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Cobb County 4-H 2021 Plant Sale FundraiserPre-orders taken from January 4–March 5, 2021Pick up Date: Saturday March 20, 2021 from 9:00am-1:00pm“To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow.”-Audrey HepburnPlant Sale Registration InformationPick up location: Jim Miller Park 2245 Callaway Rd, Marietta, GA 30008– Covered PavilionPre-order Deadline: Friday March 5, 2021 at 5:00pmOrder Information: Orders will be accepted at the Extension Office with debit/credit card(Visa/MasterCard/Discover), cash, money order, or check. Mail–in orders will be accepted withcheck or money order. All mail-in orders must be post marked by March 5th. No phone orderswill be accepted to ensure accurate orders. All checks should be made out to CobbExtension/4-H. ALL SALES are final. Cobb County 4-H makes no guarantee on plants sold.Plant Sale Theme: “To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow” by Audrey Hepburn is ourplant sale them for the year. 2020 was a tough year for everyone. Kick off 2021 by shaking off thepandemic, soothing your soul, and planting a garden for a better tomorrow! Not only is gardeningtherapeutic, but many of the plants offered will get your yard ready for spring by adding color andvibrancy to brighten your days. 2021 is a brand new year!Plant pick up time: Saturday March 20 from 9:00am– 1:00pm. Plants WILL NOT be heldafter 1:00pm on pick up date. Plants remaining will be considered a tax deductible donation. Youwill receive a donation letter for your tax planning purposes.Office Contact Information: Office hours– Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.Phone: 770-528-4070 Mailing Address: 678 South Cobb Dr. Suite 200 Marietta, GA 30060.**All proceeds go to benefit the Cobb County 4-H youth development and ANR program,4-H supplies, judging teams, scholarships, and professional development.**An Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Veteran, Disability Institution

Blueberry– 1 gallonPrice: 6.00Blueberries are relatively pest free and require little care once established. Plant at least two bushes, each of adifferent variety for cross-pollination.Austin: Medium to large sized berries– developed by UGA blueberry specialistBrightwell: Medium to large size berriesPowderblue: Medium to large sized berriesVernon: Large berriesSunlight needed: Full SunSpecial Variety Blueberries– 1 gallonPrice: 9.00Titan: UGA specialty variety that produces large berries the size of quarter. Recommend to plant withBrightwell, Powderblue, or Vernon.Sunlight needed: Full SunAbelia- ‘Hopleys’– 1 gallonPrice: 7.00Evergreen with variegated foliage pattern that is lemon yellow with green centers. Trumpet shaped bloomsare a beautiful light pink that emerge in early summer to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Up to 3’ to3.5’ feet tall. Low water. Pest free.Sunlight needed: Partial Sun to Full SunBloom Season: Spring– SummerFlowers: White with Pink SepalsAzalea- ‘Gumpo Pink’– 2 gallonPrice: 9.00Evergreen low maintenance azalea bush with an upright spreading habit of growth. Great for planting ingroups! Covered in cotton candy pink trumpet shaped flowers that bloom from mid to late spring. The smallglossy leaves remain green throughout the winter. Grow to be approximately 3 feet tall with a spread of 3 feet.Sunlight needed: Partial Sun /Filtered SunBloom Season: Mid to late SpringFlowers: PinkAzalea- ‘Hilda Niblett’– 1 gallonPrice: 7.00This low growing evergreen shrub with a spreading habit is a beautiful pollinator plant that will attract plentyof butterflies! With its bright green foliage that covers the garden floor year round and its peachy/white flowers , you will be sure to add a pop of color to your yard with the Hilda Niblett. It will reach no more than 1foot high and spread to 3 to 4 feet.Sunlight needed: Partial ShadeBloom Season: Early SpringFlowers: Peach and White

Camellia- ‘Japonica’– 1 gallonPrice: 8.00This early blooming camellia is a southern gardening favorite. The evergreen shrub typically grows 6’-12’ tallwith oval, glossy, dark green leaves. The flowers range from white, pink, to red. Flowering may start as earlyas late October and as late as mid-MarchSunlight needed: Partial ShadeBloom season: Late Fall-early SpringFlowers: White, pink, or redCamellia- ‘Yuletide’– 1 gallonPrice: 8.00Single, brilliant red blooms centered with bright yellow stamens make an elegant statement in the winter garden. The glossy, dark green foliage creates a handsome natural hedge or foundation shrub. Medium in size(8-10 ft) and a mid-season evergreen bloomer.Sunlight needed: Partial ShadeBloom season: Late Fall-WinterFlowers: RedCrape Myrtle- ‘Carolina Beauty– 1 gallonPrice: 8.00A small growing deciduous tree with showy red panicle flowers that bloom from July to September. A symmetrical tree with a moderately dense crown that will reach 15-20 feet at mature height. Beautiful orange fallleaf color!Sunlight needed: Full Sun to Partial ShadeBloom season: Mid Summer– Early FallFlowers: RedCrape Myrtle- ‘Catawba– 1 gallonPrice: 8.00A small growing deciduous tree with beautiful, long lasting purple flowers that appear in late summer. Asymmetrical tree with a moderately dense crown that will reach 10-15 feet at mature height. Brilliant orangered fall leaf color!Sunlight needed: Full SunBloom season: Late SummerFlowers: PurpleEchinacea- ‘Pow Wow Wild Berry’– 1 gallonPrice: 8.00An herbaceous perennial with breathtaking, fade-proof, rosy purple flowers from early summer right into fall.Highly adaptable; tolerates poor soil, heat, humidity, and even drought, once established.Sunlight needed: Full SunBloom Season: Early Summer to Late FallFlowers: Purplish Pink

Edgeworthia chrysantha- ‘Paper Bush’– 1 gallonPrice: 10.00Filling the late-winter garden with pleasant fragrance, this well-branched shrub displays creamy yellow flowerclusters at its branch tips. Spring brings slender blue-green foliage, turning yellow in fall.Sunlight needed: Full Shade to Partial SunBloom season: Late Winter-Early SpringFlowers: Creamy YellowFern—‘Shiny Bristle’ - 1 gallonPrice: 7.00A clumping perennial fern with long, glossy, and dark green fronds that hold foliage well into fall. This deciduous fern should get 12-18 inches tall with a 12-18 inch spread.Sunlight needed: Full Shade to Partial ShadeLeaves: GreenFern—‘Tassel’ - 1 gallonPrice: 7.00An evergreen fern with shiny, dark green fronds that can bring beauty to your garden. This hardy fern looksgood all year round and combines well with colorful heucheras, hostas, and other shade plants. Plant heightwill mature at approximately 2ft tall with a 2 ft spread.Sunlight needed: Part Shade to Full ShadeLeaves: GreenGardenia– ‘Frost Proof’– 1 gallonPrice: 7.00This plant has a nice symmetrical upright form with very attractive narrow green foliage. It can be maintainedin a pot, but grows to 3 feet tall outdoors. It requires moist, somewhat acidic soil.Sunlight needed: Full Sun to Partial SunBloom Season: SummerFlowers: WhiteHelleborus ‘Candy Love’ 1 gallonPrice: 10.00This plant has dark green deer-resistant leaves, highlighted by red veins in spring. The leaves are topped,starting in late winter, with clusters of 15" stalks ending in huge 3.5" wide pink-tinged white flowers.Sunlight needed: Full Shade to Partial SunBloom Season: Late Winter– SpringFlowers: Pink-tinged White

Heuchera - Amber Lady ‘Coral Bells’ 1 gallonPrice: 8.00Heuchera Amber Lady’s features soft, velvety amber leaves with rose pink undersides. A silver marblingoverlay adds beauty and dimension to the lobed foliage. Deer resistant.Sunlight needed: Full Sun to Partial ShadeBloom Season: Mid-SummerLeaves: Amber with Rose Pink UndersidesHeuchera –Caramel ‘Coral Bells’ 1 gallonPrice: 8.00New leaves emerge bright gold and mature to a peachy orange. Thrives in the high heat and humidity of theSouth. Evergreen in mild winter areas.Sunlight needed: Partial Sun to Full SunBloom Season: SummerLeaves: Bright Gold to Peachy OrangeHeuchera - Obsidian ‘Coral Bells’ 1 gallonPrice: 8.00Coral Bells Obsidian is a dramatic edging plant: rich dark purple to almost black, shiny leaves that remaindark throughout the growing season. They do not fade! Evergreen growing to 10”-12" tall.Sunlight needed: Full Sun to Partial ShadeBloom Season: Late Spring– Early SummerLeaves: Dark PurpleHosta ‘Francee’- 1 gallonPrice: 9.00Lush foliage clumps with dramatic, heart shaped, dark green leaves are surrounded by creamy white margins. Pale lavender flowers emerge in July. This standout hosta can add light to the darkest corner of yourgarden. Pairs nicely with heucheras and ferns. Plants grow from 18 inches to 20 inches high with a 35 inch to47 inch spread.Sunlight needed: Full Shade to Partial ShadeLeaves: Green with White MarginsHosta ‘Vernooij’- 1 gallonPrice: 9.00Beautiful thick, blue leaves with a wide yellow margin will add a pop of color to your yard! This medium sizedhosta has lavender flowers and grows to 40-45 centimeters in height.Sunlight needed: Full Shade to Partial SunLeaves: Blue with Yellow Margins

Hydrangea Snow Queen ‘Oakleaf Hydrangea’– 3 gallonPrice: 14.00Large, dense 6 to 8 inch long clusters of white flowers are held upright above the dark green oak leaf-shapedfoliage. Flowers become rose-pink in the fall and leaves turn deep red-bronze.Sunlight needed: Partial SunBloom Season: Spring-SummerFlowers: White (Spring-Summer), Rose-Pink (Fall)Iris Siberica- ‘Caesars Brother’– 1 gallonPrice: 9.00A stunning perennial with deep, velvety violet flowers . Each sturdy flower stalk produces many daintyblossoms, well above the foliage of upright, grassy, sword like leaves.Sunlight needed: Full SunBloom Season: Late Spring, Early SummerFlowers: Violet/PurpleMagnolia- ‘Brittany’– 3 gallonPrice: 22.00The perfect fit for those with limited space but want the beauty and fragrance of Southern magnolia. The‘Brittany’ is a dwarf magnolia maturing to a height of 15-20 feet and a width of 8-10 feet. Produces Largeshowy white flowers that are up to 10 inches across.Sunlight needed: Full Sun to Mostly SunBloom Season: SummerFlowers: WhiteOsmanthus fragrans ‘Tea Olive’ – 1 gallonPrice: 7.00A large evergreen shrub or small tree with an upright form that is densely branched and covered with darkgreen foliage. Tiny flower clusters have a delightful apricot-like fragrance. Plant tea olive near walks andentrances to enjoy the fragrance.Sunlight needed: Partial Sun to Full SunBloom Season: SpringFlowers: WhitePhlox Paniculata ‘Purple Eye’– 1 gallonPrice: 9.00A dwarf and compact garden phlox, Phlox paniculata Purple Eye is an herbaceous perennial with large clusters of intense magenta-purple flowers adorned with a white eye. Blooming for weeks from mid to late summer, the fragrant flowers are rich of nectar and visited by hummingbirds and butterflies.Sunlight needed: Full Sun, Partial SunBloom Season: Mid to late summerFlowers: Magenta Purple with a White Eye

Rose Brindabella- ‘Red Empress’– 1 gallonPrice: 11.00Brindabella Roses , a collection of tough shrub roses selected for superior garden performance andshow stopping flowers: bushy growth habits, excellent disease resistance to black spot and powderymildew, and fragrant doubled flowers .These low maintenance roses are very vigorous yet grow to only4 feet tall and wide in 2 years’ time. Rebloom every 6-8 weeks without deadheading.Sunlight needed: Full Sun to Part ShadeBloom season: Spring– SummerFlowers: Crimson RedRose- ‘At Last’ Proven Winner Series– 2 gallonPrice: 14.00At Last rose from Proven Winners is a fragrant and colorful addition to your yard. The fully-petaled tearose is disease-resistant with sunset orange blossoms that bloom from late spring until frost. There isno spraying necessary to maintain this plant. Pruning back by at least one third of its total height eachearly spring keeps the roses looking their best. 2.5-3 ft. tall and wide at maturitySunlight needed: Full SunBloom season: Summer-FallFlowers: Sunset OrangeRudbeckia ‘Cherry Brandy’- 1 gallonPrice: 7.00A colorful, fuss-free border pollinator plant and excellent choice for cut flowers. Bright cherry red flowers with black centers cover the dark green foliage. Creates a cheery garden spot with fantastic contrast.Tolerates heat, humidity, and clay soil.Sunlight needed: Full SunBloom Season: Late Summer-FallFlowers: Golden Yellow

HerbsBronze Fennel - 1 pintPrice: 5.00An aromatic perennial herb, fennel is widely cultivated for its edible, licorice-flavored leaves andseeds. Bronze fennel, has dark, smoky foliage to a height of 6'. The large nectar-filled, yellow flowers are attractive to many butterflies and pollinators, particularly the Eastern Black Swallowtailcaterpillar and butterfly. Flowers eventually dry in the fall, which allow growers the opportunity toharvest fennel seeds.Sunlight needed: Full SunTuscan Blue Rosemary - 1 pintPrice: 5.00Tuscan Blue is a perfect rosemary for the southern states as it's more tolerable to heat and humidity. Throughout the year, this Mediterranean native has needle-like leaves that are very fragrantfrom afar. In spring, its small violet blue flowers cover the plants and attract butterflies and otherbeneficial pollinators. As with all varieties of rosemary, Tuscan Blue performs very well in both garden beds and pots that can be brought indoors for winter use for gardeners above USDA Zone 7.Tuscan Blue rosemary has a lemony tang that goes along with its pine flavor and scent. It is not asharsh a taste as most other varieties and partners well with chicken, lamb, and fish.Sunlight need: Full SunTricolor Sage - 1 pintPrice: 5.00This ornamental herb has grayish-green leaves marbled with white, pink and purple. Lavender blueflower spikes often appear in summer, which are attractive to bees and butterflies. Tricolor sage also has strongly aromatic foliage that may be used dried or fresh in a variety of cooking dishes .Sunlight needed: Full SunPineapple Sage - 1 pintPrice: 5.00This sage is equally appreciated for the sweet pineapple scent of the foliage and its red flowers.Pineapple sage leaves are often used dried or fresh in teas. Plants will grow up through the summer, when you can enjoy their leafy fragrance. Then, just as some other garden plants start to fadein late summer and early fall, pineapple sage will burst into bloom. This is a great addition to a fallgarden because it attracts migrating hummingbirds and butterflies. You can also use the flowers asan edible decoration in salads.Sunlight needed: Full Sun

Name:Email:Phone: Address: Zip:PLANT SELECTIONBlueberry 6.00 per plantVARIETYQUANTITYTOTAL COSTAustinBrightwellPowderblueVernonBlueberry 9.00 per plantTitan (UGA variety)Abelia 7.00 per plantHopleysAzalea (evergreen) 9.00 per plantGumpo PinkAzalea (evergreen) 7.00 per plantHilda NiblettCamellia 8.00 per plantJaponica (Rose Dawn)Camellia 8.00 per plantYuletideCrape Myrtle 8.00 per plantCarolina BeautyCrape Myrtle 8.00 per plantCatawbaEchinacea 8.00 per plantPow Wow Wild BerryEdgeworthia 10.00 per plantPaper BushFern 7.00 per plantShiny BristleFern 7.00 per plantTasselGardenia 7.00 per plantFrostproofHelleborus 10.00 per plantCandy LoveHeuchera 8.00 per plantAmber LadyHeuchera 8.00 per plantCaramelHeuchera 8.00 per plantObsidianHosta 9.00 per plantFranceeHosta 9.00 per plantVernooijHydrangea 14.00 per plantIris Siberica 9.00 per plantMagnoliaSnow QueenCaesars Brother 22.00 per plantBrittanyOsmanthus 7.00 per plantTea OlivePhlox Paniculata 9.00 per plantPurple EyeRose Brindabella 11.00 per plantRed EmpressRose 14.00 per plantAt LastRudbeckia 7.00 per plantCherry BrandyHerb 5.00 per plantBronze FennelHerb 5.00 per plantTuscan Blue RosemaryHerb 5.00 per plantTricolor SageHerb 5.00 per plantPineapple SageTotal Quantity of Plants and Total Cost

Cobb County Board of CommissionersLisa Cupid– ChairmanKeli Gambrill – District 1Jerica Richardson– District 2JoAnn Birrell– District 3Monique Sheffield– District 4County Manager– Dr. Jackie McMorrisDeputy County Manager– Jimmy GisiCobb County Cooperative Extension offers its education programs, assistance, and materials to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, nationalorigin, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, or veteran status and is an equal opportunity, affirmative action organization

2021 Cobb County 4-H Plant Sale Flowering Plant and Herb VarietiesAbeliaHopleysAzaleaGumpo PinkAzaleaHilda NiblettCamelliaJaponicaCamelliaYuletideCrape MyrtleCarolina BeautyCrape MyrtleCatawbaPow Wow Wild BerryEchinaceaEdgeworthiaPaper BushFernShiny BristleFernTasselGardeniaFrostproofHelleborusCandy LoveHeucheraAmber taVernooijHydrangeaSnow QueenIris SibericaCaesars BrotherMagnoliaBrittanyOsmanthusTea OlivePhloxPurpleRose-BrindabellaRed EmpressRoseAt LastRudbeckiaCherry BrandyHerbTricolor SageHerbPineapple SageHerbBronze FennelTuscan Blue RosemaryHerbCobb County Cooperative Extension offers its education programs, assistance, and materials to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin,color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, or veteran status and is an equal opportunity, affirmative action organization.

All checks should be made out to Cobb Extension/4-H. ALL SALES are final. Cobb County 4-H makes no guarantee on plants sold. Plant Sale Theme: “To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow” by Audrey Hepburn is our plant sale them for the year. 2020 was a tough year for everyone. Kick off 2021 by shaking off the pandemic, soothing your soul .

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