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Rd.501BUSOl129dForesoFOldSt. nin owMa wnt urgDo nchbLyBUSL3Harris Lynchburg Headquarters (JRP)221 Jefferson Ridge Pkwy.d.tRLynchburgresJames e29Capbmell221BUS.AvOld GlenoSed.erry RFWardsLibertyUniversityLAirporkRd.12I329Mileage from Lynchburg Airportto Technical Training Center isapproximately 6.3 miles.i6 Courtuin711d.ToRoanoke25tRRegional AirportAirportrlic1 L3Harris Lynchburg Headquarters (JRP)4 CseeWateN29460.Rder'sndlCa . Rd.tMnlevil9idgeRiver RMallCentral VirginiaCommunity Mad.Fo501Mill RsWardvert AToRoanokeDr.werill Rd460MAINPOSTOFFICE29Graves Mill Rd.es M460.29ToBedfordGraveAvBUS5018ToDanvillei& Suites91011Inn & SuitesIeeInn & Suites12 Hampton Inn & Suites131Comfort Inn & Suites

2020 TECHNICAL TRAINING CATALOGTable of ContentsIntroduction . 1Mission Statement . 1Purpose . 1Customer Satisfaction . 1Technical Training Center . 1Training Methodology . 1On-Site Training . 2More Information . 2Course Listing . 3P25 System Management Training . 6Overview . 6Blended Learning Approach. 6P25 System Management Training Program . 7P25 System Management Asynchronous Training . 8Bundled P25 System Manager Training Program . 8P25 Fleet Mapping Workshop (YTSN6A) . 9Console Configuration (YTSN3H) . 10P25 System Overview (YTSN4F) . 10Unified Administration System (YTSN4G). 10Regional Network Manager (YTSN4H) . 11Over-The-Air Rekeying (YTSN6C) . 12ISSI Configuration & Administration (YTSN9L) . 12P25 System Maintenance Training . 13Overview . 13P25 System Maintenance Training Flowchart . 13Bundled P25 System Maintenance Training Program . 14P25 System Maintenance (YTSN6D) . 14Regional Network Manager (YTSN3V) . 15Network Operation & Maintenance (YTSN3W). 15MASTR V Station Maintenance (YTSN8G). 15MASTR III Station Maintenance (YTSP3T) . 15September 13, 2019i

2020 TECHNICAL TRAINING CATALOGTable of Contents (continued)P25 Simulcast System Maintenance (YTSN8H) . 16P25 Master Technician (YTSN9T) . 16Operational Training . 17Overview . 17Console Equipment Operator Training (YTSP5P). 17User Equipment Operator Training (YTSP7R) . 17XL-200P Radio Programming & Operation (YTSN6X) . 19Network & RF Core Training . 20Overview . 20Introduction to Networking (YTSN2X) . 20RF Test & Troubleshooting (YTSP5U) . 20Advanced RF Fundamentals (YTSN3E) . 21Grounding & Surge Suppression (YTSN5Y) . 21Portable & Mobile Radio Maintenance Training . 22Overview . 22XL-200P Radio Maintenance (YTSN4A) . 22XL-200M Radio Maintenance (YTSN4V). 22OMAP Portable Radio Maintenance (YTSN8J) . 23OMAP Mobile Radio Maintenance (YTSN8K) . 23Mobile Radio Installation (YTSN7U). 23On-Site Radio Maintenance Training . 24OpenSky System Management Training . 25Overview . 25OpenSky System Administration (YTSN6E) . 25Console Configuration (YTSN3H) . 25Unified Administration System (YTSN6B) . 25Regional Network Manager (YTSN3V) . 26OpenSky System Maintenance Training. 27Overview . 27OpenSky Site Equipment Maintenance (YTSN5C) . 27September 13, 2019ii

2020 TECHNICAL TRAINING CATALOGTable of Contents (continued)Regional Network Manager (YTSN3V) . 27Network Operation & Maintenance (YTSN3W). 27Tait-Powered DMR Tier III Training . 28Overview . 28DMR Tier III Configuration & Maintenance (YTSN4J) . 28DMR Tier III EnableFleet Configuration & Management (YTSN4K) . 29DMR Tier III Gridlink Configuration & Operation (YTSN4L) . 29Tait-Powered P25 Conventional Training. 31Overview . 31P25 Conventional Configuration & Maintenance (YTSN4M). 31Tait-Powered P25 Trunking Training . 32Overview . 32P25 Trunking Configuration & Maintenance (YTSN4N) . 32P25 Trunking EnableFleet Configuration & Management (YTSN4P) . 32P25 Trunking KMF Configuration, Administration & Management (YTSN4R) . 33Tait-Powered Analog Simulcast IP Training . 34Overview . 34Analog Simulcast Configuration & Maintenance (YTSN4S) . 34L3Harris Technical University. 35Overview . 35Benefits . 35Available Asynchronous Training Packages . 35P25 System Management Asynchronous Training Package . 36Radio Operation Asynchronous Training Package . 37Console Operation Asynchronous Training Package . 37Radio Programming Asynchronous Training Package . 38BeOn Operation Asynchronous Training Package . 38Learning Management System . 39Course Customization . 39September 13, 2019iii

2020 TECHNICAL TRAINING CATALOGTable of Contents (continued)Virtual Classroom Training . 40Overview . 40Equipment Requirements . 41Procurement . 41Enrollment Information . 42When to Enroll . 42How to Enroll . 42Enrolling in the P25 Master Technician Course . 42Enrollment Verification . 42Cancellation Policy . 42Class Start & Stop Times . 43Attendance Requirements . 43Travel & Lodging Arrangements . 43Schedule Changes . 43Canadian Customers . 432020 Training Schedule & Tuition . 442020 On-Site Training Prices . 46Technical Training Team . 48Customer Commitment . 48Frank Ober . 48Steve Clark . 48Bruce Eck . 48Ken Frank . 49Chris Jamerson . 49Todd Keller . 49Randall Russell . 49Scott Steph . 50James Stinnett. 50Training Registration Form . 51P25 Master Technician Course Application. 52September 13, 2019iv

2020 TECHNICAL TRAINING CATALOGIntroductionMission StatementOur mission is to deliver high-quality, performance-based training thatgives our customers the knowledge and skills to effectively operate,manage, and self-maintain their L3Harris communications network.PurposeThis catalog is designed to provide you with information about our trainingservices and to help you select the appropriate course of instruction foroperating, managing, and maintaining your radio system. A briefdescription of each course is provided along with flowcharts that illustratethe recommended sequence of courses for management and maintenancetraining. Additionally, information is provided about L3Harris TechnicalUniversity, our web-based training offering. A Training Registration Formand the 2020 Training Center Schedule are also included.Customer SatisfactionIt is very important to the Training Team that our services meet and exceedcustomer expectations. To measure our performance, students complete aClass Evaluation Form after every training course. We are very proud of thefact that for greater than a decade our customer satisfaction rating haseither met or exceeded our goal.Technical TrainingCenterThe L3Harris Technical Training Center is located at 221 Jefferson RidgeParkway in Lynchburg, Virginia. The facility includes multiple radio systemsdedicated to training, as well as well-equipped classrooms and laboratoriesto support hands-on training.Training MethodologyTo provide high-quality performance-based training, we develop andmaintain our training courses using a systematic approach. Thismethodology identifies the training necessary for each job position andfocuses on the performance of tasks. We design and develop trainingcourses with explicit learning objectives and appropriate content. Trainingeffectiveness is evaluated and the results are used to maintain and improveour training programs.The systematic approach to training methodology also ensures that trainingis delivered in the most effective learning environment, such as a traditionalor virtual classroom or laboratory, and a proper mixture of discussion,lecture, and hands-on training are used to provide optimal learning. Inaddition, we create easy-to-follow student materials that support thetraining and provide appropriate technical documentation.September 13, 2019Page 1 of 53

2020 TECHNICAL TRAINING CATALOGIntroduction (continued)On-Site TrainingIn addition to the regularly scheduled open-enrollment courses deliveredat the Technical Training Center in Lynchburg, most of the courses offeredin this catalog can be conducted on site. Please refer to the Course Listingsection of the catalog to see which courses are offered on site.Courses can also be customized to meet specific customer trainingrequirements. For example, we can combine training modules from the RFTest & Troubleshooting and MASTR III Station Maintenance courses into asingle five-day course, which is not a standard course offering.The customer must provide the facility and any tools and equipmentneeded to support the hands-on portion of the training, if conducted onsite.On-site training prices can be found starting on page 46 of this catalog. Onsite training courses are scheduled on mutually agreeable dates by thecustomer and L3Harris Training Manager.More InformationSeptember 13, 2019For more information about our training programs, contact the TrainingRegistrar or the Training Manager by e-mail at pspc [email protected] call 1-800-528-7711 (option #1).Page 2 of 53

2020 TECHNICAL TRAINING CATALOGCourse ListingOur performance-based training focuses on three categories: management, maintenance and operation.Management training provides administrative and management personnel with the knowledge and skillsto plan and manage the radio system. Maintenance training prepares a technician to perform preventiveand corrective maintenance on radio system equipment. Operational training is designed for radio usersand dispatchers to facilitate the transition to a new radio system.The following table provides a list of standard training courses. The table includes the course numberand the location where the training can be conducted as indicated by the course length.Course No.Virtual ClassroomTrainingCenterOn-SiteP25 Fleet Mapping WorkshopYTSN6A--4 daysConsole ConfigurationYTSN3H--2 daysP25 System OverviewYTSN4F5 four-hour sessions--Unified Administration SystemYTSN4G3 four-hour sessions-2 daysRegional Network ManagerYTSN4H2 four-hour sessions-2 daysP25 System Implementation WorkshopYTSN9N-5 days-Over-The-Air Rekeying (OTAR)YTSN6C--1 dayISSI Configuration & AdministrationYTSN9L--1 dayP25 System Management TrainingP25 System Maintenance TrainingCourse No.Training CenterOn-SiteP25 System MaintenanceYTSN6D7 days7 daysRegional Network ManagerYTSN3V2 days2 daysNetwork Operation & MaintenanceYTSN3W4 days4 daysMASTR V Station MaintenanceYTSN8G2 days2 daysMASTR III Station MaintenanceYTSP3T4½ days3 daysP25 Simulcast System MaintenanceYTSN8H3 days3 daysP25 Master TechnicianYTSN9T4½ days-Course No.Training CenterOn-SiteConsole Equipment Operator TrainingYTSP5P-4 hoursUser Equipment Operator TrainingYTSP7R-2 – 8 hoursXL-200P Radio Programming & OperationYTSN6X2 days2 daysOperational TrainingSeptember 13, 2019Page 3 of 53

2020 TECHNICAL TRAINING CATALOGCourse Listing (continued)Core TrainingCourse No.Training CenterOn-SiteIntroduction to NetworkingYTSN2X4½ days4½ daysRF Test & TroubleshootingYTSP5U4½ days4½ daysAdvanced RF FundamentalsYTSN3E4½ days4½ daysGrounding & Surge SuppressionYTSN5Y-2 daysCourse No.Training CenterOn-SiteXL-200P Radio MaintenanceYTSN4A2 days2 daysXL-200M Radio MaintenanceYTSN4V2 days2 daysOMAP Portable Radio MaintenanceYTSN8J4½ days4½ daysOMAP Mobile Radio MaintenanceYTSN8K4½ days4½ daysMobile Radio InstallationYTSN7U-2 daysCourse No.Training CenterOn-SiteOpenSky System AdministrationYTSN6E-3½ daysConsole ConfigurationYTSN3H-2 daysUnified Administration SystemYTSN6B-2 daysRegional Network ManagerYTSN3V-2 daysCourse No.Training CenterOn-SiteOpenSky Site Equipment MaintenanceYTSN5C-4 daysRegional Network ManagerYTSN3V-2 daysNetwork Operation & MaintenanceYTSN3W-4 daysPortable & Mobile Radio Maintenance TrainingOpenSky System Management TrainingOpenSky System Maintenance TrainingStudentFeedbackSeptember 13, 2019“The instructor was extremely helpful in clearly explaining a verycomplicated system. Great trainer who kept the class engaged.”Page 4 of 53

2020 TECHNICAL TRAINING CATALOGCourse Listing (continued)Tait-Powered DMR Tier III TrainingCourse No.Training CenterOn-SiteDMR Tier III Configuration & MaintenanceYTSN4J-5 daysDMR Tier III EnableFleet Configuration &ManagementYTSN4K-5 daysDMR Tier III GridLink Configuration & OperationYTSN4L-5 daysCourse No.Training CenterOn-SiteYTSN4M-5 daysCourse No.Training CenterOn-SiteP25 Trunking Configuration & MaintenanceYTSN4N-5 daysP25 Trunking EnableFleet Configuration &ManagementYTSN4P-5 daysP25 Trunking KMF Configuration, Administration &ManagementYTSN4R-5 daysCourse No.Training CenterOn-SiteYTSN4S-4 daysTait-Powered P25 Conventional TrainingP25 Conventional Configuration & MaintenanceTait-Powered P25 Trunking TrainingTait-Powered Analog Simulcast IP TrainingAnalog Simulcast Configuration & MaintenanceSeptember 13, 2019Page 5 of 53

2020 TECHNICAL TRAINING CATALOGP25 System Management TrainingOverviewBlended LearningApproachP25 system administrators and managers have overall responsibility fordefining and maintaining the system's configurable parameters. This rolehas evolved as radio systems have become larger and more complex. Theirresponsibilities include the following: Defining the fleet map Defining wide-area roaming capabilities Planning radio feature usage and personalities Configuring dispatch consoles Maintaining unit and group databases Enabling and disabling subscriber units Generating reports Monitoring system performanceThe recommended training program for P25 system administrators andmanagers uses a blended learning approach comprised of virtualclassroom, traditional classroom, and asynchronous training.Virtual classroom training is ideal for transferring knowledge when handson instruction isn’t required and provides customers with a cost savings byeliminating travel and living expenses for the instructor and students.Additionally, we limit each virtual classroom session to four hours, allowingparticipants to perform their normal job duties during part of the day.Traditional classroom training is used to conduct system planningworkshops, train on special system features, and perform hands-oninstruction. This training occurs at the L3Harris Technical Training Center inLynchburg, Virginia or on-site at a customer facility.Asynchronous training is self-paced web-based training hosted by L3HarrisTechnical University. It provides prerequisite training for both virtual andtraditional classroom training, and provides just-in-time training onassorted subjects to assist system administrators and managers inperforming their day-to-day duties.September 13, 2019Page 6 of 53

2020 TECHNICAL TRAINING CATALOGP25 System Management Training (continued)P25 SystemManagement TrainingProgramThe following figure illustrates the training program for P25 systemadministrators and managers, and the recommended sequence ofcompleting the training, as applicable, using the blended learningapproach.Traditional ClassroomTrainingVirtual ClassroomTrainingP25 Fleet Mapping Workshop(YTSN6A) *P25 System Overview(YTSN4F)Console Configuration(YTSN3H) *Unified AdministrationSystem(YTSN4G)P25 System ImplementationWorkshop(YTSN9N) **Regional Network Manager(YTSN4H)Over-The-Air Rekeying(YTSN6C) *ISSI Configuration &Administration(YTSN9L) **This course only occurs on-site at a customer facility.** This course only occurs at the L3Harris Technical Training Center.September 13, 2019Page 7 of 53

2020 TECHNICAL TRAINING CATALOGP25 System Management Training (continued)P25 SystemManagementAsynchronous TrainingStudents who register in the hands-on P25 System ImplementationWorkshop (YTSN9N) conducted in Lynchburg will receive one year ofunlimited access to P25 System Management Asynchronous TrainingPackage, which consists of the following training modules: P25 Fleet Mapping OverviewXL-200P Radio OperationSymphony Console OperationRadio Programming OverviewRadio Personality Manager (RPM and RPM 2)Advanced Access Control (AAC)Unified Administration System (UAS) OverviewUAS “How to ”Regional Network Manager (RNM) OverviewActive DirectoryActivity WarehouseEnterprise Network Manager (ENM) OverviewOver-The-Air Programming (OTAP)Over-The-Air Rekeying (OTAR) FundamentalsOTAR “How to ”Inter-RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI) FundamentalsThese modules provide students with supplemental training to optimizelearning during the P25 System Implementation Workshop and provide anon-the-job training aid. Additional self-paced training modules are addedto the asynchronous training program for system administrators andmanagers, as developed, at no additional cost if you have an active account.The account can be renewed annually.Bundled P25 SystemManager TrainingProgramA person must complete multiple training courses to develop the requiredknowledge and skills to effectively perform day-to-day systemmanagement tasks. Attending training requires a time commitment by theemployee and a financial commitment by the employer. Therefore,L3Harris offers a discount to reward our customers who are committed totraining their personnel and makes it more affordable for people tocomplete a series of training activities to meet their responsibilities.continued on next pageSeptember 13, 2019Page 8 of 53

2020 TECHNICAL TRAINING CATALOGP25 System Management Training (continued)Bundled P25 SystemManager TrainingProgram (continued)The bundled P25 System Manager Training Program consists of one seat inthe following virtual and traditional classroom courses: P25 System Overview (virtual classroom) Unified Administration System (virtual classroom) Regional Network Manager (virtual classroom) P25 System Implementation Workshop (traditional classroom andincludes one year of unlimited access to the P25 SystemManagement Asynchronous Training Package)The total tuition if these courses are purchased individually is 6,500.00.However, with this package you only pay 5,850.00 for a savings of 650.00.Use course number YTSN8L to purchase the bundled P25 System ManagerTraining Program.The bundled P25 System Manager Training Program must be paid in fullprior to attending the first course. Courses must be attended by the samestudent and must be attended within one year of purchase. The programprice is not valid with any other discounts and is not retroactive.P25 Fleet MappingWorkshop(YTSN6A)Did youknow?September 13, 2019This on-site workshop assists new customers in defining the system fleetmap and planning radio personalities. The workshop begins with anabbreviated overview of the P25 system that focuses on system design andoperation so that participants can make informed decisions about the fleetmap. The workshop explores advantages of different talk group structuresand configuration parameters (e.g., property classes, priority levels, etc.)associated with talk groups and radio users. We include discussion of otherconfiguration options such as announcement groups and the workshop willalso ensure definition of interoperability talk groups.The transition to a P25 trunked radio system is facilitated by the energyand effort put into system planning during the P25 Fleet MappingWorkshop.Page 9 of 53

2020 TECHNICAL TRAINING CATALOGP25 System Management Training (continued)Console Configuration(YTSN3H)This on-site course provides system administrators and managers anddispatch supervisors with the knowledge and skills to configure theSymphony Dispatch Console to meet operational needs. The trainingincludes a detailed operational overview that introduces participants to thevarious features and capabilities of the console. Participants will

Center The L3Harris Technical Training Center is located at 221 Jefferson Ridge Parkway in Lynchburg, Virginia. The facility includes multiple radio systems dedicated to training, as well as well- equipped classrooms and laboratories to support hands-on training. Training Methodology To provide high-qu