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Learn Atlassian and morewith the expertsClearvision’s training courses are designed to transform your teamswith a hands on, practical journey of learning. Browse our coursesand find out more.3Clearvision Training for Atlassian7Agile Scrum Training8Agile Adoption and SAFe Training9Open Source Training11QASymphony Training12Custom Training Options13Training with Clearvision“The Jira Advanced coursewas very well delivered.Good pacing, comprehensiveand appropriate supportmaterials.”James, Business Analyst,2

Clearvision CoursesEquip your team with the skills for success with a Clearvision training course. We offera range of courses for all ability levels, covering the full software development lifecycle,collaboration strategies, project management and much more. Contact us to find outwhich course is right for you.Jira training Confluence Training Bitbucket Training Course lengths to suit Classroom Company webinars Hands on learning Interactive delivery Git (and related tools) training Customise training to yourorganisation Q&A time built in to the course Pre-training skills analysis Post-training resources to continuelearning Certificate of attendance Training on specific toolversions Agile Scrum training Agile adoption & SAF’s DevOps fundamentals 3

Atlassian Jira Core Basics 1 day Classroom, WebinarClearvision’s Atlassian Jira Core training course provides an understanding of basic Jiraconcepts including working with issues, searching and reporting.Atlassian Jira CoreAdministration 1 day Classroom, WebinarThis Atlassian Jira Core Administration training course provides an understanding ofthe various ways that Atlassian Jira can be tailored to meet specific custom project andprocess requirements.Agile with Atlassian JiraSoftware 1 day Classroom, WebinarThis Agile with Atlassian Jira Software training course gets you to grips with projectmanagement within Jira. Make it a 2 day course by combining with Jira SoftwareAdministration - simply enquire.Atlassian Jira SoftwareAdministration 1 day Classroom, WebinarThis Atlassian Jira Software Administration training course explores how AtlassianJira Software can be tailored to meet specific needs with an in depth look at effectiveadministration and configuration.4

Atlassian JiraService Desk Basics 1 day Classroom, WebinarThis Clearvision Atlassian Jira Service Desk Basics training course provides anunderstanding of the features and functionality of Service Desk for Jira.Atlassian Jira Service DeskAdministration 1 day Classroom, WebinarClearvision’s Atlassian Jira Service Desk Administration training course provides a deeperknowledge of the features and functionality of Jira Service Desk and how it can betailored to specific needs.Atlassian Jira PortfolioTraining Course Half day Classroom, WebinarThis Atlassian Jira Portfolio Training course provides trainees with an in-depth look at theconcepts behind Atlassian’s PPM add-on for Jira, including an introduction to the tool andits uses.“My previous experience working withClearvision has been very good – they’vegone above and beyond consistently indelivering good service”Andrew, Software Delivery Manager5

Atlassian Confluence Basics 1 day Classroom, WebinarThis Atlassian Confluence Basics Training course explains how WIKI products in general,and Confluence in particular, help organisations to collaborate.Atlassian Confluence Advanced 1 day Classroom, WebinarThis Atlassian Confluence Advanced Training course develops basic user knowledge ofConfluence to produce dynamic pages to an advanced level.Atlassian Bitbucket Basics (Git) 1 day Classroom, WebinarThe Clearvision Atlassian Bitbucket training course provides an understanding ofusing Bitbucket with Git and focuses on giving a comprehensive overview of concepts,workflows and more.“Great class with a lot of material covered. Overall astable foundation to build skills from. The consultantdid a very good job of explaining some relativelycomplicated, counter-intuitive concepts even withsome less technical folks in the room.   He tookthe time to ensure that everyone, not just softwareengineers, understood the material thoroughly.”Nick, Hardware Software Integration6

Scrum For The Whole TeamTraining Course (Agile) 1 day ClassroomThis two- day course is designed to get your whole team up to speed with the rules andspirit of Scrum and to give them an industry standard certification too (PSM I).Agile for Business TrainingCourse 1 day ClassroomExplore how agile teams can collaborate more effectively and how purposefully workingwithin constraints can unlock creativity.Agile Software ManagementTraining Course 3 day ClassroomThis three-day course is designed to get your whole team up to speed with the values,principles and techniques of agile product development.Agile and Scrum for ProductOwners Training Course 2 day ClassroomThis 2-day course provides a great foundation in Scrum to apply to the role andrequirements of being a Product Owner.7

Agile Adoption and SAFeScaled Agile Framework (SAFe ) Agilist (SA) Certification 2 day ClassroomLearn how to execute and release value through Agile Release Trains, how to build anAgile Portfolio, and how to lead a Lean-Agile transformation at enterprise scale. Examincluded.Clearvision SAFe for Teams:Practitioner Certification 2 day ClassroomThis two-day course teaches teams who are part of an Agile Release Train (ART) how towork in an Agile environment using Scrum, Kanban, and XP.Clearvision Agile Adoptionfor Managers 1 day ClassroomProviding Agile managers with the knowledge and skills to position themselves toincrease Agile fluency in their teams.Clearvision Accelerating AgileDevelopment for Scrum Teams 3 day ClassroomA fundamental understanding of the Scrum framework and Agile developmentmethodology for software development teams.DevOpsClearvision Fundamentals ofDevOps (ICP-FDO Certification) 3 day ClassroomGain the skills to increase ROI when building and delivering software in an Agileenvironment.8

Open Source Training CoursesClearvision is the go-to Atlassian partner for GitTraining. We’ve accompanied teams of all sizes inadopting best practice and using Git to its fullest.Git Basics Training Course 1 day Classroom, WebinarThe Clearvision Git basics training course provides a comprehensive understanding ofbasic Git concepts and looks at the different ways Git can be used and implemented.Git Advanced Training Course 1 day Classroom, WebinarThe Clearvision Git advanced training course provides an understanding of advanced Gitconcepts and looks at configuration and functionality.SmartGit Basics Training Course Half day Classroom, WebinarThe Clearvision SmartGit Basics training course is a short two hour session designed tointroduce some of the more powerful features of SmartGit and the differences with Giton the command line.9

Gerrit Basics TrainingCourse (Git) Half day Classroom, WebinarThe Clearvision Gerrit basics training course is a half day session (4 hours) introducingstudents to a standard Gerrit workflow, and the Gerrit interface.Gerrit Administration TrainingCourse (Git) Half day ClassroomThe Clearvision Gerrit Administration training course is a half day session (4 hours)introducing students to Gerrit Administration through the interface. This course does notcover installation or server configuration.“The course was really interestingand really permitted us to graduallyunderstand what Git is and thebenefits of Git. Of course, the exerciseswere absolutely necessary andpermitted us to explore by ourselvesthe possibilities offered by Git.”Pierre, 3G Tester10

qTest 1 day Classroom, WebinarFeatures & Navigation WorkshopLearn to navigate each product of the qTest platform, understand the traceability matrixfrom requirements through to defects, and recognise the benefits of an agile approach totesting in this one day course.11

Custom Training SolutionsUnique to Clearvision, you have complete control over your training solution. Choosemodules and materials from our established courses and get them developed anddelivered in a way that suits you. This is the most comprehensive yet affordable trainingexperience available for organisations that want to guarantee they get all they can fromtheir tools, teams and training.The journey begins with a question:STEP 1What’s your end goal?You’ll work closely with our Training team to scope out exactly whatyou need, from course materials and content, to delivery method andlab exercises. This ensures the learning experience is geared to yourend goal and the needs of your business are met.STEP 2Determine your pathOnce your requirements are understood we will then get to workcrafting either a tailored Training course based on our existingmaterial or design and develop an entirely new course just for yourorganisation.STEP 3The journey beginsWith exercises designed specifically for you, the course will followthe principle of learning by doing, getting your team to participate,ask questions, and contribute. This means your teams will learn newskills and not only be more proficient with their tools, but know howthey work within your own environment. And the training doesn’t endthere - post-training materials will extend your learning beyond thedelivered session.Contact Us12

Training With ClearvisionTraining Credit PoolYou know what your training budget looks like - but what if you could stretch it further?With Clearvision’s Training Credit Pool, we’ll top up your training budget to maximise yourROI. Get training worth up to 20% of your training budget It’s on us!Great ValueWhy pay for a class of 20 when you only have a team of five? Clearvision courses arepriced per delegate, so we offer great value to customers of all sizes. We also won’t bebeaten on price for a full day course.Entry to Clearvision Industry EventsAs a valued customer, you’ll gain free entry to Clearvision’s trade events. These are a great chanceto talk face to face with our experts and meet up with like-minded professionals.With You From Conception to TransformationThe Clearvision team will help you analyse the skills of your team before and after theirtraining, ensuring we capture the maximum possible ROI.One-to-One Account ManagementYou’ll have a dedicated account manager available to you whenever you want to spendsome of your budget. Also, our project managers will be on hand to ensure everythingruns smoothly.Custom ContentCustomise courses as you see fit. That could be a small change to incorporate yourGit branching strategy, a complete set of hands-on exercises using your Jira devenvironment, or hours of Scorm-compliant e-learning to plug into your own internallearning management system.Priority SchedulingWe’ll work with you to schedule your events at your convenience, and our facilitators willbe available for travel to site or for remote delivery at times that suit you.13

Why Clearvision?Your Enterprise-Certified Atlassian Platinum SolutionPartnerClearvision is an innovative softwareservices company with offices inSouthampton and London, UK, as well asPhiladelphia, Dublin, and Bangalore. Since2005, we have applied our expertise to helphundreds of leading organisations managetransformation in their IT and apply agilemethodology across their teams.As an enterprise-certified AtlassianPlatinum Solution Partner, we are wellplaced to provide large enterprises and thepublic sector with consultancy, technicalimplementation, hosting, training, andsupport packages for Jira, Confluence,and the rest of the Atlassian toolset. Fromcollaborative discovery sessions to ongoingsupport, Clearvision empowers teams toreach their full potential.North AmericaUnited KingdomOur experts have proven success workingwith the entire Atlassian toolset andMarketplace add-ons – everything fromconsultancy, technical implementation andhosting to training and support packages.This is backed by expertise in open sourcetools like Git, SVN, Nexus and Jenkins, aswell as popular solutions such as Artifactoryand QASymphony. Our deep experience ofthe SDLC space also enables us to tacklelegacy software such as IBM Clearcase/Clearquest (Rational) and HP Quality Center(HP-ALM).IrelandContact Us14India

It’s About YouWe know the needs of your business are complex and ever changing. Your teams needto be innovative, agile and adaptable, and so does the mission-critical software yourbusiness relies on every day.As one of the first Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners to be certified enterprise-ready,Clearvision works with some of the world’s largest and most complex enterprises,helping them align their technology to the needs of their business.We understand that each organisation is unique. Clearvision’s consultants utilisetheir experience and expertise to understand the needs of businesses from across allindustries, at all stages of the development process, fully aligning technology to specificbusiness needs for continuous improvement.Clearvision’s extended portfolio of service offerings have been developed to empowerteams to deliver more effectively and efficiently, ensuring our clients see a tangiblereturn on investment. In this brochure you’ll find a range of the award-winning servicesthat shape our mission statement: empowering teams to reach their full potential.A selection of our clients.15

We provide high-touch account management, consultancy,training and support, so global enterprises can successfullydeploy high-performance implementations at scale.Please contact us to find out more:UK: 44 (0) 845 459 9530Ireland: 353 1960 9597USA: 1 (215) 278 .comEMPOWERING TEAMS TO REACHTHEIR FULL POTENTIALFollow us for Atlassian newsClearvision-CM@clearvisioncm om/company/clearvisionenquiries@clearvision-cm.com UK 44 (0) 845 459 9530 Ireland 353 1960 9597 Americas 1 (215) 278 8706www.clearvision-cm.com16 2017 Clearvision CM. All other products and company names mentioned may be trademarks, and screenshots are the property of their respective owners.

Git (and related tools) . Clearvision is the go-to Atlassian partner for Git Training. We’ve accompanied teams of all sizes in . students to a standard Gerrit workflow, and the Gerrit interface. Gerrit Administration Training Course (Git) The Clearvision Gerrit Admin

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Atlassian JIRA Introduction to JIRA Issue and Project Tracking Software Tutorial 1 Once again, we are back with another tool tutorial. This time it’s the Issue and Project Tracking Software – Atlassian JIRA. You will learn JIRA issue tracking tool with this series of simple and easy to understand JIRA training tutorials. *****

7 Steps to more effective teamwork with Atlassian and Slack 10 Ivan says, We use Slack and Atlassian massively, mainly with Jira Service Management. Among all the bells and whistles, there is a simple and powerful feature that I recently learned that helped us a lot - the ability to

Atlassian Bitbucket Data Center on NetApp for Scalable DevOps Scalability, Collaboration, Staging, and Disaster Recovery for Bitbucket (Git) on ONTAP (ONTAP 9, ONTAP Select, ONTAP Cloud) Bikash Roy Choudhury, NetApp September 2017 WP-7256 Abstract The Atlassian stack consists of a wid

Atlassian for Marketing Teams: Workflows 7 of 26 atlassian.com Step 1: List and group your content Make a list of all the different content or assets you might create as a marketing team. Group the content using criteria that makes sense for your team. Here's an example of how the JIRA product marketing team broke our content into groups:

Oct 10, 2012 · Documentation for Stash 1.3 4 Created in 2012 by Atlassian. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia License. Getting started Atlassian Stash is the on-premises

information (PHI) concerns, it would appear on-premise products would be a natural fit for the Healthcare industry. However, as of February 2021 Atlassian is no longer selling Atlassian Server products, meaning that any new or existing Server license would deprocate by 2024 at the latest. Many Marketplace Apps will likely dwindle before then.

JIRA locale Introduction Pour démarrer une instance de test JIRA sur une machine locale, Atlassian-SDK est la solution. Ceci est utile pour tester JIRA, développer et déboguer les plugins JIRA. Le SDK est disponible pour Windows, Linux et Mac. Voir le guide d'installation du SDK Atlassian . Pour exécuter le SDK Atlassian correctement, vous