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Professional CNC plasma and router cuttingtables for metal, wood and plasticRC Series3636Pro SeriesShopSabre 234860

Our systems arenot designed tobe one or twoproject a weekmachines.You can run them 24 hoursa day 5 days a week oreven more.You the owner/operator shouldbe able to go to the machine,turn it on, and go to work. Nosquaring or alignment shouldbe required. Chinese Importsand Kit Machines might play thesmoke and mirrors game butin the end you will find yourselfshopping again.Solid steel tube and plateframeworkShopSabre uses only top-rated steel tubesand steel plate. We do not use any extrudedaluminum or angle iron in our machine frames.Our systems are solid steel welded and nocustomer assembly is required.ShopSabre uses only highprecision componentsWe use 25MM linear guide rails with triplewiper linear guide bearing blocks. We use 2bearing blocks on each rail to assure the cutforces are equally distributed over the rail toreduce the amount of wear and noise. Thetriple sealed bearing blocks assure that nomatter how much debris and dust build up onthe rails you will not get failure to the bearings.The design also makes the machine a selfcleaning system without the worry of wipingdown the rails or watching for build up. On ourShopSabre Routers the motion on all 3 of ouraxes are driven by high precision Ball Screwswith the highest diameters in our market. TheShopSabre Ball Screws also have Anti-Backlashball nuts mounted in angular contact bearingblocks to assure the highest accuracy possible.The ShopSabre CNC drives are all driven by1200 Oz/Inch Advanced Micro Stepper motorsor A/C Digital Super Servo Drives with matchingAmplifiers.

Professional-grade CNCcontrollerShopSabre uses the best of both worlds whenit comes to a controller. We use an IndustrialController that has been conveniently installed into aPC Controller to give you the most control over yourCNC system with the ease of running a computer.Our system does not connect to the machine with acheap printer port or USB cable. We use a true CNCgrade Industrial Connection via a 37 Pin connection.The ShopSabre has over 300GB of AT MACHINESTORAGE available and you can load your CADsoftware on the machine computer, eliminating theneed to walk to a workstation to make changes to afile.The ShopSabre requires NO special training. It hasa built in microprocessor that ONLY drives yourCNC machine, while the PC processor runs the PCand any programs you might have running. TheShopSabre CNC controller has 4 USB drive ports toassure you can plug in your flash drives and externalhard drives.The ShopSabre CNC system comes with Ethernetand Network capabilities. It has EVERY capabilitythat our competitors with standalone controllershave, and many more that competitors cannotoffer (even on competing machines costing 100,000.00). The ShopSabre PC Controller isdust and dirt protected and designed to be usedin a working environment. The Controller updateswith Windows so you will never run into a problemwith compatibility, and all updates are FREE for thelifetime of the equipment.ShopSabre has an answer forany budgetWe can build a CNC system that only has mountingbrackets so you can provide your own cutting head,or we can put on a Fully Functional Tool Changer.We provide 3.25HP Porter Cable Routers, 2Hp HSDSpindles, 4Hp HSD Spindles, 5 Hp HSD Auto Tool ChangerSpindles, 9Hp HSD Spindles, and of course the 10HP HSDTool Changer Spindles. We have even larger spindles forthose of you who need the power. All our spindles comestandard with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to controlspindle RPM ranging from 2,000-24,000 depending on themodel (ask sales for details).ShopSabre also has Tool Changers that range from 3 toolsall the way to 20 tools depending on your needs. Don’t befooled by competitor’s quotes. Many only provide you withthe Tool Changer head and 1 tool position.ShopSabre does not cut cornersIf you purchase a 5 position Tool Changer you get 5complete positions, which include all the wrenches, collets,cones and tool forks. Yes—even the wrenches are included.This goes for any number of positions. ShopSabre alsocan attach a Tool Measure switch with ANY number of toolpositions so you are not limited to the number of tools youcan have.ShopSabre Benefits List ShopSabre puts additional time and money into assuring that eachCNC system is 100% TESTED prior to leaving our facility so you won’tbe the tester in the field. The ShopSabre is designed to drop into yourbuilding and go to work. ShopSabre puts more time and effort into assure each mountingbracket and spindle plate is machined to exacting specs for increasedaccuracy and better fitments to assure you do not get any binding orexcessive wear. ShopSabre CNC uses High Grade CNC wiring that is specificallydesigned for the type of work a CNC system does. It can bend andmove all day without having any issues, and the anti-interferencecoating assures the wires are less likely to have interference from otherelectronic equipment in your shop for the highest accuracy possible.Many competitors use cheap wire that can be purchased off the shelf forless money, but they still charge comparable pricing. Don’t be fooled bycompanies who don’t build quality into their systems. Unlike many competitors that offer Laser calibrations by request,we do this as a part of EVERY build to assure our machines are asaccurate as possible. ShopSabre CNC is fully upgradable. If you want to start with thebasics and move to the bells and whistles down the road, almost everyoption (with a few exceptions) can be added after the sale in the field. ShopSabre CNC designs our systems to be easy to work on so youdo not need a ShopSabre technician come into your facility to help. Youbenefit from low operational cost and a big return on investment. If you do find yourself in need of help, ShopSabre CNC offersFREE LIFETIME TECH SUPPORT and assistance — because we areconfident that our machines will last a lifetime. ShopSabre sales are not paid on commission so the only reasonfor them to recommend an option is truly to benefit your project andmachine capabilities. ShopSabre has no reason to encourage you tospend more money than you need to up front to perform your job. Don’t be fooled by the other systems on the market. We are soconfident of our machines that we extend an invitation to tour our facilityand view our ShopSabre CNC machines at work. With prices startingunder 18,000 you can’t afford not to check us out!

RC SERIESMachine SpeedTraversing SpeedCutting SpeedResolutionCutting AreaRC4RC8Construction:TableGantryLinear RailsProduct DescriptionUp to 1500 IPM ( with Servo’s )Up to 500 IPM.000555” x 49”55” x 98”Welded Steel ConstructionWelded Steel Construction25mm Precision HiWin RailsRC4RC8Foot Print79” x 79” x 70” 79” x 117” x 70”Weight1600 Pounds2100 PoundsPower Requirements 20amp / 110 VoltPopular Industries Schools Garage/Hobbyist Sign Makers Light to Medium Duty ShopsPC Control and Software PC included WinCNC 37 pin HI definition cable accepts .dxf orstandard G-Code Vetric VCarve ProThe RC Series was designed for the hobbyist and pricesensitive market. With many lower level machines comingfrom China we felt it was important to give our clients anAmerican option. Many of us have heard of or experiencedfirsthand the Chinese market, with that in mind ShopSabrecame out with a solution to keep quality and service in mindwhile giving you a competitively priced solution. Unlikecompetitive models which are built partially or fully in Chinaand imported the ShopSabre is 100% American Engineered,Manufactured, and supported like they have always been.The RC series is popular in Wood, Plastic, Foam, and manymore materials with low to medium production in mind. Youwill not find a more durable robust piece of equipment forless money without cutting corners.Standard OptionsFully Assembled and TestedLife-Time Support Via Phone, Email, and PC ConnectivityVectric VCarve Pro Cad/Cam softwareWINCNC Controller Hardware & SoftwarePC Control Tower with Windows software and 19” MonitorFully Configured Control Box machine mountedHiwin Rails and Bearings on X, Y, and Z AxisDual Drive Y AxisCable Guards and CarriersCNC Grade Cables built in the USA2D & 3D Capable3.25HP Porter Cable Router (Upgrades Available)Dust Skirt with 4” ExitTool Measure SwitchAccepts G-Code or DXF Files directHiDefinition Control Cabling for Machine Communication

A business born of necessity,hard work, and inspiration

Years ago Jim Bombardo,founder of ShopSabre,had an idea to build a CNCmachine to do crafts forhis wife’s business. Jimknew that if he did nothave a machine capable ofproducing parts, he wouldhave many long hours ofback breaking work to do byhand. With a background inengineering and software,he started the project ofbuilding his own CNCmachine.After the initial days and weeks of research,Jim knew that he had to have a system thatwas an industrial design which would providefewer headaches and years of problem-freeservice. His first machine was a full ball screwdriven machine with industrial componentsthroughout. Now he could produce parts forhours with ease and great precision.After running the machine for some time,friends and acquaintances saw it and wereamazed by its fully welded construction, power,precision and overall quality. After getting offersto sell it and hours of convincing, Jim sold themachine and decided he would build anotherfor himself. Armed with experience and newideas, the second machine went together morequickly, and Jim was once again convinced tosell it.During the construction of the third machine,Jim had done further research in the CNCmarket and was amazed that no one offeredan industrial quality machine under 60,000.The only machines on the market were smallbolt-together machines, and the componentsbeing used were simply hobbyist in quality.After seeing everything and doing this research,Jim decided to take this third machine to theWoodworkers show in Atlanta.During the show he received a lot of attentionand accolades for the machine design. Whenthe show was finished they had over a dozenrequest for orders. Every client was willing towait for the machine as they understood thequality and components put into each one.After arriving back home, a facility wasconstructed for the manufacturing of the newCNC machines, and ShopSabre was born.Jim had started with himself, two brothers, foursons, two cousins and his wife.ShopSabre is a self-funded company and themachines are constructed from the ground upwith every component being closely monitoredto ensure it works flawlessly. ShopSabre’sphilosophy is simple: Customer Service isEverything. Each machine is tested for hoursbefore it leaves to ensure power, precision,quality and reliability.Currently there are over 1,000 machinesaround the world in over 19 countries.ShopSabre CNC has experienced enormousgrowth in the past few years, and hasreceived recognition from some of the largestmanufacturers of cabinets, aerospace parts andequipment, signs and many other industries.Business owners and engineers are seeing thatyou do not have to spend 100k or more on amachine that can produce precision parts threeshifts a day every day of the week.26151 Newton CircleElko, Minnesota 55020Toll Free: 800-493-6021Local: 952-461-4570ShopSabre is continuing to be on the cuttingedge of CNC technology with the release inJanuary ’08 of its fastest and most powerfulmachine under 100,000. ShopSabre’s abilityWINCNC, Software andto monitor every part of the build cycle andMachineevery industrial component put into the machine Tech Support: 800-493-6021each one is built to perfection before it leavesregardless if it is a router, spindle, laser, plasma,Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PMtangential knife or other product.Central Standard TimeJim is still personally involved in theconstruction and assembly of nearly everymachine. With new products in the worksand growth continuing at an astonishing rate,ShopSabre will continue to be a leader inaffordable CNC machines.

26151 Newton CircleElko, Minnesota 55020Toll Free: 800-493-6021Local: 952-461-4570WINCNC, Software and MachineTech Support: 800-493-6021Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PMCentral Standard Time

Spindles, 4Hp HSD Spindles, 5 Hp HSD Auto Tool Changer Spindles, 9Hp HSD Spindles, and of course the 10HP HSD . Linear Rails 25mm Precision HiWin Rails RC4 RC8 . Woodworkers show in

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Professional CNC plasma and router cutting tables for metal, wood and plastic. ShopMaster Pro 12 ShopMaster Pro 10. ShopMaster Pro 8 Sidekick 10. Sidekick 8 Sidekick 4. Our systems are . a built in microprocessor that ONLY drives your CNC machine, while the PC processor runs the PC and any programs you might have running. The ShopSabre CNC

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