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GRIND.HONE.CONCRETE POLISHING SIMPLIFIEDUsing Blue Star Diamond TechnologyPOLISH.FINISH.The Latest DiamondTechnology forPolishing ConcreteProud Members of:

TAKE THE PAIN OUT OFFLOOR POLISHINGBlueStarDiamondtechnology reduces the stepsin the floor polishing process,saving time and creatingsuperior floors. Our productline features transitionaldiamonds, polishing diamondsand the revolutionary EasyEdge, Edge Flex and CornerTool for all concrete polishingjobs, large or small.Wealso offer other polishingaccessories to complete yourpolishing project.For nearly forty years, BORIDE Engineered Abrasives has developed andmanufactured abrasive products for industrial and consumer applications.Our company is driven by the following Core Values:OurOurOur Customers Are Our Reason for Being.Ourcustomers define product and service qualityrequirements. We will listen to our customers, strive tounderstand their needs, and meet their merCustomers AreReason For Being service, competitive pricing,and technological leadership.Utilize sound environmental protection. Maintain anunderstanding of current practices, laws and regulationsand incorporate these responsibilities in our operationspromptly. Include waste reduction and recycling in ourgoals.Employees are key to business success. We willencourage and support our employees to activelyparticipate in the success of our business.Operate ethically. At all times practice business ethicsthat are above reproach in dealing with our customers,employees, suppliers and the community.Everything is done with a process. We will document,plan, control, monitor, and audit our processes asa foundation for continuous improvement. We willmeasure our performance based on quality, safety,service, and manufacturing effectiveness and efficiency.Be good citizens in our community. Support andencourage employee involvement in community affairsand organizations. Contribute to local charities.Products Made in the USA

PRODUCTS FOR ALL TYPES ANDHARDNESSES OF CONCRETESoftConcrete2-3 MOHS 3000 PSIMediumConcrete3-5 MOHS3000-4000 PSIHardConcrete5-7 MOHS4500-6000 PSIVery HardConcrete7-9 MOHS 6000 PSIQUALITY COMMITMENTOn-time, error-free shipments.Consistent, high-quality products.Prompt, accurate information and answers.TABLE OF CONTENTSEASY EDGE . 3EDGE FLEX . 4BSD CORNER TOOL . 4BSD . 5PREMIUM 8 SEG . 6PREMIUM 4 SEG . 7GRIT COLOR CHART . 7SD DIAMOND PADS . 8DIAMOND BURNISHING PADS . 8ADAPTORS AND TOOLING . 9

EASY EDGE3A revolutionary design that improves the quality of edge work while reducing the scratchesand gouging that metal bond cup wheels can cause. The Easy Edge system will eliminate metalbond cup wheels on most concrete polishing projects. Easy Edge is fast, light weight and easyto use resulting in a superior edge. Can be used for wet or dry grinding.Item #DescriptionSizeGritConcreteHardness695363Edger Wheel, Grooved4”30Soft to Very Hard695362Edger Wheel, Grooved4”50Soft to Very Hard695365Edger Wheel, Grooved4”100Soft to Very Hard695366Edger Wheel, Grooved4”270Soft to Very Hard695367Edger Wheel, Grooved4”400Soft to Very Hard695368Edger Wheel, Grooved5”30Soft to Very Hard695369Edger Wheel, Grooved5”50Soft to Very Hard695370Edger Wheel, Grooved5”100Soft to Very Hard695371Edger Wheel, Grooved5”270Soft to Very Hard695372Edger Wheel, Grooved5”400Soft to Very Hard695444MEdger Wheel, Grooved6”30Soft to Very Hard695445MEdger Wheel, Grooved6”50Soft to Very Hard695446MEdger Wheel, Grooved6”100Soft to Very Hard695447MEdger Wheel, Grooved6”270Soft to Very Hard695448MEdger Wheel, Grooved6”400Soft to Very Hard695352Edger Wheel, Grooved7”30Soft to Very Hard695361Edger Wheel, Grooved7”50Soft to Very Hard695353Edger Wheel, Grooved7”100Soft to Very Hard695354Edger Wheel, Grooved7”270Soft to Very Hard695362Edger Wheel, Grooved7”400Soft to Very Hard

The flexible companion to the Easy Edge provides the same great edge finishing on any non-flatsurface such as curbs and drains. Can be used wet or dry through 400 grit. Fine grits (800, 1500)are for dry grinding only.EDGE FLEXItem 5”30Soft to Very Hard695494EdgeFlex5”50Soft to Very Hard695495EdgeFlex5”100Soft to Very Hard695496EdgeFlex5”270Soft to Very Hard695497EdgeFlex5”400Soft to Very Hard695530EdgeFlex5”800Soft to Very Hard695521EdgeFlex5”1500Soft to Very Hard695498EdgeFlex7”30Soft to Very Hard695499EdgeFlex7”50Soft to Very Hard695500EdgeFlex7”100Soft to Very Hard695501EdgeFlex7”270Soft to Very Hard695502EdgeFlex7”400Soft to Very Hard695522EdgeFlex7”800Soft to Very Hard695523EdgeFlex7”1500Soft to Very Hard685087Flexible Backplate7”NANA685088Flexible Backplate5”NANABSDCORNER TOOLFinally! A tool that can polish deep into corners and hard-to-reach areas.Corners, edges, stairs, and door jambs can present a tough challenge to even the most experienced of operators. Now getting close to the edge and deep into corners is easier than everthanks to the BSD Corner Tool.Item 000BBSD Corner Tool Starter Set30 - 4005Soft to Very Hard696030B2BSD Corner Tool 2 pack302Soft to Very Hard696050B2BSD Corner Tool 2 pack502Soft to Very Hard696100B2BSD Corner Tool 2 pack1002Soft to Very Hard696200B2BSD Corner Tool 2 pack2002Soft to Very Hard696400B2BSD Corner Tool 2 pack4002Soft to Very Hard4

Designed as a ceramic diamond grinding process to follow the metal bond process.The result of this diamond is a superior floor with reduced steps. Long Life (9,000 - 15,000 ft2).Can be used wet or dry through 400 grit. 800 and 1500 dry grinding only. Can be run on smallto medium planetary machines.BSD5Item #DescriptionSizeBossGritProductHardnessConcrete Hardness7134BSD3”No Boss30StandardSoft & Medium7130BSD3”No Boss50StandardSoft & Medium7135BSD3”No Boss80StandardSoft & Medium7127BSD3”No Boss100StandardSoft & Medium7137BSD3”No Boss200StandardSoft & Medium7131BSD3”No Boss400StandardSoft & Medium7132BSD3”No Boss800StandardSoft & Medium7149BSD3”No Boss1500StandardSoft & Medium685075Luster Pad3”No BossFinishStandardSoft & Medium7140BSD3”With Boss30StandardSoft & Medium7141BSD3”With Boss50StandardSoft & Medium7142BSD3”With Boss80StandardSoft & Medium7143BSD3”With Boss100StandardSoft & Medium7144BSD3”With Boss200StandardSoft & Medium7145BSD3”With Boss400StandardSoft & Medium7163BSD3”No Boss30SoftHard7164BSD3”No Boss50SoftHard7165BSD3”No Boss80SoftHard7166BSD3”No Boss100SoftHard7167BSD3”No Boss200SoftHard7168BSD3”No Boss400SoftHard7175BSD3”With Boss30SoftHard7176BSD3”With Boss50SoftHard7177BSD3”With Boss80SoftHard7178BSD3”With Boss100SoftHard7179BSD3”With Boss200SoftHard7180BSD3”With Boss400SoftHard

PREMIUM8 SEGMENTThe Premium 8 Segment result in a superior floor with reduced steps. Designed to transitionfrom a metal bond diamond grinding process to a resin polishing process. Can run on mediumand large planetary and rotary machines. Use Soft Grade with Very Hard Concrete and StandardGrade on most other types.Item dness71553”Premium TransitionalNo Boss30StandardSoft Med Hard71563”Premium TransitionalNo Boss50StandardSoft Med Hard71573”Premium TransitionalNo Boss100StandardSoft Med Hard72413”Premium TransitionalNo Boss200StandardSoft Med Hard71583”Premium TransitionalNo Boss400StandardSoft Med Hard71513”Premium Transitional With Boss30StandardSoft Med Hard71523”Premium Transitional With Boss50StandardSoft Med Hard71533”Premium Transitional With Boss100StandardSoft Med Hard72593”Premium Transitional With Boss200StandardSoft Med Hard71543”Premium Transitional With Boss400StandardSoft Med Hard72283”Premium TransitionalNo Boss30SoftVery Hard72303”Premium TransitionalNo Boss50SoftVery Hard72323”Premium TransitionalNo Boss100SoftVery Hard72613”Premium TransitionalNo Boss200SoftVery Hard72273”Premium Transitional With Boss30SoftVery Hard72293”Premium Transitional With Boss50SoftVery Hard72313”Premium Transitional With Boss100SoftVery Hard72603”Premium Transitional With Boss200SoftVery Hard6

4 SEGMENTFIRST CUTDesigned to cut through the cream of very hard concrete, this product’s unique design allows thediamond to penetrate deep into the cream opening up the floor. The result is faster production andfewer steps. This diamond keeps cutting when most metal bond diamonds fail.Item dness72193”4 Segment - First CutNo Boss30/40StandardHard72143”4 Segment - First CutNo Boss60/80StandardHard72183”4 Segment - First CutNo Boss120/140StandardHard71903”4 Segment - First CutWith Boss30/40StandardHard72133”4 Segment - First CutWith Boss60/80StandardHard72173”4 Segment - First CutWith Boss 120/140StandardHard72033”4 Segment - First CutNo Boss30/40SoftVery Hard72123”4 Segment - First CutNo Boss60/80SoftVery Hard72163”4 Segment - First CutNo Boss120/140SoftVery Hard72043”4 Segment - First CutWith Boss30/40SoftVery Hard72113”4 Segment - First CutWith Boss60/80SoftVery Hard72153”4 Segment - First CutWith Boss 120/140SoftVery HardGRIT COLORCHARTSoft and Standard bond products are color coded according to the chart below. Not all products areoffered in soft bond. Soft bond was designed for concrete with 7-9 MOHS ( 6000 PSI).Standard & Soft Grit SDdiamond.com7

SD DIAMONDPADSGeneral purpose resin pads for dry grinding and polishing of concrete floors.Can only be used dry and designed for use with floor machinesItem #DescriptionSizeGrit685069SD Diamond Pad3”50685070SD Diamond Pad3”100685071SD Diamond Pad3”200685072SD Diamond Pad3”500685073SD Diamond Pad3”1000685074SD Diamond Pad3”2000685062SD Diamond Pad4”50685063SD Diamond Pad4”100685064SD Diamond Pad4”200685065SD Diamond Pad4”500685066SD Diamond Pad4”1000685067SD Diamond Pad4”2000685075Luster Pad3”FinishDIAMONDBURNISHINGPADSFormulated with a special bond that results in superior performance and leaves a beautifulshine. Integrate into the polishing process of a new floor, rejuvenate existing polished floors orquickly heat floors when applying guard. Can be used with most burnishers and scrubbers.Item #DescriptionSizeGrit9417Burnishing Pad with Diamonds27”4009404Burnishing Pad with Diamonds27”8009409Burnishing Pad with Diamonds27”15009414Burnishing Pad with Diamonds27”30009448Burnishing Pad with Diamonds27”80008

ADAPTORS &TOOLINGSpecially manufactured adapters designed to run our Premium 3” and 2” Transitional Diamonds, BSDwith or without boss and 3” Resins on HTC, Husqvarna, SASE and Scanmaskin type machines.Item #Size685076E3”HTC EZ Change AdaptorAll HTC except 270685095E3”HTC Modified EZ Change AdaptorHTC 270685079E3”Husqvarna RediLock AdaptorHusqvarna685086ETrapezoidHusqvarna RediLock AdaptorHusqvarna- 152mm plates685194E3”SASE AdaptorSASE 535 and 7808390E2”2” Scanmaskin AdaptorScanmaskin 500 and smaller685096E3”3” Scanmaskin AdaptorScanmaskin 650 and HusqvarnaHTC685194EMachine Type685096E8390EScanmaskin

Concrete Polishing SimplifiedSuperior diamond technology.Outstanding finish in fewer steps.Quality CommitmentOn-time, error-free shipments.Consistent, high-quality products.Prompt, accurate information and answers.Transform Your FloorsFewer Steps Reduced Time and Lower CostsTRADITIONAL PROCESSBORIDE PROCESS1.30/40 Grit Metal1. Metal Step2.60/80 Grit Metal2. 50 Grit 8 Seg or BSD3.120/140 Grit Metal3. 100 Grit 8 Seg or BSD4.50 Grit Resin4. 400 Grit 8 Seg or BSD5.100 Grit Resin5. 800 Grit BSD6.200 Grit Resin7.400 Grit Resin6. 1500 Grit BSD7. Luster Pad8.800 Grit Resin9.1500 Grit Resin10. 3000 Grit Resin982596BSDdiamond.comPHONE 231.929.2121TOLL FREE 800.662.0336FAX 231.943.2852Made in the USA2615 Aero Park Drive Traverse City, MI 49686

Carla NickodemusBusiness Development & Product Managercnickodemus@borideabrasives.com231.218.7746 cellMark ListermanSales & Account Managermlistermann@borideabrasives.com231.642.0267 cellRadu DancaTechnical Services & ProductDevelopment Managerrdanca@borideabrasives.com231.357.5695 cellMade in the USA

For nearly forty years, BORIDE Engineered Abrasives has developed and manufactured abrasive products for industrial and consumer applications. Our company is driven by the following Core Values: Our Customers Are Our Reason for Being. Our customers define product and service quality