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Ubuntu everywhereDelivering Ubuntu with our Taiwanese partnersChris KenyonSVP, Sales & MarketingChris.Kenyon@Canonical.com8th December 2011

Taipei office opened in 2008 10 millions PCs shipped in 2011 ODM support programmeEngineering, product planning, projectmanagement Class leading time to market

Where are we now?20,000,000 active users and counting35,000 Windows users downloadUbuntu every day 7.5 billion in hardware sold with Ubuntu preinstalled in two years.Users in 240 countries, localised in 80 languagesUbuntu Hardware Summit 2011

“My Ubuntu set-up isfaster than a PC andprettier than a Mac.”The Times, 2011Ubuntu Hardware Summit 2011

A cloud-connected music storeUbuntu One Music Store Millions of digital downloads Your favourite artists from major labels Available in multiple currencies andregions around the worldDirect cloud delivery of purchasesMagical experience when paired withmusic streamingUbuntu Hardware Summit 2011

6 Canonical Confidential

7 Canonical Confidential

Integration with leading smartphone platforms & WindowsUbuntu One MusicUbuntu One FilesNever be without your favourite songsAccess all of your documents on the goUbuntu Hardware Summit 2011

9 Canonical Confidential

10 Canonical Confidential

11 Canonical Confidential

12 Canonical Confidential

13 Canonical Confidential

Ubuntu Hardware Summit 2011

Ubuntu corporate desktop profileReliability SecurityRemote access 5 years of support on LTS releasesNewHardware enablement backports in point releases toNewmaintain compatibility with new technologiesUbuntu patches are also made available to all users, not justenterprise clients or subscribers Ubuntu is secure to the core Active Directory integration via beyondtrust or Centrify Ubuntu Hardware Summit 2011Perfect for organisations that need more stability forbusiness deploymentsSupports Web apps and remote access protocols (RDP 7.1,ICA, PCoIP, etc)Will have certification by leading remote accessapplication vendors

Ubuntu Hardware Summit 2011

odm.ubuntu.comUbuntu Hardware Summit 2011

Ubuntu @ launch – tools & support for partnersSystems certification 100's systems Customer tool Certification.ubuntu.comComponents certification Component database Special ODM accessBIOS toolkits Cross- architecture- x86 & ARM- Comprehensive workingrelationshipsUbuntu Hardware Summit 2011

Ubuntu coming to new devicesSlates, TVs, Phones, IVIUbuntu Hardware Summit 2011

Ubuntu Hardware Summit 2011

SalesUbuntu Hardware Summit 2011

Detailed interaction guides for developers will be availableUbuntu Hardware Summit 2011

Ubuntu ServerDelivering IaaS, PaaS and Big DataUbuntu Hardware Summit 2011

Ubuntu server in actionRender FarmsWeta Digital Ubuntu used to renderAvatar and King Kong35,000 cores in 5,000HP Blades with 104TBRAMCloud - IaaS InfrastructureVDI InfrastructureGuateng SA Rackspace CloudbuilderHP OpenStack public cloudUbuntu Hardware Summit 2011Centralised datacentre for 2M pupils in1,200 schools1500 Dell ServersEdge of networkRackspace Development environmentsInternal businessservers run on UbuntuserverWeb 2.0Web 2.0, socialnetworks, online gaming,hosting service providersand startups preferUbuntu

Growth – Websites hosted globally W3Techs dataWebsite market share - Supported Linux distributionsData source: W3techs20%15%Red HatUbuntuAttachmate SuSE10%5%0%Oct 2010Jan 2011Apr 2011Jul 2011Supported OS only – Debian & Fedora excludedAsianux & Turbo Linux 0.1% market shareUbuntu Hardware Summit 2011Aug 2011Sept 2011Oct 2011

Ubuntu is the leading Linux OS in the cloud#1 Cloud IaaSinfrastructure Ubuntu is the default solution for OpenStack implementations. Dell, HP and Rackspace endorse Ubuntu with Openstack#1 Cloud guest Ubuntu is the leading OS on Amazon Web Services & growing Over 30% of all AMIs on Amazon AWS are based on Ubuntu Four of the six leading PaaS platforms are built on Ubuntu including:#1 Cloud PaaSinfrastructureCloud Foundry, EngineYard, Active State & Heroku Ubuntu Hardware Summit 2011VMWare's public CloudFoundry Services is hosted on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Hardware Summit 2011

Questions pleaseThank you

Ubuntu Hardware Summit 2011 Ubuntu is the leading Linux OS in the cloud Ubuntu is the default solution for OpenStack implementations. Dell, HP and Rackspace endorse Ubuntu with Openstack #1 Cloud IaaS infrastructure Four of the six leading PaaS platforms are built on Ubuntu including: Cloud Foundry, EngineYard, Active State & Heroku

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Welcome to the Ubuntu Server Guide! Changes, Errors, and Bugs This is the current edition for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, Focal Fossa. Ubuntu serverguides for previous LTS versions: . Ubuntu’s package management system is derived from the same syst

die für den Einstieg und die Nutzung von Ubuntu relevant sind: Das Installationskapitel erklärt Ihnen, wie Sie Ubuntu sicher auf die Festplatte oder . dass anstelle des Desktops Unity die Gnome Shell zum Einsatz kommt. Ubuntu Gnome sieht deswegen ganz anders aus als das originale Ubuntu, obwohl 90 Prozent aller Programme bzw. Pakete .

Station that allows for installing the Ubuntu OS on NAS in just one click. QNAP is the only NAS provider to integrate Ubuntu . Advantages of Linux Station . By installing Twonky Server in Ubuntu . Use KODI to play the media files on NAS KODI is ready after Ubuntu installation. Use QNAP remote to control KODI

covering a complete, free server operating system in a guide to getting going quickly. From making the most of Ubuntu Server's latest technolo-gies to automating installs and protecting the server using Ubuntu's built-in security tools, The Official Ubuntu Server Book, is packed with keys to success for any Ubuntu user."

in security tools, The Official Ubuntu Server Book, is packed with keys to success for any Ubuntu user.” —Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review “This book will get you started on the path of the server admin, both within the context of Ubuntu server and in the larger realm of managing a server infrastructure.

A propos de ce guide La quasi-totalité des pages de ce guide sont tirées de l'excellent site ubuntu-fr.org, certaines pages sont extraites de sites traitant de Linux, ceux-ci sont mentionnés en bas de page. A propos de Ubuntu Linux Ubuntu est une distribution Linux qui réunit stabilité et convivialité. Elle s'adresse aussi bien aux

Hydrostatic Tank Gauging API MPMS Chapter 21.2, Electronic Liquid Volume Measurement Using Positive Displacement and Turbine Meters API MPMS Chapter 22.2, Testing Protocols–Differential Pressure Flow Measurement Devices 3 Definitions For the purposes of this document, the following definitions apply. 3.1 Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) An instrument that automatically measures and displays liquid .