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Minetruck MT2010Underground articulated truckwith 20-tonne load capacity1

Compact and quickfor efficient haulageMinetruck MT2010 is an articulated underground truck with a load capacity of 20 metrictonnes. It has been expertly designed for fast, efficient haulage in small-to-medium miningand construction operations and it is built with safety and ease of operation in mind.Main benefitsSafety first Minetruck 2010 is an articulated underground truck, designed with workerswellbeing as a primary concernSmall and lithe Minetruck MT2010 offers high maneuverability even in restricted spacesMaximum efficiency and productivity the durable Minetruck MT2010 has been testedand refined through year of real work experience and it haul your material up the ramp inno timeAir condition system*ISO ROPS and FOPS certified cabin or canopyEngine exhaust brake2SAHR brakes at all wheel ends

The cabin offers excellent comfort to theoperator, with spring suspended seat andair conditioned work environment.Powerful engine with reliable power traincomponents to enable higher speeds oninclines.Optional Teletram dump box to releasematerials horizontally in areas with a lowback height.Dump box, design adapted forunderground mining*TailgateRear cameraDump box safety lockDual-acting hoist cylindersArticulation safety lock* Optional equipment3

Technical specificationsFeaturesSafety Standard OptionSpecificationsCapacitiesTramming capacity20 000 kg ISO ROPS and FOPS certified operator compartment with threepoint entry and exitMotion times Spring applied, hydraulically released brakes (SAHR)Weights (standard equipped vehicle, empty weight) Box-up stand for safe work under dump boxApproximate weight20 500 kg Rear-view camera and monitor for driver assistance andmaximum safetyFront axle load13 800 kgRear axle load6 700 kgDumping15 sec Comfort Side-seated canopy with back protectionEngine Optional front-seated cabin with air conditioning and slidingwindow on door for safe, comfortable working conditionsBrand/model:Cummins QSL9 EPA Tier 3Power rating224 kW/300 hp @ 2 100 rpmMaximum torque1 369 Nm @ 1 500 rpmMSHA Part 7 ventilation rate*368 m³/minMSHA Part 7 particulate index**396 m³/minSustainability Engine exhaust brake to further extend brake life Engine overspeed protection Converter lockup for more efficient energy transfer andlonger component lifeStandardOptionalBrand/model:Cummins QSL9 EPA Tier 4 interimPower rating224 kW/300 hp @ 2 100 rpm Long-life roller bearings at centre hingeMaximum torque1 383 Nm @ 1 500 rpmProductivityMSHA Part 7 ventilation rate*354 m³/min High power-to-weight ratio to enable greater speeds on inclinesMSHA Part 7 particulate index**14.2 m³/min Box optimized for quick, clean dumping* Both alternatives are equipped with dry type air cleaner, catalytic exhaust purifieand silencer, exhaust heat protection, cooling package with tube type radiator,remote engine oil and cooling fluid drain. Robust power train components for lower maintenance costsServiceability Easy maintenance with centrally located service point Anti-skid materials at service access points Central manual lubrication** MSHA Mine Safety and Health Administration, USA. Ventilation rate quantity ofadditional ventilation air required to dilute raw exhaust emission to a respective levelper engine.** Particulate Index Calculated air flow for minimum diesel particulate matter (DPM)dilution to a safe level per engine.FuelFuel tank capacity: 379 litres Fuel filtration, primary, including water trap: 7μm Fuel filtration, secondary: 3µm AxlesBrand/model: Okubo rock tough 457 Degree of front axle oscillation: 20 (10 on each side) Differentials: front open Differentials: rear open BrakesFully enclosed, force-cooled, multiple wet discs at each wheel end Service/parking/emergency brakes: SAHR Brake apply after 3 sec in neutral Tires*Tubeless tire design for underground mine service* Tire size front and rear: 18.00R25 *As applications and conditions vary; Epiroc recommends that the user consults withtire suppliers to obtain the optimum tire selection.Electrical system4System voltage: start and accessories 24 V Mine duty high output alternator: 140 Amps Isolation switch lockout 24/12V converter Driving lights LED: 8x40 W Tail and brake lights Detachable service light (required for CE approved vehicles) Amber strobe light - Ignition on

Technical specifications StandardOperator’s compartmentControl systemSide seated canopy for bi-directional operation with stick steering(ISO ROPS/FOPS) Side seated low built canopy for bi-directional operation with stick steering(ROPS/FOPS)Forward seated cabin with steering wheel (ISO ROPS/FOPS) OptionRear camera and monitor Audio-visual reverse alarm Speedometer Blockout 3rd and/or 4th gears Joystick controls for steering and dump control for side seated bi directionaloperation Certiq telematics solution professional* Air condition system, pressurized with filtrered air Open door retainer Spring seat suspension seat with 2-point retractable seat belt Sliding window on door Heater (not applicable for side seated low built canopy) External sound level according to ISO 6395 LwA 122 dB(A)*Certain country restriction may existSystemSound level in canopy according to ISO 6396 LpA 108 dB(A)Wiggins fast fuel fill Sound level in cabin according to ISO 6396 LpA 85 dB(A)Wiggins fast hydraulic oil fill Whole body vibration value according to EN 14253 A(8)w in range of 0.5 to 2 m/s²(typical value for similar machines)Hand held fire extinguishes Ansul manually activated fire suppression system with engine shut down Ansul checkfire automatically activated fire suppression system Emergency steering Hydraulic systemHeavy duty gear type pumps System pressure: 15.5 MPa Main frameHydraulic tank capacity 223 litres Lock on articulation and raised dump box Filtration, suction Optional box sizes and tailgate configuration Electric pump for hydraulic tank fill, 24 V Teletram dump box* Manual pump for hydraulic tank fill Wheel chocks and brackets Cylinders; chrome plated stems, diameter: steer cylinders (2), 115 mmKnockdown construction Cylinders; chrome plated stems, diameter: dump cylinders (2), 140mmCentral manual lubrication system Central automatic lubrication system Transmission*Teletram dump box changes dumping method and vehicle dimensions(consult with your local customer center).Full power shift, 4 speed forward/reverse Brand/model: Dana 6000 series Converter; single stage with automatic lock-up Parts and servicesPreventive maintenance kits Repair and rebuild kits Upgrade kits Face mechanics tool set Shop mechanics tool set Power unitArctic oil Block heater (240 V) Corrosion resistant radiator 5

Technical specificationsGrade performance*Standard configuration, box /h1st gear4. gear8. h ard configuration, box 1st gear4. gear8. gear14.013.813.713.513.212.310.9––––4th gear24.724.222.417.6–––––––*These are theoretical calculations and should be seen as a reference only. 3% rolling resistance assumed. Actual performance may vary depending on the application.Continuous operation is recommended on maximum 1:7 grade.6

Technical specificationsMeasurements and weights4 3503 3502 000Turning radiusDimensions All dimensions are shown inmillimetres All dimensions shown arebased on standard vehicleconfiguration with 27   mm tiredeflection, unloadedR 7 255W2 175 (cabin)2 205 (canopy)2 312R 4 110(4145 with tailgate)45ºSide view4 230(H1)62º1 pcs2 090(H2)2 540H31 71015º2 9203851 705(3 087)4 6259 242Dump boxesDump boxes with tailgateDump boxes without tailgateSTDVolume, SAE heaped (m3) boxes*STD8.411., SAE semi-heaped (m3), SAE struck (m3) material density (t/m3)Width, dump box (mm)(W) 4002 4002 4002 4002 4352 4352 4352 4352 4352 4352 2202 200Dump position: box height, max (mm)(H1)4 4454 3414 3014 1994 4454 3304 2304 2004 1004 1002 8702 565Tramming position: dump box height (mm)(H2)2 3552 2152 0902 0592 3512 2142 0892 0551 9351 9352 8002 565*Teletram box has a different functionality, reduced capacity, different dimensions affecting turning radius etc., more sizes can be available, please consult Epiroc for moreinformation.Operators compartmentCabinCanopy standardCanopy low profileHeight, mm (H3)2 5302 5402 4007

United in performance.Inspired by innovation.Performance unites us, innovation inspires us, andcommitment drives us to keep moving forward.Count on Epiroc to deliver the solutions you need tosucceed today and the technology to lead tomorrow.epiroc.com9869 0059 01 2018-05 Örebro, Sweden. Legal Notice Copyright 2014, Epiroc Rock Drills AB, Örebro, Sweden. Any unauthorized use or copying of the contents or any part thereof is prohibited. Illustrations and photos mayshow equipment with optional extras. No warranty is made regarding specifications or otherwise. Specifications and equipment are subject to change without notice. Consult your Epiroc Customer Center for specific information.

Minetruck MT2010 is an articulated underground truck with a load capacity of 20 metric tonnes. It has been expertly designed for fast, efficient haulage in small-to-medium mining . Optional Teletram dump box to release materials horizontally in areas with a low back height. *Tailgate Rear camera * Optional equipment Dump box, design adapted for

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