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UFHV-0916-BHorizontal &VerticalFreezerR134a

Freezer Product Line UpR134aTYPE OF REFRIGERANTProduct Line UpModelTotal Capacity UFH200AV1200 Litre UFH310BV1310 Litre UFH410BV1410 Litre UFH560BV1560 Litre UFV210AV1210 Litre

Horizontal Freezer FeaturesAttractive Exterior Daikin Chest Freezer is designed with a modern and stylish exterior to suit the moderndesign concept. Attractive finishing with epoxy powder coating for long lasting protection against moisture. Tropicalised cabinet eliminates sweating on the outer surface.Superior Insulation Efficient PU insulation ensures economic operation and provides maximum ratio ofstorage space to floor area. Even in the case of power failure, the storage time is possible to keep food cold for alonger period with the door keep closed.Neat Inner Cabinet Innovative engineering to ensure even cooling in the freezer. Flat interior surface makes cleaning maintenance more easier and effectivelyprevents corrosion.Temperature Control The temperature in the freezer isautomatically controlled by theadjustable thermostat. A thermostat to regulate thetemperature for various frozen loadconditions.Security and Convenience Built-in lock on the handle to ensureprivacy and security in use. Counter balanced hinges provideshands-free convenience at all times.Additional Accessories Basket for convenient stacking Four rollers for easy movement Drain for defrost water

Vertical Freezer FeaturesAuto Defrost Technology Daikin Vertical Freezer is equipped with the latest and leading autodefrosting technology. No more ice will be build up within the food surface using this feature.Easy of Storage and Management The freezer interior is divided into five parts by using independent drawer.Food can be sorted by category and stored into different part as required. This drawer is transparent so that monitoring and managing the food ismuch more easier.Energy Saving Star Unlike traditional freezer, the new magnetic door gasket will minimize theleakage of cold air from the freezer and save the energy consumption.Freezer Control Daikin Vertical Freezer is equipped with freezer control to control thetemperature of the freezer. There are 7 settings of selection to regulate the temperature according tovarious frozen load conditions.COLDERUsageSettingLight Frozen Load1 or 22Normal Use41Heavy Frozen Load5 Years Warranty73456OFF7The outstanding Daikin Freezer comes with 5 years warranty on the compressor.

SpecificationHorizontal FreezerModel NameTotal CapacityInput PowerRunning CurrentUnit Dimension (H x W x D)Packing Dimension (H x W x D)Net WeightUnit ColourCooling SystemMaximum Cooling TemperaturePower SupplyCabinet FinishLUFH200AV1200W110Ammmmkg1.04850 x 925 x 614875 x 975 x .91922 x 1030 x 695922 x 1300 x 6951005 x 1070 x 7501005 x 1340 x 7505567GreyDirect Cooled-21ºCEpoxy Coated Metal Door With Plastic Door End CapInsulationRefrigerant TypeDefrosting SystemDefrosting DrainageCompressor TypePolyurethane ( riesRollerCam lockNo. of BasketYesYes122Vertical FreezerInput PowerRunning CurrentUnit Dimension (H x W x D)Packing Dimension (H x W x D)Net WeightUnit ColourCooling SystemMaximum Cooling TemperaturePower SupplyCabinet FinishDoor FinishInsulationRefrigerant TypeDefrosting SystemDefrosting DrainageCompressor TypeAccessoriesNo. of Basket1831.43922 x 1655 x 6951005 x 1695 x 75088220-240/1/ 50Epoxy Power Coated Round EdgesDoor FinishModel NameTotal 01301.011332 x 630 x 5501375 x 740 x 59550GreyFan Cooled-18ºC220-240/1/ 50Epoxy Powder CoatedPVC LaminatedWith Protection FilmPolyurethane ( Cyclo-Penthanes)R134aAutoYesReciprocating5Notes:1) ALL SPECIFICATIONS ARE SUBJECTED TO CHANGE BY THE MANUFACTURER WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.2) COLD AIR TEMPERATURE OF HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL FREEZER TESTED IN TEST ROOM AT AMBIENT TEMPERATURE OF 32 C2

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Unlike traditional freezer, the new magnetic door gasket will minimize the leakage of cold air from the freezer and save the energy consumption. Freezer Control Daikin Vertical Freezer is equipped with freezer control to control the temperature of the freezer. There are 7 setti

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freezer into the wall outlet during installation. Otherwise, risk of death or serious injury may arise. This cooler/freezer is intended for only storing food items. It must not be used for any other purpose. Label of technical specifications is located on the left wall inside the cooler/freezer. Never connect your cooler/freezer to

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Avoid placing the freezer near external heat sources or direct sunlight. Make sure the freezer is placed on a flat, level, and solid surface. Make sure that the surface on which the freezer is placed is strong enough to hold the freezer once it is fully loaded wit

Oct 17, 2015 · 4 cups fat-free, reduced-sodium chicken broth (not needed until day of cooking) Materials 1 gallon-sized plastic freezer bag Prep 1. Label your freezer bag. 2. To your freezer bag, add all ingredients except chicken broth. 3. Remove as much air from the freezer bag

upper part of the freezer due to warm, moist air entering the freezer when the lid is opened. Remove food and leave the lid open when defrosting the freezer. To use the defrost drain, place a shallow pan beneath the drain outlet (Figure 1). Pull out the drain plug inside the freezer, and pull off the outside defrost drain plug (Figure 2). Defrost


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