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Burner Control SystemsFireye Flame Monitor Burner Control SystemFireye Industrial MB Multi-Burner Flame Safeguard SystemHoneywell 7800 Series Microprocessor-Based Burner ControlsHoneywell ControLinks Integrated Combustion PanelsHoneywell ControLinks Linkageless Fuel Air Ratio ControlsHoneywell Delphi Boiler Control SystemsHoneywell IRIS Signal Processors for Industrial BurnersHoneywell RA890 Protectorelay Electromechanical Primary ControlsKromschroder Flame Relays and Burner Control ModulesMaxon SMARTFIRE Intelligent Combustion Control SystemMaxon SMARTLINK Thermal Mass FlowmeterCombustion Efficiency AnalyzersHoneywell ControLinks Integrated Combustion PanelsHoneywell Delphi Combustion Efficiency PanelFlame Detectors and Amplifier ModulesFireye Discrete Flame ScannersFireye Integrated Flame Scanners with Internal Flame RelayHoneywell R78 Series Flame Signal AmplifiersHoneywell Flame DetectorsHoneywell IRIS Industrial Flame DetectorsKromschroder UVS10D2 Ultraviolet Flame DetectorIndustrial BurnersMaxon Burner Systems for Industrial Applications 324.53 950.96 546.43 393.00263285281286 869.00 1992.00 575.93 5000.00 838.05Call 1102.16 2562.91 258.00CallCall270271264259262260275265274261261 5000.00Call259260 125.00 1917.00 269.26 126.75 1560.65 181.00273272266268276274Call290Solids Flow and MotionControllersand ProgrammersDigital IndicatorsHoneywell ControLinks Parallel-Position ActuatorsHoneywell Modutrol IV Low-Torque Rotary Actuator MotorsHoneywell V4055 On-Off Gas Valve ActuatorsKromschroder IC20/IC40 Valve ActuatorsRecorders andData AcquisitionActuators257Combustion Safetyand EfficiencyPrices SeeStart at PageTABLE OFCONTENTSProcess ValvesCOMBUSTION SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY

TABLE OFCONTENTSV 10.2014Solids Flow and Motion258PricesStart atPressure ControlsControllers andProgrammersHoneywell C437 Mercury-Free Pressure Limit SwitchesHoneywell C6097 Safety Limit SwitchesHoneywell L404F Pressuretrol Operating ControlsHoneywell P7810C Pressuretrol Line Voltage Pressure ControllersKromschroder DG Pressure Switches for Gas ApplicationsTemperature Controls and SensorsHoneywell T631 Airswitch ControllerHoneywell T675A Remote Bulb Temperature ControllerHoneywell T775 Digital Temperature ControllersHoneywell T6051 Line Voltage ThermostatValvesDigital IndicatorsA-T Controls FM-Approved Ball Valves for Safety ShutoffASCO Valve Co Safety Shutoff Solenoid Valves for Combustion SystemsHoneywell V5055 Gas Safety Shutoff ValvesHoneywell V51E Firing Rate Gas ValvesKromschroder BV Butterfly ValvesKromschroder VAS Valvario Solenoid ValvesMaxon Flow Control, Vent, and Safety Shutoff ValvesMaxon SmartLink MRV Micro-Ratio ValvesBurner Control AccessoriesRecorders andData AcquisitionHoneywell Intermittent Ignition Pilot ControlHoneywell 7800 Series Burner Control Plug-In ModulesHoneywell Q7800 Wiring SubbasesHoneywell ST7800 Plug-In Purge Timer CardsKromschroder Ionization Pilots for Industrial Gas BurnersSeePage 325.86 121.79 191.14 579.16 58.00288288288263289 157.38 167.74 417.82 169.20287287287287 1420.00 72.00 349.80 455.70 225.00 234.00CallCall282278281285286280284282 184.99 295.17 41.55 76.43 83.00288267265266292Combustion Safetyand EfficiencyTypical Single Burner Furnace with Flame Safety Systemwith7626 for help nts!Call 800-953-synepostem comany of theseProcess Valves1. shutoff cockGas pressure regulatorLow pressure interlockMotorized gas valve manual resetControl valve operatorHigh gas pressure st cockPilot gas cockPilot pressure regulatorPilot solenoid valveGas pilot burner assemblySolid-state ignition transformerFlame detectorPrimary control relay mount baseHigh limit safety shutdownThermocouple leadwireThermocouple sensorBurner valve controllerMain gas valve automatic operatorNormally open vent valve

Integrated Combustion Control PanelsHoneywell’s engineered systems team has designed three completelyintegrated control panels to suit your combustion control needs. All threeare pre-wired, pre-tested, and build in a certified UL 508 panel shop.These heavy duty Hoffman panels are suitable for use in most environments and applications. They’re ready to install, right out of the box, soinstallation time is minimal, and downtime is reduced.Take advantage of special discounts on Honeywell integratedcombustion control panels.Components: S7999B1000panel display, R7999A1005ControLinks controller module,Q7999A1006 ControLinks subbase.ML7999A actuators must be ordered separately. See page 265.Panel Specifications: 100-120 V, 50-60 Hz, 3 Amp electrical rating,NEMA 12 enclosure, fuel selector switch, alarm light, reset button, unitshutdown/emergency stop, automatic/manual switch, and a manualoperation potentiometerModel Selection GuideDescriptionControLinks Fuel Air Ratio Control PanelCatalogNumberYP7999A1000PricesStart at 5000.00Components: S7999B1000panel display, R7999A1005ControLinks controller module,Q7999A1006 ControLinkssubbase, RM7800L1087 relaymodule, Q7800 wiring subbase,S7810M Modbus module, andS7800A keyboard display moduleML7999A actuators, R78 flame amplifiers, ST7800 purge timer cards,and appropriate flame detectors must be ordered separately.Panel Specifications: 100-120 V, 50-60 Hz, 3 Amp electrical rating,NEMA 12 enclosure, fuel selector switch, alarm light, reset button, unitshutdown/emergency stop, automatic/manual switch, and a manualoperation potentiometerModel Selection GuideDescriptionControLinks Burner Management PanelCatalogNumberYP7899A1002PricesStart at 7715.00YP7899C1000 Burner Management System PanelCombines two industry standards into a complete integrated control panel:Honeywell’s 7800 series burner controls with SIL3 capability and UDC controllersfor reliable high limit and PID load control.Components: S7999B1000 panel display, RM7800L1087 relay module, Q7800 wiring subbase,S7810M Modbus module, S7800A keyboard display module, and two UDC2500 controllersR78 flame amplifiers, ST7800 purge timer cards, and appropriate flame detectors must be orderedseparately.Panel Specifications: 100-120 V, 50-60 Hz, 3 Amp electrical rating, NEMA 12 enclosure, fuelselector switch, alarm light,Model Selection Guidereset button, unit shutdown/CatalogPricesemergency stop, automatic/DescriptionNumberStart atmanual switch, and a manualoperation potentiometerBurner Management System Panel YP7899C1000 7285.00Combustion Safetyand EfficiencyFor reliable fuel air ratiocontrol and energy savingsin the boiler room.Recorders andData AcquisitionFor single-fuel burner management with SIL3 capability and fuel air ratio control.Digital IndicatorsYP7899A1002 ControLinks BurnerManagement PanelProcess ValvesYP7999A1000ControLinks Fuel Air RatioControl PanelSolids Flow and Motion259Controllersand ProgrammersV 10.2014BURNERCONTROLS

BURNERCONTROLSV 10.2014Solids Flow and Motion260Delphi Boiler Control SystemBOILERControllers andProgrammersGreat forboilers over300 HP!Digital IndicatorsImprove your boilerefficiency by upgradingyour control system!Recorders andData AcquisitionFeatures Packaged flame safeguard control and linkageless fuel/airratio control with O2 trim — for efficient boiler control Industrial panel PC with large 12” color touchscreen interface NEMA 12 enclosure with two filter kits, 4-20 mA sensor inputs Embedded software for setup, control and monitoring High accuracy O2 sensor with quick response and open aircalibration feature —no moving parts or replaceable filters Oxygen sense and trim capability — trim and sensor enable/disable, compensation for variable combustion air, separateO2 setpoint at each 10% step of firing rateFuel/Air Ratio Control Features Variable frequency drive (VFD) control capability reduces fanenergy costs Available actuators from 100 to 400 in lbs Firing rate/load control via temperature, pressure or manualoperation Firing rate limiter algorithm helps prevent overshoot Ramp rate limiter algorithm helps prevent thermal shock Low fire hold capability via process variable Dedicated actuator and VFD channels with feedbackSystem ComponentsCombustion Safetyand EfficiencyProcess ValvesThe Delphi Combustion Efficiency Panel YP900A1000 ships completewith the following components (pre-wired as required): RM7840L1075 programmable flame safeguard control withvalve proving system (VPS) capability, includes wiring subbaseand mounting kit Q7800A1005 S7800A1142 keyboard display module for Modbus RTU communication, valve proving, and post-purge timer programming ABC900A1000 Hybrid Controller: Includes CPU30 control, powersupply shield and resistor kits, 4-slot I/O rack and four I/O card:one each for analog input, analog output, digital input, anddigital output MF020-1-LC3 high temperature oxygen sensor S900A1000 12” Panel Touchscreen with software LCZ460-30-ECC Hall effect zero speed sensor for variable frequency drive speed measurement SNDJ-CNT-G02-ECC tachometer with single channel, relay and0/2-10 VDC output for VFD speed measurement Shunt resistor kits cable connectors, cable gland, compressionfittings, power supplies for panel PC and sensors, frequency/noise filter/surge suppressor, and line conditioner, relays, fuses,Ethernet switch, and alarm on/off switchThe O2 Sensor and Hall Effect Sensor require field wiringThese components are required for the system to operate, and needto be purchased separately Amplifier for RM7840L (R78xx) Purge timer card for RM7840L (ST7800) Flame detector or electronic actuators – ML7999B or 2001series HercuLine actuators NXS Variable frequency drive (optional) 4-20mA sensors (temperature, pressure) for PV/modulation/firing rate, stack temperature or other monitoring pointsNote: Separate controls are required for the following functions: high limit,low limit, operating control, ignition transformer, fuel pressure limits, fueltemperature limits, low water cutoff controls, high water level control,combustion air proving switch, air atomization proving switch and otherlimits and interlocks as required by the application.

261Controllersand ProgrammersMAXON Combustion Control SystemsSolids Flow and MotionV 10.2014BOILERCONTROLSSMARTLINK Thermal Mass Flowmeter Displays instantaneous standard rate andtotalized flow without calculations Temperature compensation extends accuracy over wider ranges of fluid temperatures Redundant meter provides on-line self-checksfor safe operation and fail-safe alarm output Monitors, displays, and outputs air/fuel ratiowhen two meters are electrically “linked” In-line flow body uses conditioning screensto reduce straight-run pipe requirements Large local display. No PC or other interfacenecessary for configuration and operation Fail-safe alarm, limit and analog outputs foreasy integration into PLC or DCS systems FM approved for Class 1, Div 2 Groups A-Dand Class 1, Zone 2, Group IICSMARTLINK Meter is a highly accurate and repeatable mass flowmeter for monitoring fuel and air.The meter uses a constant temperature differentialtechnique with two matched, platinum RTDs in arugged, stainless probe assembly. One RTD measuresfluid temperature; an intelligent bridge circuit heatsthe second RTD element, maintaining a constanttemperature differential above the temperature ofthe process fluid.Based on the amount of power delivered to the heated element, the on-board microprocessor establishesa precise mass flow rate. The highly integrated sensorprobe and electronic design permits fully automatedfactory calibration, providing every manufactured unitwith out-of-the-box measurement accuracy.Recorders andData AcquisitionMaxon’s SMARTFIRE is an automated fuel/air ratio control systemthat provides precise thermal mass flow control of your critical burnersystems. The flow control valve system is comprised of five componentsthat integrate easily with a conventional burner management systemand pipe train.SMARTFIRE provides precise electronic control of air and fuel flowto the burner, maintaining emissions or fuel efficiency over the entire operating range of the burner. It automatically compensates forchanges in combustion or process conditions with full cross-limitedratio control, ensuring a highly repeatable heat source. SMARTFIRE valves provide real-time information about combustion and processsystem performance, as well as optional data logging and remotemonitoring. In most installations, SMARTFIRE contributes to reducedfuel bills, emissions compliance, and maximized uptime on criticalindustrial heating equipment.Combustion Safetyand Efficiency FM and CSA approved, and meetsrequirements of European EMC andlow-voltage directives Remote monitoring gateway option reduces downtime,provides immediate off-site tech support over a phone lineProcess Valves Plug and play turnkey system for easy installation and setup Designed for harsh environments — includes NEMA 4X enclosures, high torque actuators, and all-digital field devicecommunications Precise electronic control of air and fuel flow to the burner tomaximize efficiency and minimize emissions simultaneously Maintains emissions or fuel efficiency over the entire operating range of the burner, not just at one burner setpoint Automatically compensates for changes in combustionor process conditions with full cross-limited ratio control,ensuring a highly repeatable heat source Integrates easily with all burner management systems,reducing engineering costs in retrofit applications Advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting provide real-timedata about combustion and process system performance Redundant system safety checks built into intelligent components significantly reduces the risks associated with combustion system commissioning and maintenance neglectDigital IndicatorsSMARTFIRE Intelligent Combustion Control System

Solids Flow and Motion262BURNERCONTROLControLinks Burner Control SystemHoneywell ControLinks fuel air ratio control system helps you realize energy savings, increased turndown, reducedemissions, and system reliability in an easy-to-install, powerful, and cost-effective package.Controllers andProgrammersDigital IndicatorsRecorders andData AcquisitionFeaturesFor boilers and burners Stand-alone control systemup to 300 HP!designed for easy retrofits Dynamic safety checks: failsafe potentiometercheck, anti-swap of actuators, and curve verification algorithms, relay test for limit control input/output (LCI-LCO) contact set Integrated shock protection algorithms: Water orstack temperature low fire hold, flue gas recirculation (FGR) hold, FGR and low-fire hold Controller LEDs: Power, alarm, motor 1, 2, 3, 4 forstatus, and fault code annunciation (60 possible) Two independent fuel profiles with or without FGR Programmable positioning for non-selected fuelactuator, standby, purge, light-off, or minimum/maximum modulation Up to four universal parallel positioning actuators:Typical boiler application with Honeywell ControLinks Combustion air, fuel 1, fuel 2, FGR/flexible usagefuel ratio control system installed. Fourth channel actuator flexible usage: FR, secondary air control or modulating fuel valveHoneywell ControLinks replaces the traditional single point modulation of amechanical cam-and-linkage assembly that controls the relationship between fuel, Auto/manual firing rate inputairflow, and flue gas recirculation on a power burner. The linkageless fuel air ratio Seven to 24 points per profile curve with quickcontrol provides more accuracy and efficiency in actuator positioning and burnersetup feature, providing minimum three-pointfiring, reducing your service requirements and downtime. It can be installed as partprofile curveof a retrofit or a new burner application —anywhere increased efficiency is desired.Up to four independently controlled universal parallel positioning actuators Actuator CW/CCW switches for manually driving(UPPAs) are managed by the ControLinks controller, which responds to load andhub —useful for installation and servicefiring rate demands. Actuator LED annunciation for unconfigured, conControLinks can be used on single or combination fuel single burner applications,figured, on-line, or faulty actuator statesincluding power burners, boilers, process furnaces, ovens, smelting, kilns, paint dryingbooths, VOC burn-off, ceramics, make-up air heaters, or any full modulating burner.Combustion Safetyand EfficiencyR7999A ControLinks Fuel Air ControllerUses the latest microprocessor technology to simultaneously control up to four actuators.Use with ML7999 actuators to replace mechanical cam-and-linkage assembly controllingthe relationship between fuel, airflow, and flue gas recirculation (FGR) on a power burner.Fast burner setup vial PC or laptop. Two independent fuel profiles with or without FGR. Programmablebehaviors of all actuators during purge and standby. Programmable behavior of non-selected fuel actuator.Independent light off and minimum modulation positions. Auto/manual input and manual mode firing-rateinput. Multipurpose communications port.ZM7999A ControLinks configuration software tool lets you create burner modulation curves (profiles)for your burners, for safe and efficient operation at all points along the curve. Wizards step you through thecommissioning process. Save files on your PC to use over again.Process ValvesComplete System Requires: R7999 controller, Q7999 wiring subbase, ML7999 positioning actuator,and ZM7999 configuration software.Model Selection GuideDescriptionFuel air ratio controller, 100-120 VAC, 50/60 HzField wiring terminal subbase for R7999A controller. Panel mount, NEMA 1 enclosureControLinks Windows-based configuration software for R7999A A1006Price 838.05106.56403.67

ControLinks actuators control the position of primary and secondary fuel valves,combustion air damper, and flue gas return dampers. UL, CSA, CE approved.Vibration: 0.0 to 0.5g continuousEnvironmental Conditions: Ambient Temperature: -40 to 140 F; Operating Temperature: -40 to 150 F; Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% RH, non-condensingModel Selection GuideCall for adapter assemblies forconnecting to shaft sizes otherthan 1/2”.Actuator Description and FunctionPulse-width modulating control of combustion air dampers, butterfly gas valves, oilmodulation valves, and flue gas recirculation systems. Includes precise feedbackpotentiometer and integral power supply. Parallel-positioning actuator.Provides 4-20 mA control input to control combustion air dampers and modulationvalves. Includes precision drive shaft control and integral power supply capable ofdirect line voltage connection. Direct coupled actuator.CatalogNumberML7999A2001Price 324.53ML7999B1002584.92S7999B ControLinks Configuration DisplayMonitor up to 99 burner systems connected via Modbus. Each burner control,fuel/air ratio control, expanded annunciator or other Modbus devices presenton the burner system can be viewed individually to determine its status.Display: Color 3.5” x 4.6” touchscreen interface with screen saver, contrast and volume controlsCommunications: Two RS-485 Modbus ports for monitoring up to 99 unique controlsFunction: Allows setup and monitoring of R7999 ControLinks controller, programmableexpanded annunciator terminal remaining, and R7999 EEPROM backup and restoreModel Selection GuideDescriptionTouchscreen display for ControLinks system. 12 VDC input powerCatalogNumberS7999B1000Price 1241.27P7810C Pressuretrol ControllerDigital IndicatorsML7999 Universal Parallel-Positioning ActuatorsControllersand ProgrammersSolids Flow and Motion263Recorders andData AcquisitionBURNERCONTROLAccuracy: 4.0% full scale output over operating temperature (32 to 140 F)Model Selection GuideDescriptionSolid State Pressuretrol Controller with On/Off Control, Limit Control,and 4-20 mA Modulation. FM, CSA, UL Approvals.LED Indicators for Power, Call for Heat Function, and Lockout StatusSiphon Loop with 1/4” NPT Threads for P7810CrtableLooking for a po er?yzalanncombustio543.See page 540 tole orAvailable for saal!ntrermshort-tePrice 579.16644.16719.3647.73Model Selection GuideDescriptionML7999 actuator shaft adapter for and 3/8” round or square valve shaftML7999 actuator weatherproofing kit (1 corner stop, 2 gaskets)ML7999 actuator 3/4” shaft adapter assemblyML7999 actuator 5/8” shaft adapter assemblyML7999 actuator 9/16 shaft adapter assemblyV51E mounting plate for 1.5” and 2” valvesV51E mounting plate for 2.5” 3”, and 4” valvesR7999 3-pin electrical 32002515-001Price 3.9622.7565.1364.9064.9053.2858.0211.15Process ValvesControLinks Accessories0–15 PSI0–150 PSI0–300 31ACombustion Safetyand EfficiencyLine voltage pressure controller that eliminates the need for a controller and transmitter.One unit does on/off control, high limit and 4-20 mA modulation.

BURNERCONTROLSV 10.2014Solids Flow and Motion264Honeywell 7800 Series Burner ControlsControllers andProgrammersModelRM7840RM7890RM7895RM7898Control TypeProgrammingOn-Off PrimaryOn-Off PrimaryOn-Off PrimaryAddedFunctionSelectable Pre-Purge Timing, Air FlowCheckUnits Available withValve Proving (VPS)SelectablePre-Purge TimingSelectable Pre-Purge Timing, ShutterDrive, Programmable Post-Purge,Valve ProvingWiring Subbase, Flame SignalAmplifier, Purge Timer Card,Keyboard Display (for VPS)Wiring Subbase, FlameSignal Amplifier, PurgeTimer CardWiring Subbase, Flame SignalAmplifier, Plug-In Purge Timer Card,Keyboard Display (for VPS)RequiredWiring Subbase, Flame SignalComponents Amplifier, Purge Timer Card, KeyboardDisplay (for VPS)Upgrading to Honeywell 7800 enhanced burner controlsDigital IndicatorsEnhanced 7800 models offer several added features at a lower pricethan the core 7800 burner control series. Expanded cycle counter Standard run/test switch Jumper for intermittent or interrupted pilot Valve proving functionality, and Pre-ignition interlock (for proof of closure)Look for a * for enhanced model part numbers.Enhanced RM7890 RM7897 RM7897 RM7898 RM7840 015 RM7890A1056 RM7890B1014 RM7895A1014 RM7895C1012 RM7897A1002 RM7897C1000 RM7840L1018 RM7800L1012 RM7840 Programming Control Unit for Forced-Air BurnersProgramming control with valve proving for automatically fired gas-, oil-,coal-, or combination fuel single-burner applications.Recorders andData Acquisition Model Selection GuideInterrupted pilot typeAirflow check featureValve proving feature tests valve seat integrity to detect a leak greater than 0.1% of burner input capacityFive LEDs provide sequence information. Power LED blinks fault code on Lockout.CSA, FM, and UL approvedRequired components: Q7800 universal wiring subbase, R78 series flame signal amplifier, ST7800A plug-in purge timercards, S7800A1142 keyboard display module for advanced diagnostics, and to set up valve provingFlame Establishing PeriodPilotMain4 or 10 seconds10, 15, or 30 seconds, or intermittent4 or 10 seconds10 or 15 secondsInterlocksRunning and low-fire (LHL-LF)Lockout, low-fire and high-fire ce 2342.702790.75Combustion Safetyand EfficiencyRM7890 On-Off Primary Control with Valve Proving for Forced-Air BurnersMicroprocessor-based integrated primary burner control for automatically firedgas, oil, coal, or combination fuel single burner applications. Five LEDs for sequence information Valve proving feature tests valve seat integrity to detect a leak greater than 0.1% of burner input capacity Closed loop logic test, expanded safe-start check, internal hardware status monitoringand tamper-resistant timing and logic UL, CSA, FM, FCC approvedRequired components: Q7800 universal wiring subbase, R78 series flame signal amplifier, S7800A1142 keyboard displaymodule (shown) for advanced diagnostics and to set up valve provingProcess ValvesModel Selection GuideFlame Establishing PeriodPilotMain4 or 10 secondsIntermittent4 or 10 secondsIntermittent4 or 10 secondsIntermittent4 or 10 secondsIntermittent4 or 10 ntIntermittentIntermittentIntermittentSpecial FeaturesShutter Drive CapabilityShutter Drive CapabilityValve Proving (VPS) Check Feature, Blinking LED Fault AnnunciationShutter Drive Capability, VPS Check, Blinking LED Fault 890B1014RM7890A1056RM7890B1048*Price 567.41578.35822.75575.93604.32

On/off primary control with prepurge and airflow switch checkFive LEDs for sequence informationOptional local or remote annunciation of operation and fault information, remote reset capabilitySelectable relight or lockout on loss of flameRequired components: Q7800 universal wiring subbase, R78 series flame signalamplifier, ST7800 plug-in purge timer cardModel Selection GuideFlame Establishing PeriodPilotMain4 or 10 secondsIntermittent4 or 10 secondsIntermittent4 or 10 seconds10 Seconds4 or 10 seconds10 dInterruptedAirflow CheckNoDynamicDynamicDynamicDelayedMain 3RM7895D1011RM7895C1012Price 756.76756.76950.80950.80RM7898 On-Off Primary Control Unit with Valve ProvingMicroprocessor-based integrated primary burner control for automatically fired gas, oil, orcombination fuel single burner applications. On/off primary control, programmable post purge and valve proving feature available through keyboarddisplay module Five LEDs for sequence information, power LED blinks fault code on safety shutdown Airflow switch check and shutter drive output Selectable recycle or lockout on loss of airflow or flame Local or remote annunciation of operation and fault informationRequired components: Q7800 universal wiring subbase, R78 series flame signalamplifier, ST7800 plug-in purge timer card, S7800A1142 keyboard display moduleModel Selection GuideFlame Establishing PeriodPilotMain4 or 10 seconds Intermittent or 10 secondsPilotTypeSelectableSpecial FeaturesShutter drive output, programmable post purge, valve provingCatalogNumberRM7898A1000*Price 753.31Solids Flow and MotionMicroprocessor-based integrated primary burner control for automaticallyfired gas, oil, or combination fuel single burner applications.Controllersand ProgrammersRM7895 On-Off Primary Control Unit for Forced-Air BurnersDigital Indicators265Recorders andData AcquisitionV 10.2014BURNERCONTROLSQ7800A or B Wiring Subbases for RM7800 Burner ControlsModel Selection GuideCatalogDescriptionNumber22 Terminal Universal Wiring SubbasePanel MountQ7800A1005Burner/Wall MountQ7800B1003Price 41.5541.55RA890 Protectorelay Electromechanical Primary ControlCombustion Safetyand EfficiencySelect either the panel-mount or burner-mount versionof the Q7800A,B 22-terminal universal wiring subbase tomount your 7800 series relay. Both are fully compatiblewith all 7800 relay modules, so you canspecify a wiring termination approachthat meets your application requirements.Use with flame rods, rectifying photocells and C7012A,C Purple Peeper ultraviolet flame detectors. Recycles onceafter failure to re-establish pilot. No start if failure occurs in flame detector circuit.Power Rating: 50 Hz: 8.5w, 17VA max.;60 Hz: 7w, 13 VA max.Ambient Temperature: -20º to 105 FCompatible flame detectorson pages 268 and 269.Model Selection GuideSafety Switch Flame 15 Seconds3.0 SecondsUltraviolet-Type15 Seconds3.0 SecondsQ270A Protectorelay Mounting riceEach 2562.972562.91193.46Process ValvesNon-programming primary control provides flame safeguard protection for industrial andcommercial single or dual fuel burners. With SPDT alarm contacts.

FLAMESAFEGUARDV 10.2014Solids Flow and Motion266R78 Series Flame Signal Amplifier Modules Dynamic Ampli-Check or Self-Check rectification available, with safety shutdown on amplifier or system failure Flame signal strength 0.0 to 5.0 VDC Test jacks measure amplifier signal voltage UL, CSA, FM approvedControllers andProgrammersSolid-state flame signal amplifiers detect the presence of flame in response to a signal froma rectifying, ultraviolet, or infrared flame detector.Dynamic Ampli-Check circuitry tests flame amplifier during burner operation; 7800 seriesrelay module locks out on safety shutdown with amplifier failure.Dynamic Self-Check Rectification Ampli fier and Dynamic Self-Check Ultraviolet Amplifiertest electronic components in the flame detection system 10 to 12 times per minute. The7800 series relay module locks out on safety shutdown with flame detection system failure.R7849A flame detectors should be used only on burners that cycle on and off at leastonce every 24 hours. Appliances with burners that remain on for 24 hours or longer shoulduse ultra violet flame detection systems (C7012E/F detector and R7847C amplifier or C7076Adetector and R7886A amplifier).Digital IndicatorsModel Selection GuideColorFlame FailureSelf-CodeTypeResponse TimeCheckingRectification-Type Flame Amplifiers, GreenGreenRectification3.0 SecondsDynamicGreenRectification 0.8 or 1.0 SecondStandardGreenRectification 2.0 or 3.0 SecondStandardCatalogNumberCompatible Flame SensorsGreenGreenRectificationRectification0.8 or 1.0 Second2.0 or 3.0 fication0.8 or 1.0 Second2.0 or 3.0 SecondAmpli-CheckAmpli-CheckRecorders andData AcquisitionGreenRectification 0.8 or 1.0 Second Ampli-CheckGreenRectification 2.0 or 3.0 SecondDynamicInfrared-Type Flame Signal Amplifier, RedCombustion Safetyand EfficiencyRedInfrared2.0 or 3.0 SecondStandardRedInfrared2.0 or 3.0 Second Ampli-CheckUltraviolet-Type Flame Signal Amplifier, PurplePurpleUV0.8 or 1.0 SecondStandardPurpleUV2.0 or 3.0 SecondStandardPurpleUV0.8 or 1.0 Seco

Fireye Discrete Flame Scanners 125.00 273 Fireye Integrated Flame Scanners with Internal Flame Relay 1917.00 272 Honeywell R78 Series Flame Signal Amplifiers 269.26 266 Honeywell Flame Detectors 126.75 268 Honeywell IRIS Industrial Flame Detectors 1560.65 276 Kromschroder UVS10D2

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Logix5000 Controllers Common Procedures Programming Manual, publication 1756-PM001. The term Logix5000 controller refers to any controller that is based on the Logix5000 operating system, such as: CompactLogix and Compact GuardLogix controllers ControlLogix and GuardLogix controllers DriveLogix controllers. FlexLogix controllers.

Procedures Programming Manual, publication 1756-PM001. The term Logix5000 controller refers to any controller that is based on the Logix5000 operating system, such as: CompactLogix controllers ControlLogix controllers DriveLogix controllers FlexLogix controllers SoftLogix5800 controllers

Common Procedures Programming Manual, publication 1756-PM001. The term Logix5000 controller refers to any controller that is based on the Logix5000 operating system, such as: CompactLogix controllers ControlLogix controllers DriveLogix controllers FlexLogix controllers SoftLogix5800 controllers

Wired Controllers - Net2 plus 6-7 Wireless Controllers - Net2 nano 8-9 Wireless Controllers - Net2 PaxLock 10-11 Net2 Software 12-13 Video Intercom - Net2 Entry 14-15 Paxton Readers 16-17. Paxton Catalog. Wired Controllers - Net2 plus 18 Wireless Controllers - Net2 nano 19 Wireless Controllers - Net2

The evaluations involved ten programmers and ten non-programmers in Brazil, performing tasks on a system developed with Google's Blockly [20] and a simulator to support debugging. The results include a thematic analysis of 247 problem instances (80 from programmers and 167 from non-programmers). The remainder of this paper is organised as .

Q&A websites, programmers describe the technical challenges they face using a wide range of questions to seek help and advice. These posted questions give researchers the opportunity to highlight the knowledge needs of programmers [2]. Researchers [2] have also used the posted SO questions to identify how programmers interest in a topic evolves .

the bridge, while it is appreciated there will be some economy of scale there is a limited number of specialist companies who will be able to carry out these works to the required standard. Figure 111. Parapet Repairs Figure 12. Parapet Reconstruction . Blackfriars Bridge Refurbishmet AECOM 13 6. Stake Holders Figure13. Bridge Elevation Due to the pivotal role played by Blackfriars bridge in .