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Special Collections and University Archives : University LibrariesAlumnus Magazine Photograph Collecitonca. 1974-198912 linear ft.Call no.: RG 147Collection overviewThe once active photo morgue of the Alumnus Magazine, the Alumnus MagazinePhotograph Collection captures diverse aspects of campus life during the 1970s and1980s, including portraits of campus officials, sports events, commencements, a visit tocampus by Julius Erving, and assorted campus buildings and scenery.See similar SCUA collections:UMass (1947- )UMass staffUMass administrationUMass alumniUMass historyUMass studentsScope of collectionThe Alumnus Magazine Photograph Collection contains photo prints and contact sheets used in the AulmnusMagazine during the 1970s and 1980s and served as the publication's active photo morgue during that time.The photos capture a wide range of campus activities, events, locations, and personalities and remainorganized how they were originally used, by subject. All labels reflect the original wording used by the staff ofthe Alumnus. There is likely some overlap between the photos printed and stored by the Alumnus Magazineand those taken by the Photo Center, which are represented in RG110-175, though many photos are alsounique to this collection.InventoryAccounting DepartmentAdsAlumni CollegeAlumni EventsAlumni EventsAlumni EventsAlumni EventsAlumni MiscellaneousAlumni Office atedundatedundatedundatedundated

Animals and BirdsAnthropology DepartmentArtArtArt DepartmentArt GalleryArtists, AlumniArts ExtensionAstronomy; AstronomersArchive PhotosAwardsBack to SchoolBand, MarchingBartlett HallBasketball, Men'sBasketball, Men'sBaseballBasketball, Women'sBDICBlack AffairsBoston Club LunchBotanyBoyden BuildingBronze CastingBuildingsBuildings: Original DesignsBuildings: Original DesignsBuilding Association (UM)Business Administration (SBA)Campus Center (In and Out)Campus; Aerial Shots (Old and New)Campus PondCampus Scenes (Summer and General)Campus Scenes (Summer and General)Cancer ResearchCanoeingCCEBSCenter for Racial UnderstandingCETACampus Scenes (Yesteryear)Campus at NightCampus Scenes (Winter)Chancellor's HouseChancellor's Lecture SeriesChemistryCheerleadersChenoworthChild Study CenterChildrenChinaCitizen Involvement Training ProjectClimatologyCharter DayChemistryCold Springs Orchard (Belchertown)CollegianCommunication Studies DepartmentComputer dundatedundatedundatedJulius Erving during basketball workshopundatedat UMass, d1983undatedundatedundatedundatedundatedundated

Commencement: StockbridgeCommencement: Speakers; Honorary ementCommencementCommencementsConferences: MiscellaneousConcrete CanoeConstructionConstitutionConsumer EducationContinuing EducationCommencementsCrafts ShopCredit UnionCrewCross CountryCurry Hicks CageDanceDeceasedDedicationsDemonstrationsDining CommonsDistinguished Teachers AwardDistinguished Visitors to CampusDormitoriesDraper HallDu Bois PapersDuffey, Joseph DDuffey PhotosDukakis, M. GovernorSchool of EducationEmployeesEmployeesEmployeesEmployee PicnicEmployees: StudentsEnergyEngineering: BuildingsEngineering: AllEngineering: All BranchesEngineering: All BranchesEngineering: All BranchesEnglish DepartmentEquestrianEverywoman's ted

Exercise Science, Department ofFacultyFaculty ClubFarmFeed, Seed, and Fertilizer LabFine Arts CenterFine Arts CenterField HockeyFiresFilmFiremen: StudentsFive CollegesFood and Natural n ExchangeForestry and Wildlife ManagementFoundryFraternitiesFree University CityFrench, President HenryFuture FarmersFuture StudiesFuller, BuckminsterGeologyGoessmann LabGolfGoodell LibraryGrade CardGraduate Research CenterGraffitiGrantsGraphics: MiscellaneousGreat Decisions ProgramGreeksGuttmacher, AlanGymnasticsGymnasticsHabitat ProgramHandicapped AffairsHandicapped StudentsHandicap Awareness DayHasbrouck LabHealth ServicesHerbariumHerter HallHillelHistoryHockeyHokkaidoHoldsworth dated

HomecomingHotel and Restaurant ManagementHousing: Single StudentsundatedundatedundatedFrederick HurstInfirmaryInstitute for Man and EnvironmentInteresting Photos Miscellaneous SubjectsIntramuralsJournalismJulius Erving ‘72Key ShopLaboratory ShotsLaboratory Scenes: MiscellaneousLacrosseLacrosseLandscape ArchitectureLecturers to CampusLegislatorsLibraryLibraryLicense PhotoLocksMachmer HallMadrigalsMahar AuditoriumMachmer, WM.Marine Station: Gloucester, MassachusettsMarston HallMath Meditation ProjectMemorial HallMetland (Computer Land and Resource Planning)Metric ConversionMicrobiology (Amherst Strepto Lab)MicroformsMusic DepartmentMusic: InstrumentalMusicians: Artists; DanceMunson HallNew England Artists FestivalNew England Town Meeting for Intergovernmental ReformNew Games TournamentNewman CenterNursingOld PhotosOrchard HillOutreach (D.C.)OxfordParents ProgramPeople: MiscellaneousPeople; MiscellaneousPhi Beta KappaPeople's MarketPhilosophy DepartmentPhonothon: AlumniPhonothon: StudentPlays and MusicalsPolice (UM)PolishPolitical undatedundatedundatedundatedundatedundatedundated

Political FiguresPoylmer SciencePower PlantPrisonPopsProtestsPsychologyPhysical EducationPinballRegistration ionReunionReunionRoadsRobotsRoom to MoveROTCRugbyRuralSBASBAScience FairSculptureSelf DefenseSeniorsSeniors' PartyServicesSignsSkiingSky DivingSnack BarsSoccerSoftballSouth CollegeSouth Deerfield Agricultural ComplexSouthwestSports: Hall of FameSports dgeStockbridge SealStrikeStrikeStudents: Hanging OutStudents: Hanging OutStudents: OlderStudentsStudents: ClassStudent Faces and Close UpsStudents: Laboratories and dundatedundatedundatedundated

Students: StudyingStudent UnionStudent Video ProjectundatedundatedundatedSummer CounselingSuperbowl of MusicSwimmingTennisTheatre DepartmentThird WorldThompson TowerTobacco FieldsTobin HallToward Tomorrow FairTrack and FieldTroy Awards DinnerTroy Awards TrumpetsTrusteesTuition FightUganda SchoolUMass BostonUMass WorcesterUnionsUniversity MedalUniversity PressUniversity Without WallsUYAVan MeterVehiclesVisiting LecturersVolleyballWater ResourcesWFCRWhitmoreWildlifeWMUAWomen's StudiesWood dundatedAdministrative informationAccessThe collection is open for research.ProvenanceProcessing InformationProcessed by Kelly Lewis, November 2016.Language:

EnglishCopyright and Use (More information )Cite as: Alumnus Magazine Photograph Collection (RG 147). Special Collections and University Archives,University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries.Search termsSubjectsUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst--AlumniU n i v e r s i t y o f M a s s a c h u s e t t s A m h e r s t - - Fa c u l t yUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst--StudentsContributorsU n i v e r s i t y o f M a s s a c h u s e t t s A m h e r s t . A l u m n u s M a g a z i n e [main entry]University of Massachusetts AmherstGenres and formatsPhotographsLink to similar SCUA collectionsUMass (1947- )UMass studentsUMass administrationUMass alumniUMass historyUMass staff

Alumnus Magazine Photograph Colleciton UMass (1947- ) UMass administration UMass alumni UMass history UMass staff UMass students Collection overview The once active photo morgue of the Alumnus Magazine, the Alumnus Magazine Photograph Collection cap

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weak instability (photograph ,NCAR). Figure 6-28. Cap cloud over Mt. Shasta, California, with . low-lying weak convection (photograph , 1972, R. Reinking). Figure 6-29. Banner and cap clouds occurring in the Grand Tetons, Wyoming (photograph , B. Martner). Figures 6·30a-c. Cap cloud, or cloud associated with a bora (photograph , K .

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