Advanced Direct Loan Processing In The Common Origination .

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Session #2Advanced Direct Loan Processing in theCommon Origination and DisbursementSystem for FAAsPatrick Kennedy, U.S. Department of EducationMaria Marella, U.S. Department of Education

Agenda Adding andRemoving NewUsers Direct Loan SchoolOptions Information Borrower-ServicerRelationship Return to PreviousScreen(s) Action Queue Batch InformationMenu Financial Information– Funding Info– Summary FinancialInfo– Refunds of Cash– Cash Activity Reports Wrap-up Questions?2

Agenda Providing COD Access to new users at yourschool Deactivating COD Access for former users atyour school COD User Roles3

Access to the COD System Two types of COD Users:– Level 5 (all access)– Levels 1-4 Level 5 Access requires a written letter onschool letterhead Access for Levels 1-4 requires the CODSystem Administrator (Level 5 User) to addthat user directly online4

Access to the COD System5

Access to the COD System6

Access to the COD System7

Access to the COD System8

Access to the COD System9

COD User Roles Chart10

Access to the COD System See “COD Web Site Access for Schools”document to add a Level 5 user:11

Removing User Access to theCOD System User Levels 1-4 can be deactivated by theschool’s COD System Administrator– User Profile screen in COD– Deactivate and submit User Level 5 requires a written request toCOD– This request can be faxed to 877-623508212

Agenda Direct Loan School Options Information– MPN Print Option– Web Activity Response Option13

School Options Information Release 9.2 implemented October 9-10th– Changed COD procedure for notifyingborrowers who need an MPN– COD will now automatically e-mailborrowers who are missing an MPN MPN option must be set to “Y” Immediately upon receipt of LOR (loanorigination record) and at 15 days Only to borrowers whose LOR contains a valid email address14

School Options Information15

School Options Information Web Activity Response Option– Should be set to “Y” for schools whosubmit records via batch for processing– Will allow school to receive responses tochanges made via web for import– School system will match COD– File name CRWBXXOP Check with your software provider todetermine if your system can import andprocess the CRWB file16

Web Activity ResponseOption17

Agenda Borrower Servicer Relationship– Person Information Menu– Servicer Contact Information18

Borrower Servicer Relationship First actual disbursement books theDirect Loan– CRBN file is sent to the school– Loan data is sent from COD to theservicer Loan Servicer information displayed inCOD for the school Loan Servicer information displayed inNSLDS for the borrower(

Borrower Servicer Relationship20

Borrower Servicer Relationship(Contacts)Great Lakes Educational Loan ServicesNSLDS Servicer Code: 700581NSLDS Name: Dept of ED/ Great LakesFedLoan Servicing (PHEAA)NSLDS Servicer Code: 700579NSLDS Name:Dept of ED/ FedLoan Servicing (PHEAA)Borrower Phone: 800-699-2908Web: www.myfedloan.orgBorrower Phone: 800-236-4300Web: www.mygreatlakes.orgSchool Phone: 888-686-6919Web: www.mygreatlakes.orgSchool Phone: 800-655-3813Web: www.myfedloan.org21

Borrower Servicer Relationship(Contacts)NelnetNSLDS Servicer Code: 700580NSLDS Name: Dept of ED / NelnetBorrower Phone: 888-486-4722Web: www.nelnet.comSallie MaeNSLDS Servicer Code: 700578NSLDS Name: Dept of ED / Sallie MaeSchool Phone: 866-463-5638Web: www.nelnet.comBorrower Phone: 800-722-1300Web: www.salliemae.comSchool Phone: 888-272-4665Web: www.opennet.salliemae.com22

Borrower Servicer Relationship(Contacts)Student Loan Servicing Center (ACS)NSLDS Servicer Code: 700577NSLDS Name: Dept of ED / ACSDirect Loan Servicing CenterNSLDS Servicer Code: 00100NSLDS Name: Direct Loan Servicing CenterBorrower Phone: 800-848-0979Web: www.dl.ed.go n only list one program year ata time51

Refunds of Cash Information52

Cash Activity Lists all cash drawdowns for theprogram year Can only view one program yearat a time One column per transaction First column lists totals for theprogram year53

Cash Activity54

Agenda Report Selection– Award-Year Specific 30 Day Warning ReportFunded Disbursement ListPending Disbursement ListSchool Account Statement (SAS)– Non Award-Year Specific Duplicate Student BorrowerInactive LoansSSN/Name/DOBMPN DischargeExpired MPNsMPN Due to Expire Online Reports55

Report SelectionReportformatsdisplayedare thedefaultreportsettings inCOD56

Report SelectionUse thedropdownboxes toselect thereportformatscompatiblewith yoursystem57

School Account Statement Run the first full weekend of each newmonth Sent the first Monday after it is run Monthly reports contain data for themost recently completed month andYTD Cash Summary Used for monthly reconciliation andprogram year closeout58

School Account StatementSettings59

School Account StatementSettings60

School Account StatementSettings61

School Account StatementSettings62

School Account StatementSettings63

COD Reports AvailableOnline Most reports available online–SAS not available Same reports that are sent toSAIG mailbox All are displayed in spreadsheetformat All available program yearsdisplayed64

COD Reports AvailableOnline65

COD Reports AvailableOnline66

Wrap Up COD System Administration– User access maintenance– School Options Borrower-Servicer Relationship Managing Direct Loan events via COD on-linescreens– Action Queue– Batch search and tools Monitoring your school’s Direct Loan portfolio– Funding and cash activity information– Direct Loan reports67


Contact InformationWe appreciate your feedback andcomments. We can be reached at: Phone: 800-848-0978 E-mail: CODSupport@acs-inc.com69

Sallie Mae NSLDS Servicer Code: 700578 NSLDS Name: Dept of ED / Sallie Mae Borrower Phone: 800-722-1300 Web: School Phone: 888-272-4665 Web: Borrower Servicer Relationship (Contacts) 23 Direct Loan Servicing Center NSLDS Serv

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