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Joining a meeting made easyJoining a meeting with Webex hasnever been easier. Explore thissection to find out the different waysthat you can join Webex meetings.To get started, hop in with this video.

Join a meeting from the Webex desktop appStep 1Open the Webex desktop app andclick Join next to the meeting youwant to attend.To test your meeting environmentfirst, click here.Step 2View your video preview beforejoining the meeting. Once ready, ClickJoin meeting.Tip:Instead of joining the meetingusing your computer for audio, youcan connect using one of thesemethods: A phone: by selecting it underthe Use computer for audio icon. A video device: by selecting itunder Connect to device.

Don't have the Webex desktop app yet?Step 1Click Join Meeting from yourcalendar invite.To test your meeting environmentfirst, click here.Step 2View your video preview beforejoining the meeting. Once ready, ClickJoin meeting.

Audio best practiceJoin from a quiet placeUse a good headsetHave one audio sourceIf you have a very noisy background,The best audio experience isIf you and your colleagues areparticipants will struggle to hear youachieved with a good internetplanning to join a Webex meetingclearly, so try to join from a quietconnection and a good qualityfrom the same meeting room, it’s bestlocation. This is especially important ifheadset.for everyone to join the web part ofyou are the presenter.the meeting individually from theirEarphones can be used but tend tocomputers. However, only one audioMute yourselfpick up a lot of background noise, soconnection should be made to avoidMuting your audio is a good way tothey are not recommended.feedback and echoes.environment disturbing the meeting.When using a headset, place theDesignate one person to join theSounds such as keyboard strokes,microphone in front of your chin, notWebex meeting with audio either bybreathing, and background chatin front of your mouth, to avoid heavydialing in using a phone or bymaybe more audible to otherbreathing sounds.connecting via their PC. Otherprevent unwanted sound from yourparticipants than you realize. Click orparticipants in the same room shouldtap your microphone icon to mute.join the Webex meeting, and turn ontheir videos but not connect to audio.

Video best practiceFind your lightWhat's behind youGood lighting can make all theThink about what’s behind you and indifference: too much light behind youthe view of the camera. Clear thecan make it look like you're in witnessclutter and create a backdrop that theprotection, whilst too much light inpeople you are meeting with will enjoyfront can wash you out or createseeing. Your background is a greatstrange shadows. Get it just right byconversation starter and a window toadjusting your curtains or blinds andyour personality. Don’t want to revealhaving a warm light on your desk.too much? You can buy pop upscreens to hide anything you don’tGet your angles rightwant others to see.Position your camera just above eyelevel. This gives a warm, open look.In a group meeting?You might also want to place theWhen joining a Webex meeting with acamera slightly left or right from yourgroup of people from a meeting roomface so that you appear from your(if not all participants are able to joinfavorite angle.the web part of the meeting usingtheir laptops), ensure the videocamera is directed at the room atlarge instead of one person. This willmake it easier for others to follow thediscussion.

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Joining audio from yourcomputerThe Use computer for audiooption allows attendees tojoin audio over the internetProblems when using thecomputer for audio?If you do not hear any sound,1. Make sure your headset is pluggedmake sure:into your computer. The headset is plugged in.2. Select the Use computer for To turn up the volume.audio option by clicking the button To test the headset in anotherdown in the middle of the interface.3. Click the option on the bottom rightcorner of the meeting window toUSB port. That the correct device isselected in the list.change the settings.4. Select your headset underIf others do not hear you (well),Speaker, in the drop-down list.make sure:5. Click Test to check you hear thejingle through your headset.6. Select your headset under The correct device is selected inthe list. The microphone is not mutedMicrophone, in the drop-down list.(there might be a button on the7. Click Join Meeting.device itself).Top tip:To ensure audio quality for yourselfand others, it is important to use agood quality headset.

Tips andtricks for thehost during ameetingNever paste the details from ameeting invitation to anotherdate/timeThe meeting details are unique forevery meeting you schedule, except ifyou are using your Personal Room.Tips for being the hostHelp new Webex usersIf you schedule a meeting or are anIf you are inviting clients or otherassigned host, you have access toexternal parties to your Webexmoderate and manage the meeting.meeting, don’t assume that they’veused Webex before. Help them avoid Record meetings to share withpeople that couldn’t attend.any bumps in the road by sendingthem to the Quick Start Guide. Mute other participants whenthere is unwanted noise Assign an alternate host whenGet there earlyStart your meeting a few minutesyou can’t attend a meeting youearly, especially if you have invitedscheduledclients or other external parties. Thiswill give you time to join and preparefor your meeting.

Help using headsetsMute your audiencesIf people experience difficulties whenTo avoid noise disturbances at anyusing their headsets, use the Chattime, you can choose to mutepanel to help them get connected. Iteverybody at once.could be that their microphone andheadset have not been configuredRecord the meetingcorrectly, so start here.Make sure no one misses theimportant details. Record the audioTurn your video onand the presentation.Video makes for a much moreimmersive meeting experience andKeep people engagedaids communication. If you, as theKeep your session engaging by askinghost, turn your video on, it willquestions, giving the floor to othersencourage others to do the same.and encourage everyone to turn theirvideo on. Share your application toShow your meeting windowshow the meeting agenda,Share your Webex Meeting windowpresentation, actions, etc, and refer towith new users to teach them the in-it regularly to drive discussion andmeeting options that are available inboost participation. If you haveWebex Meetings. Or if someone inuploaded your presentation, thethe meeting is struggling, you can toscreen annotation tools are veryshow them where to go and what touseful to keep everyone on the sameselect. To do this click the Sharepage.menu and select My MeetingWindow.Top tips for dealing withpoor connectivity:1. Switch to a phone connectioneasily when using thecomputer for audio.2. Switch the webcam off.3. Share a file or a whiteboardinstead of the screen.

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Difference betweenstandard Webex meetingand Personal Room (PR)Standard Webex meeting Each time a Webex meeting isscheduled, it creates a uniqueURL link to join the meeting. The meeting can be joined byanybody invited whether the hostis present or not. Once the scheduled WebexPersonal Room A permanent meeting link, uniqueto you. No need to schedule as you cansimply send people the link. Personal Room link neverchanges. Personal Rooms must be startedmeeting has finished, the linkby the host or an alternative hostcannot be used again.they have allocated. Unlike a standard Webexmeeting, if the host wants to jointhe Personal Room by dialing-inonly, they will need to enter theirhost PIN to open the meeting.Others won’t be able to join untilthen.

Standard Webex MeetingPersonal Room (PR)You can schedule a PR meeting, but the host orGood for scheduled meetings?Ideal for scheduling in your calendar.alternate host needs to start the meeting beforeothers can join.Good for ad-hoc meetings?Not great for ad-hoc meetings as they need to bescheduled first.Joining by internet and video is highly recommendedCan the host start the meeting by dial-in only?but the host can dial-in only using the number andaccess code in the Webex invite.Joining by internet and video is highly recommendedCan attendees join the meeting by dial-in only?but attendees can dial-in only using the number andaccess code in the Webex invite.Ideal for ad-hoc meetings, just share the PR link.Joining by internet and video is highly recommended,but the host can dial-in only if they enter their hostPIN, otherwise others won't be able to join themeeting.Joining by internet and video is highly recommended.Attendees can dial-in only but will be kept waiting inthe 'lobby' until the host or alternate host opens thePersonal Room.Yes, if the host locks their meeting once everyoneIs it suitable for adjacent meetings?Yes. The host just needs to leave a scheduledhas joined and unlocks it just before the next

Webex.newThe quickest way to your personal roomIf you prefer working from your browser and want to avoid jumping from oneapplication to the other: We’ve got your back: Meet Webex.new!By just typing Webex.new in your web browser your personal room willautomatically launch if you are signed into the Webex desktop app.Not installed the Webex desktop app yet? No worries, Webex.new will launchthe page where you can download it!Tip:You know how some names stick in your head and others don’t?To help you, instead of Webex.new, you can also type letsmeet.new ormymeet.new to get the same result.

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Webex with your video devicesWebex Meetings allowattendees to join from videoConnect to a devicefrom Webex Meetingsconferencing systems androoms. It is an additionalStep 1joining option that must beJoin the Webex Meeting fromactivated by your company.your calendar invitation.When activated the optionappears as Connect to aStep 2device when joining a WebexClick the Connect to a devicemeeting.icon on the lower left side ofthe Webex window.Step 3Click the device displaying ortype the video device address.Step 4Click Join meeting.

Move the call to myvideo system fromWebex MeetingsStep 1Sometimes you join yourby phone but want to switch tomeeting from your laptop andyour video system, move yourmobile on your way to thepointer over the meetingoffice or conference room.control panel and select MoreEasily move your meeting to aoptions.If you have joined a Webexmeeting on your computer orvideo conferencing devicewithout disconnecting fromStep 2your meetingClick Connect to a device.Step 3Tap Answer on the videosystem when the call comesthrough.

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ResourcesLearn more aboutWebex Meetings:1. Access step by step tutorials.2. Attend free training sessions.3. Join the Cisco Community.4. Learn about your Personal Room.5. Explore advanced scheduling.6. Create polls within your meetings.7. Learn about your Desktop App.

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Join a meeting from the Webex desktop app Step 1 Open the Webex desktop app and clickJoin next to the meeting you . Have one audio source If you and your colleagues are planning to join a Webex meeting from the same meeting room, it’s best . By just typing Webex

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Some examples of the improved experience using Webex meetings devices together include: Using the Webex Meetings or Teams apps to effortlessly pair with, start or end a meeting, or wirelessly share content on a Webex device (such as Webex Board, Room Kits or DX80). 1 Using your Webex device to dial into a Webex Meetings or Teams

The Webex Work bundle provides Webex Teams messaging, Webex Meetings (Webex Meetings Center 1000), and Webex Calling (VAR or SP) on a single subscription for an affordable price. The Webex Work . Webex Work bundle is billed on a per-user basis with the ability to commit to a

Collaboration Transitions - Meetings: Transitioning from Cisco Meeting Server to Webex 17 Meetings: Transitioning from CMS to Webex Webex Cloud Meetings Call Flow Expressway. Media travels to the VMNs. 1. with a cascade to Webex OR Without VMN, media travels directly from endpoints to Webex via the Expressway-C / Expressway-E. 1. TMS /

How to download WebEx Productivity Tools from WebEx Portal Illinois.webex.com illinois2.webex.com State of Illinois WebEx Portal 1. Log in to Illinois.webex.com or illinois2.webex.com 2. Click “Downloads” from the

Using Webex Meetings for iOS . Installing Cisco Webex Meetings on your iOS device: 1. On your iOS device, bring up the App Store: 2. Click Search, then type . Cisco Webex Meetings. in the search field. 3. Select Cis

5141 Broadway New York, NY 10034 (212) 932-4321 NewYork-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital Attention: Director, Patient Services Administration 55 Palmer Avenue Bronxville, NY 10708 (914) 787-3074 NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center Attention: Director, Patient Services Administration

- Double-click the WebEx One-Click icon on your desktop. - Go to Start Programs WebEx Productivity Tools WebEx One-Click. 2 In the One-Click Panel, click Edit WebEx Settings. The WebEx Settings dialog box appears. To open the WebEx Settings dialog box from the One-Clic

Click here to download Cisco WebEx Meetings Click here to download Cisco WebEx Meetings. UConn Health WebEx Application Guide Enter Meeting information and click Login Using Desktop Application 1. Once you have installed the Cisc

Cisco Webex Meetings Server is a virtualized, software-based solution that runs on Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS ) servers and VMware. It uses virtual appliance technology for rapid turn-up of services to end users. With Cisco Webex Meetings Server, there are two options for enabling mobile users to more securely access Cisco Webex

Raphael Bueno, MD Brigham and Women’s Hospital Members James D. Luketich, MD University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Mehmet C. Oz, MD NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center Jack A. Roth, MD University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Craig R. Smith, MD NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center

WebEx Recording Editor: You can use WebEx Recording Editor to edit any recording (.wrf) that was made using WebEx Recorder. You can also use it to convert your .wrf WebEx recordings to .wmv format for import into other programs, such as Camtasia or upload into our Kaltura Streaming Media serv

Cisco Webex Share is a palm-sized device that plugs into the HDMI port on your display, to turn it into a wireless presentation screen with the Webex Teams or Webex Meetings app. Connect wirelessly to a monitor, display, or TV STEP 01 Open the Cisco Webex Teams app on your l

WebEx meetings. Hosting a WebEx Meeting from a Web Browser . 1. Start the meeting using your personal meeting room: a. Open your favorite browser and type the url: https://uconn-cmr.webex.com b. Select Login in the upper-right corner (if you do not see Login, click the " " arrow in the

Scheduling a Meeting in Webex Log into your Webex account at uncsom.webex.com. Under the Webex Meetings tab, click on Schedule a Meeting. This will take you to the first of eight scheduling steps. As you complete each step, you can click the Next button at the bottom to move to the next step or choose from the list of steps on the right.

If you are hosting a WebEx meeting, you will use the email and password assigned by your Administrator. 2. If you are joining a WebEx, you will use the login information provided in your email invite. Scheduling WebEx Meetings: Steps include: First Log into WebEx.com Step 1: Click on Schedule. Figure 1 1: Click Schedule.

1) Download the Cisco WebEx meeting app from iTunes. 2) Tap on Sign In. 3) Enter your account details. Installing and using Cisco WebEx Meeting Center on the iPhone Installing and using Cisco WebEx Meeting Center on the iPhone 4 4) Select your WebEx meeting site. 5) Your meetings will display. Note:

Cisco Webex Meetings is a collaboration tool recommended for larger meetings and meetings that include external participants. Webex is not replacing Skype and Skype is still recommended for smaller

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valve repair, brain and orthopedic surgery, gene therapy, stroke treatment, multi-viscera transplants, pediatric heart disease, neonatal intensive care, high risk pregnancies, in vitro fertilization, and many more. Over the past 10 years, NewYork-Presbyterian has named several outstanding physicians to direct the Hospital's clinical departments.

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