speaks, which is a centralized tool for our staff that provides an avenue for individuals to keep connected and updated on newsworthy items on an agency-wide basis. G-Speaks OPEN HOUSE Gaudenzia helps women find 'Serenity' in Harrisburg More than 70 people gathered recently to celebrate the

Weymouth Gazette, The Citizen, East Weymouth News. 1892-1895 Weymouth Gazette, The Citizen, East Weymouth News. Braintree Reporter. 1890-1892 Weymouth Gazette, The Citizen, Braintree Reporter 1890 Weymouth Gazette, and Braintree Reporter 1876-1890 Weymouth Weekly Gazette and Braintree Reporter 1870-1876 Weymouth Weekly Gazette 1867-1870

GOVERNMENT GAZETTE OF THE REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA Advertisements PROCEDURE FOR ADVERTISING IN THE GOVERNMENT GAZETTE OF THE REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA 1. The Government Gazette (Estates) containing adver-tisements, is published on every Friday. If a Friday falls on a Public Holiday, this Government Gazette is published on the preceding Thursday. 2.Advertisements for publication in the Government Gazette .

Jun 17, 2020 · tell our advertisers, “i s aw you inthe orange peel gazette.” want to appear in the next issue of the orange peel gazette call today! (815)751-1286 orange peel gazette - k ane & n orthern kendall counties check out our website.www.o range peel gazette kane p age 2 c u r t i s towing in

CCHRA - West Shore SHP II PH - Permanent Supportive Housing 4 0 0 0 0 0.00 % Cumberland County Housing Authority CPARC - SRO Program PH - Permanent Supportive Housing . Gaudenzia Fountain Springs Gaudenzia

GAUDENZIA FOUNTAIN SPRINGS Gaudenzia Fountain Springs Emergency Shelter Program Schuylkill CV Yes No 48 19 5 0 0 53 29 55% ES Salvation Army (Schuylkill) Hotel/Motel Vouchers Schuylkill CV No No 1 1 100% ES Schuylkill Community Action Emergency Homeless Vouchers Schuylkill CV No No 3 3 100% ES

evaluation of English Pronunciation and Phonetics for Communication (second edition) and English Phonology (second . textbook is English Phonology written and edited by Wang Wenzhen, which was first published by Shanghai Foreign Language Educational Press in 1999. It was modified and republished in 2008 and also came with a CD. 4 Polyglossia Volume 25, October 2013 2.4 Procedure and Data .