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Lighting The Road To The FutureBogalusa Blues Festival“The People’s Paper”DataZonePage 8October 7 - October 13, 2017 52nd Year Volume 24 www.ladatanews.comA Data News Weekly ExclusiveThe 10th Annual Gentilly Festival Showsthe Resilience of New OrleaniansPage 2NewsmakerGone TooFar!Page 6Special2016-2017TrailblazersPage 4

Page 2Cover StoryOctober 7 - October 13, 2017www.ladatanews.comThe 10th Annual Gentilly FestivalShows the Resilience ofNew OrleaniansHow One Festival Brought A Community Back TogetherThe 10th Annual Gentilly Festival will take place at Pontchartrain Park during October 6th, 7th, and 8th. The Event is free and open to the public.By Eric CraigData News Weekly ContributorNearly 12 years ago, HurricaneKatrina struck New Orleans, devastating Gentilly, one of the City’s centralBlack neighborhoods. Despite the lifechanging impact, residents bandedtogether to revive their community.How? A local festival.On October 6th, 7th, and 8th, organizers will host the 10th Annual GentillyFestival at Pontchartrain Park. The annual event will feature over 50 restau-rants, 20 craft vendors, and several localand national artists.Expecting to top last year’s attendance of 25,000 people, this event is freeand open to the public.The FestivalThe first Gentilly Festival started in2007, attracting roughly 500 people. TheFestival’s board pledged to donate proceeds of the Festival to first respondersin the community, supplying them withfurniture and funds for structural repairs. As the Festival grew, it became aplatform to bring awareness to Gentillyand its array of local businesses.“It’s such a family-friendly event,”said Gretchen Bradford, President ofthe Gentilly Festival Committee and lifelong resident of Gentilly. “It has a greatvibe to it.”Bradford said that over the past decade, the Festival has brought attentionto the Gentilly Community. It has, inmany instances, increased the moraleto people returning home, Bradfordsaid. For many, this Festival serves asa reunion for neighbors, relatives, andfriends displaced by Katrina.“It’s a local and wonderful event, butit’s catching on,” Bradford said, recognizing that the number of attendees hassteadily risen over the past decade.After operating for 10 years, the Gentilly Festival Committee continues todonate funds to first responders andneighborhood non-profits such as Rootsof Music. This year’s Festival will extend its reach, promoting a HurricaneRelief Charity Onsite to benefit victimsof recent summer hurricanes Harveyand Irma.Cover Story, Continued on page 9.INSIDE DATACover Story . . . . . .2Newsmaker . . . . . . 6DATA NEWS WEEKLYP.O. Box 57347, New Orleans, LA 70157-7347 Phone: (504) 821-7421 Fax: (504) 821-7622editorial: datanewseditor@bellsouth.net advertising: datanewsad@bellsouth.netTerry B. JonesFashion & Style . . . 12Commentary. . . . . 12CEO/PublisherEdwin BuggageEditorCheryl MainorManaging EditorCalla VictoriaData Zone . . . . . . .842 Tribes. . . . . . . 13Executive AssistantContributorsArt Direction &Edwin BuggageMainorMedia.comKichea S. BurtEric CraigDelaney GeorgeJune HazeurAccountingProductionEditorial Submissionsdatanewseditor@bellsouth.netAdvertising Inquiriesdatanewsad@bellsouth.netDistributionOn The RunGlenn JonesCourier ServicesPlease call 504-309-9913 for subscription information or to obtain a back issue of the paper ONLY.Dated material two weeks in advance. Not responsible for publishing or return of unsolicited manuscripts or photos.

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Page 4October 7 - October 13, 2017Specialwww.ladatanews.comData News Weekly PresentsMeet The 2016 - 2017Trailblazers of the MonthHighlighting the Best of New Orleans’ Community ServantsJuly 2, 2016Charles L Rice, Jr.Giving Fuel to the Next GenerationCharles L. Rice Jr. is Presidentand CEO of Entergy New Orleans, Inc., a post he’s held since2010. What many do not know isthat he is committed to servingthe New Orleans community inmany ways, working hard to inspire the next generation.Outside of his work at Entergy, he serves on several boardsthat are business and civic relatedaimed at helping the City andits citizens. “I sit on a number ofboards including the Boy Scouts,Greater New Orleans Foundation, New Orleans Business Alliance and I am also involved inthe Silver Backs, in addition tomany others. I do this becauseI feel that it’s important to giveback to the community that produced me and give back to thosewho are not as fortunate and havenot had the same opportunities,”says Rice.Charles Rice, is a native of theCrescent City and has a recordof excellence in many areas. Heis a Howard University graduate. Additionally, he served as aCommissioned Officer in UnitedStates Army, serving as a Military Intelligence Officer withthe 101st Airborne Division (AirAssault) at Fort Campbell, KY.While in the Army, he earnedthe Airborne Badge, Air Assault Badge and was awarded theArmy Commendation and theArmy Achievement Medals. Mr.Rice also holds a Juris Doctoratefrom Loyola University’s Schoolof Law and Master’s Degree inBusiness Administration fromTulane University. While Ricehas reached amazing heights inbusiness, he proudly states he is aproduct of New Orleans and thatall the people who raised and inspired him on his journey to success deserves a share of the credit.August 13, 2016Juan LaFontaMan child in the Promised LandJuan LaFonta, is a life-long anddie-hard advocate for the City ofNew Orleans. Describing himselfhe says, “I am a community oriented guy with a huge heart. I’ve spentmuch of my life in the 7th Wardgoing to school on Elysian FieldsAvenue at St. Raphael, BrotherMartin and the University of NewOrleans (UNO) and now my lawoffice is located there. Speaking ofhis community and its impact onhis life he says, “Throughout mylife I’ve honored all those peoplewho have helped shape me intothe person I am today; and longago I made a promise to myselfto remain in my community andinfluence the lives of the peoplearound me.”His work of serving others extends in many areas, but is centeredon the youth. Something he feelsis important is expanding theirhorizons and encouraging themto dream big and know that withhard work it can become a reality.“I do a lot of things with the kids inmy neighborhood and around theCity,” says LaFonta. “I sometimesrent a suite for the New OrleansPelicans Basketball Games andtake kids from the neighborhood.I’ve done back to school events giving away school supplies and manyother things for the youth of ourCity. My goal is giving them experiences that can enrich their lives.”LaFonta once served as anelected official as a Louisiana StateRepresentative in District 96,while he still has a love for politicshe is involved with it in a differentway. Today as opposed to voting onbills in Baton Rouge, he’s mergedhis political and business skills intoempowering citizens in addition tosmall businesses in New Orleans.“I enjoyed my time in politics serving my community, but I think Igrew up from politics to a full-timelaw practice and in my role now asa private citizen I can help morepeople out. I feel in this way I canimpact more people’s lives positively without constraints.”Special/Continued on next page.

Specialwww.ladatanews.comOctober 7 - October 13, 2017Page 5Special/ Continued from previous page.September 24, 2016ShedrickRoyNovember 26, 2016Troy CarterA Life Dedicated to Building Bridges in our CommunityInspiring the DrumMajor InstinctSelfless and service aretwo words that describeTroy Carter; a man who hasdedicated his life as both apublic servant and privatecitizen to helping others. “Towhom much is given much isrequired and I grew up in ahousehold with a mother whoinstilled in us the importanceof giving back and the passingon of life’s lessons,” says Carterof the origins of his will to giveback. “From a young age, I haveenjoyed volunteering, helpingpeople, so it was natural for meto live a life that is centeredon serving my community.”In addition to his work as anelected official, Carter serveson several boards most notablythe Police Athletic Leagueand Boys and Girls Clubwhere he was the Chairmanof the Southeastern Region.While he is passionate abouthelping young people, Carteris also concerned with helping all that are in need. Heis the type of elected leaderwho when the cameras are offhe is still doing the work ofserving others. Several timesa year this is on display as hehosts an Annual ThanksgivingDinner that is in its 24th Year.Additionally, he gives awaygifts for Christmas and schoolsupplies to children at thebeginning of the school year.Throughout his politicalcareer, he has been a bridgebuilder bringing diversepopulations together. In thevarious offices, he’s held asa State Representative, CityCouncilman and now StateSenator, Carter is the firstAfrican-American elected inthe districts he’s represented.December 31, 2016Shedrick Roy is a manwhose commitment to serving others runs deep throughhis veins and is part of a tradition started by his grandfather Carlton Roy Sr., “Mygrandfather owned multiplebusinesses and was a CivilRights Activist with the lateRev. Avery Alexander, A.L.Davis, Oretha Castle Haleyand Dorothy Mae Taylor,”states Roy of why he is civically active. “Just growing uparound those people I hadno choice but to be conscientious of the issues goingon around me as it relates topoor people, but Black people in particular.”Speaking of his work toempower his community hesays he is only a vessel thatis being used to deliver themessage that his communityso desperately needs, “I’m interested in finding a way tospark Black people to vote,to start sticking together;because it seems in 2016 weare regressing instead of pro-gressing.When it comes to his life’smeaning and purpose; Royspeaks of the “Drum Major Instinct” a speech madeby Dr. Martin Luther KingJr. in 1968. Where he spokeagainst the need for glory ofthose seeking to be in thefront of the line, but tellinghis audience the Drum Major Instinct can be used forgood if one desires to be firstin the line loving their fellow human beings and serving others. “When my life onearth is done I want people toremember I was a dude fromthe 3rd Ward on BaronneStreet who possessed theDrum Major Instinct. I havea personal plea to make a difference. If I don’t say something or do something, thenit doesn’t sit well in my soul.Therefore, I must do something, I must say somethingbecause my ancestors saidsomething, so I feel my lifecan be one lived not in vainbut with a purpose.”Leroy Crawford Jr.Creating Change from the Inside OutLeroy Crawford Jr. is apassionate advocate who iscommitted to helping youngpeople out of the darkness ofhopelessness and strife givingthem the tools to envision andnavigate their way to brighterfutures for themselves. ANew Orleans native and St.Augustine graduate, he is oneof the nation’s most soughtafter motivational speakers,specializing in culturalcompetency and working withat-risk youth. He has twodecades of experience workingwith at-risk youth and isfounder/owner of “InsideOutBehavior Consulting Services.”Crawford believes that changebegins from within and thatwe all must frequently or asneeded do a self-checkup/triage about changing ourlives from the “Inside Out.”Speaking about his commitment to service he says,“Basically, it comes from myhumble beginnings growingup in the St. Bernard HousingDevelopment where we didn’thave a lot of money but thepeople around me were rich intheir service to their community,” says Crawford. Continuing he says of the person whoinfluenced him the most inthe spirit of giving is his latefather Leroy Crawford Sr., whotaught him and his brotherWayne Crawford valuable lifelessons. “We were in churchand he was an usher and analtar boy and anything he didwe did. In doing these and somany other things my fatherdid was that we learned if youdo right by people that you willbe rewarded in the end. He wasalso a man who was the truedefinition of love, selflessnessand compassion. I rememberwatching my dad take care ofmy mom Diana Crawford, whohad an aneurysm for 18 years;I watched a man wash, cleanand feed her for 18 years.”He believes that exposing young people to a worldbeyond their immediateenvironment is important inthem dreaming big dreams fortheir lives and then taking thesteps to make them a reality.Special/Continued on page 10

Page 6October 7 - October 13, 2017Newsmakerwww.ladatanews.comNOTFORSALENOLA.com PAC Unfairly Attacks BlackLeadership in New OrleansWhy We Cannot Let Dark Money Get in the Way of Our Bright Futurenet and Black leaders in certainneighborhoods. This is a tactic thatseems to attempt to polarize ourcommunity in a time where we allneed to come together; finding solutions to the problems that plagueour city.Data News Weekly EditorialWhen Politics Goes Too FarIn a recent mailer from a PAC(Political Action Committee) callingitself NOTFORSALENOLA.com,has been attacking not only mayoral candidate Desiree Charbonnet,but Black leadership in general,categorizing them as corrupt andcriminal. While this assertion is farfrom true, it has not stopped themfrom spreading falsehoods andmore recently distributing ones ofthe most disturbing mailers featuring a cartoon image of candidateCharbonnet holding a gun.While most understand politicsas a full contact sport, this goestoo far. This demonizing of a Blackwoman who is a former judge, whohas no criminal record; putting agun in her hand, sends the wrongmessage to residents of our city.New Orleanians, like residents ofall other major American cities,have suffered far too much fromgun violence in our communities.Secondly, it seems that their intentis to paint Black leadership as corrupt and not to be trusted, with thegoal being to divide and distract ourBuilding Bridges anda Brighter Future forNew OrleansNo You Wont! This offensive imagery sent out byNOTFORSALENOLA.com, is an attempt to dividethe people of the City of New Orleans, and we cannot stand for this type of manipulation.community, while the issues thattruly matter to the people of our cityin this election are being ignored.This political slight-of-hand fundedby anonymous individuals, is an attempt to smear independent Blackleadership. And we as concernedcitizens that care for our city mustask ourselves, who is behind thisDesiree Charbonnet, candidate for Mayor of NewOrleans, is a longstanding civil servant. We cannotallow for our Black representatives to be depictedin such an offensive manner.dark money, where is it comingfrom and what is their agenda forour city?Dark Money Sowing theSeeds of Racial DivisionAs we approach New Orleans’300th Anniversary, we must consider how important this election is forthe future of our city in determiningwhat direction it will be steered. Itseems that this dark money groupis attempting to contaminate ourelection process with a campaign ofmisinformation. Having witnessedthis in the 2016 Presidential race,we cannot allow this to happen inour local elections. We want anelection that is fair and where allcandidates and interest groups canbe identified and held to the samestandards. In this scenario, thecitizens of New Orleans can go tothe polls armed with the accurateinformation when they make theirchoice at the ballot box.But this does not seem to be thegoal of NOTFORSALENOLA.comas they have only distributed theirprinted mailers attacking Charbon-We must ask ourselves why thisgroup is targeting Black leadershipand the Charbonnet campaign?And, with this recent stunt of placing a gun in her hand, we must letthem know this is unacceptable andsome in our community are outraged. Charbonnet is now spendingtime responding via one of her latest campaign commercials, and wefeel it is time for Jesse Gilmore, acampaign consultant who is listedon the Louisiana Ethics Administration Program website as the Chairperson of NOTFORSALENOLA.com to make a public statement asto why they chose to do somethingthat is inappropriate, unethical, unnecessary and playing to the worstracial stereotypes and prejudices.We must reject the tactics ofthose who are taking the low roadto smear someone running for thecity’s highest office. It is a timewhere our city needs to build bridges of understanding and decide thatall races and zip codes matter inNew Orleans. In closing, we wouldlike to say in more ways than onethis is an historical election and wecannot let dark money get in theway of our bright future.Early voting is open, use it. Castyour VOTE!WE LAUNCHEDOUR NEWWEBSITE!Check It Out atLADataNews.com

www.ladatanews.comOctober 7 - October 13, 2017Apply to The Workshop at Macy’s today.If your woman or minority-owned company is ready to own yournext phase of growth, then we invite you to apply for The Workshop at Macy’s –our free and exclusive vendor retail development program in New York City.Learn more and apply now at macysinc.com/workshopPage 7

Page 8October 7 - October 13, 2017Data Zonewww.ladatanews.comThe 6th Annual BogalusaBlues & Heritage FestPhotos by Kichea S. BurtData News WeeklyContributorFor the 6th year Bogalusahosted the Bogalusa Blues &Heritage Festival in beautiful Cassidy Park. Bogalusa ishome to Professor Longhairand the Legendary Studio inThe Country as well as manywell noted world renownedartists who paint, write, andperform. About an hour anda half outside of New Orleans,the festival has been votedbest festival outside of NewOrleans and provides a greatenvironment for camping andfamily friendly fun with a veryreasonable entrance fee.Visit www.ladatanews.com for more photos from these eventsWBOK1230AMA BAKEWELL MEDIA COMPANYReal Talk for Real Times.1639 Gentilly Blvd. New Orleans, LA 70119 (504)942-0106www.wbok1230am.com

www.ladatanews.comCover Story, Continued from page 2.Now that the Festival has become astaple of the Gentilly Community, it canmore easily empower local businesses inthe community. While it often highlightslocal entertainers, the Festival’s Committee buys supplies from local businesses,employs local laborers, and invites manylocal businesses to set up shop during theFestival.“We’ve grown quite a bit. We weren’table to do that at one time. But now we’reable to help out others and grow their businesses,” Bradford said.The committee has announced that itwould add new festivities to the Festival.Local Artist Harold Bradford will unveil a10th Anniversary Poster (the first posterin five years) for the Festival. Other highlights include a parade that will kick off theSaturday festivities, starting on Chef Highway near Walmart; Fireworks at the end ofthe Saturday festivities; and a Second-Linethat will close out Sunday.This year also marks the Inaugural 5kRace, held at 6500 Press Drive, takingplace from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.Impact on Gentilly“Pontchartrain Park is very important.We have a lot of history behind our community,” Bradford said, reminiscing thepowerful history the neighborhood holds.Gentilly, which encompasses over 21smaller neighborhoods, was one of the firstcommunities developed for middle-classCoverData ZoneStorywhile the neighborhoodhas improved over thelast few years, the neighborhood still has someconcerns.“We still have issues with blight—all ofGentilly struggled withblight, abandoned lots,overgrown grass, andstreets that need repair,”Bradford said.Many residents remain concerned aboutbusiness and restaurantaccess. Bradford saidthat Gentilly holds several fast food restaurants,but fewer sit-down restaurants. She wants theOver 50 restaurants and 20 craft vendors will be in attendance during this year’s festival.neighborhoods to havemore places to shop inAfrican-American homeowners. Many of stead of people constantly having to leavethose first-time home owners were WWII their community for leisure and errands.“We still have a long way to go,” BradVeterans.And that’s what made Hurricane Ka- ford says, looking forward. But she retrina especially devastating to residents of mains positive of the outcome. “The neighborhood was as an unknown jewel untilGentilly.“It was a nightmare after Katrina,” says Gentilly Fest put it on the mark,” she says.An Honor to Play at This FestivalJimmy Stokes, the Secretary-TreasurerOn Saturday, October 7th, Electric Vioand Resident of Edgewood Park. “That’swhy we started the Festival, to help the po- linist Michael Ward will return to Gentillyliceman, firemen, playgrounds, and Roots Festival after performing in 2016 alongsideSinger Philip Manuel, and Leo Nocentelliof music.”Both Bradford and Stokes note that of The Meters. He describes his upcomingOctober 7 - October 13, 2017Page 9performance as an honor.“Gentilly Festival is a great thing because people lost their homes after Hurricane Katrina. This festival brings thiscommunity back together,” Ward said,mentioning that his mother-in-law is fromGentilly.“No matter what happens in a community, music is always the healer for the environment,” he adds.Recently, Ward performed in Texasroughly two weeks after Hurricane Harveymade landfall. He said that people wantedto get out and enjoy themselves, brieflytaking their mind off the troubles of thenatural disasters.“Musicians can give you a peace ofmind. If it’s for one night or for a moment,I can give you piece of mind where you canget away,” he says.This festival also hits home for the performer. Ward served as a first responder,a Deputy under the Orleans Parish SheriffDepartment, for over 17 years.Performing ArtistsThe 2017 Gentilly Festival will haveits Main Stage, Gospel Tent, and a Public Stage in its Kid’s Village. Highlightedperformers include: John Pierre, JamesAndrews, and Charmaine Neville on Friday; Michael Ward, Tonya Boyd Cannon,and Kevin Styles on Saturday; and PJMorton, Rebirth Brass Band, and ZenaMoses on Sunday.

Page 10October 7 - October 13, 2017Specialwww.ladatanews.comSpecial, Continued from page 5February 24, 2017Michele Brierre Jean-PierreA Holistic Prescription to Saving a CommunityMichele Brierre Jean-Pierre, isthe Executive Director of the Ellis Marsalis Center, located in theLower Ninth Ward, named forthe patriarch of the first familyof Jazz and co-founded by musicians Brandford Marsalis andHarry Connick Jr. Since openingits doors in 2011, it is changingthe lives of children using musiceducation by engaging them andgiving them the skills to lead fulfilling and successful lives.Prior to coming to the EllisMarsalis Center, Jean-Pierre wasworking in Public Health but always found time to volunteer inthe community. “I have been giving back for a long time; I feel itis my duty. Throughout the yearsI have worked with kids as a tutor.I volunteered to help first timehomebuyers and I also served asa parent advocate with the schoolsystem.” She uses her experiencein Public Health to approachhow she runs the center, focusingon the children in a holistic way.Speaking of this she says, “Community health and what makes acommunity healthy are things Ihave tried to incorporate into theprogramming and planning ofthe center. We support the kidsacademically and socially, there isa component where they have access to good nutrition and healthyeating, so we provide healthysnacks for them when they comeafter school and they also can geta hot healthy balanced meal. Wealso provide homework help andwe have certified teachers helpingwith that.”In the center, the kids are getting the tools and developing theirfull potential, but Jean-Pierre saysthe center serves another purposeby passing on and preserving theimportant musical and culturallegacy of New Orleans. “I see theimpact in the growth of my students, they are getting wiser andgrowing and becoming focusedyoung people.” Continuing shesays, “I feel our young people areambassadors of our culture andour program helps in preserving our musical heritage and itsgrowth and development.”Special/Continued on next page.- BAPTIST PASTORS CONFERENCE OF NEW ORLEANS & VICINITY -PROUDLY ENDORSESTHE FOLLOWING CANDIDATESPLEASE VOTE THEBAPTIST PASTORS CONFERENCE OFNEW ORLEANS & VICINITY BALLOTBAPTIST PASTORS CONFERENCEOF NEW ORLEANS & VICINITY OFFICERSRev. Dr. Robert Myers, ModeratorRev. Dr. Joseph L. Hampton, Vice Moderator at LargeRev. Dr. J.C. Dyson, 1st Vice ModeratorRev. Dr. Calvin Woods, 2nd Vice ModeratorRev. Dr. Joseph Brooks, 3rd Vice ModeratorRev. Dr. Louis S. Jones, CoordinatorRev. Dr. Devin K. Mason, Recording SecretaryRev. Dr. Bruce McClue, Corresponding SecretaryRev. Gregory Jones, Financial SecretaryRev. Dr. Earnest Johnson, TreasurerRev. Dr. James N. Dorsey, ChaplinEARLY VOTINGBAPTIST PASTORS CONFERENCE OF NEW ORLEANS & VICINITYThe Baptist Pastors Conference is comprised of a crosssection of Pastors from various associations, national andstate conventions that are represented in the Greater NewOrleans area. The Conference has over 75 member Pastors.The organization boldly speaks to political and social issuesand the economic wellbeing of citizens of our city.SEPTEMBER 30TH THRU OCTOBER 7THCITY HALL, 1300 PERDIDO STREET, ROOM 1W24ALGIERS COURTHOUSE. 225 MORGAN STREET, ROOM 105CHEF MENTEUR VOTING MACHINE WAREHOUSE SITE,8870 CHEF MENTEUR HIGHWAYVILAKE VISTACOMMUNITY CENTER, 6500 SPANISH FORT BLVDABSENTEE BALLOTDEADLINE TO REQUEST BY MAIL IS OCTOBER 10THDUE BY OCTOBER 13TH, 4:30 P.M.ELECTION DAYOCTOBER 14, 2017

Specialwww.ladatanews.comOctober 7 - October 13, 2017Special/ Continued from previous page.March 11, 2017Keith HartLiving and Givingin the Key of LifeApril 29, 2017Jerome “DJJubilee” TempleAll About “Serving” the 5-0-4Many know Jerome “DJJubilee” Temple as the Kingof Bounce, but what somemay not know is that Templeis committed to serving hiscommunity and has for severaldecades been giving back.He is an advocate ofeducation and serves as aThere is an old adage thatstates, ‘music is a universal language.’ In the case ofMusic Educator Keith Hart,it is a bridge that connectsyoung people to overcoming obstacles and achieving their dreams, hopes andaspirations. “It started withmiddle school in seventhgrade where I was privilegedto have great teachers. Mr.Jones in middle school andMr. Harris in high school;these were transformativeteachers who taught musicthat had ways of engagingyour morality and helpingyou make good choices. Iwas inspired by them and Inow take those lessons andpass them onto the studentsI teach,” remarks Hart, whohas been in the classroomfor two decades speaking ofthese early influences thatinspired him in what has become his life’s work of teaching young people.There are many qualities Hart says that can makeyoung people successful, butthe one he feels is most essential is developing goodhabits, something he feelsthat would cause them tomake better choices as theynavigate their way throughlife. Speaking of this recipefor success, he remarks, “Iimpart on my students thathabits defines your choicesand these ideas of excellenceand virtues become the integrity and perseverance thatwill define your destiny.”In his two decades ofteaching he’s been instrumental in helping change thelives of many young people.He says what gives him themost joy is when he seesthe ‘aha’ moment when thelight bulb comes on and theyoung people get the concepts he is teaching them.”Continuing he says, “I loveto see when a kid goes fromsaying ‘I can’t to saying andbelieving I can do anything’this is the most rewardingpart of the work I do as ateacher.” Recently, for hiswork with young peoplehe was nominated for aGrammy in the categoryfor Music Educator making it to the final round of10, being chosen from several hundred nominees. Fora man who is armed with animpressive list of accomplishments under his belt, KeithHart is a humble man witha large heart filled t

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