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AMPLIFYYOURREVENUEWITH THEPOWER OFDATABANKBig Data, Bigger ConversionFrom all of us at ClickBank, we’d like toextend a huge thank-you for choosing todownload this year’s edition of DataBank.The information nestled inside has thepower to transform your online businesswith the game-changing data of ClickBank’s18 years of industry experience.In the following pages, you’ll discovereye-opening statistics and facts whichhave the potential to completely changeyour Internet marketing game, elevatingyour sales and blowing your previousconversion numbers out of the water.Just like last year’s edition, the informationyou find within is time-sensitive. ThisIS what is working NOW. Because of this,you’ll want to jump on these trendsright-away to capitalize on the increasedrevenue potential which awaits you.PAGE 1

GermanyUnited Kingdom5Canada91FranceUnited States63Italy7Singapore8Australia2South Africa10New Zealand4TOP 10Countries by Conversion RateGermany isn’t just known for its automobile exports anymore, the country alsoleads ClickBank in highest conversions, theworld over. With an average conversionrate of 16.62%, how will you utilize thisdata to super-charge your sales?Contrary to popular belief, the UnitedStates doesn’t hold the number one spotwhen it comes to online consumers whoare willing to spend. However, the US is upseven spots from last year’s report and ismaking a play at becoming the largestconsumer of online goods.CLICKBANK INSIGHT:Don’t rule out promoting in a country low onthe list. Countries like South Africa, Canadaand Singapore have much less competition fordisplay advertising, which could result in morebang for your buck. Split test with the data onthe next page to see what works best for you.PAGE 2

16.62%1. GERMANY15.91%2. AUSTRALIA15.41%3. UNITED STATES4. NEW ZEALAND5. UNITED KINGDOM14.84%14.56%13.63%6. FRANCE11.94%7. ITALY11.64%8. SINGAPORE10.57%9. CANADA10. SOUTH AFRICA9.56%1. Germany2. Australia3. United States4. New Zealand5. United Kingdom6. France7. Italy8. Singapore9. Canada10. South .63%11.64%9.56%PAGE 3

BEST DAYSTo Promote Based on ConversionChoosing the best days to populate display advertising and send email campaigns canmean the difference between ho-hum conversions and knocking it out of the park. Areyou choosing the right day to run your promotions? Check out the data below and seewhat results you find by changing your promotional efforts.1. SUNDAY7.83%2. MONDAY7.81%3. TUESDAY7.74%4. SATURDAY7.67%5. THURSDAY6. WEDNESDAY7. FRIDAY7.41%7.38%7.06%PAGE 4

TOP 101. Sports19.5%10. HEALTH & FITNESS9. P2P8. BETTING SYSTEMS7. SELF-HELP6. GREEN PRODUCTS5. LANGUAGES4. SOFTWARE & SVCSRemember, it doesn’t just end here. How willyou adjust your marketing message to resonate with audiences in these niches? How youmarket to a Sports fan is a lot different thanhow you market to a Self-Help enthusiast.1. SPORTSCLICKBANK INSIGHT:3. SPIRITUALITYTake a look at our top 10 converting categories below. Do they support yourcurrent marketing strategies? Are yousurprised Sports leads the way by nearlysix whole percentage points? Aligningyour promotional efforts to what iscurrently converting well on ClickBank hasthe potential to really boost your profit.2. COOKING, FOOD & WINECategories by Conversion Rate2. Cooking, Food & Wine13.46%“. . .”3. Spirituality4. Software & SVCS7. Self-Help12.97%8.29%11.49%5. Languages9.33%6. Green Products8. Betting Systems9. P2P10. Health & Fitness7.94%7.69%9.32%7.04%PAGE 5

HIGHEST CONVERTINGPrice Points based on Sales TypeOne of the most important things you cando as a product creator is zone-in onwhich pricing model best resonates withboth your product and your audience.While it’s up to you on the product side,we can lend our expertise and shed somelight on which price points convert well onthe ClickBank platform.STANDARDOne-Time Sale:This year, inexpensive single-purchaseproducts are up about two percentand still lead the way in terms of nonsubscription products. Couple this with asubscription upsell from one of the manysubscription products on ClickBank andyou may just have found your salessweet-spot.STANDARDSubscription Sale:Price SegmentPrice Segment 0 - 9.99 50 - 69.99Avg. Conversion RateAvg. Conversion Rate17.7%UPSELLOne-Time Sale:Price Segment10.8%UPSELLSubscription Sale:Price Segment 20 - 29.99 20 - 29.99Avg. Conversion RateAvg. Conversion Rate19.5%25.3%PAGE 6

TOP 6Hidden Marketplace GemsPromote with Confidence. Promote for Profit.The ClickBank Marketplace is the keys tothe kingdom for digital marketers. Withmore than 175,000 physical and digitalproducts to choose from, there is quiteliterally, something for everyone. But, weunderstand with so many options at yourfingertips, it can be difficult to narrow downthe right product or promotion for you.While things like “gravity”, “average dollarper sale” and “initial sale” can target yoursearches to some degree, wouldn’t you1Below, we’ve assembled a handful of ourtop-converting products which are bringing in the big bucks for many of our partners. Many of these selected productshave a healthy affiliates tool page, meaning most of the work is already done foryou! You can hit the ground running withpre-created swipes, banners and othermarketing copy! So, what are you waitingfor? Check them out now!How To Find The Man Of Your DreamsConversion Rate: 13750%2like to know what’s killing it on ClickBank,right now today?Vendor: liebe17The Devotion System! Audio EditionConversion Rate: 3835.71% Vendor: amynorth3the Eat Stop Eat Kindle & ePub VersionsConversion Rate: 472.64% Vendor: eatstopeat4Belly Flattening Detox DrinksConversion Rate: 244.67% Vendor: tonedinten5Organic Recipe BookConversion Rate: 67.95%6Vendor: mymobilempVert Shock Complex Training RoutinesConversion Rate: 242.67%Vendor: adamfolker(Simply search the vendor names above in our affiliate marketplace to be taken to their marketplace profile.)PAGE 7

TOP 9Recurring Products to PromoteRecurring products are the gift which keeps on giving. Getting behind some of the topconverting recurring products on the ClickBank Marketplace is a great way to pad yourbank account each month as those recurring charges keep coming in. Whether you’re avendor and would like to add these on in the form of an Order Bump or an affiliate andwould like to promote them directly, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from below.1Exercises for Injuries Private Facebook GroupConversion Rate: 5550%2Essential Tennis Academy MembershipConversion Rate: 100%3Vendor: lindseyfwaDaily Market Advantage FiresaleConversion Rate: 64.45%9Vendor: doggyd4n3 Month Subscription to plus free eBookConversion Rate: 64.48%8Vendor: mymobilempThe Online Dog Trainer Loyal CustomerConversion Rate: 67.82%7Vendor: lindseyfwaMy Mobile Money Pages - Club MembershipConversion Rate: 67.95%6Vendor: gettheman1 year Membership to plus free eBookConversion Rate: 74.32%5Vendor: essentialtBe Irresistible Insiders Club 1 TrialConversion Rate: 88.77%4Vendor: painfixVendor: dailyma3 Month Subscription to plus free eBookConversion Rate: 64.31%Vendor: lindseyfwaPAGE 8

CONVERSION RATESBy Operating SystemEach year, the volume of Internet users who are choosing to shop on mobile devices isincreasing. The same data holds true for users completing purchases on the ClickBankplatform. Combined iOS and Android users made up 56.6% of our traffic. What’s thetake-away here? Your websites and sales pages need to be mobile responsive to capturesome this mobile volume. See the breakdown below.42.6%38.44%OTHER18.16%.8%PAGE 9

EXCLUSIVE PRO TIPMaking Promoting a BreezeUtilizing our Vendor Spotlight and Affiliate Tools pages is hands-down, the absoluteeasiest way to hit the ground running and begin promoting high-converting offers in amatter of moments. Pre-created email copy, image or text ads you can use to link toa vendors site and suggested keywords for SEO or PPC advertising will all save youvaluable time and energy when crafting your marketing efforts. Ready to get the mostout of these features? Follow along in the steps below.STEP ONE:Conduct a search or log inso you can see the “Filters& Attributes” settings onthe left side.STEP TWO:Under “RequiredAttributes’ select, ‘Musthave affiliate tools page”AND “Must have vendorspotlight page.”STEP THREE:You will notice all yoursearch results have nowbeen replaced with offerscontaining a “VendorSpotlight” hyperlink.Let’s click on one.STEP FOUR:Here you will find severalhelpful data points toaide in your promotionsincluding vendorstatistics, any importantannouncements and mostimportantly, a direct link tothe vendors Affiliate Page.Following this link will giveyou everything you needto successful create andexecute flawless marketingcampaigns for this product.Go ahead, give it a try!PAGE 10

Thank Youfor Reading.Stay tuned for more reports in the near future,designed to help you make your business go even further.Copyright 2017 ClickBankAll rights reserved.No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by anyelectronic or mechanical means including information storage andretrieval systems, without permission in writing from the author.

From all of us at ClickBank, we’d like to extend a huge thank-you for choosing to download this year’s edition of DataBank. The information nestled inside has the power to transform your online business with the game-changing data of Cl

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Before generating a Talent Databank dataset, users are required to execute the following steps for extracting academic result records from ASR. B.1 Extracted by TDB-Subject Group Mapping 1. Click [Talent Databank] [Maintain Databank] [Channel 1: Academic Results] from the left menu. 2.

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Google Profits The Google/ClickBank Power Profit System How to make huge online profits using the power of Google AdWords and ClickBank By Wade M. Winger Edited by Denise Blankenship Limits of Liability / Disclaimer of Warranty: The authors and publisher of

Clickbank and Bing ads accounts. Well done! That was the easiest part. Now once you've done the steps above you are ready to find the product that you are going to promote. Action steps to find your product: 1) Login to your Clickbank account, click on the marketplace then scroll down the categories and click on In Clickbank, you will be promoting digital products. These are downloadable products like ebooks, memberships to websites, videos, software and similar items. You may find commission rates as high as 50%, 75% or even more on digital products, since the vendor doesn’t have as high overhead costs for these products!

Clickbank: Clickbank is one of the the most popular affiliate networks out there. With a network of over 100,000 Affiliates and an index over 10,000 digital products, you will definitely be amazed by how much money you may make with this network. With Clickbank

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