Virus Prevention Floor Marking Signs And Shapes

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Virus PreventionFloor MarkingSigns and ShapesWith the rise of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, it is veryFor example, many hospitals use our foot prints toimportant to maintain good hygiene and humanmaintain proper separation when using elevators orseparation within the workplace. When it is impossiblewashing stations. Also many offices use our floorto work from home to support your business, it is verysigns to remind employees how to properly washimportant to take special precautions in the work place.their hands and cough into their elbows.With some helpful floor markings and floor signs, thePlease consider using our shapes and signs to keepworkplace can keep workers healthy while preventingyour employees healthy. During flu seasons and virusfurther spread of a virus. It is important that workersoutbreaks, it is very important to stay calm and towash their hands properly. It is also very importantfollow government health safety recommendations.that workers maintain social separation ruleswhenever possible.M I G H T Y L I N E TA P E . C O M

Virus Prevention Floor MarkingSigns and ShapesProduct DescriptionStop the spread of viruses in the workplace or business by properly separating workers or shoppers via oursocial distancing floor signs. Waiting in line can be a difficult time to maintain the recommended socialdistance of 6 feet apart. Using our social distancing markers, you can now maintain space betweenemployees or customers with great ease without appearing rude. Simply peel and stick each floor sign 6 feetapart and you will have a great system of maintaining social distances to prevent the spread of viruses.This floor sign will help keep shoppers or employees healthy, helping to limit the spread of COVID-19, alsoknown as the Coronavirus.Maintain DistanceSafety Floor SignPlease Wait HereSafety Floor SignPlease Do Not PanicBuy Floor SignAvailable Sign Sizes for SKU MDist:Available Sign Sizes for SKU MDist:Available Sign Sizes for SKU MDist:16”24”36”M I G H T Y L I N E TA P E . C O M16”24”36”16”24”36”

Virus Prevention Floor MarkingSigns and ShapesONE WAYStop the SpreadFloor SignOne WayFloor SignNo Need to HoardGroceries Floor SignAvailable Sign Sizes for SKU MDist:Available Sign Sizes for SKU MDist:Available Sign Sizes for SKU �Employees OnlyFloor SignVirus PreventionFloor SignNo Entry BeyondThis Point Floor SignAvailable Sign Sizes for SKU MDist:Available Sign Sizes for SKU MDist:Available Sign Sizes for SKU �4" Wide Please KeepSocial Distance Floor TapeAvailable Sizes:100' RollM I G H T Y L I N E TA P E . C O M

Virus Prevention Floor MarkingSigns and ShapesDotsFloor MarkingAvailable Sign Sizes:Available Colors:0.75 Inch1 Inch2.7 Inch3.5 Inch3.75 Inch5.7 InchFootprintFloor MarkingAvailable Colors:ArrowsFloor MarkingAvailable Colors:Patented Mighty Line Floor MarkingYellow Floor Tape Arrows. Our MightyLine Arrows are 10 inches long and 6inches wide at the widest point.Mighty Line arrows are a great floorsafety marking tool. Mighty Line 5sfloor marking arrows pointpedestrians towards safety inemergency situations.M I G H T Y L I N E TA P E . C O M

Virus Prevention SafetyFloor TapesMighty Line SafetyFloor Tape - SolidAvailableSizes:2”3”4”6”Mighty Line SafetyFloor Tape - DiagonalThe Patented Mighty Line diagonal floortape is most durable diagonal tape on themarket. The diagonal floor tape is great formarking off caution, hazards, and otherextra dangerous areas in the facility orwarehouse. Mighty Line diagonal floormarking tape is great to warn pedestriansthat is safety precaution zone.Available Sizes:2” , 3” , 4” , 6”HS Tariff Code: 3919102055How To Apply MightyLine Floor Tape?Benefits of Mighty Line Floor Tape:Make sure the floors are clean, Mighty Line floor tape is thick, tough, and the special Mighty Line formuladry, and the floors are above Mighty Line's peel-and-stick adhesive leaves no residue when removed.helps resist abrasion.50 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a Ability to change workflow area quickly and easily.degreaser or denatured Mighty Line floor tape is 50 mil thick with beveled edgesalcohol to clean the floors. Mighty Line floor tape withstands industrial brush scrubbers, forklifts, andheavy industrial wheel traffic. No downtime associated with paint Faster to install than paint Mighty Line lengths: 100 feet for all tapes except reflective floor tape Mighty Line floor tape is patented and Proudly Made in the USAM I G H T Y L I N E TA P E . C O M

Virus Prevention SafetyFloor Tape SegmentsMighty Line SafetyFloor Tape - SegmentsAvailable Sizes:Available Sizes:2 Inch Wide - 10 Inch Long - Box of 1002” Custom Cut - 100’ Roll3 Inch Wide - 10 Inch Long - Box of 1003” Custom Cut - 100’ Roll4 Inch Wide - 10 Inch Long - Box of 1004” Custom Cut - 100’ Roll6 Inch Wide - 10 Inch Long - Box of 1006” Custom Cut - 100’ RollAvailable Colors:Mighty Line is a ShieldMark brand.19147 Eastlook Rd. PO Box 16618 Rocky River, Ohio 44116Fax (440) 220-4381 Phone 855-391-4341 Email - info@mightylinetape.comM I G H T Y L I N E TA P E . C O M

Apr 24, 2020 · Available Colors: Footprint Floor Marking Available Colors: Arrows Floor Marking Available Colors: Patented Mighty Line Floor Marking Yellow Floor Tape Arrows. Our Mighty Line Arrows are 10 inches long and 6 inches wide at the widest point. Mighty Line arrows are a great floor safety marking tool.

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