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Garage Doors RollMaticRoller garage door RollMatic, horizontal door RollMatic OD


CONTENT6Good Reasons to Try Hörmann12Door styles16Colour20Roller garage door RollMatic25External roller garage door RollMatic26Overhead garage door RollMatic OD30Side doors32Operator accessories36Dimensions and fitting dataSome of the doors shown are equipped with optional extras and do not alwayscorrespond to our standard models.The surface finishes and colours shown are subject to the limitations of the printingprocess and cannot be regarded as binding.All rights reserved. No part may be reproduced without our prior permission.Subject to changes. Roller garage door in White aluminium RAL 9006 and Hörmann aluminium entrancedoor ThermoSafe style 860 in White aluminium RAL 90063

Universally applicableRoller garage doors and overhead garagedoors open vertically and require minimumspace inside the garage. This constructionprinciple means you can make full use ofthe space inside and in front of the garage.The shape of the garage door openingis not of prime importance when fitting rollergarage doors. Whether square, chamfered,with segmental or Norman arch –a Hörmann roller garage door always fits.With the roller garage door RollMaticthe ceiling remains free and can be usedfor lamps or as an additional storagespace. The RollMatic is also availableas an external roller garage door for fittingwith low headroom and / or sideroom.The overhead garage door RollMatic ODoffers a minimum headroom and is ideallysuited for modernisation in tight spaces.4 Roller garage door in Decograin Golden Oak


GOOD REASONS TO TRY HÖRMANN“A good reputationmust be earned.”August HörmannIn line with the founder’s philosophy,the Hörmann brand today is a truepromise of quality. The family-ownedcompany has over 80 years ofexperience in door and operatorconstruction and, with sales of over20 million doors, is no. 1 in Europe.This makes Hörmann roller garagedoors and overhead garage doors areassuring purchase.1Brand quality“Made in Germany”All doors and operator components are developedand manufactured by Hörmann, are perfectlymatched to each other and tested and certifiedby independent, recognised institutes to ensureyour safety. They are manufactured in Germanyaccording to the DIN ISO 9001 qualitymanagement system and meet the requirementsof European standard 13241-1. Furthermore,our highly qualified employees work intensivelyon new products, continual further developmentsand improvements to details. The results arepatents and unique products on the market.6Made in Germany

YEARWarranty2Garage doorsfor generationsEndurance tests under real conditions ensuremature series products with Hörmann quality.Thanks to this, excellent technical solutions anduncompromising quality assurance, you receivea 10-year warranty on all Hörmann rollergarage doors RollMatic and overhead garagedoors RollMatic OD as well as 5 yearson all Hörmann operators.**3An eyeon the futureHörmann is setting a good example. Thisis why the company obtains 100 % of itsrequired energy from green sources. At thesame time, many tonnes of CO ² are saved eachyear thanks to the introduction of an intelligentand certified energy management system. Andlast but not least, Hörmann also offers productsfor sustainable construction.The complete warranty conditions can be found at:www.hoermann.com7

GOOD REASONS TO TRY HÖRMANN4ReliablecounterbalanceOnly from HörmannRoller garage door with tensionspring assemblyA counterbalance system integrated in theside guides supports the operator during theopening and closing of the door and preventsdamage to the operator mechanism. Themultiple spring assemblies and the doublelifting cables prevent the door leaf fromcrashing to the floor in every position. In caseof emergency, the door can be easily openedby hand. A crank handle is not necessary forthis purpose for roller garage doors.85Reliable automaticsafety cut-outRollMatic doors are subject to minimum wear dueto the standard operators with soft start andsoft stop. The counterbalance system and thereliable automatic safety cut-out securely stopsthe door if it encounters an obstacle. For evenmore protection and safety, we recommend fittinga non-contact photocell.

6Compactroller garage doorRoller garage doors RollMatic are the bestchoice if the ceiling area of your garageshould remain free and if your garages are toosmall for a overhead garage door or sectionaldoor. The door curtain compactly windsup into the lintel of the door opening, thusallowing you to use the ceiling for lampsor as an additional storage space.The RollMatic is also available as an externalroller garage door for fitting in frontof the opening with low sideroom.7Space-saving overheadgarage doorFor garages with a particularly low headroom,overhead garage doors RollMatic OD areespecially suitable. The door curtain is guidedunder the ceiling through narrow side guides.Due to the space-saving, lateral operator fitting,the RollMatic OD has a required headroomof only 60 mm.9

GOOD REASONS TO TRY HÖRMANN8BiSecur radio systemwith certified securityPerfectly matchedand 100 % compatibleOnly from HörmannThe bi-directional BiSecur radio systemis based on future-oriented technologyfor the convenient and secure operationof garage and entrance gate operators, dooroperators, lighting and more. The extremelysecure BiSecur encryption protocol, developedby Hörmann, with a stable, interference-freerange makes sure that no-one can copyyour radio signal. It was tested and certifiedby security experts at Bochum University.See the short film BiSecur operators, receivers and controlelements are 100 % compatible. Using a handtransmitter or radio code switch, for example,you can conveniently operate your garage door aswell as an entrance gate equipped witha Hörmann operator, your door operatorsor other devices with BiSecur receivers.With our app * and the Hörmann BiSecur gateway,you can conveniently control your Hörmanngarage door or entrance gate operators, Hörmannentrance door** or the internal door operatorPortaMatic as well as other devices using yoursmartphone or tablet.*For smartphones or tablets with iOS or Androidoperating systems** To use this function it is required that your Hörmannentrance door ThermoCarbon / ThermoSafe is equippedwith the automatic lock S5 / S7 Smart.10

9Convenient queryingof the door position10You no longer have to go out in any wind andweather to check if your overhead garage doorRollMatic OD is closed. At the press of a button,the colour of the LED on the HS 5 BS handtransmitter indicates the position of the door.If required, another push of a button*** closesthe door. It is the most comfortable and secureway to control your door.*** An additional photocell is required for operationwithout visual contact to the doorAward-winningdesignIn addition to a black or white design, theexclusive BiSecur hand transmitters arecharacterised by an elegant shape that fitseasily in the palm of your hand.Hörmann’s BiSecur hand transmitters with anoptional high-gloss surface in a piano lacquerlook have received the reddot design award fortheir exclusive design.See the short film above: Hand transmitter HS 5 BSwith hand transmitter station (optional).11

DOOR STYLESThe perfect matchfor your homeTo perfectly match your door to thearchitectural style of your home, we offerthe roller garage door RollMatic and theoverhead garage door RollMatic ODin various styles. For a natural door style,select one of the two timber designsof the Decograin or Decopaint surfacefinishes. For an especially elegant doorstyle, we recommend the colour Noir 2100Sablé Anthracite Metallic. You can alsoselect one of the 11 equally-pricedcolours – giving you more options forcustomisation. It goes without saying thatwe also offer matching side doors.12 Roller garage door in Decograin Golden Oak


DOOR STYLES Roller garage door and side doorin Traffic white RAL 901614

External roller garage door Light greyRAL 7035 Overhead garage door RollMatic ODin Anthracite grey RAL 7016 Roller garage door in Traffic white RAL 9016and Hörmann aluminium entrance doorThermoSafe style 413 in Traffic white RAL 901615

COLOURHarmonious overall appearanceThe smooth surface of the aluminium profiles looks modernand elegant, unlike the ribbed profiles from other suppliers.Furthermore, a high-quality coating on the inside and outsideof the door’s surface makes it easy to clean. Only Hörmannoffers you the complete door in the selected door colourwithout a surcharge. The door curtain, side guides, fasciapanel, and shaft cover are thus combined in an attractiveand harmonious unit. The hollow space of the profile is evenlyfilled with polyurethane rigid foam for quiet door travel.Please note:All colours based on RAL.The colours and surfaces shown are subject tothe limitations of the printing process and cannotbe regarded as binding. Please consult with yourlocal Hörmann specialised dealer.16With respect to their technical propertiesand the paint system used all Hörmann rollergarage doors correspond to the current stateof the art. Pressure marks and abrasive wearare design-related and cannot be avoided.They do not impair the function and the durabilityof the roller garage door.Profile view (concave side)Profile view (convex side)

11 equally-priced coloursGlazing elementsGet more daylight in your garage.The glazing elements with syntheticpanes are arranged across the entireprofile width. The number of elementsdepends on the respective doorwidth. A maximum of ten profiles canbe fitted with glazings in each door.Ventilation grillesVentilation of your garage improvesthe room climate and preventsmould. Ventilation grilles madeof long-lasting plastic are arrangedacross the entire profile width.Each door can be equipped witha maximum of ten profiles.RAL 9016Traffic whiteRAL 9006White aluminiumRAL 9005Jet blackRAL 9001CreamRAL 8028Terra brownRAL 7035Light greyRAL 7016Anthracite greyRAL 6005Moss greenRAL 5011Steel blueRAL 3003Ruby redProfile with synthetic glazingRAL 1015Light ivoryProfile with ventilation grille17

COLOURDecograin decorsDecograinsurface finishThe two Decograin decorsin the colours Golden Oak andRoller garage door RollMaticRosewood have a convincinglyTo create a uniform appearance when fitting in theopening, we supply the side guides as well as theadditional fascia panel in a matching Decograin decor.For fitting behind the opening, the side guidesare powder-coated in the base colour of the decorand the additional fascia panel is supplied in the matchingDecograin decor. The Decograin surface finishis not available for external roller garage doors.real timber look. A specialabrasion-resistant surfaceprotection preserves theUV-resistant plastic film coatingon the profiles over a long time.Overhead garage door RollMatic ODThe side guides and the fascia panel are powder-coatedin the base colour of the decor.Profile view (concave side) in brownProfile view (convex side) in Decograin Golden OakDecograin Golden OakPlease note:18The colours and surfaces shown are subjectto the limitations of the printing process andcannot be regarded as binding. Please consultwith your local Hörmann specialised dealer.Decograin RosewoodSide guide and profile in Decograin Golden OakSide guide and profile in Decograin RosewoodSide guide in the base colour in Decograin Golden OakSide guide in the base colour in Decograin Rosewood

Decopaint decorsDecopaintsurface finishThe Decopaint decors Golden Oakand Rosewood are an inexpensivealternative to Decograin surfacefinishes. The interior and exteriorof the profiles are painted to looklike timber. An elegant AnthraciteMetallic paint is used for the colourNoir 2100 Sablé.Roller garage door RollMatic /overhead garage door RollMatic ODThe side guides, fascia panel and curtain coverare powder-coated in the base colour of the decorto create a harmonious appearance.Profile view (concave side) in Decopaint Golden OakProfile view (convex side) in Decopaint Golden OakDecopaint Golden OakDecopaint RosewoodNoir 2100 Sablé Anthracite MetallicSide guide in the base colour of the decorSide guide in the base colour of the decorSide guide and profile in Noir 2100 Sablé Anthracite Metallic19

R O L L E R G A R A G E D O O R R O L L M AT I CDetails perfectly matchedto each otherThe roller garage door RollMatic features a wide varietyof innovative details with a single objective: providingyou with security and comfort. From the particularly simplefitting through to the sophisticated safety patents,this concept runs through all aspects of the product.20

A well-protected shaftThe standard shaft cover practically prevents reachinginto the door barrel. In addition, it protects the curtainfrom damage and dirt when the door is open.For coloured doors or doors with a Decograinsurface finish, the cover matches the door curtain.For Decopaint doors, the cover is supplied in the basecolour of the door.Tension spring assemblywith multi-spring systemOnly from HörmannTension spring assemblyHörmann RollMatic roller garage doors with doubletension springs and double lifting cables protectthe door leaf from crashing in every door position.The patented multi-spring system and the transparentprotective cover prevent broken springs from flyingout and thus protect from personal injury.Wear-resistant bearing ringsThe use of wear-resistant materials reduces marksof the bearing rings on the top door curtain profiles.Standard wind locksOnly from HörmannWear-resistant bearing ringsThe Hörmann RollMatic roller garage doors can evenwithstand large wind loads (up to class 4). The windlocks fitted as standard in the profile ends keepthe door securely within its guides. An additionaladvantage is increased break-in resistance.Easy fittingRollMatic roller garage doors can be fitted quicklyand easily. The side guides, fascia panel and operatorare bolted to the garage walls and lintel. The curtainis then pulled effortlessly onto the shaft by the operatorand fixed via belts.For more information, consult the technical manualunder www.hoermann.de21

R O L L E R G A R A G E D O O R R O L L M AT I CStandard operator, fittedoutside of the coverfor trouble-free maintenance As standard with 4-button hand transmitter HSE 4 BS Low power consumption Adjustable automatic timer** Standard emergency release via a pull cordControl Separate housing with control buttons Integrated illuminationStandard handtransmitters HSE 4 BS,textured surface blackwith plastic capsGarage door operatorsCycles per day / hour25 / 10Pull and push force650 NPeak forceMax. opening speed22Standard operator800 N11 cm/s* The complete warranty conditions can be found at:** Photocell is requiredYEARWarranty

Optional extrasOptional emergency releasefrom the outsideFor garages without a second access door,we recommend the emergency release functionallowing you to open your garage door fromthe outside in case of emergency (e.g. power failure).Optional emergency batteryWith this emergency power supply, you can bypassnetwork power failures for up to 18 hours and max.5 door cycles. The emergency battery rechargesduring normal operation.Optional acoustic alarmThe shrill alarm sound with a volume of 110 db (A)effectively deters burglars.Manually operated door with manual lockingThanks to the supporting tension spring compensation,Hörmann roller garage doors can be easily openedand closed manually from the outside and inside.From the outside using the handleand fromthe inside with a pull chain .The manually operated roller garage door is mechanicallylocked using interior and exterior handles and a lock.Solid metal bolts extend on the right and left intothe side guide.Only from HörmannTension spring assembly23

R O L L E R G A R A G E D O O R R O L L M AT I COptional extrasChamfered bottom profileThe solution for sloping ground: A chamfered aluminiumbottom weather seal compensates for differencesin height over the entire door width (max. 300 mm).The profile can be fitted without any difficulty. It is simplyscrewed onto the inserted curtain.The bottom profile is delivered powder-coated in Jet black(similar to RAL 9005) as standard. On request, the bottomprofileis also available in a colour matchingthe door colour.Additional fascia panelThe additional fascia panelstabilises the fascia panelduring fitting in the opening or behind the opening,if the fascia panel can be seen in the opening.It harmoniously covers the lintel without any unattractivefitting holes. The additional fascia panel is availablein the colour of the door or with a Decograin surface.Fitting compensation setWith uneven walls, the optional fitting compensation setfor flush door fitting can be applied. This is particularlyadvantageous for modernisations or timber structures.For more information, consult the technical manual 10 mm24

Externalroller garage doorThe solution for areas with a lackof interior sideroomThe RollMatic is also available as an external rollergarage door for fitting in front of the opening if yourgarage has little lintel space and / or sideroom. Theexternal roller garage door is supplied as a completepackage with a matching operator. The side guidesand the curtain cover come in the same colour as thedoor to create a uniform and harmonious appearance.Variable operator positionsDepending on the fitting situation, operatorsfor external roller garage doors can either be installedon the left or right. The shaft cover is 100 mm widerin this area and encloses the operator, protectingit from adverse weather effects or from unauthorisedinterference.100 mmTension spring cladding with vision sectionsThe vision sections in the spring cladding allowyou to conveniently check whether the cable guideor springs are still functional. This gives you securityeven after many years of use.Secured releaseThe operator can be easily released from the insideusing a hand pulley. This allows you to open yourdoor manually from the inside during a power failure,for example. Optionally, the secured release is alsoavailable for fitting to exterior walls in a lockablehousing. For further information, please see page 23.25

O V E R H E A D G A R A G E D O O R R O L L M AT I C O DThe space-saving garage door –ideal for modernisationThe narrow design of the overhead garage door RollMatic ODallows fitting in the garage even in very tight spaces.26

Smooth door travelTwin rollers evenly and smoothly guide the doorcurtain under the ceiling. The narrow aluminium sideguides are connected by stable corner diversionswith small radii. Due to this compact design theoverhead garage door RollMatic OD only requires alintel of 60 mm.Well-sealedAn elastic lip seal in the lintel area and brush seals inthe side guides protect against driving rain (class 2).The flexible EPDM bottom profile compensatesfor unevenness in the floor and seals the bottomedge of the door.Integrated counterbalanceThe multiple spring assemblies optimally balancethe weight of the door curtain in every position. Thispreserves the operator mechanism and, togetherwith the automatic safety cut-out of the operator,guarantees safe door operation. In addition, theintegral catch safety device protects the door againstcrashing to the floor in case of a possible cable tear.Space-saving operator fittingThe operator booms can either be installed on theright or the left horizontal side guide. This compactdesign does not require additional headroom. (Theillustration shows the optional SupraMatic operator)Variable fittingThe vertical side guides and the fascia panelare supplied in the colour of the door as standard.Thus the door can also be fitted partiallyor completely in the opening.27

O V E R H E A D G A R A G E D O O R R O L L M AT I C O DProMatic –the standard operatorYEARWarranty As standard with 4-buttonhand transmitter HSE 4 BS Query of the door positionwith optional hand transmitter HS 5 BS Adjustable ventilation slot Automatic door lockingStandard handtransmitters HSE 4 BS,textured surface blackwith plastic capsGarage door operatorsCycles per day / hour12 / 5Pull and push force600 NPeak forceMax. opening speed28*ProMatic750 N14 cm/sThe complete warranty conditions can be found at:

SupraMatic the supra-fast operatorwith many additional functionsYEARWarrantySUPRA-FASTDOOR OPENING As standard with one 5-buttonhand transmitter HS 5 BS Querying of the door position Low power consumption Easy to program 2x 7-segment display Adjustable ventilation slot Automatic door locking Operator cover made of brushed aluminiumStandard hand transmitterHS 5 BS, texturedsurface blackGarage door operatorsCycles per day / hour25 / 10Pull and push force650 NPeak forceMax. opening speed*SupraMatic E800 N22 cm/sThe complete warranty conditions can be found at: www.hoermann.com29

H O R I Z O N TA L D O O R R O L L M AT I C O DOptional extrasEmergency battery HNA for garage dooroperators ProMatic and SupraMaticEmergency power supply to bypass power failuresup to 18 hours and max. 5 door cycles, rechargesduring normal operation, for all current Hörmanngarage door operators.Emergency releaseWe recommend an additional emergency releaselock for garages without a second entrance. Aninconspicuous round cylinder (cannot be integratedin the home locking system) releases your garage doorand you can easily open it in the case of an emergency.Retrofit fasciasUsing the optional retrofit fascias, the door is fittedin the reveal and at the same time covers unattractivegaps in the lintel and opening areas. Additionalbrickwork and plastering work are no longer required30

SIDE DOORSA matching sidedoor for everyRollMatic doorAt Hörmann, side doors are givenjust as much consideration,as the overall appearance is onlyperfect if the side door matchesthe roller garage door. The sidedoor NT 60 is thus availablein all surface finishes and colours.The high-quality 60 mm aluminiumframe construction is the idealframe for the door infill andis fastened with glazing beadsas standard.Interior viewExternal viewLever handle set as standard31

O P E R AT O R A C C E S S O R I E SFor even more comfortHörmann operator accessories are characterisedby innovative technology, exclusive designand 100 % compatibility – the ideal combinationfor everyone who values perfection.You want maximum comfort?We have the right control element for all yourwishes and needs: elegant hand transmitters,stationary radio buttons or beautiful radiointernal push buttons – choose your favourite.32


O P E R AT O R A C C E S S O R I E SHand transmitter HS 5 BS4 button functions,plus query button,High-gloss surface blackor whiteTextured surface blackHand transmitter HS 4 BS4 button functions,Textured surface blackHand transmitter HS 1 BS1 button function,Textured surface blackHand transmitter HSE 1 BS1 button function,incl. eyelet for key ringTextured surface blackHand transmitter HSE 4 BS4 button functions,including. eyelet for key ringTextured surface blackwith chrome or plastic capsHand transmitter HSE 2 BS2 button functions,including eyelet for key ringHigh-gloss surface blackor whiteHigh-gloss surface green,purple, yellow, red, orangeDecors in silver, carbon,dark rootwood(Shown from left to right)34

Hand transmitterHSD 2-A BSAluminium look,2 button functions,can also be used as a key ringRadio code switchFCT 3 BSFor 3 functions,with illuminated buttonsHand transmitterHSD 2-C BSHigh-gloss chrome,2 button functions,can also be used as a key ringRadio code switchFCT 10 BSFor 10 functions,with illuminated buttonsand protective coverHand transmitterHSP 4 BS4 button functions,with button lock-outincl. key ringHand transmitterHSZ 1 BS1 button function,for insertion in vehiclecigarette lighterRadio finger-scanFFL 12 BSFor 2 functionsand up to 12 fingerprintsHand transmitterHSZ 2 BS2 button functions,for insertion in vehiclecigarette lighterRadio internal pushbutton FIT 2-1 BSFor 2 functionsor 2 operatorsKey switchSTUP 50STAP 50In a recessed versionand surface-mounted version,incl. 3 keys35

R O L L E R G A R A G E D O O R R O L L M AT I C : D I M E N S I O N S A N D F I T T I N G D ATAInternal roller garage doorInternal roller garage doorFitting behind the opening, view of fitting sideFitting in the opening, interior view11011080540110552752755554080110230230Size range for internal and external roller garage door310030002875Clear height 501500125010001600Clear width (LB)Dimensions in mm

External roller garage doorExplanationsFitting in front of the opening, view of fitting side210210*100100*5**X5**Ordering size widthOrdering size heightClear widthClear heightClear passage widthClear passage heightOverall frame dimension widthOverall frame dimension heightFitting depthRequired headroomAdditional fascia panel heightFinished floor levelExteriorFitting depth EBTUp to 2300 mm door height 290 mmFrom 2301 mm door height 335 mm5**405**11011080Required headroom S / additionalfascia panel SBHUp to 2300 mm door height 290 mmFrom 2301 mm door height 335 mmClear passage LDHeight (with operator)Height (manually operated)WidthSide space requirementExternal roller garage dooroperator sideWind load classesUp to door widthsof 3000 mmUp to door widthsof 3750 mmUp to door widthsof 4500 mmFrom door widthsof 4500 mmWater tightnessunder heavy rainLH – 60 mmLH – 125 mmLB115 mm215 mmClass 5Class 4Class 3Class 2Class 2External roller garage door claddingA symmetrical arrangement is alsopossible, in addition to a variable operatorposition (as standard on the left, optionallyon the right) with projection of the shaftcover on the operator side.For a visually balanced look the barrelcasing can be ordered symmetrically!At least 5 mm distance from fasciapanel / side guideDimensions in mm37

O V E R H E A D G A R A G E D O O R R O L L M AT I C O D : D I M E N S I O N S A N D F I T T I N G D ATAOverhead garage doorOverhead garage doorFitting behind the opening, view of fitting sideFitting in the opening, interior view120120120901209084584597979797115115Min. 105Min. 105Size range for overhead garage door RollMatic OD*30002875Clear height 5025002250200017501500125010001700Clear width (LB)38*Flush-fitting in the opening with panel 95: max. LB 3150 mm, max. LH 2700 mmDimensions in mm

Overhead garage doorExplanationsFlush-fitting in the opening with panel 95Ordering size widthOrdering size heightClear widthClear heightClear passage widthClear passage heightStructural opening widthOverall frame dimension widthOverall frame dimension heightDistance back with operatorRequired headroomFinished floor levelExterior12012090Side space requirement102 mmWind load classUp to door widthsof 3000 mmUp to door widthsof 3500 mmClass 3Class 284Water tightnessunder heavy rainClass 2Min. 2597115Min. 1097Dimensions in mm39

S I D E D O O R : D I M E N S I O N S A N D F I T T I N G D ATASide door with block frameFitting behind the opening,opening inwardsFitting in the opening,opening inwardsFitting in the opening,opening de door with block frame10Side door with block frame1040707010Dimensions in mm

18138,510138,538External fitting,opening outwards10Internal fitting,opening inwards38Side door with corner frame18Side door with corner frameExplanationsNominal size widthNominal size heightOrdering size widthOrdering size heightClear passage widthClear passage heightStructural openingOverall frame dimension widthOverall frame dimension heightFinished floor levelExteriorDimensions in mm202013MaterialDoor leaf frame and frame madeof galvanized material, polyesterpowder-coated primer on bothsides, with roller garage doorsection infill. Position of sectionsdoes not match the roller garagedoor RollMatic. Glazing andventilation grilles arranged as inthe roller garage door RollMatic.41


Experience Hörmannquality in newconstructionand modernisationHörmann provides an excellent basisfor comprehensive planning. Carefullymatched solutions offer you the veryGarage doors and entrance gate operatorsbest in perfectly designed productsfor every area. Garage doorsOptimally match your personal architectural style:up-and-over or sectional doors made of steel or timber. Gate and Door OperatorsEnjoy extra convenience and break-in-resistant securitywith Hörmann operators for garage doors and entrancegates. You can profit from the convenience of Hörmanndoor operators in your residential space as well. Entrance doorsOur comprehensive entrance door ranges include modelsthat fit almost every need and requirement.Thermo65 / Thermo46 entrance doors Steel doorsSturdy doors for your entire home, from basementto roof. FramesChoose from our comprehensive range of productsfor new construction, expansion and modernisation.Steel doors43

Hörmann: Quality without CompromiseHörmann KG Amshausen, GermanyHörmann KG Antriebstechnik, GermanyHörmann KG Brandis, GermanyHörmann KG Brockhagen, GermanyHörmann KG Dissen, GermanyHörmann KG Eckelhausen, GermanyHörmann KG Freisen, GermanyHörmann KG Ichtershausen, GermanyHörmann KG Werne, GermanyHörmann Alkmaar B.V., NetherlandsHörmann Legnica Sp. z o.o., PolandHörmann Beijing, ChinaHörmann Tianjin, ChinaHörmann LLC, Montgomery IL, USAHörmann Flexon LLC, Burgettstown PA, USAShakti Hörmann Pvt. Ltd., IndiaHörmann is the only manufacturer worldwide that offers youGARAGE DOORSa complete range of all major building products from one source.OPERATORSand service companies throughout Europe, and activities in theINDUSTRIAL DOORSLOADING EQUIPMENTUSA and Asia, make Hörmann your strong partner for

garage doors RollMatic and overhead garage doors RollMatic OD as well as 5 years on all Hörmann operators.* * The complete warranty conditions can be found at: Hörmann is setting a good example. This is why the company obtains 100 % of its required energy from green sou

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Roller Garage Doors Hormann Rollmatic Garage Door with full box installed from the outside Hormann Rollmatic Garage Door in Golden Oak Decograin matching the style of the property Two SeceuroGlide Classic Roller Garage Doors Secured by Design (SBD) as standard Hormann Rollmatic

garage doors RollMatic and overhead garage doors RollMatic OD as well as 5 years on all Hörmann operators.* * The complete warranty conditions can be found at: Hörmann is setting a good example. This is why the company obtains 100 % of its required energy from green sources. At the same time, many tonnes of CO² are saved each

to access your garage. Matching the RollMatic, side doors are supplied with a slim corner frame in the same design as the side doors for up-and-over garage doors. External rolling shutter A RollMatic external roller garage door for fitting in front of the opening is the righ

to access your garage. Matching the RollMatic, side doors are supplied with a slim corner frame in the same design as the side doors for up-and-over garage doors. External rolling shutter A RollMatic external roller garage door for fitting in front of the opening is the righ

Aliens Love Underpants We have provided here six aliens, 12 kinds of underpants in sets for collecting and smaller versions that can be stuck on two big dice. We have also provided “Mum” cards. Some possible ways to play in addition to pairs or bingo. Please send your suggestions to add to these. 1. For up to four players. Each player becomes an alien and has a card with a flying saucer .