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WARRANTY &MAINTENANCEGUIDEWarranty & Maintenance Guide 2020Printed in U.S.A. 9/1919-TCS-13834toyota.com2020

SAFETY PRECAUTIONSYour Corolla Hybrid has both high-voltage DC and AC systems as well as a 12-volt system.Both DC and AC high voltage are very dangerous and can cause personal injury, severe burns,electric shock and even fatal injury.To avoid personal injury, please follow all caution labels attached to high-voltage parts. Do nottouch or attempt to remove or replace any high-voltage (orange-colored) wiring and connectors.Do not touch the service plug located in the driver’s side trim of the trunk.If an accident occurs, do not touch any high-voltage wiring, connectors or parts such as theinverter unit or hybrid vehicle battery assembly.Do not touch the potassium hydroxide electrolyte that might spill or leak from the hybrid vehiclebattery as the result of an accident. If potassium hydroxide electrolyte gets on your skin or inyour eyes, neutralize it immediately with a saturated boric acid solution (ratio: 80 gramsboric acid to two liters water). Seek immediate medical attention.If a vehicle fire occurs, extinguish it with a Class D powder-type fire extinguisher.Toyota recommends having maintenance and repairs for your Corolla Hybridperformed by an authorized Toyota dealership. To locate your nearestauthorized Toyota dealership, contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center at(800) 331-4331 or log on to www.toyota.com. www.toyota.com.

WELCOME TO THE TOYOTA FAMILYThank you for purchasing a Toyotavehicle. We know you have manyoptions when considering whichvehicle to buy, and we appreciate yourdecision to select Toyota.We want you to enjoy owning yourToyota as much as you enjoy drivingit. This booklet is designed to help.Here you’ll find information on Toyota’swarranty coverage and maintenancerecommendations for your vehicle. Thereare two easy-to-follow sections: one forwarranty and one for maintenance. Thetab on the side of each page identifiesthe section you are in.For more information about our vehicles,our company or the products and servicesavailable for your vehicle, please visit Toyota’sofficial Web site, www.toyota.com.We wish you many miles of safe andpleasurable driving, and we look forwardto serving you in the years ahead.Welcome to the Toyota family!1

TABLE OF CONTENTSWARRANTY INFORMATIONINTRODUCTIONSatisfaction Down the Road4If You Need Assistance5The Immobilizer Key7Transportation Assistance9YOUR WARRANTIES IN DETAILGeneral Warranty Provisions10New Vehicle Limited Warranty13Federal Emission Control Warranty17California Emission Control Warranty23Tire Limited Warranty29YOUR RESPONSIBILITIESOperation and Maintenance30Obtaining Warranty Service322

TABLE OF CONTENTSMAINTENANCE INFORMATIONINTRODUCTIONThe Importance of Scheduled Maintenance34Maintaining Your Warranty35MAINTENANCE LOGUsing the Maintenance Log Charts36Maintenance Log38Explanation of Maintenance Items54Vehicle Identification58FIND IT ONLINETo update your contact information and vehicle ownership status, please visitwww.toyota.com/ownerupdate. Your vehicle’s VIN will be required to startthe update process.You may also enroll to receive the following useful information and benefits attoyota.com/owners: Access to Owner’s Manuals andMaintenance Guides View Your Vehicle’s Service History Explore How-to videos and more3

INTRODUCTIONSATISFACTION DOWN THE ROADAt Toyota, our top priority is alwaysour customers. We know your Toyotais an important part of your life andsomething you depend on every day. That’swhy we’re dedicated to building products ofthe highest quality and reliability.Our excellent warranty coverage isevidence that we stand behind the qualityof our vehicles. We’re confident — as youshould be — that your Toyota will provideyou with many years of enjoyable driving.To further demonstrate our commitment toour customers’ satisfaction, occasionallywe may establish a special policyadjustment to pay for specific repairs thatare no longer covered by warranty. Whenwe establish such a policy adjustment, wemail details to all applicable owners wehave on record. That’s why it’s importantto send in the card at the back of thisbooklet if you change your address or ifyou’ve purchased this vehicle from aprevious owner.To provide you with added protectionagainst unexpected service costs, we offerToyota Financial Services vehicle serviceagreements and Toyota Auto Care andToyota Care Plus pre-paid maintenanceprograms. Each offers plans to meet awide variety of needs. Your dealership canhelp you select the plan that’s best for you.4IntroductionOur goal is for every Toyota customer toenjoy outstanding quality, dependabilityand peace of mind throughout theirownership experience. We want you to bea satisfied member of the Toyota familyfor many miles to come.This booklet describes the terms ofToyota warranty coverage as well asgeneral owner responsibilities. Thescheduled maintenance sectiondescribes your vehicle’s maintenancerequirements. Be sure to review thisinformation carefully, since propermaintenance is required to ensure thatwarranty coverage remains intact.All information in this booklet is the latestavailable at the time of publication and issubject to change without notice.

IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCEStep 1Discuss the situation with a dealershipmanager, such as the service manageror customer relations manager. In mostcases, a satisfactory solution can bereached at this step.Step 2If the dealership does not address yourconcern to your satisfaction, call theToyota Customer Experience Centerat (800) 331-4331.Please have the following informationready when you call: Your Toyota’s vehicle identification number(located on the driver’s side corner of thedashboard, under the windshield) Current mileage on your vehicle Name of your Toyota dealershipA Toyota customer relations representativewill assist you in working with the dealershipto find a satisfactory solution.Step 3INTRODUCTIONBoth Toyota and your Toyota dealerare dedicated to serving yourautomotive needs. Your completesatisfaction is our first priority. Shouldyou have a problem or concern — eitherduring or after the warranty period —please take the following steps to ensurethe quickest possible response:If your concern has still not been resolvedto your satisfaction, Toyota offersadditional assistance through the DisputeSettlement Program, a dispute resolutionprogram administered by the NationalCenter for Dispute Settlement. Thepurpose of the Dispute SettlementProgram is to resolve disputes througharbitration — a process by which twoparties authorize an independent thirdparty to hear and resolve a dispute. Theprogram is informal and free of charge.To request that your case be reviewedthrough the program, complete thecustomer claim form in the Owner’sWarranty Rights Notification booklet(found in your glove box) and mail it to:National Center for Dispute SettlementP.O. Box 688Mt. Clemens, MI 48046To initiate arbitration, you must completean NCDS customer claim form and mail itto NCDS. To request a form, call NCDSat (800) 777-8119 or obtain a copy atwww.ncdsusa.org. When you call,please have your vehicle identificationnumber, the current mileage on yourToyota and the names of your selling andservicing dealerships.Introduction5

INTRODUCTIONIF YOU NEED ASSISTANCECalifornia residents: Toyota offers yourassistance through an informal disputesettlement program called the CaliforniaDispute Settlement Program (CDSP). Abrochure about the program is found inyour glove box. For additional information,call the Toyota Customer ExperienceCenter at (800) 331-4331. You may alsocontact the CDSP directly at (888) 300-6237.Failure to use the CDSP may affect yourrights and remedies under California’s“Lemon Laws.”This information about the DisputeSettlement Programs is correct as of thedate of printing. However, the programsmay be changed without notice. For themost current information about theprograms, call the Toyota CustomerExperience Center at (800) 331-4331.6Introduction

THE IMMOBILIZER KEYTHE NEW WORLD OFANTI-THEFT TECHNOLOGYFor security purposes, access to keycodes and service procedures forelectronically registering replacementkeys is restricted. Only a Toyota dealeror certain bonded/registered independentlocksmiths can generate replacement keys.IntroductionINTRODUCTIONThis Toyota vehicle may be equippedwith an electronic “immobilizer” anti-theftsystem. When the key is inserted into theignition switch it transmits an electroniccode to an immobilizer computer. Theengine will only start if the code in thekey matches the code in the immobilizer.If the code does not match, the immobilizerdisables the ignition and fuel systems.While an exact physical copy of the keywill open the door and allow retrieval ofitems locked in the vehicle, it won’t startthe vehicle unless the key has the samecode as the immobilizer.SECURITY7

INTRODUCTIONTHE IMMOBILIZER KEYREPLACING THE KEYKEEPING THE KEY SAFEUpon purchase, each vehicle should havetwo master keys and an aluminum tagwith a key-code imprinted on it.Replacing an immobilizer key may becostly. It is advisable to keep a sparemaster key and the aluminum key-codetag in a safe place. If you record thekey-code in more than one place, do notrecord it in a way that can be easilyidentified and associated with the vehicle.It is wise to keep a copy of the key-codeoutside of the vehicle.To generate a fully functional replacementkey (one that will both open the doors andstart the engine), one of the master keysis required. To make a key that will openthe door for retrieval of items lockedinside the vehicle, the aluminum key-codetag can be used. If a master key or thealuminum key-code tag is not available,a Toyota dealer or certain registeredlocksmiths can obtain the key code froma restricted-access database. Thesebusinesses can also access a serviceutility to reprogram the immobilizer ifall registered master keys have beenlost. If a Toyota dealer is not available,please refer to www.aloa.org to finda bonded/registered locksmith whoperforms high-security key service.8IntroductionIf the vehicle was delivered with less thantwo keys and the aluminum key-code tag,consider having the Toyota dealer or aqualified independent automotive locksmithmake a duplicate key before you need it.

TRANSPORTATION ASSISTANCEUnder this policy, you are eligiblefor transportation assistance if yourToyota must be kept overnight forwarranty-covered repairs. The policyapplies when your vehicle must be keptovernight for any of the following reasons:The policy does not apply when warrantyrepairs can be completed in one day butthe vehicle must be kept overnight due todealer or owner scheduling conflicts.INTRODUCTIONWe realize that your confidencein the quality and reliabilityof our products was a keyfactor in your decision to buy a Toyota.We also know how disruptive the lossof transportation can be to your dailyroutine. That’s why we’re pleasedto offer you the benefits of ourTransportation Assistance Policy.The Transportation Assistance Policyapplies for the duration of the New VehicleLimited Warranty. The policy applies to all2020 model-year Toyotas sold andserviced by authorized Toyota dealershipsin the mainland United States and Alaska.For further details, please consult yourToyota dealer. The warranty repairs will take longerthan one day to complete. The warrantable condition requiresextensive diagnosis. The parts needed for the warrantyrepairs are not readily available andyour vehicle is inoperative or unsafeto drive.Introduction9

GENERAL WARRANTY PROVISIONSWARRANTYImportant: You must use the DisputeSettlement Program (or, in California,the CDSP) before seeking remediesthrough a court action pursuant to theMagnuson-Moss Warranty Act (the“Act”). However, if you choose topursue rights and remedies not createdby the Act, you are not required to usethe Dispute Settlement Program(CDSP). You may also be required touse the Dispute Settlement Program orCDSP before seeking remedies underthe “Lemon Laws” of your state. Pleasecheck this booklet and the appropriatepage of the Owner’s Warranty RightsNotification booklet for additionalinformation and the requirementsapplicable to your state.Who Is the WarrantorThe warrantor for these limited warrantiesis Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.(“Toyota”), a California corporation, P.O.Box 259001, Plano, Texas 75025-9001.Which Vehicles Are CoveredThese warranties apply to all 2020 modelyear Corolla Hybrid vehicles distributed byToyota that are originally sold by an authorizeddealer in the United States and normallyoperated or touring in the United States,U.S. territories or Canada. Warrantycoverage is automatically transferred atno cost to subsequent vehicle owners.10Your Warranties in DetailMultiple Warranty ConditionsThis booklet contains warranty termsand conditions that may vary dependingon the part covered. A warranty for specificparts or systems, such as the PowertrainWarranty or Emission Performance Warranty,is governed by the coverage set forth inthat warranty as well as the GeneralWarranty Provisions.When Warranty BeginsThe warranty period begins on the vehicle’sin-service date, which is the first date thevehicle is either delivered to an ultimatepurchaser, leased, or used as a companycar or demonstrator.Repairs Made at No ChargeRepairs and adjustments covered by thesewarranties are made at no charge for partsand labor.Parts ReplacementAny needed parts replacement will bemade using new or remanufactured parts.The decision whether a part should berepaired or replaced will be made by theservicing Toyota dealership and/or Toyota.Parts scheduled to be replaced as requiredmaintenance are warranted until their firstreplacement only.

GENERAL WARRANTY PROVISIONSToyota offers assistance through aninformal dispute settlement programcalled the Dispute Settlement Program.This program is administered by anindependent third party:National Center for Dispute SettlementP.O. Box 688Mt. Clemens, MI 48046Further information about this programcan be found in this booklet and theOwner’s Warranty Rights Notification booklet.California residents: Toyota offers youassistance through an informal disputesettlement program called the CaliforniaDispute Settlement Program (CDSP). Abrochure about the program is found inyour glove box. For additional information,call the Toyota Customer Experience Centerat (800) 331-4331. You may also contactthe CDSP directly at (888) 300-6237. Failureto use the CDSP may affect your rights andremedies under California’s “Lemon Laws.”LimitationsWARRANTYInformal DisputeSettlement ProgramThe performance of necessary repairs andadjustments is the exclusive remedy underthese warranties or any implied warranties.Toyota does not authorize any person tocreate for it any other obligation or liabilityin connection with this vehicle.Any implied warranty of merchantabilityor fitness for a particular purpose islimited to the duration of these writtenwarranties. Some states do not allowrestrictions on how long an impliedwarranty lasts, so this limitation may notapply to you.Your Rights Under State LawThese warranties give you specific legalrights. You may also have other rights thatvary from state to state.Your Warranties in Detail11

12Your Warranties in DetailSpecific components may have longer coverage under terms of the Powertrain Warranty.3Also applies to Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon,Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington vehicles equipped with a California Certified EmissionControl System. Vehicles covered by this warranty are also covered by the Federal Emission Control Warranty.Exception of the Hybrid Battery Warranty coverage of 10 years/150,000 miles, whichever occurs first.222311WARRANTYGENERAL WARRANTY PROVISIONSWARRANTY COVERAGE AT A GLANCE

NEW VEHICLE LIMITED WARRANTYWHAT IS COVEREDAND HOW LONGPowertrain WarrantyThis warranty covers repairs andadjustments needed to correct defectsin materials or workmanship of anypart supplied by Toyota, subject to theexceptions indicated under “WhatIs Not Covered” on pages 14–15.This warranty covers repairs needed tocorrect defects in materials or workmanshipof any component listed below and in thenext column and supplied by Toyota, subjectto the exceptions indicated under “What IsNot Covered” on pages 14–15.Coverage is for 36 months or 36,000 miles,whichever occurs first, with the exception ofwheel alignment and wheel balancing, whichare covered for 12 months or 12,000 miles,whichever occurs first.Coverage is for 60 months or 60,000 miles,whichever occurs first.Hybrid System WarrantyThis warranty covers repairs needed tocorrect defects in materials or workmanshipof the components listed here and suppliedby Toyota, subject to the exceptions indicatedunder “What Is Not Covered” on pages 14–15.The Toyota Hybrid Warranty is in effect for8 years or 100,000 miles from the vehicle’sin-service date, whichever occurs first for thefollowing components: H ybrid battery control module(battery voltage sensor) Hybrid control module(power management control module)EngineCylinder block and head and all internalparts, timing gears and gaskets, timingchain/belt and cover, valve covers, oil pan,oil pump, engine mounts, engine controlcomputer, water pump, fuel pump, sealsand gaskets.Transaxle/Motor/GeneratorCase and all internal parts, transaxle mounts,seals and gaskets.Front-Wheel-Drive SystemFinal drive housing and all internal parts,axle shafts, drive shafts, constant velocityjoints, front hub and bearings, sealsand gaskets. Inverter with converterHybrid Battery WarrantyThis warranty covers repairs needed tocorrect defects in materials or workmanshipof the components listed here and suppliedby Toyota, subject to the exceptions indicatedunder “What Is Not Covered” on pages 14–15.The Toyota Hybrid Battery Warranty is ineffect for 10 years or 150,000 miles fromthe vehicle’s in-service date, whicheveroccurs first.Your Warranties in Detail13WARRANTYBasic Warranty

NEW VEHICLE LIMITED WARRANTYWHAT IS NOT COVEREDWARRANTYRestraint Systems WarrantyThis warranty covers repairs needed tocorrect defects in materials or workmanshipof any seatbelt or air bag system supplied byToyota, subject to the exceptions indicatedunder “What Is Not Covered” on pages 14–15.This warranty does not cover damage orfailures resulting directly or indirectly fromany of the following: Fire, accidents or theft Abuse or negligenceCoverage is for 60 months or 60,000 miles,whichever occurs first. Misuse — for example, racingor overloadingFor vehicles sold and registered in thestate of Kansas, the warranty for seatbeltsand related components is 10 years,regardless of mileage. Improper repairsCorrosion Perforation WarrantyThis warranty covers repair or replacementof any original body panel that developsperforation from corrosion (rust-through),subject to the exceptions indicated under“What Is Not Covered” on pages 14–15.Coverage is for 60 months, regardlessof mileage.For information on how to protect yourvehicle from corrosion, refer to sectionsrelated to maintenance and care in theOwner’s Manual. Alteration or tampering, includinginstallation of non-GenuineToyota Accessories Lack of or improper maintenance,including use of fluids and fuelother than those specified in theOwner’s Manual Installation of non-Genuine Toyota Parts Airborne chemicals, tree sap, roaddebris (including stone chips), rail dust,salt, hail, floods, wind storms, lightningand other environmental conditions Water contaminationTowingThis warranty also does not cover the following:When your vehicle is inoperable due tofailure of a warranted part, towing serviceto the nearest authorized Toyota dealershipis covered.TiresTires are covered by a separate warrantyprovided by the tire manufacturer. Seepage 29.Normal Wear and TearNoise, vibration, cosmetic conditions andother deteriorati

Toyota recommends having maintenance and repairs for your Corolla Hybrid performed by an authorized Toyota dealership. To locate your nearest authorized Toyota dealership, contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center at (800) 331-4331 or log on to www.toyota.com. www.toyota.com.

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