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CHENG Concrete Product Catalog Canada Residents OnlyPhotoProduct #DescriptionDECORATIVE INSERTSDCI010Amazonite, 3 cu ft, 0.5 lb.DCI020Carnelian, 3 cu ft, 0.5 lb.DCI030Crushed Blue Glass - Large, 3 cu ft, 0.5 lb.DCI031Crushed Blue Glass - Small, 3 cu ft, 0.5 lb.DCI040Jadite, 3 cu ft, 0.5 lb.DCI050Leopardskin, 3 cu ft, 0.5 lb.DCI060Moonstone, 3 cu ft, 0.5 lb.DCI070Serpentine, 3 cu ft, 0.5 lb.DCI080Unakite, 3 cu ft, 0.5 lb.EQM25010Reg. PriceMemberPriceQty.Select 25.00 18.75 20.00 15.00 15.00 11.25 15.00 11.25 25.00 18.75 20.00 15.00 20.00 15.00 15.00 11.25 15.00 11.25 EQUIPMENTWorkman 250 - Electric 2,299.00 2,199.00EQM25020Workman 250 - Gas 2,299.00 2,199.00EQM35010Workman 350 - Electric 2,499.00 2,399.00EQM35020Workman 350 - Gas 2,499.00 2,399.00 POE610Polisher - Hellcat 4" 299.00 269.00 299.00 269.00 430.00 390.00 169.50 149.50 2,149.00 1,995.00 489.50 439.50 149.50 139.50 POE620GRE610Polisher - AlphaEco Grinder - AlphaGRE620Grinding cup DG 4", 7/8", 5/8"POE630Planetary PolisherVCE610VCE620FMS751Vibco vibrator with table bracketVibco variable speed controllerPro-Fom Transfer Tape DispenserCHENG Concrete 2808 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley, CA 94702-2204 (510) 849-3272 x 217 / 222 1

FORMING MATERIALS AND SUPPLIESSink Knockouts (21"L x 18-5/8"W x 2"D) ELUH211810 70.00 59.50 FKS40125Sink Knockouts (21"L x 18-5/8"W x 2-1/2"D)ELUH 211810 75.00 63.75 FKS40220Sink Knockouts (28"L x 16"W x 2"D)ELUH 281612 60.00 51.00 FKS40225Sink Knockouts (28"L x 16"W x 2-1/2"D) ELUH281612 65.00 55.25 FKS40320Sink Knockouts (21"L x 15-3/4"W x 2"D) ELUH211510 60.00 51.00 FKS40325Sink Knockouts (21"L x 15-3/4"W x 2-1/2"D)ELUH 211510 65.00 55.25 FKS40420Sink Knockouts (7-1/2"L x 15-3/4"W x 2"D) ELUH715 50.00 42.50 FKS40425Sink Knockouts (7-1/2"L x 15-3/4"W x 2-1/2"D)ELUH 715 55.00 46.75 FKS40520Sink Knockouts (12" Diameter x 2"D) ELUH 12FB& ELUH 12 50.00 42.50 FKS40525Sink Knockouts (12" Diameter x 2-1/2"D) ELUH12FB & ELUH 12 55.00 46.75 FKS40720Sink Knockouts (16"L x 18"W x 2"D)ELUH 1618 60.00 51.00 FKS40725Sink Knockouts (16"L x 18"W x 2-1/2"D) ELUH1618 65.00 55.25 FKS40820Sink Knockouts (28-1/2"L x 16"W x 2"D) ELUH311810 70.00 59.50 FKS40825Sink Knockouts (28-1/2"L x 16"W x 2-1/2"D)ELUH 311810 75.00 63.75 FKP10010Poly 74-45 A&B 16 lbs 114.00 99.00FKP10011Poly 74-45 A&B 80 lbs 390.00 349.00FKP10020Poly 75-60 A&B 16 lbs 114.00 99.00FKP10021Poly 75-60 A&B 80 lbs 390.00 349.00 FPG250NEOMIX FINISHING PRODUCTSBurnishing Pad set 107.16 91.09 FPG251Burnishing Pad set and 3M pad holder 167.61 142.47 INB40010INSTRUCTIONAL PRODUCTS"Concrete Countertops" book 24.95 24.95 INB40020"Concrete at Home" book 32.00 32.00 INB40030 49.95 49.95 INS10010"Concrete Countertops" and "Concreteat Home" books"Concrete Countertops" Book and DVD 34.95 34.95 INS10020"Concrete at Home" book and DVD 42.95 42.95 INS10030The Complete Cheng Collection 59.95 59.95 INV40030“Concrete Countertops DIY” DVD 19.95 11.97 FKS40120CHENG Concrete 2808 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley, CA 94702-2204 (510) 849-3272 x 217 / 2222

S3-1/2" Drain Opening, Model #LK 35 39.00 33.15 35.00 29.75 51.29 43.59 38.00 32.30 Elkay Sink, Model #ELUH 211810 LK 35 or LK18 507.81 431.64 Elkay Sink, Model #ELUH 281612 LK 35 or LK18 672.46 571.59 Elkay Sink, Model #ELUH 211510 LK 35 or LK18 440.98 374.83 253.89 215.81 275.77 234.41 231.10 196.43 Elkay Sink, Model #ELUH 1618 LK 35or LK 18 487.06 414.00 Elkay Sink, Model #ELUH 311810 LK 35or LK 18 662.21 562.88 854.51 726.33 1,638.20 1,392.47 813.53 691.50 3-1/2" Drain Opening, Model # LK 182" Drain Opening, Model # LK 362" Drain Opening, Model # LK 8Elkay Sink, Model #ELUH 715 LK 35 or LK 18Elkay Sink, Model #ELUH 12FB LK 35 or LK 18Elkay Sink, Model #ELUH 12 LK 36 or LK 8Elkay Sink, Model #Mystic 2812Elkay Sink, Model #Mystic 5014Elkay Sink, Model #Avado Sink w/drainboardCHENG Concrete 2808 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley, CA 94702-2204 (510) 849-3272 x 217 / 2223

Dear Canada Residents,Thank you for your interest in our products, we look forward to serving your needs. Before browsing theCHENG Concrete Online Store, please READ THE INFORMATION BELOW so that you may place yourorder accordingly:PLACING AN ORDER You may place an order by calling us directly at (510) 849-3272 x 222 or by filling out and faxing this formDecorative Inserts AggregatesNeoMix Original ProductsSinksSink KnockoutsPolyurethane Forming MaterialPolishing EquipmentGrindersConcrete MixersVibration Compaction Equipment All other products not listed above including CHENG Concrete Countertop Products are available for ordering you've placed your CHENG Concrete order, we will send you an email order confirmation.PAYMENT SHIPPINGCHENG Concrete accepts payment from Canada Residents by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AmericanExpress) only.CHENG Concrete ships to Canada through FedEx Ground International and FedEx International Express and cannot shipto Post Office (P.0.) boxes. You will need to provide a physical shipping address. Your order will incur shipping fees aswell as customs and brokerage fees (which we cannot confirm before shipping your order). You will be responsible forthese fees before final delivery is made. Please allow 3-5 days for order processing and up to 14 days for shipment.CHENG Concrete is not responsible for shipment delays incurred by customs.Thank you for your patronage and, again, we look forward to serving you!Sincerely,The CHENG Concrete TeamConcrete Exchange Shipping, Cancellation and Return Policy (for International Orders)Shipping. Orders will be processed within 1-3 business days after receipt. Note that orders may be drop-shipped from variouswarehouse locations and that shipments may arrive in separate packages and at separate times. Unless specifically stated otherwise,all shipments are via United Parcel Service (UPS) International. Cheng Concrete Exchange is not responsible for delays or damagescaused by UPS or any other common carrier during transit.Cancellations. An order may be cancelled prior to shipping only by calling customer service (510-849-3272 x222) or If properly cancelled prior to shipment, the full amount of your purchase will be refunded.Returned Merchandise. Once an order has shipped, any returns are subject to the following Return Merchandise Policy. All returnsmust be unused and in resalable condition and require a Return Authorization Number (RA Number) which must be issued within ten(10) days of receipt of the product. All authorized returns are subject to a restocking fee of 20% of the purchase price or 20, whicheveris greater. Additionally, customers will be responsible for any customs and brokerage fees associated with the shipment of returneditems. To obtain an RA Number and a return shipping address, please call customer service (510-849-3272 x222). The RA Numbershould be affixed to the outside of any return shipment.Warranties. Some of the products sold by Cheng Concrete Exchange are manufactured by other companies and are sold subject toactual manufacturers' warranties with respect to defective merchandise. All products should be inspected on delivery and ChengConcrete Exchange customer service (510-849-3272 x222) must be notified within ten (10) days of receipt as to any defects in whichcase defective products will be repaired or replaced in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturers' warranties do notcover normal wear and tear, damage caused by improper use or handling, alterations or attempted repairs. An RA Number must beobtained before returning any defective product.CHENG Concrete 2808 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley, CA 94702-2204 (510) 849-3272 x 217 / 2224

BILLING INFORMATION:Phone: ( 43 661 234 569)First Name:Last Name:E-mail address:Company:Billing Address:City:State/Province/RegionPostal Code:Country:CREDIT CARD INFORMATION:Credit card type:Name as it appears on card:CREDIT CARD NUMBER: - - - Verification code:SHIPPING INFORMATION: Same as billing information? Check hereFirst Name:Last Name:Expiration date: MMYY Phone: ( 43 661 234 569)E-mail address:Company:Billing Address:City:State/Province/RegionPostal Code:Country:Please print and fax this order to (510) 549-2821.CHENG Concrete 2808 San Pablo Avenue Berkeley, CA 94702-2204 (510) 849-3272 x 217 / 2225

Vibco vibrator with table bracket 489.50 439.50 VCE620 Vibco variable speed controller . Vibration Compaction Equipment All other products not listed above including CHENG Concrete Countertop Prod

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