Sub-Floor Preparation, Waterproofing & Tiling

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Sub-Floor Preparation,Waterproofing & TilingComplete SolutionsSTART

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FLOOR PREPARATIONWhat sub-floor prep is ationA Dunlop floor leveller willperfectly level concrete andtimber surfaces. When mixedwith water, the cementitiousleveller will flow into place andset, ensuring the perfect start toa tching and/or smoothingfloors is sometimes all that isrequired to achieve the perfectfloor before floor coverings orprior to the application of awaterproofing membrane.Ordering& Support

SUB-FLOOR PREPARATIONCementitious Self-Levelling SolutionsWhat is the Surface you are levelling?ConcreteARDIT FLOOR LEVELLERParticleboardor PlywoodTIMBER FLOORLEVELLEROrdering& Support

SUB-FLOOR PREPARATIONPatching and Smoothing SolutionsDo you need to patch or smooth?PatchARDIT FLOOR LEVELLERSmoothTIMBER FLOOR LEVELLEROrdering& Support

Ordering& SupportSUB-FLOOR PREPARATIONPatching Cracks, Holes & ImperfectionsARDITSET MORTARARDIT RAPIDFLOORREPAIRLEVELLERF/L 960147A extremely, rapid hardening construction mortar. Ideal forfilling cracks and holes over a variety of surfaces as well asramping. It is also suitable for use internally around doors,windows and plumbing installations. Apply from featheredge to normal screed thicknesses.SUBSTRATESConcrete, Render, Screeds,Masonry, Plasterboard, Timber andFibre-Cement Sheet.LOCATIONIndoor & OutdoorTHICKNESSup to 20mmWALKABILITY45 minutesCOVERINGS1 hourCOVERAGE3m2 per 5kg at 1mm thickness

Ordering& SupportSUB-FLOOR PREPARATIONSmoothing CompoundARDITFINISHARDIT FEATHERFLOOR LEVELLERF/L 960529A cement based smoothing compound designed to provide asmooth, permanent finish to a variety of internal substrates suchas concrete, tiles, sheet timber (plywood & particleboard) andDUNLOP FLOOR LEVELLERS prior to the installation of floorcoverings such as vinyl, carpet and ceramic tiles. It can be usedas a skim coat on closely fitted fibre-cement underlay and sheettimber to fill in grooves, gouges and to level up joints.SUBSTRATESLOCATIONConcrete, tiles, sheet timber & levellersIndoorTHICKNESSFeather edge to 3mmWALKABILITYfrom 15 minutesCOVERINGSCOVERAGEfrom 15 minutesWhen skim coating 8kg will cover28m2 over concrete and 56m2 oversheet timber.

Ordering& SupportSUB-FLOOR PREPARATIONCementitious Self-Levelling Solutionsfor concrete surfacesARDITARDIT FLOORFLOORLEVELLERLEVELLERRenowned in the trade for its outstanding performance,DUNLOP ARDIT FLOOR LEVELLER is a high qualitycement based levelling mortar with superior qualities offlow and workability.SUBSTRATESConcreteLOCATIONIndoor & OutdoorTHICKNESS1-25mmWALKABILITY3 hoursCOVERINGSReady for tiles in 3 hoursVinyl and Carpet in 24 hoursCOVERAGE4m2 per 20kg at 3mm thickness12m2 per 20kg at 1mm thicknessF/L 960147

Ordering& SupportSUB-FLOOR PREPARATIONCementitious Self-Levelling Solutionsfor particleboard & plywood surfacesLEVELLERARDITTIMBERFLOORFLOORLEVELLERA self-levelling cement with excellent properties ofadhesion, flexibility and water resistance for use prior tothe installation of ceramic tiles, floating floors, carpet andvinyl.SUBSTRATESConcrete & TimberLOCATIONIndoorTHICKNESS1-12mmWALKABILITY3 hoursCOVERINGSReady for tiles in 12 hoursCarpet in 24 hours and Vinyl 48 hoursCOVERAGE7.8m2 per 14.9kg at 1mm thickness2.6m2 per 14.9kg at 3mm thicknessF/L 960097

Ordering& SupportUnder Tile WaterproofingProven, effective, long term solutionsWhat is the surface to be waterproofed?Concrete,WetLEVELLERArea Grade Plasterboard,ARDITFLOORInternal Structural Plywood (PAA),Compressed Fibre Cement Wall, Renders,Compressed Fibre Cement Sheet,ScreedsTIMBER FLOOR LEVELLERPreformed Shower Base Solutions

Ordering& SupportEXPRESS UNDER TILE WATERPROOFINGThis EXPRESS WET AREA WATERPROOFING System eliminates the need for a siliconebond breaker and speeds up the set time of the BATHROOM & BALCONYWATERPROOFING enabling tiling after just 4 hours in ambient conditions.Step 1Sub-FloorPrep& PrimingPreparationStep Tile2UnderApply TapeWaterproofingStep 3Tile Adhesives,ApplyMembraneGrouts,Sealants

Ordering& SupportSUB-FLOOR PREPARATIONStep1: Preparation and PrimingPRIMER& ADDITIVEARDIT FLOORLEVELLER4L F/L 6829442, 1L availableA ready to use primer for porous surfaces, wallboard andtimber prior to using Dunlop Undertile Waterproofing andDunlop Adhesives. As an additive it enhances the colour ofthe grout, increases adhesion, resists abrasion and stainsand imparts a degree of flexibility.SUBSTRATESPorous surfacesLOCATIONIndoor and outdoorCOVERAGEApprox 4m2 per litre

Ordering& SupportEXPRESS WET AREAWATERPROOFINGStep 2: Apply TapeEXPRESS WET AREA TAPEARDIT FLOOR LEVELLERF/L 6820237A self-adhesive sealing tape that provides a waterproofingseal between the surface joints of the floor and wall, undershower grates and outlets in wet areas such as bathrooms,kitchens and laundries. Use in conjunction with DUNLOPEXPRESS WET AREA WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE fora rapid, total express waterproofing system and tiling cancommence after 4 hours in ambient conditions.SUBSTRATESInternal fibre-cement wall sheet, CFCS,wet area grade plasterboard, concreterenders and screeds and internal AACblocks and panelsLOCATONIndoor & OutdoorTHICKNESS1mmCOVERAGE10m

ring& SupportEXPRESS WET AREAWATERPROOFINGBackStep 3: Apply MembraneEXPRESS WET AREA MEMBRANEARDIT FLOOR LEVELLERNew imageA high performance, water-based acrylic polyurethanemembrane. Suitable for under tile waterproofing of indoor andoutdoor wet areas such as bathrooms and balconies. Whenused with the DUNLOP EXPRESS WET AREA TAPE as partof a total express waterproofing system, tiling can be achievedafter 4 hours in ambient conditions. This membrane is a ClassIII Membrane AS/NZ4858.SUBSTRATESInternal fibre-cement wall sheet, CFCS,wet area grade plasterboard, concreterenders and screeds and internal AACblocks and panels.COATS2COVERAGE20kg: Floors: 8.5m2 dry film 1mmWalls: 17m2 dry film 0.5mm20kg F/L 6650219, 5kg available.

Ordering& SupportUNDER TILE WATERPROOFINGPriming Preformed Shower Base SolutionsARDIT FLOOR LEVELLERDAMP-PROOFF/L 6820176An acrylic brush-on membrane that will prevent rising damp,efflorescence and will resist negative hydrostatic pressure. It hasexcellent adhesion to most substrates including brick, masonry,concrete block, concrete, stone and timber and is simple to use bybrush or roller. It is safe to use and can be overcoated using almostany decorative paint.SUBSTRATEHydro-BlokCOAT1COVERAGE4L: 3 square metres per litre, per coatThe primer required for preformed bases are determined by the base.Please contact Dunlop Technical Services on 1800 222 841 for a detailedspecification.

Ordering& SupportTILING SYSTEM SOLUTIONSUnder Tile Heating, Tile Adhesives, Grouts, SealantsSelect a part of the tiling system:Under Tile HeatingTile AdhesivesColoured GroutsColoured Silicone

UNDER TILE HEATINGDunlop Hotwire Under Tile Heating is a luxurious additionto any tiled area that is affordable and energy efficient.HOTWIREARDITFLOOR LEVELLERUNDERTILE HEATING Affordable luxury heating Fully Programmable Fast & Efficient Ideal for bathrooms and livingareas Part of a complete Dunlop wetarea system Multiple kit sizes availabledepending on room size.RangeOrdering& Support

Ordering& SupportUNDER TILE HEATING RANGEKitHOTWIREARDITFLOOR LEVELLERUNDERTILE HEATINGKit contents: Hotwire Element ProgrammableThermostat/Timer Floor Sensing Probe Fixing Tape Continuity Alarm Instruction ManualSquare MetreFinelineDunlop Hotwire 300 Watt Kit1.4 - 26650325Dunlop Hotwire 400 Watt Kit2.1 - 2.66650326Dunlop Hotwire 500 Watt Kit2.7 - 3.36650318Dunlop Hotwire 600 Watt Kit3.4 - 46650319Dunlop Hotwire 700 Watt Kit4.1 - 4.66650327Dunlop Hotwire 800 Watt Kit4.7 - 5.36650328Dunlop Hotwire 900 Watt Kit5.4 - 66650329Dunlop Hotwire 1000 Watt Kit6.1 - 76650330Dunlop Hotwire 1250 Watt Kit7.1 - 8.96650331Dunlop Hotwire 1500 Watt Kit9 - 10.76650332Dunlop Hotwire 1750 Watt Kit10.8 - 12.56650333Dunlop Hotwire 2000 Watt Kit12.6 - 14.26650334Dunlop Hotwire 2500 Watt Kit14.3 - 17.86650335Dunlop Hotwire 3000 Watt Kit17.9 - 21.406650336Dunlop Hotwire 3500 Watt Kit21.50 - 256650337Dunlop Hotwire 4000 Watt Kit25.1 - 28.506650339Dunlop Hotwire 5000 Watt Kit28.6 - 35.706650340Dunlop Hotwire 6000 Watt Kit35.8 - 436650341Range

Ordering& SupportTILE ADHESIVESDunlop Trade Range Tile Adhesives, ideal for usewith Dunlop Under Tile WaterproofingUniversalTile AdhesiveMultipurpose MasticTile AdhesiveTrade ResaflexRapidsetTrade ResaflexTile AdhesiveHigh performancetile adhesive formost tiling projectsFlexible, non-slump tileadhesive especially forlarge format wall &floor tiles.Rapid setting,multipurpose rubbermodified tile adhesiveHigh performancetile adhesive formost tiling projects

Ordering& SupportTILE ADHESIVESDunlop Trade Range Tile Adhesives, ideal for usewith Dunlop Under Tile WaterproofingUNIVERSALTILELEVELLERADHESIVEARDIT FLOORHigh performance tile adhesive formost tiling projectsTILE TYPESCeramic, porcelain, natural stone (excluding moisturesensitive stone), mosaics and fully vitrified tiles.SUBSTRATESConcrete, render, screeds, fibre-cement sheet,plasterboard walls, compressed FC sheet floors, DunlopWaterproofing membranes, existing ceramic tiles (indoor,dry areas) and ceramic tile underlay over timber.LOCATIONIndoor & OutdoorCOVERAGE11m2 per 20kg using a 6mm trowel7m2 per 20kg using a 10mm trowelGROUTCLASSIFICATION24 hoursC2TES1F/L 6820187

Ordering& SupportTILE ADHESIVESDunlop Trade Range Tile Adhesives, ideal for usewith Dunlop Under Tile WaterproofingMULTIPURPOSEMASTIC TILE ADHESIVEARDIT FLOOR LEVELLERF/L 6650226TILE TYPESCeramic, porcelain, non-moisture sensitive stone, fullyvitrified, mosaicsUSE ONConcrete, render, screeds, fibre-cement sheet walls,compressed fibre-cement sheet floors, plasterboard walls,Dunlop Waterproofing Membranes, prepared existingceramic tiles, ceramic tile underlay.SURFACESWalls and floorsLOCATIONIndoor and outdoorCOVERAGE10m2 using a 6mm trowel (per 20kg bag)6m2 using a 10mm trowel (per 20kg bag)GROUTCLASSIFICATION24 hoursC2TES1

Ordering& SupportTILE ADHESIVESDunlop Trade Range Tile Adhesives, ideal for usewith Dunlop Under Tile WaterproofingTRADERESAFLEXRAPIDSET TILE ADHESIVEARDIT FLOORLEVELLERF/L 6650102TILE TYPESCeramic, porcelain, non-moisture sensitive stone, fullyvitrified, mosaicsUSE ONConcrete, render, plasterboard, fibre cement sheetwalls, prepared painted surfaces and prepared existingtiles (indoors).SURFACESWalls and floorsLOCATIONIndoor and outdoorCOVERAGE9m2 per 15kg using a 6mm trowel6m2 per 15kg using a 10mm trowelGROUTCLASSIFICATION3 hoursC1FES1

Ordering& SupportTILE ADHESIVESDunlop Trade Range Tile Adhesives, ideal for usewith Dunlop Under Tile WaterproofingTRADERESAFLEXTILE ADHESIVEARDIT FLOORLEVELLERF/L 6820174TILE TYPESCeramic tiles, fully vitrified, mosaics, porcelain, natural stone(excluding moisture sensitive stone)USE ONConcrete, Render, Screeds, Fibre Cement Sheet Walls,Plasterboard walls, Compressed Fibre-Cement Sheet floors,concrete floors, fibre-cement sheet walls, DunlopWaterproofing MembranesSURFACESWalls and floorsLOCATIONIndoor and outdoorCOVERAGE13m2 using a 6mm trowel (per 20kg bag)8-10m2 using a 10mm trowel (per 20kg bag)GROUTCLASSIFICATION6-8 hoursC2S1

Ordering& SupportCOLOURED GROUTSDunlop Trade Range GroutsULTRA-WHITEFLEXIBLE GROUTFLEXIBLECOLOURED GROUT Joints 1-8mmIndoor/OutdoorWalk on in 5 hoursFlush, smooth jointsProtected by Grout ShieldColours: White, FrenchVanilla, Alabaster, Buff,Travertine, Havana, MistryGrey, Slate Grey, CharredAsh, Midnight Joints 1-4mmIndoor & OutdoorExcellent workabilityFlush, smooth jointsProtected by Grout ShieldColour: Ultra-whiteREADY-TO-GOGROUTEPOXY GROUT Joints 1.5-15mmStain ResistantEasy to use & cleanIndoor & outdoorProtected by Grout ShieldColours: White, MagellanGrey, Slate Grey,Travertine Joints 1-5mmIndoor & OutdoorNo MixingRejuvenates old groutProtected by Grout ShieldColours: Ultra-White,White, Buff, Travertine,Misty Grey, Slate Grey,Jet Black

Ordering& SupportCOLOURED SILICONEDunlop Coloured Silicone matches Dunlop ColouredGrouts and provides the perfect finish for your project.COLOUREDSILICONEARDIT FLOORLEVELLERMATCHESDUNLOPCOLOUREDGROUT Flexible Waterproof Easy Application Resists Mould Acetic CureLOCATIONIndoor & OutdoorCOLOURSUltra-White, Buff, Misty Grey Slate Grey Charred Ash,Travertine, Midnight, Havana, Alabaster

ring& SupportTECHNICAL DOWNLOADSUnder TileWaterproofingTiling System SolutionsWaterproofing overUnder Tile ellingstandard surfacesPatching & SmoothingTile AdhesivesGrouts10 Year GuaranteeSilicone

ProductTechnicalDownloadsVideosWarrantyOrdering& SupportCompanySub-FloorPreparationTECHNICAL DOWNLOADSBackArdit RapidsetRepair MortarArdit FeatherFinishPatching & SmoothingArdit Timber FloorLevellerLevellingArdit FloorLeveller

r TileWaterproofingTECHNICAL DOWNLOADSBackPrimer &AdditiveExpress WetArea TapeOrdering& SupportExpress Wet AreaMembrane

AdhesivesTECHNICAL DOWNLOADSBackUniversal TileAdhesiveMultipurposeMasticOrdering& SupportTrade ResaflexRapidsetTrade ResaflexTile Adhesive

ring& SupportGrouts &SiliconeTECHNICAL DOWNLOADSBackEpoxy GroutUltra-WhiteGroutColoured GroutReady-to-GoGroutColouredSilicone

ProductTechnicalDownloadsVideosWarrantyOrdering& SupportUnder TileHeatingTECHNICAL DOWNLOADSBackInstallationManualCompanyRange

ProductTechnicalDownloadsTECHNICAL DOWNLOADSBackVideosWarrantyCompanyOrdering& Support

ring& SupportVIDEOSHow-to ExpressWaterproofingExpress Waterproofingover standard surfacesHow-to TileLaying Tile AdhesiveHow-to GroutGroutingHow-to SiliconeFinishing with Silicone

ProductTechnicalDownloadsArdex Australia Pty Ltd guaranteesthat products are free frommanufacturing defects and willperform to any applicablespecification published by us for10 years from the date of applicationof the product if such applicationoccurs within this product’s specifiedshelf life.Call us for Technical Advice orSupport in your area on1800 222 841VideosWarrantyr10 YEARCOMPLETESYSTEMWARRANTYCompanyOrdering& Support

ProductTechnicalDownloadsThe Dunlop Range of CompleteBuilding Solutions has been proven inthe trade for 50 years.As part of the ARDEX Group, Dunlopproducts are engineered with ARDEXtechnology to make building asefficient as possible and best in class.The Subfloor Prep, Tiling, Wet AreaSystem Solutions provides everythingrequired for a profession finish andlong term solution.VideosWarrantyCompanyOrdering& Support

ProductTechnicalDownloadsBunnings welcomes the opportunity toquote on complete solutions for anysubfloor prep, waterproofing and tilingproject in your next build.Please contact your local Bunningsrepresentative or call 133 062.VideosWarrantyCompanyOrdering& Support

Dunlop Adhesives. As an additive it enhances the colour of the grout, increases adhesion, resists abrasion and stains and imparts a degree of flexibility. SUBSTRATES Porous surfaces LOCATION Indoor and outdoor COVERAGE Approx 4m2 per litre Back 4L F/L 6829442, 1L available Product Technical . Downloads .

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