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NEWInexpensive Decopaint surface finishesGolden Oak and RosewoodRoller Garage Door RollMaticMore free space in the garage with innovative Hörmann technology

Hörmann brand qualityTop safety and reliability“A good reputation must be earned.”(August Hörmann)In line with the founder’s philosophy, the Hörmann brand today is a true promiseof quality. The family-owned company has over 75 years of experience in doorand operator construction and, with sales of over 20 million doors, is no. 1in Europe. This gives you a reassuring feeling when purchasing a Hörmannroller garage door.2

Made in GermanyBrand quality “Made in Germany”All doors and operator components are developedand manufactured by Hörmann, are perfectly matchedto each other and tested and certified by independent,recognised institutes to ensure your safety. They aremanufactured in Germany according to the DIN ISO 9001quality management system and fulfil all the requirementsof European standard 13241-1. Our highly qualifiedemployees also work intensively on new products,continual further developments and improvementto details. The results are patents and one-of-a-kindproducts you can depend on.RollMatic roller garage doorsfor generationsEndurance tests under real conditions ensure matureseries products with Hörmann quality. Thanks to this,excellent technical solutions and uncompromisingquality assurance, you receive a 10-year warrantyon all RollMatic roller garage doors and 5 yearson all Hörmann operators.YEARWarrantyAn eye on the futureSustainable productionfor trend-setting constructionHörmann is setting a good example. This is why, since2013 the company has obtained up to 40 % of its requiredenergy from green sources and will continue to increasethis percentage. At the same time, many tonnes of CO ²are saved each year thanks to the introduction of anintelligent and certified energy management system.And last but not least, Hörmann also offers productsfor sustainable construction.Find out more about Hörmann’s environmental activitiesin the “We think green” brochure.We Think GreenHörmann is taking responsibilityfor our environment and our future* The complete warranty conditions can be found at: www.hoermann.com3

Good reasons for a roller garage doorConvincing in terms of function and appearanceMaximum space in frontof and in the garageExternal roller garage doorswith a lack of interior sideroomSpace-saving designFitting in front of the openingRollMatic roller garage doors open vertically andrequire minimum space inside the garage. The door’sdesign offers maximum space inside and in frontof the garage.The ceiling also remains free and can be usedfor lamps or as an additional storage space.The RollMatic is also available as an externalroller garage door for fitting in front of the openingif your garage has little lintel space and/orsideroom.Ideal for modernisationThe shape of the garage door opening doesn’t playa role with roller garage doors. A Hörmann RollMaticfits anywhere, no matter whether your garageopening is rectangular or chamfered, or hasa segmental or a Norman arch.The external roller garage door is suppliedas a complete package with a matching operator.The shaft cover around the operator protectsit from adverse weather effects and unauthorisedinterference.The barrel cover and frame come in the samecolour as the door to create a uniform andharmonious appearance.A Hörmann sectional door always fits.The tension spring cover on the sides of theexternal roller garage door is made of aluminiumand features vision sections to control the springsystem.4

Good reasons to try HörmannThe market leader for construction components has all the innovationsOnly from Hörmann1Reliable and safe:the tension spring assembly2Maintenance-friendlyand especially silentConvincing technologyOperator included as standardThe tested tension spring assembly supports theoperator during the opening and closing of the door.This protects the operator mechanism and in caseof an emergency, the door can be easily openedby hand. A crank handle is not necessary. Doublecabling additionally protects the door from crashingto the floor.The operator is located outside the shaft coverfor trouble-free maintenance. The start and stopof the RollMatic door are particularly soft andsilent, preserving the door. The springcompensation and reliable automatic cut-outrender an additional closing edge safety deviceunnecessary. An internal push button and lightare already integrated in the control housing.The special profile arrangement at the shaftguarantees a secure, break-in resistant locking.With this mechanism, it is practically impossibleto push the curtain open.5

Roller garage door RollMaticA complete package with a matching operatorRollMatic roller garage doors can be individually adapted to the architecture of yourhome or the fitting situation in the garage. Select from one of 11 equally-pricedcolours for an individual door. Matching side doors are also available. An externalrolling shutter is recommended for fitting situations with little lintel space. You canalways find a perfect solution with a RollMatic roller garage door.6

Colours and surface finishesYou can choose between 11 equally-pricedcolours and two attractive Decograinor Decopaint surfaces each.Further information can be found on pages 9 – 11Roller garage door in Anthracite grey, RAL 7016Matching side doorA practical side door is a convenient wayto access your garage. Matching the RollMatic,side doors are supplied with a slim corner framein the same design as the side doors for up-andover garage doors.Roller garage door in White aluminium, RAL 9006with matching side doorExternal rolling shutterA RollMatic external roller garage door for fittingin front of the opening is the right solution forgarages with low headroom and/or sideroom.The external roller garage door is always suppliedas a complete package with a matching operator.Further information can be found on page 14External rolling shutter in Traffic white, RAL 90167

Surface finishes and coloursFor individual design possibilitiesSmooth surfaceThe smooth surface of the aluminiumprofiles looks modern and elegant, unlikeribbed profiles from other suppliers.Furthermore, a high-quality coating on theinside and outside of the door’s surfacemakes it easy to clean.Profile with thermalinsulationThe hollow space of the profile is evenlyfilled with polyurethane rigid foamfor quiet door travel.Profile viewInteriorGlazing elementsGet more daylight in your garage! Theglazing elements with synthetic panes arearranged across the entire profile width.The number of elements depends on therespective door width. A maximum of tenprofiles can be fitted with glazings in eachdoor.Profile viewExteriorVentilation grillesVentilation of your garage improvesthe room climate and prevents mould.Ventilation grilles made of long-lastingplastic are arranged across the entireprofile width. A maximum of ten profilescan be used for each door.Profile withsynthetic glazingProfile withventilation grille8

11 equally-priced coloursRollMatic roller garage doors from Hörmann are deliveredin Traffic white as standard, in addition there are 10 preferredcolours available without a surcharge.Traffic whiteRAL 9016White aluminiumRAL 9006Jet blackRAL 9005CreamRAL 9001Terra brownRAL 8028Light greyRAL 7035Anthracite greyRAL 7016Moss greenRAL 6005Steel blueRAL 5011Ruby redRAL 3003Light ivoryRAL 1015Only from HörmannHarmonious overall appearanceAll colours based on RAL.The colours and surfaces shown are subject to the limitationsof the printing process and cannot be regarded as binding.Please consult with your local Hörmann specialised dealer.Only Hörmann offers you the complete door in the selecteddoor colour without a surcharge. The door curtain, guiderails, fascia panel, and shaft cover are thus combinedin an attractive and harmonious unit.9

Decor surface finishesIn natural timber looksDecograin surface finishesThe two Decograin surfaces in the coloursGolden Oak and Rosewood havea convincingly real timber look. A specialwear-resistant surface protectionpreserves the UV-resistant plastic filmcoating on the RollMatic over a long time.To create a uniform appearance, theexterior door curtain, fascia and frame aresupplied with a Decograin surface finish.The interior fascia, side guides, barrelcasing and door curtain are painted inbrown.Decograin surface finishes are notavailable for external rolling shutters.Interior profile viewin brownDecopaint surface finishesNEWThe Decopaint surface finishesGolden Oak and Rosewood arean affordable alternative to Decograindecors.The interior and exterior of the profilesare painted to look like timber.Exterior profile viewin Decograin Golden OakFrames, side guides, fascia panelsand shaft covers are powder-coatedin a base colour matching the timberto create a harmonious appearance.Side guide in base colour Golden OakInterior profile viewin Decopaint Golden OakSide guide in base colour Rosewood10Exterior profile viewin Decopaint Golden Oak

Decograin decorsGolden OakRosewoodDecopaint decorsGolden OakRosewood11

Convincing technologyDetails perfectly matched to each other[4][2][3][1][5]Easy to fitRollMatic roller garage doors are quickly and simply fitted.The side guides, lintel bracket and operator are boltedto the garage walls and lintel. Subsequently, the curtainis connected to the shaft using belts, pulled onto the shaftby the operator and fixed. There is no need for extensiveadjustment.12

Certified safety in accordancewith European standard 13241-1Only from HörmannTension spring assemblywith multi-spring system[ 1 ] Hörmann RollMatic roller garage doors with double tensionsprings and double cabling protect the door leaf from crashingin every door position. The patented multi-spring system andthe transparent protective cover prevent broken springs fromflying out and thus protect from personal injury.A well-protected shaft[ 2 ] The standard shaft cover practically prevents reaching intothe door barrel. In addition, it protects the curtain from damageand dirt when the door is open. The cover is supplied in the colourof the door or in brown with Decograin surfaces.[1]Only from HörmannIntegrated mechanical anti-lift kit[ 3 ] The special section positioning at the shaft as well as theconnection to the operator protect the RollMatic roller garage doorfrom being pushed open forcefully from the outside. This makesburglary attempts much more difficult. Of course, manual openingfrom the inside is possible in emergencies.[3]Only from HörmannWear-resistant bearing rings[ 4 ] The newly developed bearing rings made of various plasticsreduce wear when the curtain is rolled up and down. This keeps thesurface of the door curtain beautiful for a long period of time. Thebearing rings also dampen noise and help the door to close better.Standard wind locks[ 5 ] Hörmann’s RollMatic roller garage doors can even withstandlarge wind loads (up to class 5). The wind locks fitted as standardin the profile ends keep the door securely within its guides.An additional advantage is increased protection from burglary.[4][5]13

External roller garage door RollMaticThe solution for areas with a lack of interior sideroom100 mm[1]Variable operator positions[ 1 ] Depending on the fitting situation, operators for external rollergarage doors can either be installed on the left or right. The shaft coveris 100 mm wider in this area and encloses the operator, protecting itfrom adverse weather effects or from unauthorised interference.Tension spring cladding with vision sections[ 2 ] You can easily check whether the cable guide or springsare working through the vision sections in the spring cladding,providing you with safety even after many years.[2]Secured release on inside[ 3 ] The operator can be easily released from the inside usinga hand pulley. You can, for example, easily open your door by handfrom the inside during a power failure.[3]14

Variants and optional extrasThe right solution for every applicationManually operated doorEasy manual openingThanks to the supporting tension springcompensation, Hörmann roller garage doorsare easy to manually open and close fromthe outside of the garage using the handle [ 1 ]and from the inside with the pull chain.Manual door lockingThe manually operated roller garage dooris mechanically locked using interior and exteriorhandles and a lock. Solid metal bolts extendon the right and left into the door frame.[1]Only from Hörmann[2]Chamfered bottom profileThe solution for sloping ground: An aluminiumchamfered bottom weather seal compensatesfor differences in height over the entire door widthof up to 300 mm. The profile can be fitted withoutany difficulty and is simply screwed onto the insertedcurtain.The bottom profile is delivered powder-coatedin Jet black (similar to RAL 9005). On request,the bottom profile (as shown) is also availablein a colour matching the door colour.Additional fascia panelThe additional fascia panel [ 3 ] stabilises the fasciapanel during fitting in the opening or behind theopening, if the fascia panel can be seen in theopening. It harmoniously covers the lintel withoutany unattractive fitting holes. The additional fasciapanel is available in the colour of the door or witha Decograin surface.Fitting compensation setThe standard compensation set [ 4 ] ensures flushfitting installation of the door in uneven walls.For more information, consult the technical manual.[3][4]15

Hörmann BiSecurA modern radio system for your homeOnly from HörmannTested and certifiedThe newly developed, extremely secure BiSecur encryptionprotocol makes sure that no-one can copy your radio signal.It has been tested and certified by security experts at theBochum University and has the same high security levelas online banking.Award-winning designThe exclusive BiSecur hand transmitters are set apartby their high-gloss surface in a piano lacquer look,as well as by an elegant shape that fits easily in the palmof your hand. The figure on the left shows an HS 4 BShand transmitter with hand transmitter station (optional).Hörmann’s BiSecur hand transmitters have been awardeda design prize by an international jury.Hörmann BiSecur:The modern radio systemfor garage door and entrance gate operatorsGarage Doorand Entrance Gate OperatorsCompatible operator solutions from Europe’s no. 1Please see the following pages for more information on thehand transmitters and other control elements. The completerange of accessories can be found in Hörmann’s specialisedbrochure on garage door and entrance gate operators and

Door, operator and controlAn optimally matched systemApproved as a functioning unitIn RollMatic roller garage doors, the door components,operator and control are optimally adjusted to each otherand approved as a functioning unit.The integrated soft start and soft stop of the operatorensures smooth door travel and protects the door. Theaccessible operator housing facilitates easy maintenance.The control is complete and equipped with a buttonand a light.Standard emergency releaseStandard emergency release via a pull cord: The doorcan be easily pushed open after pulling the cord and doesnot have to be cranked open.Reliable automatic safety cut-outThe automatic safety cut-out secures the closing edge andimmediately stops the door if there is an obstacle. This wayan additional closing edge safety device can be omitted.As standard: Impulse control with integrated lighting X 2 HSE 2 BS hand transmitters Automatic safety cut-out with obstacle detection Emergency release from the inside via a pull cord Mechanical anti-lift kit Safety catch with tension spring assemblyStandard 2-button hand transmitterHSE 2 BS (textured surface)On encountering an obstruction, the automatic safety cut-outstops the door17

Security can look this beautifulHörmann BiSecur hand transmitters and switchesHand transmitterHS 4 BS4 button functions,[ 1 ] high-gloss blackHand transmitterHS 1 BS1 button function,[ 2 ] high-gloss black[1][4][2][3][5]Hand transmitterNEWHSE 1 BS1 button functionincl. eyelet for key ring[ 3 ] High-gloss blackHand transmitterHSE 2 BS NEW2 button functions,incl. eyelet for key ring[ 4 ] High-gloss black or white[ 5 ] High-gloss green, purple,yellow, red, orange(Fig. from left)[ 6 ] Black textured surfacewith chrome or plastic caps[ 7 ] Decors in silver, carbon,light rootwood, light timber,dark timber, dark rootwood(Fig. from left)[6]18[7]

Quality accessoriesfor added securityHand transmitterHSD 2-A BSAluminium look,2 button functions,can also be used as a key ringHSD 2-C BSHigh-gloss chrome,2 button functions,can also be used as a key ringOptional emergency release from the outsideFor garages without a second access, we offer youthe option of opening the door from the outsidein case of emergency (e.g. power failure).Hand transmitterHSP 4 BS4 button functions,with button lock-out,incl. key ringHand transmitterHSZ 1 BS1 button function,for insertion in vehiclecigarette lighterHSZ 2 BS2 button functions,for insertion in vehiclecigarette lighterAcoustic alarmTo complement the mechanical anti-lift kit, Hörmannoptionally offers you an acoustic alarm. The shrill alarmsound with a volume of 110 dB (A), equal to a siren10 m away, effectively deters burglars.Radio code switchFCT 10 BSFor 10 functions,with illuminated buttonsand protective coverRadio finger-scanFFL 12 BSFor 2 functionsand up to 12 finger printsThe emergency batteryWith this emergency power supply, you can bypassnetwork power failures for up to 18 hours and max.5 door cycles. The emergency battery recharges itselfduring normal operation.19

Roller garage door fitting dimensionsRollMatic roller garage door incl. operatorLBMin. 105 340Internal roller garage door: Fitting in the opening,interior view 340Internal roller garage door: Fitting behind the opening,view of fitting sideMin. 1252000180016001000Clear height (LH)Size range for internal and external roller garage doorClear width (LB)20Dimensions in mm

External roller garage door: Fitting in front of the opening,view of fitting side200Explanation of dimensions200*100100***5XLBClear width ordering sizeLHClear height ordering sizeLDClear passageEBTFitting depthSBDRequired headroomFitting depth EBT**5Up to 2300 mm door height290 mmFrom 2301 mm door height335 mm35Required headroom SBD**5ExteriorLB100100SBDEBT335 mmHeight (with operator)LH –60 mmHeight (manually operated)LH –125 mmWidthLBSide space requirement100 mmExternal roller garage dooroperator side200 mmExteriorWind load classesLDLH290 mmFrom 2301 mm door heightClear passage LD75**5Up to 2300 mm door heightUp to door widths of 3500 mmClass 5Up to door widths of 4500 mmClass 4Up to door widths of 5000 mmClass 3X External roller garage door claddingA symmetrical arrangement is also possible,in addition to a variable operator position(as standard on the left, optionally on the right)with projection of the shaft cover on theoperator side.*For a visually balanced look the barrel casingcan be ordered symmetrically!** At least 5 mm distance from fascia panel /side guideDimensions in mm21

Side door fitting dimensionsRoller garage door RollMaticSingle-leaf with thresholdBRHRAMOverall frame dimensionBRBNominal size widthBRHNominal size heightLMStructural openingLDClear passageLM BRH 5LD BRH –38ExteriorRAM BRH 57Explanation of dimensionsSingle-leaf without threshold1525032.5½75Approx. 101075½250Position of anchorsSingle-leaf with thresholdBRHLM BRH 5LD BRH –23ExteriorRAM BRH 5732.5BRHLM BRH 5LD BRH –23ExteriorRAM BRH 24.5(the threshold is removed on-site)MaterialExternal fitting opening outwardsInternal fitting opening inwardsDoor frame and frame made ofgalvanized material, polyester powdercoated primer on both sides, with rollerLM BRB 10BRBLD BRB –45RAM BRB 5032garage door section infill in RollMaticstyle. Position of sections does notmatch the RollMatic roller garage door.Glazing and ventilation grilles arrangedas in the RollMatic roller garage door.ExteriorRAM BRB 50ExteriorLD BRB –45BRBLM BRB 1022Dimensions in mm

Experience Hörmann qualityFor every application involving new construction and modernisationHörmann provides an excellent basisfor comprehensive planning. Carefullymatched solutions offer you the verybest in perfectly designed productsfor every area.Garage doorsOptimally match your personal architectural style:up-and-over or sectional doors made of steel,steel orgrptimber.or timber.Door operatorsGarage doors and entrance gate operatorsEnjoy extra convenience and break-in-resistant security:Hörmann operators for garage doors and entrance gates.Entrance doorsOur comprehensive entrance door ranges include modelsthat fit almost every need and requirement.Steel doorsSturdy doors for your entire home, from basement to roof.FramesChoose from our comprehensive range of productsfor new construction, expansion and rmoPro entrance doorSteel doors23

Hörmann: Quality without CompromiseHörmann KG Amshausen, GermanyHörmann KG Antriebstechnik, GermanyHörmann KG Brandis, GermanyHörmann KG Brockhagen, GermanyHörmann KG Dissen, GermanyHörmann KG Eckelhausen, GermanyHörmann KG Freisen, GermanyHörmann KG Ichtershausen, GermanyHörmann KG Werne, GermanyHörmann Genk NV, BelgiumHörmann Alkmaar B.V., NetherlandsHörmann Legnica Sp. z o.o., PolandHörmann Beijing, ChinaHörmann Tianjin, ChinaHörmann LLC, Montgomery IL, USAHörmann Flexon LLC, Burgettstown PA, USAHörmann is the only manufacturer worldwide that offers youGARAGE DOORSa complete range of all major building products from one source.OPERATORSand service companies throughout Europe, and activities in theINDUSTRIAL DOORSLOADING EQUIPMENTUSA and China, make Hörmann your strong partner for first-classHINGED DOORSbuilding products, offering “Quality without Compromise”.DOOR FRAMESwww.hoermann.comproduction technologies. The close-meshed network of salesIssue 06.2014 / Print 07.2014 / HF 85900 EN / PDFWe manufacture in highly-specialised factories using the latest

to access your garage. Matching the RollMatic, side doors are supplied with a slim corner frame in the same design as the side doors for up-and-over garage doors. External rolling shutter A RollMatic external roller garage door for fitting in front of the opening is the righ

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The REST API cannot accept more than 10 MB of data. Audience and Purpose of This Guide The primary audience for this manual is systems integrators who intend to enable configuration and management of the system features through integrated systems. This manual is not intended for end users. Related Poly and Partner Resources See the following sites for information related to this release. The .