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TSZ TRAFFIC SAFETY ZONE is a North American leader in the traffic safety industry withdecades of experience in product development, manufacturing, and supply to the industrialand traffic safety markets.Our team is dedicated to developing and manufacturing quality and innovative products thatcan be used safely for years to come. As the manufacturer and designer of the majority ofour products, we listen to your needs and are committed to staying on top of designimprovements for added safety and cost savings not just for today but down the road.Our full range of traffic wands and LED products are sold worldwide and produced by one ofour partner suppliers who is the largest manufacturer of this product in the world. Our rangeof traffic cones, barricades, delineators, barrels and rubber speed control products are ratedhighly in the industry and are always offered at a fair price.With state of the art printing equipment and world-class reflective sheeting materials, wenow manufacture and offer a wide range of city, construction, and traffic signs that are thebest in the industry.We pride ourselves on delivering quality products, great service and fair prices to earn yourbusiness long term. When you deal with TSZ Traffic Safety Zone, you can be assured youare getting what we promise. If you have any concerns or recommendations regarding ourproducts or service, please contact us and we will do our utmost to make things right.We appreciate your business very much and wish you a Safe Day!Sincerely,Rob Mac KenneyPresidentTSZ Traffic Safety Zone, ULC

1BLACK BASE PVC TRAFFIC CONESBLACK BASE PVC TRAFFIC CONES - WITHOUT COLLARSBlack Base Traffic Cones are made up of a fluorescentPVC cone body and recycled PVC black base. The twoparts interlock as a single inseparable piece, and will notseparate even if hit by a heavy truck or drive overs.Fluorescent color has a 2 year warrantyAvailable with reflective Type 3or 3M CollarsExtreme temperature rated -35 C to 65 C(-31 F to 149 F)Meets MUTCD standardsCOB-TC-70WGNCOB-TC-70WRCOB-TC-45ITEM NO.COB-TC-45GNDESCRIPTTIONCOB-TC-70WR10BASE WIDTHWEIGHTQTY/PALLETCOB-TC-4518” Orange, Black Base, Grip Top10”3 lbs720COB-TC-70WR28” Orange, Black Base, Grip Top14”7 lbs315COB-TC-70WR10 28” Orange, Black Base, Grip Top14”10 lbs225COB-TC-45GN18” Green, Black Base, Grip Top10”3 lbs720COB-TC-70WGN18” Green, Black Base, Grip Top14”7 lbs315BLACK BASE PVC TRAFFIC CONES - WITH COLLARSBlack Base Traffic Cones with east grip tops, are madefrom a fluorescent orange PVC cone body and arecycled PVC black base. The two parts interlock as asingle inseparable piece, and will not separate even ifhit by a heavy truck or drive overs.Fluorescent color has a 2 year warrantyAvailable with reflective Type 3 collars or3M Type CollarsExtreme temperature rated-35 C to 65 C (-31 F to 149 F)Meets MUTCD standardsASTM Certified to Type TCOB-TC-70WR10HTITEM � Orange, Black Base, Recessed HI Collar 6” & Grip Top10”3 lbs720COB-TC-70S5HT28” Orange, Black Base, Recessed HI Collar (4” and 6”) & Grip Top12”5 lbs360COB-TC-70WRHT28” Black Base, Recessed HI Collar (4” and 6”) & Grip Top14”7 lbs315COB-TC-70WR10HT28” Black Base, Recessed HI Collar (4” and 6”) & Grip Top14”10 lbs225COB-TC-90WRHT36” Black Base, Recessed HI Collar (4” and 6”) & Grip Top14”10 lbs225

2UTILITY CONES / CONE COLLARSSOLID ORANGE PVC UTILITY CONESSolid 1 piece cone made of fluorescent orange PVCExtreme durability & superior flexibilityOptional 4” & 6” reflective Type 3 or 3M collarsCOD-TC-45RCOD-TC-30RITEM NO.DESCRIPTIONCOD-TC-70RCOD-TC-90WR9BASE WIDTHWEIGHTQTY/PALLETCOD-TC-30R12” Solid Orange Cone6”1.3 lbs1,750COD-TC-45R18” Solid Orange Cone10”2.4 lbs928COD-TC-70R28” Solid Orange Cone14”5 lbs450COD-TC-90WR936” Solid Orange Cone14”9 lbs225REFLECTIVE CONE COLLARSAdd collars to your traffic cone to increase visibilityTape available in Type 3 or 3MPurchase in bulk to wrap your own conesTAP-TM1-C18-4TAP-3M-C18-4ITEM M1-C28TAP-3M-C28COLLAR SIZETYPECARTON QTYCONE SIZESTAP-TM1-C18-44”HI10012”, 18”, 28”TAP-3M-C18-44”3M10012”, 18”, 28”TAP-TM1-C186”HI10018”, 28”TAP-3M-C186”3M10018”, 28”TAP-TM1-C28Set 6” & 4”HI10028”TAP-3M-C28Set 6” & 4”3M10028”TAP-TM1-C36Set 6” & 4”HI10036”TAP-3M-C36Set 6” & 4”3M10036”

3DELINEATOR POSTS AND BASESDELINEATOR POSTSDelineator posts are constructed from a combination of high and low density polyethylene plastic. This formula providesyears of protection from UV light, extreme heat, and freezing temperatures.Our delineators are designed as temporary channelizers to provide traffic delineation, crowd control, create awarenessof hazards in construction/maintenance areas, and to block parking areas. They are 42” high and available with orwithout HI or HIP reflective tape in 3” or 4” EATOR BASESDelineator bases are constructed from acombination of durable virgin, reclaimed, andrecycled polyurethane free vulcanized rubber.All bases feature a stacking ring to keep themfrom sliding off of each other when stacked.3” and 4” Reflective Band OptionsITEM NO.They are designed to function as a flexiblefoundation to keep posts upright and weightedin place on rough or uneven surfaces. Ourdelineator bases are available in both squareand octagonal shapes in various ator Grip-T Top - No Tape1.9 lbs220DEL-DP-GT-HI24Delineator Grip-T Top With 2 x 4” HI Tape1.9 lbs220DEL-DP-GT-HIP23Delineator Grip-T Top With 2 x 3” HIP White Tape1.9 lbs220DEL-DP-L-HIP23Delineator Omega Top with 2 x 3” HIP White Tape1.9 lbs220DEL-DP-L-HIP24Delineator Omega Top With 2 x 4” HIP White Tape1.9 lbs220DEL-BA-1010 lb Square Delineator Base 4.5” Hole, 17.5”W10 lbs2007200-RB-1010 lb Octagon Delineator Base 4.5” Hole, 15.5”W10 lbs1947200-RB-1212 lb Octagon Delineator Base 4.5” Hole, 15.5”W12 lbs1867200-RB-1818 lb Hexagon Base 4.5” Hole, 20.25”W18 lbs150

4TRAFFIC CONE ACCESSORIESCONE BARSThese PVC cone bars form a temporary safety barrierReflective EG tape for high visibilityUsed with traffic cones and delineators10’ cone bar expands at both ends to reducesagging and offers a 6’ to 10’ barrierITEM NO.DESCRIPTIONLENGTHPOLE DIARING DIAWEIGHTCOA-TCB-1WO7’ Cone Bar Orange / EG White Stripe48” to 84”1.38”4.13”1.2 lbsCOA-TCB-1BY7’ Cone Bar Black / EG Yellow Stripe48” to 84”1.38”4.13”1.2 lbsCOA-TCB-2WO10’ Cone Bar EG Orange & Silver Stripe72” to 120”1.38”4.13”2.4 lbsCONE AND DELINEATOR TOPPERSOur retractable topper cases are solid injection molded, manufactured from polypropylene material and designed to fitany standard traffic cone or delineator. The retractable belt is made from strong nylon. Easy to install and elimates theneed for barricade tape and will last for 3RCOA-TOP-1YITEM NO.COA-TOP-3YDESCRIPTIONBELT SIZECOA-TOP-1R / 1YRed or Yellow Cone Topper 10’ Belt with stripes2” x 10’COA-TOP-3R / 3YRed or Yellow Cone / Delineator Topper 30’ Belt with stripes2” x 30’TRAFFIC CONE SIGNSMade from a durable ABS plastic with UV inhibitorsUV printed in any colorSuitable in all weather conditionsEasy to installITEM NO.DESCRIPTIONSIZECOLORTSF-1210-CT-ORCone Sign Orange Printed12 3/4”W x 10 1/2”LOrangeTSF-1210-CT-OR-EGCone Sign Orange EG Printed12 3/4”W x 10 1/2”LOrangeTSF-1210-CT-OR-EG2Cone Sign Orange EG Printed 2 Sides12 3/4”W x 10 1/2”LOrangeTSF-1210-CTDC-OR-EGCone Sign Double Clip Orange EG Printed12 3/4”W x 10 1/2”LOrangeTSF-1210-CT-WHCone Sign White Printed12 3/4”W x 10 1/2”LWhiteTSF-1210-CT-WH-EGCone Sign White EG Printed12 3/4”W x 10 1/2”LWhiteTSF-1210-CT-WH-EG2Cone Sign White EG Printed 2 Sides12 3/4”W x 10 1/2”LWhite

5BARRIERS6VERTICAL PANELSVERTICAL PANELSVertical panels are constructed from durable polyethylene plastic and are fitted with a moulded rubber base. They aredesigned as temporary channelizers to provide traffic delineation, crowd control, awareness of hazards, and to blockparking areas. Custom Printed Panels are available.Easy-grip carry handle for convenient handling, and stackable with or without the base. Reflective custom printedpanels or regulation striping for traffic delineation sold separately. GEMSTONE available in orange, white, and black.GEMSTONE PANELS AND BASESTM400-B-9R400-B-20R400-B-30RStripesCustom PrintECONOMY PANELS AND BASESAll Sheeting is HIPunless EG or DGis requestedDEL-BA-86” StripeITEM NO.4” StripeDESCRIPTIONWEIGHTQTY/PL4100-BKGEMSTONE Vertical Panel Black, 44.5”4 lbs754100-OGEMSTONE Vertical Panel Orange, 44.5”4 lbs754100-WGEMSTONE Vertical Panel White, 44.5”4 lbs75TAP-SM1-HIP4Vertical Panel HIP Sheeting 4” Stripes (Right & Left Set).25 lbs-TAP-SM1-HIP6Vertical Panel HIP Sheeting 6” Stripes (Right & Left Set).25 lbs-TAP-SMI-CUSTOMVertical Panel HIP Sheeting with Custom Message (2 sides) 8” x 36”.25 lbs-400-B-9R9 LB Vertical Panel Rubber Base (Gemstone)9 lbs200400-B-20R20 LB Vertical Panel Rubber Base With Handles (Gemstone)20 lbs100400-B-30R30 LB Vertical Panel Rubber Base With Handles (Gemstone)30 lbs60DEL-VP-1-OREconomy Vertical Panel Orange, 42”4.4 lbs75DEL-VP-1-WHEconomy Vertical Panel White, 42”4.4 lbs75DEL-BA-820 LB Vertical Panel Rubber Base With Handles (Economy)20 lbs75

6TRAFFIC BARRELSSTACKER POSTSStacker posts are constructed from flexible polyethylene plastic with uniquelydesigned handles that allow you to grab or pull, when moving and lifting. Ourposts include reflective tape for visibility, and the durable rubber bases keepthem in place.Stacks with or without baseBarricade Light ReceptacleNavicade available in 28” by special orderNavicade NCHRP-350/Mash Accepted, Meets MUTCD StandardsNavicade USA madeNavicadeITEM -ANavicade 4 x 4” HIP Bands Orange / White , 42” high3 lbs168650-RB-16Rubber Base for Navicade, 7.75” hole16 lbs100DEL-GC-7-HI46Economy Stacker Post, 4” & 6” HI Bands, 42” High2.6 lbs100650-RB-1616 lb Hexagon Rubber Base For Stacker Posts; 7.5” Hole16 lbs100TRAFFIC BARRELSOrange traffic barrels or channelizer drums are constructed from high density polyethylene plastic and come withreflective bands. Traffic barrels have heavy weighted tire rings for added stability. Handles will fit with any of ourbarricade lights and are used for greater visibility or when needed for directional and channelization purposes.Tirerings are made from recycled tires and slip over traffic barrels to help keep barrels firmly in place.COMMANDER TRAFFIC DRUMTMSuperior DurabilityImproved Tire Locking Ring DesignTighter Stacking & PackingNCHRP-350 Accepted, Meets MUTCD StandardsUSA MadeAvailable withAlternate Reflective BandsITEM 0Drum High Density 4 x 4” HIP Bands OWOW39.7”23.5”844456-HD-T-32Drum High Density 4 x 4” DG Bands OWOW39.7”23.5”844456-HD-T-41Drum High Density 5 x 4” HIP Bands OWOWO39.7”23.5”844456-HD-T-33Drum High Density 5 x 4” DG Bands OWOWO39.7”23.5”8444500Rubber Tire Ring 22” Inside Diameter--2430/Bundle

7WATERFILLED AND AIRPORT BARRICADESWATERFILLED BARRICADESA durable and impact resistance channelizing device that conforms to any roadway design.Tongue and groove assemblyLinked units secured with connector pinStackable for transport and storageRecessed bottom for Forklift AccessLight pocket for barricade lightAccepts optional fence panelsFillable with water or sandConnected length 60 Sheeting area 8’’H x 48’’L, Applied both sidesReplacement parts availableUSA Made90 TurnsConforming to anyroadwayITEM NO.DESCRIPTIONWF-O-HIPLR-KITSIZE68”L x 24”W x 36”HWF-W-HIPLR-KITWEIGHTSHEETING54 lbs.HIP54 lbs.HIPAIRPORT BARRICADESA low profile interlocking barricade system used to close taxiways, runways, and delineateconstruction zones. Designed for performance, durability and convenience.Enhanced wall thickness on barricade bottomMolded reinforcing ribs add stiffness and strengthConnectors molded into barricade-pivots between 90 and 80 Angled sidewall facilitates visibilityHolds 2 barricade lights, 360 red solar LED airport lights, 2 flagsFills with up to 26 gallons of waterStacks for transport and storageFAA Advisory Circular No. 150/5370-2F CompliantUSA MadeOTHER SHEETING OPTIONS AVAILABLEITEM NO.DESCRIPTIONAB96-O-HIPLRAirport Barricade OrangeAB96-W-HIPLRAirport Barricade White562360 Red Solar LED Airport Light563Orange Flag, PVC, 38’’ L Wood DowellDIMENSIONSWEIGHTSHEETING96”L x 10”W x 10”H27 lbsHIP----20” x 20”

8BARRIERSTYPE 3 BARRIERThe Barrier Board System is ideal for construction sites and outdoor applications where a tough and durable barriersystem is required. The ABS plastic board is supported by pre-galvanized steel legs.Sold as a right or left direction and replacement boards are available. Feet and posts are available as parts and canbe easily assembled.KIT INCLUDESPosts, Feet, Boards Pre-Drilled,and HardwareReplacement PartsAvailableAvailable Board Sizes:4’ / 6’ / 8’ / 10’ / 12’Angle Iron Upwright8607TYPE III AssembledAngle Iron Foot8610ITEM NO.DESCRIPTIONHEIGHT WIDTH WEIGHT BOARD SIZE3904-EG-L-DRILL-KITType 3, Angle Iron Feet, Upright, 4’ EG Boards Left, Drilled63”60”38 lbs4’ x 8” x 1”860763” Angle Iron Upright, 10 Gauge, Galvanized63”-7 lbs-861063” Angle Iron Foot, GalvanizedN/A60”7 lbs-8170Hardware Kit to Attach Uprights to Boards--2 lbs-304-EG-L-DRILL4’ Board EG Tape White & Orange (1 side) Left Pre-DrilledN/A100”3 lbs4’ x 8” x 1”306-EG-LR6’ Board EG Tape White & Orange (2 sides) Left / RightN/A100”4 lbs6’ x 8” x 1”308-EG-LR8’ Board EG Tape White & Orange (2 sides) Left / RightN/A100”5 lbs8’ x 8” x 1”310-EG-LR10’ Board EG Tape White & Orange (2 sides) Left / RightN/A100”6 lbs10’ x 8” x 1”312-EG-LR12’ Board EG Tape White & Orange (2 sides) Left / RightN/A100”7 lbs12’ x 8” x 1”

9BARRICADE LIGHTSBARRICADE LIGHTS - HEAVY DUTYOur barricade lights feature the industry’s brightest LED optic lens, which produces 20% more light output than other brands. Barricade LED optic lights are built with heavy-duty polycarbonate lenses and polypropyleneunbreakable cases. Designed to withstand high impacts and harsh weather conditions frequently experiencedwhen being used in construction zones and road safety applications.Meets MUTCDStandardsUnbreakable PC Lens withstands highimpact and pressureOur LED optic lens allows for 20% more lightoutput when compared to other brandsLens rotates 90 for easy adjustment to anyanglePersonalize your lights by molding yourcompany logo into the caseCase made of unbreakable plastic whichwithstands all types of impact and extremeweather conditionsSame features asabove plus:Extra Large Solar Panel12pcs super bright LED’sFunction: 4 Quad Flashing Closed

10BARRICADE LIGHTSBARRICADE LIGHTS - HEAVY DUTYUV-protected polycarbonate lens withstands high impact in all weather conditionsSuper bright 2 pc LED single-sided and double-sided outputLED optic lens design allows for 20% more efficient light outputPersonalize your lights by molding your company logo into the case (min 1000 pc)High efficiency circuitry increases battery life up to four months of usage on steadyD-Cell lights require 4 batteries - uses up 2 batteries then switches to last 2Meets MUTCDStandards6 VOLT OR D CELL TYPESDouble Side Lens - Type A/CRequires 4 D-Cell BatteriesSingle Side Lens - Type BRequires 4 D-Cell BatteriesSLB-AB-410KADouble Side Lens - Type A/CRequires 6 Volt BatterySLB-AB-410KBSLB-AB-410ASOLAR TYPESDouble Side Lens - Type A/CSolar Chargest installed Ni-Cad BatterySingle Side Lens - Type BSolar Charges installed Ni-Cad BatterySLB-AB-SU410KASLB-AB-SU610KAAccessories Included:Push pin1 pc push pin and 1 pc bolt for each barricade light1 pc wrench included in each carton of 10 lightsWrenchBoltITEM NO.DESCRIPTIONDIMENSIONSWEIGHTLED COLORSLB-AB-410KA2 Sided D-Cell Battery, Type A/C7” x 10.5” x 3.25”1.4 lbsYellowSLB-AB-410KBSingle Side D-Cell Battery, Type B7” x 10.5” x 3.5”1.2 lbsYellowSLB-AB-410A2 Sided 6 Volt Battery, Type A/C6.5” x 12” x 3”1.45 lbsYellowSLB-AB-SU410KA2 Sided Solar D-Cell Case, Type A/C7” x 10.5” x 3.5”1.7 lbsYellowSLB-AB-SU610KA1 Sided Solar D-Cell Case, Visor, Type B7” x 11 3/4” x 7 1/4”2.2 lbsYellow

11PLASTIC & STEEL BARRICADESSTEEL BARRICADESFolding barricades are constructed from high-impact resistant blow molded plastic and steel legs. Plastic panels arereinforced with ribs to increase stiffness and reduce bending, cracking and warping. Pre-galvanized steel legs arestandard, and white powder-coated legs are available on special order. All barricades come with EG or HIP gradereflective sheeting. This innovative modular barricade design keeps panels from coming loose over time.Our folding barricades meet MUTCD standards, and are ideal for a variety of applications. They are durable and designed for all-weather performance. Barricades are used when a temporary closure of an area is needed for safety intraffic zones, city roads, airports or events.ITEM NO.Type 18” & 6” PanelsType 28” & 8” PanelsBAR-FBT1-86EGBAR-FBT2-88EGDESCRIPTIONHEIGHT WIDTHType 112” & 8” PanelsBAR-FBT1-128EGTOP PANELBOTTOM PANELWEIGHTQTY/PALLETBAR-FBT1-86EGTYPE I, Folding Barrier42”24”8” EG Sheeting6” No Sheeting14 lbs70 / PLBAR-FBT2-88EGTYPE II, Folding Barrier42”24”8” EG Sheeting8” EG Sheeting15 lbs70 / PLBAR-FBT2-88HIPTYPE II, Folding Barrier42”24”8” HIP Sheeting8” HIP Sheeting15 lbs70 / PLBAR-FBT1-128EGTYPE I, Folding Barrier42”24”12” EG Sheeting8” No Sheeting16 lbs50 / PLBAR-FBT1-128HIPTYPE I, Folding Barrier42”24”12” HIP Sheeting8” No Sheeting16 lbs50 / PLBARRICADE PARTSITEM NO.DESCRIPTIONWEIGHTPALLETBAR-FBL-45-STEEL45” Barricade Leg 14 Gauge Steel2.3 lbs1000BAR-FBP-66” x 24” Barricade Panel, Blow Molded Plastic, No Sheeting1.3 lbs1000BAR-FBP-88” x 24” Barricade Panel, Blow Molded Plastic, No Sheeting1.6 lbs1000BAR-FBP-1212” x 24” Barricade Panel, Blow Molded Plastic, No Sheeting1.9 lbs1000BAR-FBP-8-EGR8” x 24” Barricade Panel, Blow Molded Plastic, EG Sheeting Right1.3 lbs1000BAR-FBP-8-EGL8” x 24” Barricade Panel, Blow Molded Plastic, EG Sheeting Left1.3 lbs1000

12PLASTIC BARRICADES AND PARTSPLASTIC BARRICADESPlastic barricades are manufactured by Plasticade and available in a variety of sheeting options.All feature a flashing barricade light mounting receptacleAsk us about colors, sheeting, and custom branding optionsAll barricades meet MUTCD standardsUSA MadeSAFETYCADETM107-W-T12FAB8HI-PAsk aboutsheeting Optional colours: Orange / YellowAvailable by special order.CALL FOR SHEETING OPTIONSITEM NO.DESCRIPTIONHEIGHT WIDTH TOP PANEL BOTTOM PANEL WEIGHT107-W-T12FAB8HI-PType I Barricade White DG Arrow & HIP Stripes42.5”33”12” x 24”8” x 24”29 lbs4200-W-HIPType I Barricade White HIP Stripes43.5”21”36” x 12”-27 lbs100-WT12EGType I Barricade White EG Stripes45”25”12” x 24”8” x 24”16 lbs

13BOARD BARRIERSBOARD BARRIERSThe Barrier Board System is ideal for construction sites, crowd control, and outdoor applications where a toughand durable barrier system is required. Plastic Boards are reinforced with internal walls for strength and durability.A-frame legs fit 1 or 2 boards and the economy priced powder coated steel fits 1 economy board.1” x 8” plastic boards come in 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’ and 12’lengthsHigh density polyethylene materials resists fading,chipping, or splinteringFlat surface displays retroreflective sheetingComplies with MUTCD requirementsPLASTICADETMBoards and FramesExtruded hollow core withinternal walls for addedstrength & durabilityEconomy Boardand Steel Legs8’ Board:BAR-BB-BOARD-1W8Legs:BAR-BB-LEG-1YITEM NO.DESCRIPTIONCALL FOR SHEETING OPTIONSLWHWEIGHT304-EG-LR4’ Board Double Side EG 6” width Stripes L/R4’1’8”3 lbs306-EG-LR6’ Board Double Side EG 6” width Stripes L/R6’1’8”4 lbs308-EG-LR8’ Board Double Side EG 6” width Stripes L/R8’1’8”5 lbs310-EG-LR10’ Board Double Side EG 6” width Stripes L/R10’1’8”6 lbs312-EG-LR12’ Board Double Side EG 6” width Stripes L/R12’1’8”7.5 lbs2003WOMNI Plasticade A-Frame Leg28”6-40”6 lbsBAR-BB-BOARD-1W88’ Economy Board Double Side EG 4” width Stripes L/R8”.75”6”7.3 lbsBAR-BB-LEG-1YEconomy Leg, YellowN/A32”40”8.5 lbsTM

14SAFETY BARRIERSSAFETY BARRIERSSafety barriers are designed to act as a blockade for construction areas, events, maintenance, or to identify a hazard.Some of our barriers include reflective tape for greater visibility. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.The specially designed work area folding safety fence kit comes with four panels, rotational legs or wheels, andreflective sheeting. They can be placed in a line or adjusted to protect an enclosed area.Plastic barriers are made from lightweight blow moulded virgin plastic. Steel barriers are powder coated wiith castors.Expands 6’BAR-EB3NBAR-EB-8Expands to 11’Expands to 11’Expands to 11’BAR-EB-1BAR-EB-1S-YBAR-EB-1S-RITEM NO.DESCRIPTIONDIMENSIONSWEIGHTCOLOR74” x 37 x 5.5”26 lbsRed43” x 39.5” x 1.1”54 lbsOrange16” - 123” x 38” x 16”9.5”YellowBAR-EB3NExpanding Barrier - Water / Sand FillableBAR-EB-8Folding Work Area Fence Kit, Includes: 4 Panels, Feet, EG TapeBAR-EB-1Expanding Barrier With CastersBAR-EB-1S-RMetal Expanding Barrier With Casters - Red40” x 16.4” x 141”46 lbsRedBAR-EB-1S-YMetal Expanding Barrier With Casters - Yellow40” x 16.4” x 141”46 lbsYellow

15RETRACTABLE BARRIER STANCHIONSRETRACTABLE BARRIER STANCHIONSRetractable Barriers are perfect for organizing lines, queues or to section off an area of your floor space to restrict publicaccess.They feature a retractable belt made of woven nylon and a weighted base that makes them stable.3 meter (10’) retractable beltsHeavy rubber base for maximum stabilityKit includes: 2 posts and 2 basesAvailable in a plastic or metal kitAdd a sign adaptorto yourplastic TITEM NO.Supports8 ¼” X 10 ½”Sign FaceBAR-MRBB-C-R-KITDESCRIPTIONWEIGHT EA POST HEIGHT MATERIALBAR-PRBB-YB-KIT2 Yellow Posts w/ 10’ Retractable Y/B Belt, 2 Black Bases11 lbs40”PlasticBAR-PRBB-RW-KIT2 Red Posts w/ 10’ Retractable R/W Belt, 2 Black Bases11 lbs40”PlasticBAR-MRBB-B-YB-KIT 2 Black Metal Posts w/ 10’ Retractable Y/B Belt, 2 Black Bases12 lbs40”MetalBAR-MRBB-C-R-KIT2 Silver Metal Posts w/ 10’ Retractable Red Belt, 2 Chrome Bases12 lbs40”MetalBAR-RCCB-SIGN-RSign Adaptor Red for Plastic Stanchions.5 lbs40”PlasticBAR-RCCB-SIGN-YSign Adaptor Yellow for Plastic Stanchions.5 lbs40”Plastic

16PLASTIC FENCE PANELSCROWCADE CROWD CONTROL BARRICADEPlastic fence panels are constructed from lightweight blow-molded virgin plastic and designed to act as a barrier forconstruction and maintenance areas, outdoor events, festivals, or to identify a hazard. Custom colors availableupon request. Made in the USA.CROWDCADECROWDCADE DELUXETMTM6’ durable plastic barricade with strongDeluxe 7’ thick walled, plasticplastic legs and rubber feetbarricade with steel legs and feetStriped sheeting can be appliedAdd printed panelto one or two sidesBARRIER WALL PANELBarrier wall panels are constructed from lightweight HDPE material and designed to act as a blockade forconstruction areas, outdoor events, festivals, and maintenance, or to identify a hazard. Our plastic barrier wallpanels include high-intensity reflective tape for visibility in dark conditions. They are easy to install, and thelightweight material is ideal for handling.43” PanelBAR-PFB-6-ORITEM NO.76” PanelBAR-PFB-4-ORDESCRIPTION43” ADE 6’ Connected Length White74”L x 39.5”H32 lbsWhite2004-OCROWDCADE 6’ Connected Length Orange74”L x 39.5”H32 lbsOrange2007-WCROWCADE DELUXE 7’ Connected Length White86.25”L x 42”H35 lbsWhite2007-OCROWDCADE DELUXE 7’ Connected Length Orange86.25”L x 42”H35 lbsOrangeBAR-PFB-6-OR Barrier Wall Panel, 40lb Recycled PVC Base, 39.5”L Connected43”L x 37.5”H x 8”W56 lbsOrangeBAR-PFB-4-OR 76” Plastic Fence Panel, Recycled PVC Base, 71”L Connected76”L x 39”H x 17.5”W26 lbsOrangeBAR-PFB-5-OR 43” Plastic Fence Panel, Recycled PVC Base, 39.5”L Connected43”L x 39”H x 17.5”W27 lbsOrange

17URBAN FLEX POSTURBAN FLEX POSTSImpact-resistant to withstand repeated hits & drive oversRebounds from any direction to stay erectRound post provides 360 of reflectivityConstructed from durable polyurethane that isUV-resistant, cold and heat-resistantThe most economical post availableEpoxy or Anchor to Asphalt or ConcreteFlexible Surface Mount PostSingle Piece PostAvailable inMultiple ColorsBy Special OrderAvailable inOrange, Yellow,and White4” AnchorUFP-HSP-44R-OITEM NO.TPUSpringBack GHTDIAWEIGHTCAPACITYANCHORSUFP-FP-45-OR18.50” Post with 2 x 2” HI Bands18”3”1.76 lbs 44,000 lbs at 30 MPH3UFP-FP-80-OR30” Post with 3 x 2” HI Bands32”3”1.76 lbs 44,000 lbs at 30 MPH3UFP-HSP-44R-OSurface Mount Channelizer w/base, Orange 44” H48”2.38”4 lbs-4UFP-HSP-44R-YSurface Mount Channelizer w/base, Yellow 44” H48”2.38”4 lbs-4UFP-HSP-44R-W Surface Mount Channelizer w/base, White 44” H48”2.38”4 lbs-4--.16 lbs--PAA-SC-24” Anchor with Washer & Plastic Sleeve

18SPRINGBACK SIGNSPRINGBACK SIGNCombined by Engineering a SpringBack System and Plastic PanelFixed onto Ground by 4 AnchorsWeather resistant to temperature -20 C to 60 C (-4 F to 140 F)Various Color / Grade Reflective Sheeting optionsImpact / Crush resistantSign recovers in a second after vehicle impacts below 20 Km/HrSheeting ExamplesUFP-SBS-FB-4ITEM NO.Sheeting ExamplesUFP-SBS-FB-3PANEL WIDTHPANEL HEIGHTBASE SIZESIGN SIZEWEIGHTBEARING CAPACITYUFP-SBS-FB-314.17”35.43”7.9” x 7.9”Custom-Made4.5 lbs5 Tons at 40 KM/HUFP-SBS-FB-47.5”43.3”7.9” x 7.9”Custom-Made4.5 lbs5 Tons at 40 KM/H

19ARROW BOARDSARROW BOARD - VEHICLE MOUNTEDHM - High Mount Manual TiltLM - Low Mount Kit with ActuatorFEATURESLamps and Visors are easily replacedAutomatic dimmingNM - No Mounting KitFlash rate of 30-40 per minuteHigh output LED’s provide superior visibility in all weather conditionsControl box outputs have circuit protection, helping prevent blown transformers and premature bulb blowoutsAluminum sheet and welded channel boardDurable powder coated finishMIG welded powder coated frame15 ft. (4.57 m) standard cord, custom lengths available upon requestScrew - type waterproof locking collar secures plug in cable socket to control box and to the arrow boardAll arrow boards can display any of A,B,C,D 5 patterns Type B or C25 light arrow boards with sequential capability have all 8 functions15 light arrow boards available by factory order. Allow 8 weeks.Flashing PatternsSequential PatternsPulse 1Pulse 1Flashing arrow left or rightAFlashing double-arrowBFlashing caution-barDITEM NO.Pulse 3Sequential stem arrow left or rightESequential arrow left or rightFFlashing corner cautionCPulse 2Sequential chevron arrow left or rightGAlternating diamondsHSIZELAMP QUALITYLAMP SIZEWEIGHTMUTCD TYPEMAX LEGIBILITYSAB-NM-3060-25P3630” x 60”25PAR36110 lbsB0.75 Miles - 1.2KMSAB-HM-3060-25P3630” x 60”25PAR36110 lbsB0.75 Miles - 1.2KMSAB-LM-3060-25P3630” x 60”25PAR36110 lbsB0.75 Miles - 1.2KMSAB-LM-3672-25P4636” x 72”25PAR4692 lbsB0.75 Miles - 1.2KMSAB-NM-3672-25P4636” x 72”25PAR4692 lbsB0.75 Miles - 1.2KMSAB-NM-4896-25P4648” x 96”25PAR46125 lbsC1 Mile - 1.6 KM

20ARROW BOARDSARROW STICK / LIGHT BARSAB-LP-7A36LPZ-ASAB-LP-TA52-A3Includes:Touch Pad Controllerand 25’ CableITEM NSArrow Stick, 28 LED Lamps, 14 Light Patterns54”W x 1.75”D x 29”HSAB-LP-TA36LPZ-A Light Bar, 8 LED Lamps, 16 Light PatternsSAB-LP-4WABLED34”W x 1.75”D x 2”HArrow Stick, 10 LED Lamps, 4-8 Light Patterns55”W x 6”D x 13”HARROW BOARD - REPLACEMENT PARTSSAB-CB-WIFIPAR 46BulbPAR 36BulbPAR 46Hood CoverPAR 36Hood -ACTUATORITEM 46PAR 46, 44 LED Light5.5” OD, 5” ID, 2”0.4 lbsAmber / Clear CaseAcrylicSAB-PAR36PAR 36, 50 LED Light4.5” OD, 4” ID, 2”0.3 lbsAmber / Clear CaseAcrylicSAB-LC46PAR 46 Hood Cover6.9” OD, 5.4” ID, 4.1”0.3 lbsBlackABSSAB-LC36PAR 36 Hood Cover5.6” OD, 4.3” ID, 4.1”0.3 lbsBlackABS-8 lbsBlack-6 1/4” x 3 1/2” x 2 3/8”1 lbBlack Face-SAB-ACTUATOR 12V, 8” Stock, Built in Limit SwitchSAB-CB-WIFI

21LED STROBE BEACONSLED STROBE BEACONS - INDUSTRIALLED Strobe Beacons are constructed from polycarbonate and designed with a super bright LED’s. They providea variety of Flash Patterns Flash-Quad Flash-Rotating Flash. Housing is waterproof and shock resistant. Workingtemperature of -40 C to 110 C (440 F to 212 F). Select from our portable magentic base models to hard wired forpermanent installation.Works with 12 volt batteryRechargeable model features optional car charger with thicker cable and adjustable charger B-AL-1650LOW PROFILE BEACON - MAGETIC BASELow profile mini lightbar provides 360 of outputCan be used for different applicationsOnly 2.75” tall and 12” longClear lens with Amber LED’sSAB-AB-A317-AITEM NO.DESCRIPTIONSIZEWEIGHTLED’S4.25” x 4.5” Dia.3 lbs646.5” x 5” Dia.5 lbs80SAB-AB-1150Mini Beacon, Portable Magnetic MountSAB-AB-AL1350DCBeacon, Portable Magnetic MountSAB-AB-AL1350Beacon, Hard Wired 12V5 1/8” x 4 3/4” Dia.3 lbs80SAB-AB-AL1650Beacon, Hard Wired 12V6 1/4” x 5” Dia.1.6 lbs802 3/4”H x 6 1/4”W x 12 1/4”L2.2 lbs240SAB-AB-A317-A

22LED STROBE BEACONSLED STROBE BEACONS - CLASS 1 & 2Class 1 - Quad FlashClass 1 & 2 (5 Modes)SAB-AB-375MX-AClass 1 & 2 (5 Modes)SAB-AB-675F-ASAB-AB-675MX-AClass 2 - Multi FunctionSAB-AB-MINIFLZ-AITEM NO.DESCRIPTIONSIZEWEIGHTSAB-AB-375MX-ASAE Class 1 Beacon 4” Magnetic Mount, Quad Flash4” x 3 1/2” Dia.1.2 lbsSAB-AB-675F-ASAE Class 1 & 2 Permanent Mount, 5 Patterns4.5” x 5.25” Dia.1 lbSAB-AB-675MX-ASAE Class 1 & 2 Magnetic Mount, 5 Patterns4.5” x 5.25” Dia.2 lbs2.75”H x 9.5”W x 13.5“L4.2 lbsSAB-AB-MINIFLZ-AMAGNETIC DIRECTION SIGNOur magnetic battery powered direction sign is made of a sturdy black waterpr

panels or regulation striping for traffic delineation sold separately. GEMSTONE available in orange, white, and black. ITEM NO. DESCRIPTION WEIGHT QTY/PL 4100-BK GEMSTONE Vertical Panel Black, 44.5” 4 lbs 75 4100-O GEMSTONE Vertical Panel Orange, 44.5” 4 lbs 75 4100-W

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May 10, 2021 · amount and the qualified crude oil produc-tion and the qualified natural gas produc-tion which is attributable to the taxpayer. Section 45I(b)(1) provides that for crude oil production, the amount of the . marginal well production credit is 3 per barrel of qualified crude oil

3X2, 5X2 SINGLE SOLENOID VALVE WITH SPRING RETURN PRODUC T IM A GE SYMBOL 5 3 4 2 1 1 3 2 3X2, 5X2 DOUBLE SOLENOID VALVE PRODUC T IM A GE SYMBOL Function Symbol DOUBLE SOLENOID DOUBLE SOLENOID Model SDA1BN23CT060V0 SVA1BN23CT060V0 1 - Input, 2/4 - Output, 3/5 - Exhaust Port Size IN OUT EXH 1200 LPM at 6 Bar Flow ¼" ¼" ¼" 1200 LPM at 6 .

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User Manual Page 1 Tuesday, August 22, 2006 3:31 PM. This guide is based on the produc tion version of the QUALCOMM Globalstar GSP-1700 Phone. Software changes may have occurred after this printing. QUALCOMM reserves the right to make changes in technical and product