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Magic Quadrant for Web ContentManagement31 July 2013 ID:G00250615Analyst(s): Mick MacC omascaigh, Mark R. Gilbert, Jim Murphy, Gavin TayVIEW SUMMARYEnterprises strive for ever-greater business impact from their online presence, demanding morefrom Web content management than it has traditionally delivered. Here, we assess how wellWCM vendors are responding, providing insights for buyers and those reviewing their existingapplications.Market Definition/DescriptionGartner defines Web content management (WCM) as the process of controlling the content to beconsumed over one or more online channels through the use of specific management tools basedon a core repository. These may be procured as commercial products, open-source tools orhosted service offerings. Product functionality goes beyond simply publishing Web pages toinclude:Content creation/authoring functions, such as templating, workflow and changemanagementWCM repositories that contain content and/or metadata about contentLibrary services, such as check-in/check-out, version control and securityContent deployment functions that deliver prepackaged or on-demand content to WebserversA high degree of interoperability with adjacent technologies, such as CRM (in particular, withmarketing resource management and multichannel campaign management), digital assetmanagement (DAM) and Web analyticsReal-time adaptation to visitor interactions through technologies such as delivery engines orenhanced frameworks for content delivery applicationsThe ability to integrate well with delivery tiers such as e-commerce, social media and portalsoftware (not a requirement but a capability that appeals to many clients)Our definition of WCM excludes products such as portals and e-commerce engines, even thoughthese technologies have overlapping functions in areas such as personalization, contentmanagement and content delivery (see "Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals" and "MagicQuadrant for E-Commerce").Note 1 lists vendors not featured in this Magic Quadrant that may suit some clients.Return to TopMagic QuadrantFigure 1. Magic Quadrant for Web Content ManagementNOTE 1VENDORS NOT IN THE MAGIC QUADRANT MAYSUIT SOME CLIENTSHundre ds of W C M ve ndors and com m unitie sm e e t only a subse t of the inclusion crite ria forthis Magic Q uadrant, ye t m ay prove a viablechoice for clie nts with spe cific ne e ds. Som e ofthe se ve ndors are liste d he re :A gile Contents, www.agile conte ,Barce lona, Spain. Agile C onte nts spe cialize s inhe lping clie nts de ve lop m ultim e dia conte nt.A gility, www.agilitycm , Toronto, C anada.Agility provide s a cloud-base d offe ring that ise asy to use at a low e ntry price .A lkacon Software, www.alk ,C ologne , Ge rm any. Alk acon provide s itscustom e rs with support, training andconsulting se rvice s for O pe nC m s.A tex, www.ate x .com , R e ading, U.K. Ate x hasa long history in the ne wspape r, m agazine ,broadcast m e dia and publishing se ctors. Ate xoffe rs m ultiple products that can contribute toan O C O strate gy, including its Java-base dW C M product, Ate x Polopoly.Bricolage, www.bricolage cm Bricolageoffe rs an ope n-source C MS with work flow andpe rm issions for cre ating, m anaging andpublishing docum e nts.Bridgeline Digital, www.bridge line ,W oburn, Massachuse tts. Bridge line provide sSaaS W C M capabilitie s through its flagshipiAPPS fram e work and product suite , inaddition to m ark e ting, W e b analytics and e com m e rce functions.censhare, www.ce nshare .com , Munich,Ge rm any. C e nshare offe rs a range of productsthat tie into the conce pts of online channe loptim ization including W C M, DAM, W e b2Printand MDM for product data.Concrete CMS, www.concre te, Portland,O re gon. C oncre te offe rs concre te 5, a fre eope n-source C MS writte n in PHP and MySQ L.Conet Technologies, www.cone , He nne f,Ge rm any. C one t Me dia Suite is base d on IBMDom ino and cate rs to W C M, m e dia asse tm anage m e nt, data inte gration and portalinte gration.Contao,, W uppe rtal, Ge rm any.Form ally k nown as TYPO light, C ontao C MS isan ope n-source offe ring base d on the LAMPstack .Content Management, ,C ologne , Ge rm any. C onte nt Manage m e nt'sC M4all focuse s on cre ating and m anagingwe bsite s for the Inte rne t and m obile de vice s.contentXXL, www.conte ntx x , Nürnbe rg,Ge rm any. Founde d in 2006, conte ntXXL offe rsa C MS base d on .NET, both as SaaS and foron-pre m ise s de ploym e nts.CrownPeak, www.crownpe ak .com , LosAnge le s, C alifornia. C rownPe ak has a SaaSW C M offe ring with a prim ary focus on publicwe bsite s for m ark e ting and e -busine ss.deltatre, ltatre .com , Turin, Italy.De ltatre is a niche provide r of social and W C Mcapabilitie s, prim arily for sports-re late dwe bsite s.DNN, www.dnnsoftware .com , San Mate o,C alifornia. DNN offe rs a fram e work for buildingwe bsite s and W e b applications on MicrosoftASP.NET.dotCMS, dotcm , Miam i, Florida. dotC MS

Source: Gartner (July 2013)Return to TopVendor Strengths and CautionsAcquiaAcquia, based in Burlington, Massachusetts, has rapidly emerged as a prominent businesssupporting the Drupal open-source content management system, and selling enterprise supportand cloud-hosting offerings. Acquia also operates Drupal Gardens, a software as a service (SaaS)version of Drupal.StrengthsAcquia has a good reputation among users for providing services for Drupal, one of the mostpopular large-scale open-source software (OSS) WCM platforms. Feedback is positive overallfrom multiple sources, including customers, partners and developers that have been workingwith Acquia.Acquia's management team consists of some of the original lead developers of Drupal, aswell as veterans of the WCM market. Acquia understands enterprise requirements and hasmaintained a strong relationship with the broader Drupal developer and user community.Acquia's success has helped broaden the appeal of Drupal among some target groups thatwould not otherwise have considered open-source WCM.Acquia has a rare opportunity to help enterprises with their broader online channel strategy,as it has a social software offering (Acquia Commons) and a WCM offering. Many enterprisesare struggling to conceive and implement a social media strategy, but Acquia can claimsuccesses based on a social culture indigenous to both its community and its social offering,enabling it to provide unique guidance in this regard.CautionsAcquia has not taken a clear leadership role in the Drupal partner ecosystem. If it were to doso, it could use the insights it captures from providing services for many Drupalimplementations to enhance the overall platform. Acquia's formal partner program needsstrengthening through certification and training programs.Some prospects in Europe and Asia/Pacific exclude Acquia from their shortlists because of itslack of presence in their region. This lack of presence has also caused some existingcustomers to replace Drupal with a commercial off-the-shelf alternative.Some prospects are deterred by the inability of Acquia's partners to provide interoperabilitywith adjacent technologies, such as CRM and marketing-oriented software, whether opensource or a com m e rcial ope n-source ve ndor that cite scustom e r re fe re nce s in m ultiple ve rticalm ark e ts, including e ducation, he althcare , lifescie nce s, finance and m anufacturing. Ve rsion2.1.1 of its Java-base d offe ring was re le ase din August 2012.Dynamicweb Software, www.dynam icwe bcm , Viby J, De nm ark . Dynam icwe b offe rsproducts that focus on both W C M and e com m e rce in addition to providingfunctionality for re late d activitie s for the roleof m ark e te r.EidosMedia, www.e idosm e , Milan,Italy. This m e dia conglom e rate offe rs theMe thode Portal Se rve r, a W C M syste mprim arily for ne ws and m e dia com panie s.Elcom Technology, www.e lcom .com .au,Sydne y, Australia. Elcom offe rs the e lcom C MSplatform as its core product, toge the r withapplications base d on this platform , such ase C om m e rce Manage r.NET andGove rnm e ntPortal.NET.Enonic, www.e , O slo, Norway. Enonichas traditionally focuse d on the Norwe gianm ark e t. In April 2011, it re le ase d the ope nsource com m unity e dition of the Java-base dEnonic C MS as part of its inte rnationalizationand e x pansion strate gy.Gecod, , Bologna, Italy. W ithits Youse rC MS, Ge cod provide s a conte ntm anage m e nt solution that se rve s as am iddle ware laye r for W e b and m obileapplications, and is use d to e nhance thecustom e r e x pe rie nce .Hannon Hill, , Atlanta,Ge orgia. Hannon Hill provide s W C M solutionsfor e nte rprise s in se ctors such as highe re ducation, gove rnm e nt and te chnology, base don C ascade Se rve r, its prim ary offe ring.Hippo,, Am ste rdam , theNe the rlands. Hippo C MS is base d on ope nsource te chnology, but Hippo also supportse nte rprise de ploym e nts. Hippo C MS provide sW C M functions with pe rsonalization.Hyarchis, , Eindhove n, theNe the rlands. Hyarchis e nte re d the W C Mm ark e t through the acquisition of W ax trapp inAugust 2012. Its W C M offe ring, now k nown asHyarchis W ax trapp, com ple m e nts thecom pany's othe r EC M-re late d com pone nts.Idea Futura, www.ide , Bologna,Italy. Ide a Futura's flagship offe ring is calle dFle x C MP and is base d on PHP. The com panytarge ts m ainly Italian custom e rs and hasclie nts in m ultiple ve rtical m ark e ts, such asgove rnm e nt, e ducation and e -com m e rce .Imperia, pe t, C ologne , Ge rm any.Im pe ria is a wholly owne d subsidiary ofPirone t NDH. It targe ts m ainly Ge rm any,Austria and Switze rland. Its Java-base dflagship product is in its ninth m ajor re le ase .Infopark, www.infopark .com , Be rlin, Ge rm any.Infopark se e k s to diffe re ntiate its C MS Fionaproduct by its e ase of use and spe e d ofde ploym e nt.Ingeniux, www.inge niux .com , Se attle ,W ashington. Inge niux provide s a C MSplatform for m anaging we bsite s, online m e diaand te am collaboration.Jadu, t, Le ice ste r, U.K. Jadu'starge t audie nce s are prim arily the publicse ctor and highe r e ducation se ctors in theU.K., but it also has custom e rs in othe rve rtical m ark e ts, such as re tail. Its JaduUnive rse suite of products include scom pone nts for C MS, form s and se arch.Jahia, , Ge ne va, Switze rland.Jahia is a com m unity-drive n ope n-sourcede ve lopm e nt m ode l de live ring W e b conte ntinte gration software by com bining e nte rpriseW C M with docum e nt and portal m anage m e ntfe ature s.Jalios, , Le C he snay, France . Inaddition to W C M, Jalios has capabilitie sre lating to docum e nt m anage m e nt andcollaboration. Its software is available both asan on-pre m ise s ve rsion and as SaaS.Joomla, www.joom, Ne w York , Ne w York .This is an ope n-source C MS for buildingwe bsite s, in addition to e nte rprise -class onlineapplications.Kentico Software, www.k e , Nashua,Ne w Ham pshire . Ke ntico C MS is base d on .NET

Return to TopAdobeAdobe, which is based in San Jose, California, has effectively used its global reach; its influenceamong developers, designers and ad agencies; and a well-architected, versatile product tostrengthen its leadership position in the WCM market. Adobe CQ is now part of Adobe ExperienceManager (AEM), which also includes digital asset management capability from Adobe's Scene 7acquisition, along with facilities for managing social communities. AEM is part of Adobe MarketingCloud, which also includes Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Social and Adobe MediaOptimizer. AEM is also available for on-premises deployment. In July 2013, Adobe announced theacquisition of Neolane, a company based in France that is active in multiple marketing-relatedmarkets such as multichannel campaign management and integrated marketing management.StrengthsIntuitive, user-friendly, and attractive authoring and management interfaces substantiateAdobe's design prowess and provide a satisfying experience for marketers, content expertsand end users. Adobe recognizes the importance of engaging every level of user.Adobe has the most complete and cohesive strategy of all the WCM providers for supportingmobility. CQ's architecture ensures the integrity of a single authoritative content source toserve a broad range of established and new mobile delivery mechanisms and technologies,including device detection, mobile sites, mobile Web applications and hybrid mobileapplications. The product includes numerous emulators for testing, previewing and editingcontent in context. Adobe also owns PhoneGap, which enables developers to create apps formobile devices using HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript.Adobe recognizes the importance of design and the ecosystem that supports it. Its offeringsare geared toward supporting design methodologies and best practices such as usercentered design in the content management process.CautionsCustomers report that, while Adobe Experience Manager is attractive and intuitive from ausability standpoint, support for the whole marketing life cycle is not yet cohesive. Adobehas been innovative in its vision, especially in exploiting the creative aspects of the WCMecosystem, but customers want more refinement.Although Adobe Experience Manager is a versatile and well-architected platform for the manyJava-centric organizations and ecosystems, customers with heavier investments in .NETmight be better served by other WCM systems. Such customers include the many companieshoping to optimize and extend existing investments in Microsoft SharePoint. Although Adobedoes offer its AEM SharePoint connector, prospects should consider such cross-technologyarchitectures carefully, leverage the experience of reference customers of Adobe with similarrequirements well, and carry out proofs of concept for more advanced integrations.Adobe's heavy emphasis on digital marketing is leaving considerable cross-enterpriseopportunities underserved. Organizations are hungry to improve WCM across customerservice, B2B and business-to-employee (B2E) scenarios. Adobe's WCM strategy is narrowlyfocused, considering the company's size, scope and market influence. Although Adobe uses abroad interpretation of the term "digital marketing" to allow for such scenarios, feedbackreceived by Gartner from the market suggests strongly that Adobe needs to increase theperceived relevance of its offering to a much broader array of use cases.Return to TopAutomatticSan Francisco-based Automattic is the primary vendor behind WordPress, a popular open-sourceblogging platform that has a broad range of WCM capabilities. It is a PHP-based platform,available under the GNU General Public License version 2 (or later). Automattic has matured itsWCM offering and now markets VIP, which is targeted at enterprises.StrengthsAutomattic's WordPress platform has gained a widespread user base, mainly due to its easeof use. It has also benefited from consumerization, with a growing number of customers whouse the platform in their spare time also wanting to use it at work. As a result, WordPresshas high rates of user adoption among its enterprise customers.Automattic is on a very positive trajectory, given its as yet untapped potential in the WCMmarket, based on its reputation, software and platform. Its viability as a competitor in thecoming years is likely to be high, as is its prowess as the provider of an influential platform inthe broader context of online channel optimization (OCO; see Note 2).Technologically, WordPress represents a solid choice. PHP is a popular platform, particularlyamong verticals such as higher education and media. Automattic also offers a high degree ofinteroperability, with more than 23,000 plug-ins, including modules for connecting to CRM,Web analytics, video and multiple social channels.CautionsAutomattic relies heavily on natural social networking to build its reputation and spread themessage about developments within WordPress itself. This is typical for an emerging opensource community, but such an approach on its own will not be appropriate when trying towin larger deals and achieve a bigger footprint among larger enterprises.At the time of writing this research, Automattic's website ( was the leastand offe rs capabilitie s for social ne twork ing,e -com m e rce , collaboration and onlinem ark e ting, in addition to core W C M.Liferay, , Los Ange le s,C alifornia. Life ray is be tte r k nown for apopular, ope n-source horizontal portal.Howe ve r, the se t of W e b publishingcapabilitie s it also offe rs has prom pte dinte re st in this platform from som eorganizations wanting he lp with the ir W C Mne e ds.Limelight Networks, www.lim e ,Te m pe , Arizona. Lim e light provide s W C M as aSaaS-base d offe ring in addition to its vide oand conte nt de live ry ne twork (C DN) products.Litium, www.litium .se , Stock holm , Swe de n.Litium focuse s on the Nordic and C hine sem ark e ts. It offe rs W C M, e -com m e rce andproduct conte nt m anage m e nt capabilitie s.Magnolia International, www.m agnoliacm , Base l, Switze rland. Magnolia is anope n-source C MS. Magnolia powe rs digitalcom m unications for custom e rs ranging fromgove rnm e nts to le ading Fortune 500e nte rprise s in m ore than 100 countrie s.MarkLogic, www.m ark , San C arlos,C alifornia. Mark Logic provide s tools forbuilding W C M syste m s that can re com binegranular conte nt on the fly.NetReach Technologies, tre ,Am ble r, Pe nnsylvania. Its cm Scribe productaim s to sim plify we bsite cre ation.North Plains (Vyre), www.vyre .com , London,U.K. Vyre offe rs Unify, a conte nt m anage m e ntplatform base d on Java Platform , Ente rpriseEdition.OmniUpdate, niupdate .com ,C am arillo, C alifornia. O U C am pus is a Javabase d W C M offe ring that is m ark e te d m ainlyto highe r e ducation institutions.Orchard, orchardproje t. Many m e m be rsof the ste e ring com m itte e of the O rchardproje ct are base d in R e dm ond, W ashington.The proje ct's prim ary aim is to provide ope nsource C MS solutions base d on .NET.PaperThin, www.pape , Q uincy,Massachuse tts. Pape rThin m ainly targe ts them idm ark e t with C om m onSpot, its flagshipproduct, which is base d on C oldFusion. It isalso available as a cloud offe ring.Percussion Software, ,W oburn, Massachuse tts. C M Syste m ,Pe rcussion's flagship, is a Java-base dproduct. It is augm e nte d by C M1, a productaim e d at nonte chnical use rs but that allowsorganizations to use the ir e x istingapplications via inte gration.Plone Foundation, plone .org. Plone is anope n-source platform that e m phasize s e aseof use and e x te nsibility.pTools, , Dublin, Ire land. Thecom pany has re focuse d to provide its offe ringprim arily as a cloud-base d se rvice . In additionto W C M, pTools offe rs se rvice s for work flow,docum e nt m anage m e nt, form capture andle arning conte nt m anage m e nt.Roxen Internet Software, www.rox e ,Stock holm , Swe de n. R ox e n C MS e m phasize se ase of use , inte gration with data source s andgroup collaboration.RSI Content Solutions, ,Audubon, Pe nnsylvania. The R Suite C MS isbuilt on Mark Logic Se rve r and targe ts m ainlythe m e dia industry to support m ultichanne lpublishing, sforce .com , SanFrancisco, C alifornia. Alre ady we ll-k nown forcloud-base d C R M, sale sforce .com offe rsSite .com to de sign and publish we bsite s,social page s, and m obile e x pe rie nce s.SA P, , W alldorf, Ge rm any. SAPprovide s W C M capabilitie s as part of itsNe tW e ave r offe ring, but not as a stand-aloneoffe ring.Seneca, ne, De lft, theNe the rlands. Se ne ca's flagship product,Sm artsite iXpe rion, is base d on .NET.Silverpeas, www.silve rpe , Gre noble ,France . Silve rpe as is se e n m ainly as a Javabase d, ope n-source collaborative portal, butthe platform also has a se t of W C Mcapabilitie,, Arnhe m , the

ambitious of all the vendors assessed for this Magic Quadrant, and associated websites(such as are prosaic and uninspiring. Organizations planning to replacetheir WCM system expect more from vendors, as they know that their next online solutionneeds to be complex to exact the full potential of their online presence. At the time ofpublication of this document, Automattic had made some improvements, but it needs to raisethe bar even higher.Automattic does not use the WordPress community as effectively as it could to bridge thegap between what is technologically available and what is required to help organizationsdrive a sophisticated, powerful and effective online strategy. Automattic focuses mainly ontechnological audiences, but its technology lags behind that of the leaders in this market.WordPress is popular with media companies, but while it does have some templates tailoredto the specific requirements of individual industries, its messaging and solutions are not assufficiently contextualized as its competitors to show how it can help meet the goals ofdifferent industries.Return to TopCoreMediaCoreMedia has its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, with additional offices in the U.S. andSingapore. Its flagship content management system (CMS) is in its seventh major release andemphasizes online customer engagement.StrengthsCoreMedia has made steady progress in the past few years in improving the usability of itssoftware. This, coupled with its solid architecture and design, ranks it as one of the highestin the market in terms of product quality.CoreMedia continues to market itself well, ensuring that its messages are tailored effectivelyto different target groups. It provides inspiring thought leadership and vision for prospectsand customers, and thorough guidance about its product's capabilities.CoreMedia has done well to broaden its ecosystem. It has secured a high-profile partnershipwith SAP to augment established partnerships, such as that with Deutsche Telekom. Itssuite of capabilities now caters more effectively to social, mobile and cloud trends, which aretopics of great interest in the current market.CautionsCoreMedia has been struggling to grow beyond Europe. Despite some initial success in NorthAmerica, it has not done as well there as some other European competitors. This couldhinder CoreMedia's ability to gain traction in Asia/Pacific, the next region on which successfulbusiness development will depend and where some of its competitors are already gaining astrong foothold.Although CoreMedia's overall prospects are good and its potential high in this steadilygrowing market, it has not demonstrated consistent year-over-year growth and profitability.CoreMedia appears on few shortlists that Gartner clients — based in Europe and NorthAmerica — share with us during calls, even where CoreMedia CMS would be a very good fit.This is mainly the result of weaknesses in CoreMedia's overall marketing strategy and salesexecution. The company has a good marketing message and offers what the market wants,but its market presence is still slight.Return to Tope-SpiritWholly owned by Adesso, e-Spirit is based in Dortmund, Germany. In the past year, it has openedan office in Boston. FirstSpirit CMS is e-Spirit's flagship product, a Java-based WCM offering now inits fifth major release.StrengthsThe company works well with other Web foundations. As a result, e-Spirit is attractive tocustomers looking for WCM to complement an established portal or e-commerce foundation,or to those dealing with multiple established portals or e-commerce platforms. Its positioningas a "neutral" WCM provider that works across multiple platforms (such as those from IBM,Microsoft, Liferay and SAP) has been very effective. In the past year, e-Spirit has targetedIBM WebSphere implementations, where its ease of use and e-commerce capabilities havehelped it gain traction.This vendor has done well as an emerging player in a market where demand for best-ofbreed, enterprise-class Java WCM offerings has been growing, but supply has beenshrinking.The introduction of its AppCenter has increased the usability of e-Spirit's product, particularlyfor business users and non-IT professionals. This module enables smooth interoperabilitywith other technologies and content sources without the traditional need for long softwaredevelopment life cycles. This will attract customers wanting to enrich the experiences theydeliver via online channels with a broader variety of content and functions.CautionsThe company still has a limited North American presence. It has made some progress in theU.S. in the past year, but unless e-Spirit continues to increase its customer base in NorthNe the rlands. This ve ndor offe rs SaaS-base dC MS toge the r with a varie ty of add-onm odule s and re late d se rvice s. It targe tsdom e stic sm all or m idsize busine sse s (SMBs).Systems A lliance, www.syste m salliance .com ,Hunt Valle y, Maryland. This ve ndor focuse sprim arily on SMBs with its flagship product,Site Ex e cutive .Telerik, www.te le rik .com , Sofia, Bulgaria.Te le rik 's flagship product is Site finity, a .NETbase d offe ring. Te le rik , which has achie ve dste ady growth in re ce nt ye ars, has office s inthe U.S., Australia and India, in addition toEurope . It has re fe re nce custom e rs in m ultipleve rtical m ark e ts.Terminalfour, www.te rm , Dublin,Ire land. This ve ndor's Site Manage r producthas gathe re d notable re fe re nce s in thegove rnm e nt and highe r e ducation se ctors.Typo3 A ssociation,, Baar,Switze rland. Typo3 provide s an offe ring base don PHP. Its clie nts are m ainly in Europe .Vizrt, , Be rge n, Norway. Knownm ainly for its Esce nic C onte nt Engine , Vizrtprovide s strate gic conte nt m anage m e ntsoftware prim arily for digital m e dia publishing.Zope, www.zope .com , Fre de rick sburg, Virginia.Zope provide s W C M prim arily for m e diacom panie s.NOTE 2DEFINITION OF ONLINE CHANNEL OPTIMIZATIONO nline channe l optim ization (O C O ) is thediscipline of m ax im izing the im pact ofe ngage m e nt with targe t pe rsonas achie ve d ove r avarie ty of online com m unications m e dia. Thephrase "online channe l" re fe rs to a channe l of"com m unication" and is a colle ctive te rm thatinclude s e m ails, IPTV, m ultiple we bsite s, portals,and various social m e dia, se arch, and m obileapplications.Strate gie s base d on O C O have m anife ste dthe m se lve s in a varie ty of form s, includingstrate gie s conce rning digital m ark e ting, custom e re x pe rie nce m anage m e nt and use r e x pe rie nce(UX) optim ization.EVALUATION CRITERIA DEFINITIONSAbility to ExecuteProduct/Service: C ore goods and se rvice soffe re d by the ve ndor for the de fine d m ark e t.This include s curre nt product/se rvice capabilitie s,quality, fe ature se ts, sk ills and so on, whe the roffe re d native ly or through O EMagre e m e nts/partne rships as de fine d in them ark e t de finition and de taile d in the subcrite ria.Overall Viability: Viability include s an asse ssm e ntof the ove rall organization's financial he alth, thefinancial and practical succe ss of the busine ssunit, and the lik e lihood that the individualbusine ss unit will continue inve sting in theproduct, will continue offe ring the product and willadvance the state of the art within theorganization's portfolio of products.Sales Execution/Pricing: The ve ndor's capabilitie sin all pre sale s activitie s and the structure thatsupports the m . This include s de al m anage m e nt,pricing and ne gotiation, pre sale s support, and theove rall e ffe ctive ne ss of the sale s channe l.Market Responsiveness/Record: Ability tore spond, change dire ction, be fle x ible andachie ve com pe titive succe ss as opportunitie sde ve lop, com pe titors act, custom e r ne e ds e volveand m ark e t dynam ics change . This crite rion alsoconside rs the ve ndor's history of re sponsive ne ss.Marketing Execution: The clarity, quality,cre ativity and e fficacy of program s de signe d tode live r the organization's m e ssage to influe ncethe m ark e t, prom ote the brand and busine ss,incre ase aware ne ss of the products, and e stablisha positive ide ntification with the product/brandand organization in the m inds of buye rs. This"m ind share " can be drive n by a com bination ofpublicity, prom otional initiative s, thoughtle ade rship, word of m outh and sale s activitie s.Customer Experience: R e lationships, products

America, it will be unable to grow as fast as the overall WCM market.The company has not built a strong enough partner ecosystem to accelerate its adoption.Customers expect more and deeper partnerships with, for example, digital agencies and ecommerce system integrators.It has improved its overall marketing message, but e-Spirit still focuses too much ontechnology when a growing number of decision makers are outside IT and an increasingportion of the budget for new WCM systems is being held or influenced by marketing.Although e-Spirit is beginning to focus on marketing-centric needs for OCO, it must continuetargeting such business contexts.Return to TopEktronEktron, based in Nashua, New Hampshire, offers a .NET WCM platform. The latest version, Ektron9, was released in July 2013 and focuses on mobile interactivity, enhanced usability for both theauthor and developer, and integration with its Digital Experience Hub. Ektron provides productsfor marketing optimization, analytics, e-commer

Adobe CQ is now part of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), which also includes digital asset management capability from Adobe's Scene 7 acquisition, along with facilities for managing social communities. AEM is part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, which also includes Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe So

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Magic Quadrant Figure 1. Magic Quadrant for On-Premises Application Integration Suites Source: Gartner (July 2014) Vendor Strengths and Cautions Adeptia Adeptia is not as widely known as the Leaders in this Magic Quadrant. It has been offering application integration technology since 2003, an

Magic Quadrant Figure 1. Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs Source: Gartner (December 2014) Vendor Strengths and Cautions Adobe Adobe is a Leader in this Magic Quadrant, with a strategic commitment to build out a marketing hub based on a number of acquisitions and a

May 19, 2011 · Gartner Magic Quadrant for eDiscovery Software Source: Gartner, Inc., Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software, Debra Logan, John Bace, May 13, 2011 The Magic Quadrant is copyrighted 2011 by Gartner, Inc. and is reused with permission. The Magic Quadrant is a graphical representati

in a Gartner Magic Quadrant 4 Years in a Row Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Close Solutions, Gartner, 2018 & 2019 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Corporate Performance Management Solutions, Gartner, 2017. Magic Quadrant for Financial Corporate Performance Management Solutions, Gartner, 2016 E COMPLETENESS OF VISION 9 Recognized as a Leader

— were addressed. Because this market is approaching maturity, it is likely that Gartner will produce a MarketScope next year, rather than a Magic Quadrant. Return to Top Magic Quadrant Figure 1. Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Platforms Source: Gartner (October 2012) Return to Top Vendor Strengths and Cautions .

Magic Quadrant Figure 1. Magic Quadrant for Cloud HCM Suites for Midmarket and Large Enterprises Source: Gartner (March 2016) Vendor Strengths and Cautions Note that all mentions throughout this section to "customer satisfaction ratings" or "survey respondents" refer to an end-user survey performed in conjunction with this Magic Quadrant (data