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Gearmotors andGear ProductsMotor AccessoriesNEMA AC MotorC-Face Kits forField ConversionMotorAccessoriesFeatures: Complete kits with all hardware necessary for converting Baldor56 through 445T frame rigid base motors to “C-Face” mounting with base.For a Baldor conversion, refer to the Mod Express Section in this catalog.Please furnish the motor specification number when ordering.GrindersGeneratorsServo Motorsand ControlsMod ExpressBaldor EducationWorkshopsWarranties andSales PoliciesCross Referenceand IndexBaldorSales Offices4 04For use with Legacy Baldor Motor C36/182-4TC37/213-5C, TC37/213-5C, TC37/254-6UC, TC37/254-6UC, TC09/254-6UC, TC09/284-6UC, TC39/254-6UC, TC39/284-6UC, TC10/324-6UC, TC10/284-6UC, TC40/284-6UC, TC40/324-6 UC, TC12/324-6UC, TC42/324-6UC, TC42/364-5 UC & TC14/404-5TC14/364-5UC, TC14/364-5UC, TC16/404-5UC, TC16/404-5UC, TC18/444-7UC, TSC18/444-7UC, TC18/444-9UC, TC18/444-5, TS-444-STSC44/404-5 UC & TC44/404-5 UC & TSC44/404 USC, TSC 8A8A8A8A8NOTE: NEMA “BA” Dimension will be non-standard after conversion on NEMA 143-5T,182-4T, 213-5T and 254-6T.Specification number of motor should be verified when ordering. Suitable only for field conversion of motors manufactured with external rabbets on the stator housings. Contact a District Office with nameplate specification number to determine correct HADED RATINGS ARE CAST IRON FRAMES

The following list of available motor Kits may be purchsed as a kit only andshipped as a separate item from stock, or the kit can be mounted on ansuitable motor and shipped from the modification center.For use with Legacy Reliance Motor Designs56 - 140 FramesEnclosureOrderingNumberNotesAp’x. Shpg.Wgt. Lbs.ListPriceMult.Sym.56Basic (TEFC, TENV)K56H305581253A8GrindersFrameGearmotors andGear ProductsC-Face KitsMotorAccessoriesMotor AccessoriesGeneratorsNOTE: Basic (TEFC, TENV) motors that have aluminum end shields.This kit will not mount on XT/EMT/XEX and other enhanced enclosure product that have Cast Iron end shields.See notes on inside back flap and pages 5-6.250T, U280T, UMult.Sym.TEFC, TEFC-XT, TEFC-XEXK18G383,845218A8TEFCK18G32 c845218A8ODPK18S33 b843218A8TEFCK18S34 a843218A8TEFC U-FRAMEK18G583,8410218A8TEFC, TEFC-XT, TEFC-XEXK21G383,8418218A8ODPK21S33 b*847218A8ODPK21S35 a**847218A8TEFCK21S34 a847218A8TEFC, TEFC-XT, TEFC-XEXK25G283,8425284A8ODPK25S33 b8415284A8TEFCK25S34 a8415284A8TEFC, TEFC-XT, TEFC-XEXK28G283,8432402A8TEFCK28G32 c8425402A8ODPK28S33 b8422402A8TEFCK28S34 a8422402A8320T, UTEFC, TEFC-XT, TEFC-XEXK32G283,8434621A8K36G283,8440886A8360T, UTEFC, TEFC-XT, TEFC-XEXK36G32 c*8440886A8K36G35 c**8440886A8400T, UTEFC, TEFC-XT, TEFC-XEXK40G283,85461329A8NOTE: * 1200 RPM ** 3600 RPMKits with suffix a, b, or c can only be used on motor models with the corresponding suffix.C-face kits with a suffix when added to a motor will not meet NEMA BA dimension.See notes on inside back flap and pages 5-6.Mod ExpressListPriceBaldor EducationWorkshops210T, UAp’x. Shpg.Wgt. Lbs.Warranties andSales Policies180NotesCross Referenceand Index180TOrderingNumberEnclosureBaldorSales OfficesFrameServo Motorsand ControlsFor use with Legacy Reliance Motor Designs180T - 400T Frames 405

Gearmotors andGear ProductsMotor AccessoriesNEMA DC MotorC-Face Kit for FieldConversionFeatures: For DC motors with catalog number ending in “P”.These complete kits are for motors on pages 297 - 299.MotorAccessoriesFor use with Legacy Baldor Motor DesignsGrindersGeneratorsKitCatalog x f630A8186207Drip Proof or Totally Enclosed755A812250-5001280-5002250ATC6209Drip Proof of Totally Enclosed1165A875280ATC6210Drip Proof1544A857320-5002320ATC6211Drip Proof2152A887360-5001360ATC6213Drip Proof or Totally Enclosed3302A8121400-5001400ATC6214Drip Proof or Totally Enclosed3999A8179Servo Motorsand ControlsDouble C-FaceMotor Brake KitsMod ExpressBaldor EducationWorkshopsWarranties andSales PoliciesCross Referenceand IndexBaldorSales Offices4 06Coil Voltage: 115/208-230Features: Double C-Face coupler brakes. Mounts on motors with C-Face,provides NEMA C-face mounting on brake. Spring set, electrically PriceMult.Sym.Ap’x.Shpg. Wgt.3 ft-lb56CCBK003-1467A8126 ft-lb56CCBK006-1688A8116 ft-lb145TCCBK006-2688A81210 ft-lb145TCCBK010-1803A81215 ft-lb145TCCBK015-11717A812NOTE: See notes on inside back flap and pages 5-6.

Part NumberList PriceMult.Sym.Ap'x. Shpg.Weight -184TDTEFC36EP1304A62SP316A815286-286 U,TTEFC10EP1502A01SP693A839324-326 U,TTEFC12EP1501A03SP772A850364-365 U,TOPEN14EP1601A01SP993A861364-365 U,TTEFC14EP1705A01SP993A873404-405 U,TOPEN16EP1601A01SP1234A867404-405 U,TTEFC16EP1501A01SP1048A875444-445 U,TOPEN18EP1600A01SP1756A897444-445 1SP1756A8150Servo Motorsand ControlsGeneratorsGrindersEnclosureNEMA FrameGearmotors andGear ProductsComplete kits with hardware necessary for converting legacy Baldor145T-445T frame rigid base motors to “D-Flange” mounting with base.Please furnish the motor specification number when ordering.D-Flange KitsFrameEnclosureOrderingNumberNotesAp’x. Shpg.Wgt. Lbs.ListPriceMult.Sym.180, 180TTEFC, TEFC-XT, TEFC-XEXK18G647,8310393A8210, 210TTEFC, TEFC-XT, TEFC-XEXK21G647,8315482A8Mod ExpressD-Flange KitsMotorAccessoriesMotor AccessoriesBaldorSales OfficesCross Referenceand IndexWarranties andSales PoliciesBaldor EducationWorkshopsNOTE: See notes on inside back flap and pages 5-6. 407

Gearmotors andGear ProductsMotor AccessoriesDrip Covers forField ConversionStandard ODP Motors to Vertical MountMotorAccessoriesFeatures: Complete kits with all hardware, attaches to endplate with nodrilling. Designed to protect open steel band motors from rain, snow and icewhen mounted outdoors in a vertical position. Made from heavy steel. Primedand painted inside and out. For a Baldor conversion, refer to the Mod ExpressSection in this catalog.For use with Legacy Baldor Motor DesignsGrindersGeneratorsKitCatalog NumberFCD34FCD35FCD36FCD37FCD39FCD40FCD42Servo Motorsand ControlsMod ExpressBaldor EducationWorkshopsWarranties andSales ’x.Shpg. Wgt.11233125NOTE: Refer to Abbreviations on the inside back flap for definitions of Kit Catalog No. and Description.Fan Cover/ConduitBoxes for FieldConversionStandard TEFC Cast Iron MotorsApplications: For all Cast Iron construction.Features: Complete kits consists of cast iron fan covers and cast ironconduit boxes when necessary. The kits also include all necessary mountinghardware. These kits replace the standard steel fan cover and aluminumconduit box when used. For a Baldor conversion, refer to the Mod ExpressSection in this catalog.For use with Legacy Baldor Motor DesignsKitCatalog 06/182-4T07/213-5T09/254-6U & TListPrice129138205282Mult.Sym.A8A8A8A8NOTE: Refer to Abbreviations on the inside back flap for definitions of Kit Catalog No. and Description.Catalog numbers ending in WB include a cast iron conduit box and lid.NOT FOR USE ON EXPLOSION PROOF MOTORS.Ball Bearing toRoller BearingConversionAp’x.Shpg. Wgt.6101928SHADED RATINGS ARE CAST IRON FRAMESTEFC Motors 449T thru 5011LApplications: To accommodate belted loads.Features: Complete kit consists of roller bearing retainer, spacers, andproper grease. For Baldor conversion, refer to the Mod Express section inthis catalog.Cross Referenceand IndexBaldorSales Offices4 08ListPrice65917996129138148DescriptionFor use with Legacy Baldor Motor Ap’x.Shpg. Wgt.142634NOTE: All motors 449T through 5011L are stocked with ball bearings suitable for coupled loads. If load is belted, a roller bearing may be required.Contact your local Baldor office.

Baldor 24 Frame stock gearmotors are designed to accommodate thisoptional conduit/capacitor box.ListPriceMult.Sym.Ap’x.Shpg. Wgt.2412, 2416,2420, 2424Combination Conduit/CapacitorMounting Box KitBKP240041A81B92 is formed steel mounting base that bolts to machined surface on bottomof PSM gear box casting. Provides secure foot mounting of gear motor anddrop-in interchangeability with other major manufacturers.B93 is a three point face mounting adapter. Provides interchangeability withother manufacturers.“L” Type x.Shpg. Wgt.B92Foot Mount33A81B933 Point Face Mount42A81Applications: Mounting bracket for PSSH and PSL gear motors. Securelymounts to gear face in 90 degree locations for floor, wall or ceiling mount.Catalog LB74 is not recommended for PSL/PSLH units weighing over 20 lbs.For units weighing more than 20 lbs. use LB75.ListPriceMult.Sym.Ap’x.Shpg. WgtLB7333A82LB73GR33A810LB7447A82LB7566A81Baldor EducationWorkshopsCatalogNumberNOTE: (1) Painted Baldor gray. LB73 & LB73GR for PSSH style gearmotors,LB74 & LB75 for PSL/PSLH style gearmotors.H GearboxAccessoriesBaldor offers single and three-phase hollow bore (shaft mount) gearmotors. Byadding a base and shaft kit, they can also be used on applications requiring aright-angle shaft extension. The shaft can be used for either right or left handoutput .Sym.Ap’x.Shpg. Wgt.B19H71Horiz Base KitSH10HSOutput Shaft Kit56A8117A82Warranties andSales PoliciesCatalogNumberCross Referenceand IndexPSM MountingAdaptersGeneratorsCatalogNumberServo Motorsand ControlsKitDescriptionMod ExpressMotorTypesGrindersMotorAccessoriesGear Motor AccessoriesConduit Box KitGearmotors andGear ProductsMotor AccessoriesProductTypeCSALR2262ULE46145ACMotor Models and Frames 24, 25, 33Motor Models and Frames 24, 25, 33DCMotor Models and Frames 73, 74: 90V Ratings OnlyMotor Models and Frames 25, 33: Not Restricted to 90 VoltsMotor Models and Frames23, 25, 33, 73, 74, 125, 135NOTE: See notes on inside back flap and pages 5-6.CULE46145Motor Model and Frames23, 125, 135BaldorSales OfficesMotors and Gearmotors UL, cUL and CSA Approvals 409

Gearmotors andGear ProductsMotor AccessoriesAdjustable MotorBasesMotorAccessoriesThese motor bases simplify mounting and belt tension adjustment atinstallation and during later maintenance checks. These are heavy dutyadjustable motor bases manufactured of steel or plate. All bases are detergentwashed, painted with dark gray primer and oven baked for corrosionresistance. The nuts and bolts are zinc plated. NEMA 215T and smaller basesfeature one adjusting screw. Bases for NEMA 254T frame and larger motorsfeature two adjusting screws. Motor mounting bolts are included. Bases listedcan be used with motor frame numbers given and succeeded by the letters S,T, U, US and TS, or any other letter combinations provided the motors’ basemeets NEMA standards.GrindersGeneratorsServo Motorsand ControlsMod ExpressBaldor EducationWorkshopsWarranties andSales PoliciesCross Referenceand IndexBaldorSales Offices4 m.No. ofAdjustingScrewsMotorMountingBolt SizeAp’xShpg.Wgt.48B48T73A815/16 x 1356B56T73A815/16 x 15143TB143T94A815/16 x 16145TB145T94A815/16 x 17182TB182T100A813/8 x 1 1/210184TB184T100A813/8 x 1 1/210213TB213T116A813/8 x 1 1/214215TB215T116A813/8 x 1 1/215254TB254T192A821/2 x 1 3/421256TB256T192A821/2 x 1 3/421284TB284T218A821/2 x 224286TB286T218A821/2 x 226324TB324T338A825/8 x 2 1/234326TB326T338A825/8 x 2 1/237364TB364T421A825/8 x 2 1/248365TB365T421A825/8 x 2 1/250404TB404T626A823/4 x 362405TB405T626A823/4 x 366444TB444T766A823/4 x 370445TB445T766A823/4 x 371447TB447T903A823/4 x 3 1/293449TB449T903A823/4 x 3 1/2995007-11B5000RLS (1)1360A827/8 x 3 1/2149NOTE: Bases not suitable for vertical mounting. See base dimensions on next page.(1) One adjustable motor rail.

ALAMAOARATAUAXBBBTXCD BoltAY .8755/16 x 13/8 x 53.8750.1090.3751.1255.506.503.000.8125/16 x 13/8 x 54.750.1400.501.506.507.503.001.503/8 x 1-3/41/2x 755.500.1560.501.757.509.003.501.503/8 x 1-3/41/2 x 257.500.1870.6252.0010.7512.504.001.4371/2 x 1-3/45/8 x 7.508.250.1870.6252.0012.5144.501.6871/2 x 25/8 x .250.1870.752.5014.0015.505.252.1875/8 x 2-1/23/4 x 9.1259.6250.250.752.5015.5016.506.002.0625/8 x 2-1/23/4 x .009.87510.6250.250.8753.0016.5018.007.002.503/4 x 33/4 x 0011.0012.000.250.8753.0019.2521.257.502.503/4 x 33/4 x 1.0013.7516.250.3121.1253.0024.7529.757.503.003/4 x 3-1/23/4 x 143/4 x 11NEMAFrameCatalogNumberEALAOALAUAXAZBTXCXOXED BoltAY x 3-1/27/8 x 16Servo Motorsand ControlsFMod ExpressEBaldor EducationWorkshopsCatalogNumberDIMENSIONS ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY, CONSULT A BALDOR DISTRICT OFFICE FOR CERTIFIED DIMENSIONSBaldorSales OfficesCross Referenceand IndexWarranties andSales sAdjustable Motor Bases Dimension DiagramsGearmotors andGear ProductsMotor Accessories 411

Gearmotors andGear ProductsMotor AccessoriesConversion BasesMotorAccessoriesThese Conversion Bases are designed to allow NEMA “T” frame motors tobe used where corresponding NEMA “U” frame motors have been applied.Consisting of right and left hand pieces that fit to existing mounting studspositioned for “U” frame motors. The “T” frame motor is mounted to thepieces resulting in compensation for the difference in motor height, shaftposition and mounting hole between the previous “U” frame motor and thereplacement “T” frame motor. Made of the same top quality material as theadjustable motor bases.GrindersGeneratorsServo Motorsand ControlsCatalogNumberConvertsFrom“U” FrameConvertsTo“T” 5T79A8212 1/47 1/25/16-18CB2118T213/215182T/184T112A823/41 3/49 1/23/8-16CB2521T254U/256U213T/215T129A8612 7/1612 3/43/8-16CB2825T284U/286U254T/256T175A873/42 3/414 1/41/2-13CB3228T324U/326U284T/286T241A8913 1/415 3/41/2-13CB3632T364U/365U324T/326T297A81213 11/1616 1/25/8-11CB4036T404U/405U364T/365T408A82014 1/418 5/85/8-11NOTE: Dimensions are for one piece. Two pieces supplied. Design is for horizontal mounting. Motor shimming may be required for direct drive applications.Mod ExpressConversion Bases Dimension DiagramsBaldor EducationWorkshopsWarranties andSales PoliciesCross Referenceand IndexBaldorSales Offices4 15T2.43712.751.005.507.008.2510.00 1.1255.001.000.5620.6250.753/8-169.5011.00 00CB3228T324U-326U284T-286T3.2515.751.009.5011.00 10.50 .0010.50 12.00 11.25 05U364T-365T4.2518.6251.0011.25 12.25 12.25 13.752.

pg. 3713237/213-25673A86Gearmotors andGear ProductsMotorAccessoriesServo Motorsand ControlsIECFrameHeavy duty, stamped steel metric bases for welding to steel bandmotor designs. These give metric base mounting dimensions to NEMAframe motors.GrindersMetric FrameWeld On BasesGeneratorsMotor 8.50DIMENSIONS ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY, CONSULT A BALDOR DISTRICT OFFICE FOR CERTIFIED DIMENSIONSBaldorSales OfficesIECFrameCross Referenceand IndexWarranties andSales PoliciesBaldor EducationWorkshopsMod ExpressMetric Weld On Bases Dimension Diagrams 413

Gearmotors andGear ProductsMotor AccessoriesConduit Box KitsMotorAccessoriesGrindersFor use with Legacy Reliance Motor 400K40G3232P1440K44G5495P1Auxiliary Conduit Box KitsConduit Box Kit – Standard SizeK56H326056 - 140TGenerators72K21G7210T, 213T-572184T,215T,250, P1Servo Motorsand ControlsConduit Box Kit – OversizeMod ExpressBaldor EducationWorkshopsWarranties andSales PoliciesCross Referenceand IndexBaldorSales Offices4 14121K18G7180T, 182T-4TModelNumberDrip Cover/Canopy 4G9248P1NEMAFrameBaldorKit NumberListPriceAp’xShpg.Wgt.Lbs.Mult.Sym.Conduit Box – Standard 5001A01SP241P156 - ,215T,254-609CB5001A01SP184T,215T,254-6Mill and Chemical Duty KitCast Iron Shroud and Conduit 7P1360TK36G18897P1Terminal Block -610CB5002A01SP916P1447 & 449K49G0060812P1

coder OnlyStub shaft 7708-2283704E8Replacement Blower KitsGeneratorsModelNumberServo Motorsand ControlsFrameSizeMod ExpressMult.Sym.Baldor EducationWorkshopsListPriceWarranties andSales PoliciesModelNumberCross Referenceand IndexFrameSizeBaldorSales OfficesFor use with Legacy Reliance Motor DesignsGrindersMotorAccessoriesEncoder MountingKitsGearmotors andGear ProductsMotor Accessories 415

Baldor Education Workshops Warranties and Sales Policies Cross Reference and Index Baldor Sales Offices Features: Complete kits with all hardware necessary for converting Baldor 56 through 445T frame rigid base motors to “C-Face” mounting with base. For a Baldor conversion, refer to the Mod Express Section in this .

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Bases de Motor Tabla de selección de las Bases de Motor ROSTA según el tamaño del motor IEC NEMA Base de motor tipo Ver en Diseño estándar Tamaño del motor P [kW] 1000 min–1 6-polos P [kW] 1500 min–1 4 polos Tamaño del motor P [HP] 1200 min–1 6-polos P [HP] 1800