Driverless Anything And The Role Of Lidar

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Driverless Anything and the Role of LidarAlex Lidow, Ph.D.CEO and Co-founder

Agenda What is lidar How lidar works Signal Scanning methods Lasers Detectors How lidar is integrated into autonomous cars The futurePower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com2

What is Lidar?Transmitted beamReflected beamLasertransmitterTargetReceiver3-D point cloudSignal 11605 original.pngPower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com3

Where is Lidar Used Today?SRLRLRSRSRSRLidar RoboticVacuumAutomatedGuided MaterialHandling RobotLidar RoboticDelivery VehiclesLidar RoboticSecurity RobotLRLRLRSRSRSRSRDrone Navigationand 3-D MappingPower Conversion Technology LeaderHumanoid Robotsand Cobotsepc-co.comLidar SurveillanceSystemsAutonomousVehicleNavigation4

Laser Transmitter10s to 100s ofAmpsLong range directtime of flightnanosecondsShort range indirectdirect time of flightAmps to 10s of Amps10s to 100s of MHzVDDDINLStrayVLaserGndeGaN ICPower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.comBoostGndeGaN FET5

Lidar Scan ductors/optoelectronics/mit-lidar-on-a-chipPower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com6

LasersIntroduction to nanophotonics Alexey BelyaninDepartment of Physics, Texas A&M ial-heating-systems.htmlPower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com7

Detectors Photodiode Avalanche Photo Diode (APD) Geiger-Mode APDPower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com8

Value of eGaNDevices Long range lidar (scanning and spinning) Very small with very high peak current Very, very fast Short range lidar (ToF camera) Very small size Very high frequency capability eGaN integration reduces size, increases speed,and reduces costPower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com9

Direct Time of Flight (DToF)EPC2001CQuad laser (all 4 in parallel)OSRAM SPL S4L90A 3 A01Vbus 75 VILASER,peak 135 A (total)Current tpw 2.51 nsOptical tpw 2.85 nsEPC2001CDiscreteDual Channel ICPower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com10

IToF @ 200 MHz @ 9 AEPC21601 integrated laser driverPower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com11

The Pathway to Self Driving CarsPower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com12

What is Required for Autonomous Cars?300 meters (approximately 11 seconds at 60 mph) Higher output lasers Going to longer wavelengths (1440 nm vs 903 nm) allows for higheroutput power without danger to the human eye 1440 nm lasers are more expensive Edge emitting LEDs are more efficient than VCSEL and have superiorcolumnation VSEC lasers can be lower overall cost, but shorter range More sensitive detectors Geiger mode can detect single photons but takes time to “reset”Power Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com13

How Waymo’s Self Driving Car “Sees”Source: WaymoPower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com14

How Audi’s ADAS 3 A8 /74157/audi a8 level3 01.jpgPower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com15

How Lidar Might be DeployedShadow ZonePower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com16

Shadow ZoneFlash LidarFlash LidarFlash LidarLidarFlash LidarFlash LidarFlash LidarPower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com17

Lidar Myths Lidar can’t see in fog, snow, or rain Lidar can see as well as, or better, than a human Spinning disk lidar is unreliable There are lots of reliable spinning disks in every car Lidar is too expensive Flash lidar is much less expensive than spinning lidar Automotive companies have a way of grinding down costPower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com18

The Future Lidar will be used on all cars and lots of robotsand UAVs Lidar will be about as expensive as a headlamp Lidar (scanning) lidar (flash) camera will beable to handle most autonomous functionsPower Conversion Technology Leaderepc-co.com19

eGaN FETs and ICsEvaluationKitsHow To GaN Video Seriesepc-co.com3rd Edition Textbook

Lidar will be used on all cars and lots of robots and UAVs Lidar will be about as expensive as a headlamp Lidar (scanning) lidar (flash) camera will be able to handle most autonomous functions 19

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