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The USC Emeriti CenterA Division of the Provost’s Office Since 1978Janette BrownAsst. Vice Provost, USC Emeriti Center

We are inclusive “Colleagues for uralThe term Emeriti is used as “Honor for Service”We serve all USC retired faculty, staff and pre-retireesEmeriti College educational arm ofEmeriti CenterCenter supports both retiree membershiporganizations: Staff Retirement Association (SRA) Retired Faculty Association (RFA)Center serves 3,000 USC retired faculty and staff Gold TrojansRetired or Not! - You can attend Emeriti Center programs & join the SRA/RFAMany join these associations years before retirement to stayconnected to friends, events and volunteer opportunities

What We Do Intergenerational Programs Health & Wellness Events Volunteer Opportunities USC School Collaborations Educational Programs & Classes Living History Recordings Regional Socials Trojan Encore: Volunteer & Part-Time Employment

How We Support Research & Publication Grants Honors & Awards Newsletters Mentoring & AdvocacyFor Students! Caldwell Scholarships - First Gen Students Trojan Table - Home Cooked Student Meals Trojan Connections - Phone Pen Pals Distinguished Lectures - Intergenerational - Open to All

Trojan EncoreSupport USC through volunteer service & work Retirees offer experience, skills, and knowledge toassist units needing support. Volunteer and sometimes paid positions(part-time and/or short term)The Process Retirees register profiles and skills on web Hiring managers review retiree profiles online Manager and retiree determine hiring termsThe Emeriti Center only manages interested retireesand is not involved with the actual hiring.

USC Retired Faculty AssociationRFA Membership OrganizationEst. 1949For USC faculty retirees & pre-retirees (spouses/partners welcome)Supported by annual membership duesPurposeTo represent interests of USC retired faculty and foster collegiality among its membersActivities and Service Academic, cultural and social events Collaborates with the SRA Voting rights on Academic Senate Serves on EC Executive Committee Serves on University Committees Supports Caldwell Neighborhood Scholarship Fund for students

Retirement ConsultationsRIf you have questions on your timeline, onhow to navigate the transition within yourschool or you need a sounding board,please do not hesitate to call. Allquestions and queries are confidential.

Six Months Prior to Retirement Develop your retirement income plan, includingrequired minimum distributions. You may consider consolidating your Prudentialor SunAmerica accounts to your currentprovider. Work with your dean, supervisor, manager, ordepartment chair to prepare for transfer ofduties and responsibilities. If you or your dependents are under age 65,compare the costs of an individual purchase ofhealth coverage to COBRA coverage.

Three Months Prior to Retirement Meet with Benefits Retirement Navigator. Apply for Medicare Part B. If you are over age 65, you will need to provide proofthat you have been covered by USC’s Plans. Set up direct pay agreement for Long-term careinsurance. Sign up for Social Security payments if yourfinancial plan includes benefits at this time.

One Month Prior to RetirementSign up for: A Medicare Part C (Advantage) PlanOr A Medigap or Medicare Supplement Planand A Medicare Part D prescription plan

Medicare and Supplemental Insurance Made Easy, Elder Healthcare NW accessdate 2021-02-23 url

One Month Prior to Retirement Complete retirement income planning with FinancialPlanner, including Required Minimum Distributions. Arrange for continuation of any USC-ancillary benefitsby contacting the applicable providers directly. Apply for Gold Card. Choose three things you wish to accomplish during thefirst month of retirement.

Last Day of Employment Make arrangements for final paycheck with your local HR.Turn in parking permit and employee identificationcard to the Transportation office and your HRpartner.Complete exit interview if applicable.Turn in any badges, keys, or equipment to yoursupervisor.Celebrate!

Post Retirement Join the Staff Retirement Association orRetired Faculty Association. Become part of the Emeriti Center. Enroll in post employment Workday access.Keep your address up to date. Complete retirement income distributionpaperwork including spousal consent.

Gold Card Privileges USC email account Courtesy parking 10% Bookstore discounts Ticket office discounts for sports, theater, music, events Maintenance of USC computer account through ITS On campus library access Discount on USC dental services Access to USC counseling services at the Center for Work and Family Life*Applying/obtaining a Gold Card is free of costs or fees.

Gold Card Eligibility At least 55 or older at time of retirement At least 10 years of benefits eligible employment at the universityand in good standing or eligible for rehire You may request a separate card for your spouse or domesticpartner by attaching a color headshot of your partner Visit the Emeriti or Benefits website to view details of your GoldCard benefits

How to apply for the Gold Card1. Visit the Emeriti Center website es1. Click on each link for details on the benefits.1. When ready to apply for the Gold Card click on “EC Gold Card Application”and fill out the form.1. Email the completed application to:

Gold Card Eligibility

Gold Card Privileges

RESOURCESEmeriti Center cial 772-1213USC Gold Card card/USC Center for Workand Family for Medicare & Senior CareUSC Health Plans:https://uscseniorcare.usc.edu213-740-0035HR Service Informationwww.medicare.gov1-800-MEDICARE (1-800633-4227)Center for Health Care e: 1-800-824-0780University Club cation/?form retireeUSC School of Pharmacy 442-1369The Leaving USC webpageresources: -usc/To apply for Medicare Part B -b-online-application/To find and apply for a Medicare Part D plan enTo apply for USC Senior er Senior /portal/medicare/plans/home/promo/mc5sInvestment Provider 523-1188

CONTACT INFORMATIONUSC Retirement PlansAdministrationDebra FabanishDirectorfabanish@usc.edu213-821-8131USC Emeriti CenterJanette C. BrownAsst. Vice RA (Staff Retirement Association)Sue Vogl, Presidentsra@usc.edu213-740-8921USC Office of BenefitsAdministrationKeri MarroquinBenefits Retirement Navigatorkerimarr@usc.edu213-821-8100Office of the Vice Provost forFaculty AffairsDebbie JonesFaculty Retirement duHR Administration/Gold CardPa tricia Gonza lesPersonnel Specia listpgonza le@ usc.edu213-821-8117RFA (Retired Faculty Association)Jerry Wa lker, Presidentrfa @ usc.edu213-740 -8921THANK YOU! ANY QUESTIONS?USC Health PlansLupe Bucha na nBenefits Specia listlupeh@ usc.edu213-740 -0 0 35 213-740-7121. Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Debbie Jones. Faculty Retirement Navigator. 213-740-7641. USC Office of Benefits Administration Keri Marroquin. Benefits Retirement Navigator. 213-821-8100.

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