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REGON : 630129269 KRS : 0000274752 Advertising andexhibition systemselstar.info.plMore than 30 years of experienceElstar Sp. J.Skórzewska str. 32, 62-081 Wysogotowo VAT UE : PL 7810012501

About the CompanyThe ELSTAR Company was foundedin 1984 in Poznań. For over 30years it has been consistentlystrengthening its position onthe market as one of the mostinnovative companies in theadvertising-exhibition industryin Poland as well as in Europe.Currently, ELSTAR is a leadingproducer of advertising andexhibition systemsin Poland.There are four brands in the ELSTARgroup. Expo & Retail deals withproviding aluminium profiles for theadvertising and exhibition industry.Truss System takes care of theproduction of traverse structures.Display System creates modernpresentation systems. FlooringSolutions offers floor coveringsfor events and fairs.

We focus onrelationshipsLargestorage areasA partnership approach to our clientshas resulted in numerous jointlycompleted projects, which may beencountered in several places locatedall over Europe. For several years wehave been collaborating with the sameproviders, which also confirms ourcommitment and loyalty to our businesspartners.Our own productiondepartmentsOfficespaceWe produce diverse solutions in the field ofpresentation systems. We offer full servicein preparation of technical drawings, selectionof appropriate elements and their production.Due to innovative solutions and technologies,such as computerized control of devices,our machines ensure high precision of executionand thus the highest quality of the manufacturedproducts.The office and showroom with asystematically actualized exposition anda modern production hall constitute aninspiring surrounding for our team aswell as the visiting guests. In our buildingthere is no shortage of space for creativework – a Concept Room overlookinga forest.

ModernMachine ParkThe most advanced technologies of our machinepark contribute to a huge production potential.Devices such as the Mimaki sublimation plotter,CNC milling machine, Monti Antonio calender,Cronos Ultimate sewing machine and ZUND cuttingplotter provide the assistance needed to obtainthe highest quality products. We can also managenon-standard projects and the effects of our workare appreciated by the group of our loyal clients.We control the processes at every stage – fromidea to its realization so that the final product isperfect in every detail.PrecisecuttingThe most novel cutting technologywhich we employ due to the use ofthe ZUND plotter is a tangible proof ofour precision. Multitasking the deviceallows for its diverse application. Thisenables the creation of a broad range ofservices and guarantees extraordinaryproductivity while maintaining the highestquality of the product.

ElstarDisplaySystemWe setnew trendsWe frequently introduce novel solutionsfor the advertising and exhibition industryin Poland.We adaptto Your needsKilometresof profilessoldWe make every possible effort to createand improve the offered solutions inorder to make them simple to assemble,functional, easy to transport and, mostimportantly, to ensure that they meet theneeds of our clients.

ElstarExpo& RetailPreciseand stableELSTAR is a trustworthy partner, which isfinancially stable and cares for the quality ofthe manufactured products as well as the safetyof their usage. Modern products, the TUV SUDQuality Certificate, static construction tests,increasing number of patented solutions andnumerous prizes confirm the strength ofour brand.We crossthe barriersNumerousstands throughoutthe worldAs a leading company in the advertisingexhibition field in Poland, with abundantknowledge and experience, we share theknow-how we obtained with our clients.

ElstarTrussSystemIndividualsystemOur qualified advisors will help You inselecting appropriate solutions andprovide full technical informationregarding specific systems.Realization of non-standard venturesin accordance with our clients wishesis our nsOver 30 years of presence on the marketequals to experience which pays off.

ElstarFlooringSolutionsWe are developingfor our clientsThe extraordinary versatility of our actions iswhat distinguishes us from other companies.Our brands are the solution for the constantlychanging demand of clients from differentindustrial segments, and their offerscomplement each other.Everythingthat You needunder one roofKilometresof coveringssoldA broad range of products allows for acomprehensive customer service in onelocation, which is an invaluable asset inthe advertising-exhibition industry, wheretime matters! In turn huge storage facilitiesguarantee permanent availability of thenecessary goods and deliveries carried outin JUST-IN-TIME mode.We believe that You will want to use oursolutions during future projects.

advertising-exhibition industry in Poland as well as in Europe. Currently, ELSTAR is a leading producer of advertising and exhibition systems in Poland. There are four brands in the ELSTAR group. Expo & Retail deals with providing aluminium profiles for the advertising and exhibition

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