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Bernd Lauterbach, Dominik Metzger, Stefan Sauer,Jens Kappauf, Jens Gottlieb, and Christopher SürieTransportation Management with SAP TMGalileo PressBonn

ContentsForewordIntroduction1721ortation Management Foundation1.11.21.3*SAP Business Suite and SAP NetWeaver1.1.1 Layers and Components of an SAP System1.1.2 SAP NetWeaver Application Platform1.1.3 SAP NetWeaver Functions that SupportBusiness Applications1.1.4 Important Business Concepts in SAP Systems1.1.5 SAP NetWeaver Application ComponentsSAP TM as Part ofthe SAP Business Suite1.2.1 SAP TM1.2.2 SAP ERP1.2.3 SAP Event Management1.2.4 SAP Environment, Health, and SafetyManagement1.2.5 SAP Global Trade Services1.2.6 SAP Extended Warehouse Management1.2.7 SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer1.2.8 SAP Customer Relationship Management1.2.9 SAP Billing and Revenue InnovationManagementFunctional Overview of SAP TM1.3.1 Mode of Operation of SAP TM1.3.2 Overview ofthe Following .12.2Technological Foundation of SAP TM2.1.1 Storing Data in the BOPF2.1.2 Data Processing with the BOPF2.1.3 Business Add-insUser Interface Technologies9192991041067

Contents2. Manager and Floorplan ManagerBOPF Integration2.2.2 Defining User-Specific Roles and Menüs2.2.3 Filtering Roles for SAP NWBC2.2.4 Customizing Screen AreasFrameworks and Tools Used throughout SAP TM2.3.1 Condition Framework Using BRF 2.3.2 Incompatibilities2.3.3 Post-Processing Framework2.3.4 Document Creation2.3.5 Optimizer2.3.6 SAP Visual Business2.3.7 Process Controller FrameworkIntegration Technology with SAP TM2.4.1 SOA-based Integration withSAP NetWeaver PI2.4.2 Integration with SAP NetWeaver PI withoutPredefined Content2.4.3 Monitoring Integration Messages withService Interfaces2.4.4 RFC-based CommunicationConclusionGeneral Master Data3.1.1 Organizational Structure3.1.2 Product3.1.3 Dangerous Goods3.1.4 Business Partner3.1.5 Transferring Master Data between SAP ERPand SAP TMTransportation Network3.2.1 Locations3.2.2 Transportation Zones3.2.3 Transportation Lanes3.2.4 Schedules3.2.5 Transshipment 7145148150151155156165170177184193194199204211226

Contents3. RoutesTrade LanesTransportation Network Cockpit andOverview POWL3.2.9 Integration of Geographica! InformationSystemsResources3.3.1 Vehicles and Trailers3.3.2 Calendars and Handling Resources3.3.3 Transportation Units and Equipment3.3.4 Defining Resources230236238242246247260262265h Requirements and Order4. of SAP ERP Documents4.1.1 Sales Order Integration4.1.2 Integration of Materials Management Orders4.1.3 Order-based Transportation Requirement4.1.4 Integration of Deliveries4.1.5 Integration Scenarios4.1.6 Sales Order SchedulingForwarding Orders and Forwarding Quotations4.2.1 Forwarding Orders4.2.2 Charge Estimation4.2.3 Forwarding Quotations4.2.4 Creating Orders and Quotations withReference4.2.5 SummaryCapacity Management Process5.1.1 Overview5.1.2 Systematically Creating Schedule-basedFreight Documents5.1.3 Schedule Change ManagementAI locationsBusiness 54361363364372

Contents5. Bookings5.4.1 Ocean Freight Bookings5.4.2 Air Freight BookingsFreight Units6.1.1 Freight Unit Definition6.1.2 Properties of Freight Units6.1.3 Creating Freight UnitsTransportation Units6.2.1 Transportation Units, Freight Units, andFreight Orders6.2.2 Trailer Units6.2.3 Railcar UnitsManual Flanning6.3.1 Flanning Strategies6.3.2 Profiles and Settings6.3.3 Configuring the Transportation Cockpit6.3.4 Hierarchical View and Dual View6.3.5 Using the Transportation Cockpit6.3.6 Transportation Proposal6.3.7 SchedulingAutomated Flanning6.4.1 Background Flanning and Vehi

8.2 SAP Event Management 575 8.2.1 Event Handlers and Event Messages 578 8.2.2 Event Management Processes 584 8.2.3 SAP Event Management Configuration 588 8.2.4 Event Messages and Event Processing 601 8.2.5 End User Interaction, Lists, and Background Processing 605 8.2.6 Preconfigured Event Management Con

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This collaboration has inspired many ground breaking ideas to be transformed into advanced products. In addition, Lauterbach is very customer focused. . Context Tracking System) allows re-debuggging of a traced program section. TRACE32 makes . Ceva LA-3711 (CEVA-

ICD Quick Installation 6 1989-2021 Lauterbach GmbH 2. Preferred: click Save to File, and send the system information as an attachment to your e-mail. 3. Click Save to Clipboard, and then paste the system information into your e-mail. NOTE: Please help to speed up processing of your support request. By filling out the system information form completely and with correct data, you minimize the

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