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TrueSeal Fittings

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TrueSeal FittingsTrueSeal FittingsParker’s TrueSeal Fittings are lightweight, field attachable and connect to tubing without the use of tools.These all plastic push-to-connect fittings are manufactured from FDA compliant materials.Product Features:Collet Available in Acetal, Polypropylene and Kynar materialsGripping Teeth EPDM seal in acetal and polypropylene,Fluorocarbon in Kynar Griping ring with stainless steel bite edge orwith an engineered thermoplastic bite edge FDA compliant, NSF-51 and grayacetal fittings are NSF-61Plastic BodyMarkets:Applications: Food Air Wine Potable Water Water Dyes Chemical Soft Drinks Filtration BeerO-RingSpecifications:Pressure RangeAssembly InstructionsAcetal and Kynar:1/4", 5/16", 3/8" Vacuum to 300 psi1/2" Vacuum to 250 psi1. Cut tubing square and clean. (Use a Parkerplastic tube cutter, Part No. PTC.)Polypropylene:1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Vacuum to 150 psi2. Mark from end of tube length of insertion (see table right).*Vacuum rating to 28 inches of Hg at room temperature3. Push tube into the fitting until it bottoms out.4. To remove, depress collet and pull tubing out.Temperature RangeTUBESIZEO.D.TOLERANCEINSERTIONDEPTHAcetal:-20 to 180 FPolypropylene:0 to 225 F5/32 .0059/16Kynar:0 to 275 F1/4 .00511/165/16 .00513/163/8 .0053/41/2 .0057/8Compatible Tubing: Polyeytylene Fluoropolymer Polypropylene Polyurethane Nylon Kynar is a registeredtrademark of TheArkema Group VinylParker Hannifin Corporation Fluid System Connectors Otsego, MIC17

TrueSeal FittingsCatalog 3501EMCMESMRSMTSTMCMEMale ConnectorMale Elbow SwivelMale Run TeeSwivelMale Branch TeeSwivelMale StandpipeMale ElbowTube to NPTFp. C19p. C20p. C20p. C20p. C21FAFCFESTFaucet AdapterFemale ConnectorFemale ElbowStraight ThreadTube toFemale UNSTube toStraightThreadTube toFemale NPTFp. C21p. C21p. C22p. C23FFEUTUWYUC45 Female FlareUnion ElbowUnion TeeUnion YUnionTube toFemale FlareTube toTubep. C21p. C19p. C19p. C19CUBUTEURDCrossBulkhead UnionTube Elbow UnionTube ReducerBulkheadUnionp. C22p. C22p. C22VCMCVCCAPTCBTEBCheck ValveKynar Check ValveCapBarbed ConnectorBarbed ConnectorAuxiliaryComponentsCheck Valvep. C25Plugp. C20Plug-insp. C21TPLp. C23p. C25p. C22p. C23p. C23TFATAFSCTSAQRTTSCFaucet AdapterFaucet AdapterSafety ClipTube SupportRelease ToolCartridgep. C21p. C23p. C21p. C28p. C28p. C28p. C24VMEVFEVUCVEUVMCVFCMale ElbowFemale ElbowUnion ConnectorElbow UnionMale ConnectorFemale ConnectorBall Valvesp. C26p. C26p. C27p. C27p. C27p. C27VTEUElbow Unionp. C27Parker Hannifin Corporation Fluid System Connectors Otsego, MIC18

Catalog 3501EADMC HEXTube-to-PipeTU - Tee UnionNTube-to-TubeBGRAYACETALEPDMSEALWHITEPPL EPDMSEALNATURAL KYNARFCB SEALPP4TU4TUBE ARUNTUBE AYACETALEPDM SEALWHITEPPL EPDMSEALNATURALKYNARFCB /161.27.250F6MC83/81/215/161.45.250A6MC8-MGADMC - Male 65.360A8MC8-MGPP8MC8F8MC81/21/215/161.46.375NOM. TUBE O.D.For nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG suffix.LFor nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG suffix.WDWY - “Y” EPPLEPDMSEALNOM. TUBE O.D.NATURAL KYNARFCB SEALINLETTUBE ARUNOUTLETTUBE 6WY6-MG3/83/82.1751.750.250DEU - Elbow UnionNTube-to-TubeGRAYACETALEPDM SEALWHITEPPL EPDMSEALNATURALKYNARFCB 3/ nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG suffix.Parker Hannifin Corporation Fluid System Connectors Otsego, MIC19TrueSeal FittingsL

TrueSeal FittingsCatalog 3501EMMMDDNNMTS - Male Tee SwivelMES - Male Elbow SwivelC PPL EPDMSEALNATURALKYNARFCB TEPPL EPDMSEALNATURALKYNARFCB .375* Part consists of tee union and tube stem adaptor.Note: Assemblies with metal gripper collets are permanent.Assemblies with plastic collets can be taken apart.375* Part consists of elbow union and tube stem adaptor.Note: Assemblies with metal gripper collets are permanent.Assemblies with plastic collets can be taken apart.MGRAYACETALEPDMSEALA5MTS6-MG.2501/2C HEXLLDDMRS - Male Run Tee SwivelNC HEXTube-to-PipeGRAYACETALEPDMSEALWHITEPPL 1.670.810.85.175UC - Union TEPPL 5A8UC6-MGPP8UC6A8UC8-MGPP8UC8F8UC8For nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG suffix.*Part consists of tee union and tube stem adaptor.Note: Assemblies with metal gripper collets are permanent.Assemblies with plastic collets can be taken apart.Parker Hannifin Corporation Fluid System Connectors Otsego, MIC20

Catalog 3501EDFF - 45 Female FlareTube-to-FlareCU - Cross UnionTube-to-TubeGRAYACETALEPDMSEALWHITEPPL F6-MGPP6FF6NATURALKYNARFCB /16-2013/161.41.190F6FF63/85/8-1811.50.250For nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG suffix.For nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG suffix.LTMC - Tube Stem AdapterLDFA - Faucet AdapterCTube-to-FaucetTube Stem-to-PipeC HEXGRAYACETALEPDMSEALWHITEPPL EPDMSEALNATURALKYNARFCB LWHITEPPLEPDMSEALNATURALKYNARFCB A5TMC43/87/16-2413/161.41.190A5TMC6For nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG 375DFC - Female DMSEALNATURALKYNARFCB 3/161.41.188WHITEACETALTFA - Tube Faucet Adapter(Female Thread)A5FC4-MGTUBESTEM O.D.THREAD 6TFA8-MG3/81/2-14 F8FC81/21/21-1/81.75.375A5FC6-MGA6FC8-MGFor nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG suffix.TAF - Tube Faucet Adapter(Male Thread)WHITEACETALTUBESTEM O.D.THREAD 8-MG3/81/2-14 NPSM1.65.88.22AW6TAF9-MG3/89/16- Hannifin Corporation Fluid System Connectors Otsego, MIC21TrueSeal FittingsL

TrueSeal FittingsCatalog 3501ELLPMAXRD - Tube ReducerDTube-to-Tube StemDBU - Bulkhead ALNATURALKYNARFCB SEALNOM.TUBEO.D.C1HEXC2HEXPDLMAX. THRUOVERALLWALL HOLELENGTHTHK. MIN.BKHDHOLEDRILLSIZEGRAYACETALEPDMSEALWHITEPPL B .62.181/43/81.62.18A5RD6-MG5/163/81.78.25A4BU4-MG 1/21.90.25A5BU5-MGF5BU55/161-1/16 1-1/ 1-1/16 1-1/ PP6BU4For nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG suffix.A6BU6-MG PP6BU6F6BU63/81-1/16 1-1/81-1/4For nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG suffix.LMDCAP - Tube CapGRAYACETALEPDMSEALWHITEPPL EPDMSEALNATURALKYNARFCB SEALNOM. AP-MGPP6CAP3/80.88NTEU - Tube Elbow UnionTube-to-Tube StemGRAYACETALEPDMSEALWHITEPPL EPDMSEALNATURALKYNARFCB nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG suffix.For nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG suffix.MDNFE - Female LEPDMSEALNATURALKYNARFCB nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG suffix.Parker Hannifin Corporation Fluid System Connectors Otsego, MIC22

Catalog 3501EMDDNTube-to-PipeGRAYACETALEPDMSEALWHITEPPL EPDMSEALNATURALKYNARFCB ME45/161/ - Tube ElbowBarb ConnectorME - Male or nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG suffix.LTPL - PlugGRAYACETALWHITEPPLNATURALKYNARFITTING SIZEL PL3/81.45A8TPLPP8TPL1/21.50LDST - Straight ThreadCTube-to-Male O-Ring RALKYNARFCB RUHOLEMIN.F6ST9 ( )3/89/16-1813/161.39.250For nonstandard plastic collet, remove -MG suffix.LDTCB - Tube-to-Barb A8TCB8TUBE STEMO.D.F8TCB8Parker Hannifin Corporation Fluid System Connectors Otsego, MIC23TrueSeal FittingsM

TrueSeal FittingsCatalog 3501ETSC - Cartridge InsertPARTNUMBER WITHEPDM SEALDDIAMETERMAXIMUMEDEPTH 002FDEPTH 002GDEPTH 002H*CENTERLINEOF ETER 002BDIAMETER 003CDIAMETER /2.774.668.03 RADDØCØBØAØH MinimumPort Spacing32EFGParker TrueSeal Cartridge Inserts:Assembly Instructions:Allow you to machine or mold a tube connection into yourequipment or components. By using cartridge inserts,you will reduce your material and assembly costs, reducepotential leak paths, and give your equipment a new, cleanprofile by eliminating the need for threaded connections. TSCCartridge Inserts consist of 1 o-ring, 1 cartridge, and 1 collet.1. Machine or mold the receiving orificeas per the above dimensions.*Cartridge inserts are rated at 150 psi in portsdimensioned as above and having Noryl as thereceiving material. Other materials may have differentratings and require different port dimensions. Consultthe Fluid System Connectors Division when usingpolypropylene, unfilled polypropylene, ABS or Nylon.3. Using a rubber mallet or press, insert thecartridge into the first gland orifice until its faceis flush with the top surface of the port.2. Place the cartridge insert squarely onto theprepared port opening making sure that the barbsof the cartridge are going into the hole and thelettering on the face of the cartridge is visible.4. Insert the o-ring into the cartridge and seatit evenly into the second gland orifice.5. Insert the collet into the cartridge opening.6. Insert tubing.Parker Hannifin Corporation Fluid System Connectors Otsego, MIC24

Catalog 3501ETrueSeal FittingsTrueSeal Check ValvesPush-to-Connect check valves that ensures protection against reversal of flow. The valves havean arrow molded into the body to indicate the direction of flow. Valves are designed for connectionwith either thermoplastic or soft metal tubing and are intended for use with liquids only.LMaterials of ConstructionBodyAcetalO-ringEPDMMetal Grip Edge300 StainlessWorking PressureUp to 150 PSI dependingon tubing being usedTemperature Range 34 F (1 C) to 150 F (65 C)Cracking Pressure1/3 PSIO.D.VC – Check RYL is a registered trademark of the General Electric Co.PVDF Check ValvesMaterials of ConstructionBodyKynar O-ringFluorocarbonMetal Grip EdgeStainless SteelWorking PressureUp to 300 PSITemperature Range 0 F to 250 FMCVC Kynar Check ValvesPART NUMBERTUBE O.D.NPTFTHREADLC 13/164.0Note: For check valve to function properly tubing needs to be installedParker Hannifin Corporation Fluid System Connectors Otsego, MIC25

TrueSeal FittingsCatalog 3501EPolypropylene Ball ValvesFor proven leak-free performance, specify Polypropylene Ball Valves. Their corrosion-resistant, all-plasticdesign makes them ideal for water filtration units, coffee and beverage machines and a wide variety of otherfluid applications. Polypropylene material meets all FDA and NSF-51 requirements for food contact.Features/Benefits:Specifications: Precision molded, all-plastic design isleak free and corrosion resistant. Temperature range: 0 F to 225 F (-18 C to 107 C). Polypropylene material offers a wider chemicalacceptance range, as well as a wide temperature range. NSF-51 listed. O-ring seal material: EPDM. Bi-directional flow maximizes productivity. Full flow design reduces pressure drop across the valve. Special o-ring seal ensures a reliableleak-tight connection. Pressure rated to 150 PSI with a 600 PSIburst pressure. Actual working pressureswith be lower at elevated temperaturesAdvantages: Reduce costs—Built-in TrueSeal connectioneliminates the need for a secondary fitting. TrueSeal connection reduces potential leaks. Save space—Low-profile design allows for easyassembly and access where space is at a premium.Assembly Instructions:1. Inspect the mating threads for debris or damage. Remove any old fluoropolymer tape or sealant onpreviously used threads. If threads are damaged, replace with new adapter before proceeding.2. Apply 2 to 3 wraps of fluoropolymer tape, or an NSF/FDA approved silicon sealant. Do not use PlumbersPutty or Pipe Dope. These chemically react with plastic materials and could cause a failure.3. Align ball valve to mating thread to ensure cross threading does not occur.4. Screw ball valve onto mating thread 3 to 5 turns. This should be sufficient to properly seal the threads.5. Pressurize system and check for leaks.VME - Valve Male ElbowABPARTNUMBERECDNOM.TUBE O.D.NPTF THREADSIZEABCDØE THRUHOLE MIN.PP4VME2-MG ( ME8-MG ( )1/41/21.741.212.371.47.19PP6VME2-MG ( ME8-MG3/81/21.851.322.371.47.25NOM.TUBE O.D.NPTF THREADSIZEABCDØE THRUHOLE MIN.PP4VFE2-MG ( E2-MG ( .051.15.25PP6VFE6-MG3/83/81.851.322.181.28.25VFE - Valve Female ElbowABECDPARTNUMBER( ) Non Standard.Parker Hannifin Corporation Fluid System Connectors Otsego, MIC26

Catalog 3501ETrueSeal FittingsAABBEECCDDTube 2Tube 1VUC - Valve Union ConnectorPARTNUMBER1 TUBESIZE2 TUBESIZEAVFC - Valve Female ConnectorBCØE THRUHOLE UBE O.D.NPTFTHREADSIZEABCDØE 5.25EABCDCVEU - Valve Elbow UnionPARTNUMBERTube O.D.1 TUBESIZE2 TUBESIZEABCDØE THRUHOLE 321.40.19PP6VEU6-MG3/83/81.851.322.341.44.25DThru HoleVTEU - Valve Tube Elbow UnionPARTNUMBERNOM.TUBE O.D.STEMABCDØE THRUHOLE G3/83/81.831.302.431.50.25ABECDVMC - Valve Male ConnectorNOM.TUBE O.D.NPTFTHREADSIZEABCDØE THRUHOLEMIN.PP4VMC2-MG ( .5.19PP4VMC6-MG1/43/82.401. ( )1/41/22.591. ( .5.25PP6VMC6-MG3/83/82.511.321.4.5.25PP6VMC8-MG ( )3/81/22.701.321.4.5.25Parker Hannifin Corporation Fluid System Connectors Otsego, MIC27

TrueSeal FittingsCatalog 3501ESC - Safety ClipTS - Tube Supports(Patent No. 6,065,779)PARTNUMBERSC-4SC-5PARTNUMBERFOR NOMINALTUBE O.D.SC-4-B1/4SC-5-BNYLON PART NUMBERPPL PART SC-6SC-6-B3/8SC-8SC-8-B1/2To be used with soft durometer tubing.AQRT - Quick Release ToolMakes disconnection of tube adapters and tubing a breeze.Parker Hannifin Corporation Fluid System Connectors Otsego, MIC28

Parker Hannifin Corporation Fluid System Connectors Otsego, MI C19 Catalog 3501E TrueSeal Fittings MC - Male Connector Tube-to-Pipe GRAY ACETAL EPDM SEAL WHITE PPL EPDM SEAL NATURAL KYNAR FCB SEAL NOM TUBE O.D. NPTF THD SIZE C HEX L OVERALL LENGTH D THRU