Sage 300 - The Road Ahead

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Sage 300 - The Road AheadSession number: MM-7612Speaker: Jacqueline LiDate/time: Tuesday 12:30/Wednesday 11:00 Twitter: @JacquelineLi

The contents of this presentation were provided by the individual(s) and/or company listed on the title page.The information and opinions presented in this presentation may not represent the positions, strategies, oropinions of Sage. Unless explicitly stated, Sage is not responsible for the content herein and no endorsementsare implied. 2016 The Sage Group plc or its licensors. All rights reserved. Sage, Sage logos, and Sage productand service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of The Sage Group plc or its licensors. All othertrademarks are the property of their respective owners.#SageSummit @JacquelineLi2

Agenda Sage 300c Vision 2016 review What’s new in Sage 300 2017 What’s new in Sage CRM 7.3 SP2 A look ahead into next year Q&A#SageSummit @JacquelineLi3

Sage VisionWe energize the success of businesses and communities around the worldthrough the imagination of our people and smart technology.#SageSummit @JacquelineLi4

Modernization—bridgingthe past to the futureSage 50Sage 100Leveraging modern technology toinvest in current products to meettomorrow’s expectations of ourcustomers and partnersSage 300ConstructionHRMS#SageSummit @JacquelineLi5

Sage 300c ationsOur customer needs and expectations are evolvingbut business cannot be disrupted

Delivering on modernizationModern-looking user interfaceMobile access across multiple devicesFull integration of payments and payroll servicesFunctional enhancements delivered as Features as a ServiceCloud services to connect with the ecosystemImproved integration, customization, and upgradesModernization bridges the gap between on-premises andthe cloud to create a hybrid cloud solution#SageSummit @JacquelineLi7

What does it mean to you?More efficiently execute today’s tasksAutomate more manual activitiesWork more effectively with your ecosystemSolve more of your business problemsExtend help to more users inside and outside of the building#SageSummit @JacquelineLi8

Sage 300cDesktop Application(Microsoft Windows ScreensDesktop ISVs)Cloud Applications(HTML 5 Web screens, Cloud ISVs)Business logic for application(General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, Purchase Order,Inventory, Payroll & more)Microsoft SQL database#SageSummit @JacquelineLi9

Modernization journey to dateMay 2016 New DirectDeposit servicefor US payrollNovember 2015 Sage 300 2016#SageSummit @JacquelineLiFebruary 2016August 2016 Sage 300 2016.1Sage 300 201710

Sage 300 2016(November 2015)#SageSummit @JacquelineLi11

Sage 300 2016(November 2015)#SageSummit @JacquelineLi12

Sage 300 2016(November 2015)#SageSummit @JacquelineLi13

Sage 300 2016.1(February 2016)#SageSummit @JacquelineLi14

Sage 300 2016.1(February 2016)#SageSummit @JacquelineLi15

New Direct Deposit Service (US Payroll)(May 2016) Free for customers on US payrollsubscription Pay employees by creating an ACH fileand let Sage pass it to the bank#SageSummit @JacquelineLi16

Sage 300 2017Increase company-wide business visibility with notesOptimize and forecast your inventoryProcess incoming payments fasterCustomize and improve your user experience#SageSummit @JacquelineLi17

Increase company-wide businessvisibility with notes

Increase business visibility with notes#SageSummit @JacquelineLi19

Creating a noteWhen creating a note, you can Apply simple formatting Specify Customer/Vendor/Inventory Item Specify active date (can be future) Decide whether or not the note is dismissibleFull audit trail – you can always see who lastmodified the note and when#SageSummit @JacquelineLi20

#SageSummit @JacquelineLi21

#SageSummit @JacquelineLi22

Optimize an

Sage 50 Sage 100 Sage 300 HRMS Construction Modernization—bridging the past to the future Leveraging modern technology to . Sage 300 2016 February 2016 Sage 300 2016.1 May 2016 New Direct Deposit service for US payroll August 2016 Sage 300 2017.

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Integrate Sage CRM with Sage 300 Use Sage CRM features that are added during integration How to Use this Guide The first five chapters of this guide are for Sage CRM implementers. Chapter 6, "Using Sage CRM with Sage 300," is for Sage CRM users. We assume that implementers: Have experience implementing and troubleshooting Sage CRM

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Sage 300 ERP version 6.3 (2016) There is no separate version of P/P for the different above-listed versions of Sage 300 ERP. Supported Sage 300 Editions Production Planning (P/P) supports all Sage 300 editions. This would include: 1. Enterprise Edition (500) 2. Corporate Edition (200)

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