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Army and Air Force Exchange Service856 Advance Ship Notice/Supplier Implementation GuideGetting Started with EDI8564030 (004030)1September 9, 2019

Army and Air Force Exchange ServiceContents:Introduction to EDI 856 Advance Ship Notice / 824 Application Advice .2Introduction . 3What is EDI .4What is EDIINT AS2 . . .4Expectations of EDI Supplier. .5EDI Mandatory Transaction 6EDI Testing Guidelines 7The Importance of the 856.8EDI Requirements.8Required Fields.9EDI Standards 5010 . . 11General Reference Materials .14Contact Information and EDI Standards and ISA/GS Information 14The 856 EDI Technical Guidelines.158564030 (004030)2September 9, 2019

Army and Air Force Exchange ServiceIntroduction to EDI 856 Advance ShipNoticeIntroductionGetting Started with the Exchange EDIThe following document was created to speed-up your EDI implementation.If you require additional information that is not included in this packet,please contact our EDI implementation team. We will be happy to assistyou.This document provides instructions for implementing the EDI 856 Advance shipnotice and 824 Application Advice.This document is divided into the following sections: Introduction to EDI – A basic introduction of EDI and the 856 Advance shipnotice and 824 Application Advice. Non-Technical Reference Materials – Includes contact and protocolinformation. Technical Guidelines – Your IT or technical staff will need this informationto successfully implement the 856 and the 824.While this guide is largely intended for technical personnel, the introductoryinformation allows you to gain a full understanding of why EDI is used and whatthe benefits are to you. If you are not a technical resource, we recommend youread this introduction prior to turning this guide over to any IT/technicalresources who may implement the 856 Advance Ship Notice and 824 ApplicationAdvice for your organization.If you have questions about conducting business with the Exchange or EDIconcerns beyond the 856, 824 please consult the Exchange web sitewww.shopmyexchange.com under doing business with the Exchange.8564030 (004030)3September 9, 2019

Army and Air Force Exchange ServiceWhat is EDI?Simply stated, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the electronic exchange ofbusiness documents between supplier and retailer in a global standardizedformat. Traditionally, communications between business partners (like PurchaseOrders, Advanced Ship Notice or Invoices) were conducted on paper and sent viamail or fax.With the advent of electronic file sharing, communicating such informationelectronically greatly reduces the time and resources required to manage theseinteractions. There

The next section, the EDI 856 Technical Guidelines, provides the EDI standard and technical documentation for the universal standards. To simplify the process for you, below is a list of fields that the Exchange requires in the 856 transaction. You may want to refer