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KREUZ SUBSEAHot TappingYour Integrated Offshore Subsea Solutions Partner10 Science Centre Road Block 1, #01-12, Bestway CentreSingapore 609079 tel 65 6807 0500 fax 65 6807 0502enquiry@kreuzsubsea.comCapsule Hot Taps / 5-Feb-16 / 1 of 12

Project Profile – C26 Cluster Pipeline (Hot Taps)abcdHot tap assembly loweredefHot tap assembly in waterClientEnd ClientHot tap Clamp on the exposed pipeProject StartProject EndAssets DeployedProject Location01 Apr 201614 May 2016Kreuz InstallerD-1 FieldBombay HighPre- and Post- surveysDeck assembly and mock-uptest drill of how tapassembliesExcavation of seabed underthe hot tap location to accessand assemble the hot-tapRemoval of concrete andcorrosion coating3 ea x hot taps (12”, 14” and16”) on live line5 ea x connecting spoolsDrilling in progressWaterDepth110mCapsule HotTaps to/ 5-Feb-16Spool loweredseabed / 2 of 12

Contracting TiersSmart TapHot tap toolingKreuz Installer – installation vesselDredger, PipelineCoating RemovalToolCapsule Hot Taps / 5-Feb-16 / 3 of 12

Hot Tapping – Mock-up on deckMock-up testDeck Crew, Furmaniteand Oceaneeringassemble the hot tap, ballvalve and drill unitAssembly will be fitted ona test pipe piecePerform a trial cutRecovery of cut couponCapsule Hot Taps / 5-Feb-16 / 4 of 12

Seabed ExcavationExcavationDeck Crew preparedredger and deploy inwaterDiver position dredgerand excavateFinal Survey andacceptanceDredger recovered todeckCapsule Hot Taps / 5-Feb-16 / 5 of 12

Coating RemovalCoating removalDeck Crew preparePipeline Coating RemovalTool (PCRT)Deploy in WaterDiver position PCRT inpipeline and return to bellCoating removal opnsPost removal, diver toinspect and confirm. Diverto grind LS Weld if reqdRelocate PCRT to otherHot Tap locations andperform similar operationsRecover PCRT to deckCapsule Hot Taps / 5-Feb-16 / 6 of 12

Hot Tapping – SubseaSubseaHot TappingVessel to set up onlocationDiver survey of hot taplocation and markingalign with DMAs, deploylift bags, secure hot tapclamp on the pipe, tensionthe bolts, leak testTap drill deployed, pilotdrill the pipe, check forleaks aroundDe tension the bolts,recover drill to surfaceand recover couponRepeat steps for 2 morehot tapsCapsule Hot Taps / 5-Feb-16 / 7 of 12

Spools InstallationHot (Smart)Tap–1Hot (Smart)Tap–2Hot (Smart)Tap–3Capsule Hot Taps / 5-Feb-16 / 8 of 12

CertificatesCapsule Hot Taps / 5-Feb-16 / 9 of 12

Project Profile – Offshore Gas Spur Lines Project (Hot Taps)Hot tap assembly loweredClientEnd ClientPTTEPHot tap mock-up onboard HD-2500Consultanta Pre- and Postsurveysb Deck assemblyand mock-up oftap assembliesc 2 ea x 24” hottaps on 42”pipelineHot tap DrillProject StartProject EndAssets DeployedProject Location01 May 201101 Oct Capsule HotTaps / to5-Feb-16Spool loweredseabed/ 10 of 12

Tough and CreativeKreuz Subsea is an integrated turnkey solutions provider inIRM, Subsea Construction Services incl Hyperbaric Welding andSURF – Unique and differentiating modelCapsule Hot Taps / 5-Feb-16 / 11 of 12

Going beyond limitsCapsule Hot Taps / 5-Feb-16 / 12 of 12

the hot tap location to access and assemble the hot-tap d Removal of concrete and corrosion coating e 3 ea x hot taps (12”, 14” and 16”) on live line f 5 ea x connecting spools Water Depth 110m Hot tap assembly in water Hot tap assembly lowered Hot tap Clamp on the

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subsea well. More particularly, embodiments of the invention relate to methods and apparatus for Subsea well intervention operations, including retrieval of a wellhead from a Subsea well. 2. Description of the Related Art After the production of a subsea well is finished, the subsea well is closed and abandoned. The Subsea well closing pro

Hot and cold tapping procedures are covered below. Hot Tapping For hot tapping, a specialized tapping machine is always required. In addition to the tapping sleeve and machine, the assembly consists of a branch valve (gate or ball) and the cutting device (see Figure 3)

of hot tapping and shutdown procedures, use the above subcategories to calculate the cost of each. 1.3.2 HOT TAPPING COST BREAKDOWN In order to do a cost-benefit analysis, the direct cost estimation for hot tapping needs to be completed. This is done at the start of a project and may

After the hot tapping process the customer will connect the prefabricated and preinsulated new line with the preinsulated Shut-Off valves to the TONISCO Hot tapping Valve by welding. TONISCO hot tapping valves are designed to be used only once. After the new line is completed by hot tapping the sluice plate will be removed and the

To run through a successful hot tapping process, drilling and welding abilities are re-quired. Target systems in the industry of hot tapping are for instance cooling systems, district heating, gas and water distribution. (TONISCO. 2014a.) 2.1.1 About TONISCO Hot Tapping TONISCO developed several drilling devices for hot tapping.

A typical hot tap requires a: the hot tapping drill tapping saddle / clamp, ball valve. Hot tapping takes approximately 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of the hole and the pipe material. Note: Hot tapping can be dangerous and should be performed by experienced technicians only. Care should be taken when using the hot

that the company is not quite at the mini-mum working capital level required. As a reasonableness check to our calcu-lations, we can compare to a hypothetical bond program. Many sureties will often grant a bonded program of ten to twenty times working cap-ital. Therefore 265 working capital times 15 would produce a bonded program of 3,975, or close to 4,000 in revenues. Twenty times working .