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FACEBOOKADVERTISINGFOR ROOFERSA Complete Facebook Ads GuideFor Local Roofing Contractors

WELCOME ROOFERS!WHY SHOULD YOU USE THIS FACEBOOKADS GUIDE?The answer is sweet & short. The top-notchdigital agency specialized in roofing niche,Profit Roofing Systems, will tell you a fewsecrets on how to generate quality roofingleads by covering the best practices we use toamaze our clients with the astounding results.Get busy, read the FB ADS Guide and let theinformation soak in!

WHY FACEBOOK?!Facebook is one of the largest social mediaplatforms at the moment. There are 2BILLION MONTHLY ACTIVE USERS and22 billion clicks per year! Obviously, FBgives you a great opportunity to findpotential customers on the platform. Lateron, we'll tell you how to find your audienceamong 2 billion FB users and mostimportantly how to grab their attention tomake them convert.

FACEBOOK IS SMART – it hasamazing targeting options, and onceyou've collected your potentialcustomers' data and spent some cash,you'll have Facebook's algorithmworking for you in the great battle forgetting new clients.Another reason why you should use FB Adsfor growing your business is that FB ADSARE CHEAP. They are way cheaper thantraditional marketing methods or wastingyour time (which equals money) and energyon door knocking to find roofing customers.Yes, you'll have to spend some 'causenothing in life comes for free. but you'll beamazed by the results.

IT'S NOT EASY, butFACEBOOKIS SMART – it has amazingit's WORTHYOURtargetingoptionsandonceyou'veTIME & MONEYcollected your potential customers'someleadscash, you'll haveWe're not trying datato tellandyou spentthat gettingFacebook'sworking for youthrough Facebookis a piece ofalgorythmcake. It's NOT.Remember, whoeverclaimsthatFb Adsforis getting newin thegreatbattleeasy, probably doesn'tknow a shit about itclients.and won't run a successful FB Ads campaign.Running a FB Ads campaign demands acertain set of skills, putting in some effortand investing some money in it. But it won'tbe a situation of „time & money wasted“.

BEWARE OF THE ing options and once you'vecollected your potential customers'We kinda rolldataour andeyesspentover whenweseedigitalsome cash, you'll haveagencies offeringroofersalgorythmto manageworkingtheir FBforPages,Facebook'syouinteract withintheirgreat content,the customers,great battlewritefor gettingnewand post it onceor twice a week Some of them evenclients.tell you they'll get you more likes. But likes won'tmake you money so who gives a f.k about likes.You should be getting more LEADS.That's where the money is.The metrics that matter are Website Leads, CPL(Cost per Website Lead) and the agencies should betalking about ROI (Return of Investment). The daysof organic are long gone and you will get no leadsthat way.Reach, Impressions, Likes, Shares are just a fancymarketing terminology which is presented to youbecause those metrics are expressed in the biggestnumbers. Your roofing business needs qualityroofing leads for a reasonable Cost per Lead.

How to run FB HAILFUNNEL & GENERATE100 LEADS for less than 20 a POPThis Guide is focused on the FB Ads forroofers who offer their service when the hailhits a particular area.The most important thing is to act FAST.When an area gets hit, you need to push yourfunnel live within a few hours. You need to befaster than door knockers who will try todominate the area.

AD CREATIVE FOR FBADS HAIL FUNNELMake a 60'' video showing the hail ravishingthe area of the city. All you need is a mobilephone and a little bit of time to catch thestormy weather with your camera. Believe itor not, people enjoy watching armageddonscenes and they will be drawn to your Ad inthat way plus you'll get some organic traffic.AD COPY FOR FB ADSHAIL FUNNELKeep your copy short and integrate a CTA(Call to Action) in it.Call out your audience, ask them if they gothit by a hail and offer them support. Finishwith a CTA and provide a link leading to apage where they are able to leave theircontact data (first name, email address andphone number).

LINK LEADING TO ALANDING PAGEYou can use your website, landing page or asurvey created exclusively for your hailcampaign. The survey can be created by usingSurveygizmo (surveygizmo.com), GoogleForms or by a similar tool you'll find online. Inthe survey, you should ask them a fewquestions before you ask for their contactdata. In this way, people are getting engagedand are more willing to leave you their name,email address, and their phone number.Before asking their personal data, ask themdid they get hit by hail, how old is their roof,what type of roof do they have.WHEN YOU GET A LEAD(A PERSON FILLS OUTTHE CONTACT FORM),CALL THEM ASAP!!!

TARGETING FOR FBADS HAIL FUNNELFacebook removed some targeting options onAugust 15th, 2018. One of the removedtargeting options are "Homeowners" whichwere a perfect target for roofing businessessince these are the people that own homesand may be interested in roofing service.Are you asking yourself "What now?!". Don'tpanic. This is a great opportunity to get themost out of the FB Ads because the amateurswon't be able to run the campaigns as easy asthey used to.

TARGETING FOR FBADS HAIL FUNNELYou can target the people who are interestedin home improvement, landscaping, homerepair, renovation. Start from here. The costwill be higher while you're collecting yourdata. You need to get at least 30 conversionsfrom the initial targeting.We're not arrogant and we certainly don'tthink we're smarter than Facebook. That's whythe first goal of every campaign is to gatherdata (even at the higher price) but once youhave it you can let Facebook find the peoplesimilar to those that already converted. Thenyou should expand your targeting and scaleyour budgets.Pretty COOL, right?Do you have any questions? Do you agree ordisagree? Scroll to the bottom and SCHEDULEA CALL WITH our charismatic CEO MattJacob.

READY TO TAKE YOURROOFING COMPANY TO THENEXT LEVEL?Schedule A Free 1-on-1Roofing Blueprint SessionWant to get a custom blueprint on how to easilygenerate leads and grow your roofing company?Click the button below and SCHEDULE A FREE 1on-1 ROOFING BLUEPRINT with Matt Jacob, theowner of the top-notch digital agency ProfitRoofing Systems.Best of all: It's 100% free.Click Here To Book A CallContactW: profitroofingsystems.comE: matt@profitroofingsystems.comP: (347) 269 3804

ROOFING COMPANY TO THE NEXT LEVEL? Schedule A Free 1-on-1 Roofing Blueprint Session Want to get a custom blueprint on how to easily generate leads and grow your roofing company? Click the button below and SCHEDULE A FREE 1- on-1 ROOFING BLUEPRINT with Matt Jacob, the owner of the top-notc

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