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Knowledge for ActionExplore ideas, think strategically,make an impact.17 courses in liberal arts and sciencesBusiness makesthings happen andaffects every part ofsociety. Whateveryou want to do, adegree from Whartonwill give you theknowledge andexperience to do it.With Wharton’s combination of business and liberalarts in the Ivy League, you will gain a strong foundationof skills and a framework for thinking creatively andstrategically to solve problems. You’ll have the flexibilityto follow your interests as you engage in hands-onexperiences, gain invaluable practice working in teams,and learn how to use your knowledge and skills to makea difference.Join our students as they put knowledge into action.As the leader in business education, we’ll be there toempower you every step of the way. Are you up forthe challenge?20 courses in businessEach line represents a required course.1

Explore Business and MoreThe Wharton BS in Economics—It’s aDifferent Way of LearningWharton provides innovative interdisciplinaryoptions and active experiential learning in business,combined with all the resources of Penn.Wharton offers a bachelor of science in economics,but studying business at Wharton and studyingeconomics in a liberal arts program are very different.If you major in economics at a liberal arts school,you’ll take courses focused on theories, history, andmodeling. You’ll start with a theory or abstract ideaand then look for problems to understand how thetheory applies.Start your own business, manage a clothingbrand, or even build a new car—with a degreefrom Wharton you can go wherever your pathleads you and be more effective in the careeryou choose.At Wharton you’ll study a range of businesssubjects—from accounting to entrepreneurshipRed Rocks Desert Leadership Trekto policy. Classes focus on problem solving withreal-world examples; you’ll look for solutions andthen examine theories to see how they might apply.Flexibility and OpportunityEvery semester you can take classes at Wharton andat least one other school at Penn, including eight ofour graduate schools. In fact, 40% of your requiredcourses will be taken outside of Wharton. Why?Because studying business within social, political,and historical contexts makes you a better agentof change. It also means that you will have evenmore opportunities and paths to choose fromwhen you graduate.USE THE ENTIRE UNIVERSITY4 undergraduate schools and8 graduate schools to explore your interests4,200 courses“What I have gotten out of my two years of Whartonthus far is the opportunity to try anything andeverything, to meet new and diverse people whohave varied interests, and to sample vastly differentfields of study.”Alaric Qin Los Angeles, CA3

EXPLORE IDEASACROSS PENN60 Penn minors30%Wharton students earnmore than one degree49%choose more than oneWharton concentrationSenior Capstone, an intensive business simulation20 Wharton ConcentrationsWe don’t have traditional majors. Instead, you’llpick a concentration—4 upper-level courses in abusiness specialty of your choice: A CCOUNTING A CTUARIAL S CIENCE B EHAVIORAL E CONOMICS B USINESS E CONOMICS & P UBLIC P OLICY E NVIRONMENTAL P OLICY & M ANAGEMENT F INANCE G LOBAL A NALYSIS H EALTH C ARE M ANAGEMENT & P OLICY I NSURANCE & R ISK M ANAGEMENT L EGAL S TUDIES & B USINESS E THICS M ANAGEMENTEntrepreneurship and InnovationMultinational ManagementGet the Best of Both WorldsOrganizational EffectivenessYour education is both Wharton and Penn. Our rigorous and flexible curriculumcombines the best in business education with exploration in the arts and sciences.Follow your interests wherever they take you.Strategic ManagementGain a Grounding in Business (60% of required courses)You’ll get a strong foundation in business by taking 20 courses at Wharton in diverse subjects like real estate,marketing, and finance. M ANAGING E LECTRONIC C OMMERCE M ARKETING M ARKETING & C OMMUNICATION M ARKETING & O PERATIONS M ANAGEMENT OPERATIONS, INFORMATION & DECISIONSBusiness AnalyticsPursue Diverse Interests (40% of required courses)Decision ProcessesYou’ll take at least 17 courses in the liberal arts and sciences, including a Critical Writing Seminar and coursesin the humanities, sciences, and social sciences.Information SystemsExpand Your Options with Interdisciplinary StudyOperations Management/Management ScienceYou can apply for one of our globally recognized coordinated dual-degree programs: I NTERNATIONAL S TUDIES & B USINESS: T HE H UNTSMAN P ROGRAM M ANAGEMENT & T ECHNOLOGY: T HE J EROME F ISHER P ROGRAM N URSING & H EALTHCARE M ANAGEMENT L IFE S CIENCES & M ANAGEMENT: T HE R OY & D IANA V AGELOS P ROGRAM R EAL E STATE R ETAILING S OCIAL I MPACT AND R ESPONSIBILITY S TATISTICS INDIVIDUALIZED plus an individualized optionOr, once you’re a student, you can create your own course of study—pursuea minor or a second degree in a completely different subject.Online Dual degrees and minorsThe Quadrangle, home to three of Penn’s 11 College Houses5

Learn from the BestExperience InnovativeLearningAs the first collegiate business school,Wharton invented undergraduatebusiness education, and we’re stillinnovating. Wharton students learnthe latest business ideas as they’rebeing created.Our 225 professors—the largest, most published,faculty at any business school—work directly withleading global businesses, nonprofit organizations,and government agencies.Our classes are challenging and intellectuallyrigorous, but at the same time, they’re collaborativeand full of interaction. Professors customize theirteaching methods to the needs of each class, soyou’ll find everything from the Socratic methodand traditional lectures to case studies andcomputer simulations.All Wharton undergraduate lectures are taught byprofessors, not graduate teaching assistants. Ourprofessors are available to our students. They holdoffice hours, have lunch with students, serve asconcentration advisors, judge case competitions,and mentor students for research projects.EntrepreneurshipResearch OpportunitiesTechnology to Enhance LearningLook deeper into the questions that interest youby engaging in research. You can customize whatyou’re learning and pursue a topic in depth withhelp from a faculty scholar, through a Schoolsponsored program, summer experience, orindependent study.Wharton provides a host of innovative resourcesthat redefine how business is studied and howbusiness insights are shared. You can manage abillion-dollar stock portfolio, control a country’sfishing fleet, or prepare a marketing plan for atotally new product—all through simulations.Interested in starting your own company? Thereisn’t a better place to be if you have a businessidea of your own. Wharton has one of the largestprograms with faculty, resources, and know-how tohelp you make your idea a reality.qMarketing Professor Americus Reed during BizTalks lectureClass meeting on College GreenCREATE SOMETHING NEW7 research programs12 programs in entrepreneurship100 Penn Wharton students in entrepreneurial programs“My favorite class so far has beenmy Enabling Technologies course.I’ve always known that Internet adpersonalization exists, but this classhas taught me how the technologybehind it actually works, and howsuccessful companies today areusing it. ”Jane Zhu Rochester, NY“Getting to know my BusinessEconomics and Public Policyprofessor made it easier toparticipate in class andask questions.”Felipe Santos São Paulo, Brazil7

qManagement 100 team buildingqLead and Work in a TeamWe’re serious about working togetherto achieve common goals. In fact, ourteam-based curriculum makes it difficultto succeed if you’re only in it for yourself.Our virtual classrooms and our homein Huntsman Hall were intentionallydesigned to facilitate teamwork.Management 100Beyond the ClassroomSpotlight: Wharton Leadership VenturesIn Management 100, the hallmark of yourfreshman year, you’ll work in a team of 10students to plan and execute a communityservice project for a Philadelphia nonprofit.You’ll make some of your closest friendswhile learning key leadership concepts,experiencing what it means to work in ateam, and discovering who you are as a leader.Learning about leadership and teamwork isn’tsomething that’s restricted to the classroom.You might be surprised to find that your greatestlessons are learned while working on a new businesswith your classmates, or consulting for a localnonprofit while on a Wharton Leadership Venture.Getting involved is also a great way to flex yourleadership muscles. And with over 300 clubs atPenn and over 40 at Wharton, it’s easy to jumpright in.Take part in learning experiences structured tobuild your individual leadership capabilities. Fromworking with an Iron Chef to getting an inside lookat the Trauma Center at Penn, you will venture intosettings where you will learn from the experiencesof others whose leadership was on the line.“BECOME A LEADER40 cohort leadership positions300 Penn clubs10 Wharton Leadership VenturesHiking the Inca trail with Wharton Leadership Ventures40 Wharton clubsWharton creates an environment wherestudents are not afraid to take risks in thepursuit of their entrepreneurial goals. Ihave been able to find mentors, conductresearch, secure funding for my ownbusiness, and work with CEOs and othersenior executives to learn how successfulbusinesses are built from the ground up.”Katlyn Grasso Buffalo, NYOnline Watch YouTube videos ofWharton Leadership Ventures“Management 100 wasn’t aboutlearning textbook material. Itwas about learning about yourselfand how to interact with aclose team of ten to deliver ameaningful project that trulyimpacted people’s lives.”Sam Mattis East Brunswick, NJ9

Make a Better WorldYour classmates will come from aroundthe world, and you’ll do things like studyabroad, minor in a language, or learnfrom foreign business executives throughthe Wharton International Program ora Global Modular Course. You’ll leavewith a global outlook and become partof a network of 94,000 Wharton alumniaround the world.Do Something MeaningfulSpotlight: College Town within a CityWe live in a global society, and that’s reflectedin every part of Wharton and Penn. Nearly allWharton courses incorporate internationalissues and trends. Students have a languagerequirement and are encouraged to study abroador participate in international trips. Whartonhas over 20 semester-length programs with theworld’s top business schools, specifically designedto fit our curriculum, and Penn offers more than100 in the liberal arts.Wharton supports initiatives that fostersocial responsibility in and out of theclassroom. Management 100 projects aredesigned to have a positive social impact,like revamping marketing programs to helpfind foster homes for teens in Philadelphia.And, during a recent Wharton InternationalProgram course in Panama, students earnedcourse credit while participating in servicelearning projects and visiting sociallyresponsible companies.One of the best things about being a student at Penn ishaving the city of Philadelphia at your doorstep.Online Global optionsOnline Social impactChoose Your InternationalExperienceqThe University of Pennsylvania, America’s first university,boasts a unified campus that houses all of Penn’s vibrantundergraduate, graduate, and professional schools—a uniqueinterdisciplinary environment in historic Philadelphia.Philly is big enough to have lots to do, yet small enoughto get to know. Penn students live right in the middle ofUniversity City, a neighborhood with its own stores,restaurants, and movie theaters. And you are just a hopaway from everything Philadelphia has to offer, whetheryou want to go for a run in Fairmount Park, or try out therestaurants and shops of Rittenhouse Square.qCREATE SOMETHING NEWWharton International Program in ParisFisher Fine Arts Library on College Green“ENGAGE WITH THE WORLD21% of Wharton undergrads come from outside the U.S.27% study abroad100 international exchange options at Wharton and PennI never imagined I would meet andwork with so many students andfaculty from all over the world, orthat I would have the opportunity totravel to South America with Wharton.The global perspective has broadenedmy understanding of business withinan international context.”Ann Hewitt Houston, TX“Wharton provides opportunitiesto make a change on a grander,more international scale. I’vealready worked with a start-up inBeijing, China, during my studyabroad semester, helping matchunderprivileged migrant workerswith employers in the big citiesof China.”Bozhena Ryshchak Lviv, Ukraine11

Penn Fashion Week, run by Penn FashionCollective, Delta Sigma Pi BusinessFraternity, and the Wharton Retail ClubFreshman orientation in Baker ForumMembers of Wharton cohort DinarPenn’s Locust Walk, the heart of campusqJoin a Dynamic CommunityYou will make friends and build lifelong connections in a dynamic anddiverse community that starts at Penn and extends around the world.You’ll find hundreds of ways to get involved, impact society, pursuepersonal passions, and try out new things in a welcoming environment.Penn alumni: 300,000Penn undergraduates:10,000Cohorts and ClubsAdvising and SupportYour community at Wharton starts with yourcohort—a group of 60 students with whom you’llshare academic and extracurricular experiencesduring your four years at Penn. As an integratedmember of the Penn community, you will also makedeep connections with students from every schoolthrough your College House, your athletic teams,Greek life, and the clubs and organizations you join.From house deans to Wharton’s dedicated team ofprofessional academic advisors, our faculty and staffwill be there to support you every step of the way.Our large support network helps you get the mostout of your college experience and find the paththat’s right for you. You’ll never be on your own atWharton.Online Find out which Wharton andPenn clubs are right for youSupport for DiversityAt Penn, you’ll find a diverse community supportiveof a unique mix of cultures and beliefs, as well asthe most international students of any Ivy Leagueuniversity. You’ll discover clubs, centers, andevents that reflect the incredible diversity of ourcommunity—from the Penn Arab Student Societyto the LGBT Center to discussion panels held byCheck One, a group dedicated to supportingmultiracial students.Wharton undergraduates:2,500YouAlumni—Get Connected for LifeAlumni are constantly coming to campus to talkto current students about their experiences and togive advice through our alumni/student network.No matter what you do in the future, you’ll havelifelong connections and friendships with thebusiness leaders of today and tomorrow. On topof that, you’re part of Penn’s alumni network,with 300,000 graduates around the world.Management 100team: 10Cohort: 60Whartonclass: 520Wharton alumni:94,00013

Wharton Business Plan CompetitionOpen More DoorsA Wharton education prepares youto explore and create solutions totoday’s most significant businessand social issues. Our graduates areproof that you will be able to applywhat you learn to any industry andany career.Site visit through Baker Retailing CenterMore Options NowMore Growth LaterEach year, our graduates take on diverse jobs at topcompanies around the world, including Amazon,Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs, Google, KraftFoods, Macy’s, McKinsey, Microsoft, Time Inc.,and Venture for America. Some Wharton alumnipursue entrepreneurial ventures full time, whileothers advance their studies in law, medicine, andother fields.The knowledge you gain takes on depth and insightas you blaze your individual path. Five years aftergraduation, our alumni report advancing in a rangeof careers, including brand management, education,entrepreneurship, financial management, health care,investment banking, law, nonprofit management,private equity, and technology.Business Now, MBA Later?With Wharton’s rigorous business education,you can begin making an impact sooner. Nearlytwo-thirds of Wharton undergraduate alumni findthat they never need to return to school for anMBA in order to advance their careers.WHARTON GRADS ARE IN DEMAND91% employed at graduation 69,509 average salary39 different job types360 employers visit campus each yearCareer Survey, Five YearsAfter Graduation78% E MPLOYMENT( F ULL T IME AND S ELF- E MPLOYED)19% I N G RADUATE S CHOOL 100,000 M EDIAN S ALARYTop IndustriesConnections for Life5%You’ll have ties to leaders changing practice andinfluencing every industry—Wharton’s alumninetwork, the largest of any business school at 94,000strong, and Penn’s, extending to 300,000 leaders inevery field around the world.10%Online Career Plans Survey Report“Wharton Women ConferenceSince coming to Wharton, I’ve realizedthat it’s okay not to know exactlywhat I want to do. I could use myenvironmental passions to work insustainability, my experiences workingat a movie theater to work in media,or develop my growing interest in realestate. Wharton encourages you to pursuewhat you love and gives you the opencurriculum to do that.”Ainsley Campbell Frisco, TX9%C OMMUNICATIONSC ONSULTINGE DUCATION/ G OVERNMENT/ N ONPROFIT47%F INANCIAL S ERVICES13%O THER S ERVICES9%T ECHNOLOGY“Coming into the Life Sciences &Management program, I was mostexcited about my biology courses.Soon I realized how practical andinteresting business could be,especially in how it informs mypassion to bring pharmaceuticalresearch into the hands of consumers.”Frank Wolf Pittsburgh, PA15

Clubbing Night, annual showcase for Wharton undergraduate clubsSee Yourself HereWharton seeks students who will jump into the rich academic, cultural, andsocial opportunities of the Penn community. Visit the Wharton website for allthe information you need to get started. Look Forward to Meeting You!uVISIT CAMPUSuATTEND PENN AND WHARTON INFORMATION SESSIONSuTAKE A TOURuSIT IN ON A CLASSApplyOffice of Undergraduate AdmissionsUniversity of Pennsylvania1 College HallPhiladelphia, PA 19104.6376 ons.upenn.eduPenn Is AffordablePenn’s commitment to financial aid makes thepossibility of a Wharton education a reality forstudents from all walks of life. We encourageyou to apply.Penn admits students on the basis of academic andpersonal accomplishments without regard to theirability to pay. Applying for financial aid does not affectyour admissions decision. Penn has eliminated loansfrom need-based aid packages, regardless of familyincome level. Students have the option to use loansto supplement their aid packages.Online Watch the Penn Admissions video,“There’s Nothing Stopping Our Students”The University of Pennsylvania values diversity and seeks talented students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds.The University of Pennsylvania does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity,religion, color, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or status as a Vietnam Era Veteran or disabled veteran in theadministration of educational policies, programs or activities; admissions policies; scholarship and loan awards; athletic,or other University administered programs or employment.Questions or complaints regarding this policy should be directed to: Executive Director, Office of Affirmative Actionand Equal Opportunity Programs, Sansom Place East, 3600 Chestnut Street, Suite 228, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6106or by phone at 215.898.6993 (Voice) or 215.898.7803 (TDD).Hey Day, when juniors are declared to be seniors—a Penn tradition since 1916

Cohort Rand atNew Student OrientationLearn more about usVisit campusundergrad.wharton.upenn.eduOffice of Undergraduate AdmissionsUniversity of Pennsylvania1 College HallPhiladelphia, PA 19104.6376

10 Wharton Leadership Ventures 40 Wharton clubs 300 Penn clubs Wharton creates an environment where students are not afraid to take risks in the pursuit of their entrepreneurial goals. I have been able to find mentors, conduct research, secure funding for my own business, and work with

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volunteering with the Penn Rotaract Club At the Wharton Sports Business Initiative where my Wharton GRC friends and I participated case competition held by Deloitte Right: info session by a Wharton Club called Wharton Leadership Ventures. 12 School Hurrah Official Orientation talk held

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A Wharton Executive MBA pays off in more ways . than you can imagine, right from the beginning . Chicago, IL . Previously: Portfolio Manager, GE Ventures; San Francisco, CA . University of Pennsylvania. Wharton San Francisco 415.777.1000 . 2 Harrison St., Sixth Floor

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