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State Of The College Address - 2009 - Texas A&M University

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Overview Our CollegeCommunity Our Growth& Highlights Our Priorities Our Challenges& Opportunities Closing Thoughts

Howdy, New Members!Gary FrechR.Ph., M.B.A., M.S.,Assistant Dean (K)Mansoor A. KhanR.Ph., Ph.D.,Vice Dean (CS)Paul HolderPharm.D.,Assistant Professor (CS)Donoven Kim,Ph.D.,Assistant Professor (CS)Lixian ZhongPh.D.,Assistant Professor (CS)Erxi WuPh.D., Joint AssociateProfessor (CS, Temple)Lin WuMLIS, InstructionalAssociate Professorfor Medical SciencesLibrary (K)

Howdy, New Members!Brian BinghamLibrary Associate (K)Deborah ZacherM.A., Pre-pharmacy Coordinator (K)Reid HillDefu CaiMicrocomputer Specialist II, IT (K)Ph.D., PostdoctoralResearch Associate (K)Agatha MoyAdministrative Assistant (CS)Gaylen NuckolsEnvironmental Health & SafetyTechnician (K)Changjiang QiaoVisiting Scholar (K)Anantha DuddupudiPh.D., Postdoctoral Res. Associate (K)Gilbert ReynaGanugula RaghuM.S., Instructional Designer (K)Ph.D., Postdoctoral Res Associate (CS)

Howdy, New Members!Mahendra HidauNeelesh KumarPh.D., Postdoctoral Res. Associate (K)Ph.D., Postdoctoral Res. Associate (K)Ravi SonkarPh.D., Postdoctoral Res. Associate (K)Catherine PowellPh.D., Postdoctoral Res. Associate (K)Venkatesan PerumalPh.D., Postdoctoral Res. Associate (K)Komal BhaktaResearch Assistant (K)

Class of 2019

Class of 2019Welcome Dinner

Class of 2015 Graduation

Class of 2015 Video Tribute

PGY1, PGY2 residenciesPGY1 residencies Dr. Allison Bryce, Harris HealthSystem, Houston, Texas Dr. Quyen Dau, CHI St. Luke’s Baylor,St. Luke’s Medical Center, Houston Dr. Ashley Fox, University ofOklahoma, Oklahoma City, Okla. Dr. Christie Gamble, Mayo ClinicHealth System, Mankato, Minn. Dr. Kendra Gonzalez, Christus SPOHNMemorial Hospital, Corpus Christi Dr. Reid Grobe, Providence,Anchorage, Alaska Dr. Ryan Keul, Scott & White MemorialHospital, Temple, Texas Dr. Mahmoud Sabawi, CHI St. Luke’sBaylor, St. Luke’s Medical Center,Houston Dr. Meghan Thibeaux, MemorialHermann-Southwest, Houston Dr. Kristy Walker, Texas TechUniversity, Abilene, TexasDr. Lori Watkins, Methodist HospitalSan Antonio, San Antonio, TexasPGY2 residencies Dr. Rachel Musgrove, Universityof Houston/Cardinal Health,Houston Dr. Amy Morrow, University ofKentucky, Lexington, Ky. Dr. Arohi Desai, Jesse Brown VA,Chicago, Ill. Dr. Madeline King, TempleUniversity, Philadelphia, Pa.

Highlights: Facilities Update

Highlights: Facilities Update

Highlights: Facilities Update

Highlights: Facilities Update

Faculty Research & Scholarship Grants & Contracts– Submitted 39– Awarded 19 Publications– Accepted/in print 52 Citations– More than 2,300

Faculty Research & ScholarshipGrants and Contracts Awarded 1,118,142 National Institutes of Health.Hamouda, A.K., Lu, D. (Co-PI)American Heart Association.Hamouda, A.K.Food and Drug Administration.Palakurthi, S.The Bill and Melinda GatesFoundation. Choudhury, M.MedImmune – United Kingdom. RaviKumar, M.N.V.The Morris L. Lichtenstein, Jr. MedicalResearch Foundation. Choudhury, M.,Everett-Houser, J.AmerisourceBergen and AmericanPharmacy Inc. Douglas, C.Texas A&M University CompetitiveAward – PESCA. Douglas, C. CONACYT – TAMU CollaborativeResearch Grant. Choudhury, M.Blue Cross Blue Shield. Nieto, V.Department of Aging and DisabilityServices. Watzak, B.Health Resources and ServicesAdministration. Watzak, B.Umm Al Qura University, Saudi Arabia.Aly – Ismail, H.Prince Sattam Bin AbdulazizUniversity, Saudi Arabia. Alkhateeb,F.M.Coastal Bend Community FoundationLRC. Alkhateeb, F.M.Coastal Bend Health Education Center,Alkhateeb, F.M.

Teachers of the YearP3 studentsDr. MichaelHorsemanP2 studentsDr. CharlotteFarrisP1 studentsDr. JuanBustamanteThe AFS DistinguishedAchievement Award forCollege-Level TeachingDr. Andrea Luce

Teaching Teams of the YearIPT 1: Electrolytes, Acid-Base, Anemias and Kidney DiseasesCourse CoordinatorsProfessor John Bowman and Dr. Cathy KooInstructors: Drs. Charlotte Farris, Mark Granberry, and Eric GraysonIPT VII: Infectious DiseasesCourse Coordinators: Drs. Andrea Luce and Juan BustamanteInstructors: Drs. Rabaa Al-Rousan, Hamed Aly-Ismail, Eric Grayson, MichaelHorseman, Ladan Panahi, Bree Watzak and Professor Jaye Weston

Preceptor of the YearGavino “Gabby” Garza, R.Ph.

Faculty Preceptorof the YearBree Watzak, Pharm.D.

Staff Member ofthe YearElena Cantu

Staff Member ofthe YearMichelle Walbeck

Clarion National CaseCompetitionMahmoud Sabawi, Pharm.D., Class of 2015,placed second in the nation, along with hisinterprofessional team, in April at the CLARIONNational Case Competition at the University ofMinnesota.

PGY1 resident first place poster @TSHPAt right,Class of 2014graduate RachelMusgrove,Pharm.D.

SSHP Patient Counseling Award

SNPhA ReceivesNational AwardBryan Donald, Kevin Ferrall,Jennifer Tran and Heaven Carrejoeach received 2,500 scholarships.

Walmart Scholars, VALOR programsP3 Shannon White P4 Justin ShanksP4 Jason ChauP4 Chelsea Krueger

Student Grants & Scholarships 816,703in grants 68,600in scholarshipstotal for FY15290Overgrants and scholarships were awarded in 2014-2015to students averaging over 3,300

Ties & Tennis ShoesMemorial 5K RunAmanda Kennedy, Class of 2016Start training for the next 5K/10K on Feb. 26with a Faculty Retreat the same day!

Dr. Martin Farias III Scholarship

2014 College Surveys Faculty Preceptors GraduatingStudents Alumni

FacultyPrograms are available to me toimprove my teaching and tofacilitate student learning2.8%97.2%Agree orStronglyAgreeDisagree orStronglyDisagreeUnable tocommentThe curriculum is consistentwith the collective vision ofthe faculty andadministration11.1% 5.6%83.2%Agree orStronglyAgreeDisagree orStronglyDisagreeUnable tocomment

FacultyThe Pharm.D. programprepares students tocommunicate with patients,caregivers, and othermembers of theinterprofessional health careteam.5.6%11.1%83.4%StronglyAgree orAgreeStronglydisagree orDisagreeUnable tocomment

PreceptorsThe Pharm.D. Programprepares students tomaintain professionalcompetence.2.4%97.6%StronglyAgree orAgreeStronglyDisagree orDisagreeUnable tocommentThe Pharm.D. Program preparesstudents to communicate withpatients, caregivers, and othermembers of theinterprofessional health careteam2.4%97.6%StronglyAgree orAgreeStronglyDisagree orDisagreeUnable tocomment

PreceptorsThe Pharm.D. program prepares students to effectivelymanage a patient-centered pharmacy practice

Graduating StudentsThe Pharm.D. Program preparesstudents to communicate withpatients, caregivers, and othermembers of theinterprofessional health careteam1.6%98.4%If I were starting my pharmacyprogram over again I wouldchoose the same college/schoolof pharmacy.4.8%StronglyAgree orAgreeStronglyDisagree orDisagreeStrongly Agreeor AgreeStronglyDisagree orDisagree95.3%Unable tocomment

Graduating StudentsIf I were starting my college career over again,I would choose to study pharmacy14.3%6.3%Strongly agreeor agree79.4%Stronglydisagree ordisagreeUnable tocomment

Graduating StudentsI would recommend a career in pharmacy to a friend orrelative23.8%Strongly agreeor agree6.3%69.8%Stronglydisagree ordisagreeUnable tocomment

AlumniIf I were to start my education today,I would choose the same college/school of pharmacy2%6.1%Strongly agreeor agreeStronglydisagree ordisagreeUnable tocomment91.9%

AlumniAs I reflect on my pharmacy education,I would rate the overall quality ofmy education experience as very good2%Strongly agreeor agreeStronglydisagree ordisagreeUnable tocomment98%

Our Priorities AttainAccreditation AdvanceResearch &Scholarship AdvancePharmacyPractice

Our Priorities Attain Accreditation– Focus on Standards under monitoring (Standards:7, 15, 16, 23 & 24)– Prepare for new accreditation Standards(Standards 2016) Advance Research & Scholarship– Grants, Publications, Citations, Impact– Graduate Program

Our Priorities Advance Practice– Residency Programs– Interprofessional Education and Practice

Challenges & Opportunities Challenges– Organizational realignment– Distance between our campuses– Finite resources Opportunities– Healthy South Texas Initiative– One Health Grand Challenge– Chancellor’s Research Initiative (CRI)

Our Strengths Quality & Cost of Education (ROI)Student Engagement & Success (STAR Award)Potential for Research and OutreachOur People

Closing Thoughts

Dr. Mahmoud Sabawi, CHI St. Luke’s . Hamed Aly-Ismail, Eric Grayson, Michael Horseman, Ladan Panahi, Bree Watzak and Professor Jaye Weston Course Coordinators Professor John Bowman and Dr. Cathy Koo Instructors: