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Miles Supply 2015 Show Catalog

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Show CatalogVERMONTGEORGIABarre, VT800.396.8049Elberton, GA888.283.5863milessupply.comFamily-Owned & Operated sinced 1954!PENNSYLVANIAMontrose, PA888.278.8383TEXASTerrell, TX844.883.4108MINNESOTARockville, MN800.789.0815GA: 888.283.5863 VT: 800.396.8049 PA: 888.278.8383 MN: 800.789.0815 TX: 844.883.4108 milessupply.com

milessupply.comThese Manufacturers & More.3MAbra IrideAbacoAbressaAkemiAlphaAnchorApollo ClemcoAtlas EmpireFerrari Truck CranesFlexForedomFraccaroli & taboPellegrini*SandHandler*SRD ToolsThunderBlastVenturo Truck 83800.789.0815844.883.4108Model IIDear Friends,On behalf of Miles Supply and its nearly 50 employees, I want to thank you for yourcontinued patronage and confidence in our company. 2017 marks our 63rd year inbusiness which began with one focus, BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS!These relationships inspired us to “GIVE BACK” in 2016, with our Miles Supply GivesBack program.Every month we have chosen 2 customers, from various locations throughout NorthAmerica, and asked them to choose a youth program to donate to. We are proud tosay that we donated nearly 20,000 back to our youth over the course of the year.The impact has been nothing short of amazing! Seeing pictures, throughout theyear, of kids benefiting from this campaign has been heartwarming– to say the least.All of which was made possible because of your patronage to our company and therelationships we have created together.I’m excited to announce that we will be continuing this Miles Supply Gives Backcampaign into 2017! Details can be found on our website.Thank you again, for allowing Miles Supply to be a part of your continued successbut most of all, for the relationships we have created. We are doing some greatthings together because of them.Sincerely,Adam C. MartinPresidentPadHead Polishing & Grinding HeadsMiles Supply’s PadHead polishing & grinding head is the most unique tool on the market for surface treatments. The PATENTEDmultiple free rotating heads work off of the resistance of friction to accomplish its superior surface cutting action. Up to 50% fasterusing diamond pads than traditional abrasives or plates! Hone, polish, or texture surfaces on your CNC or other applications.Low-ProfileModel IIUsed byManufacturers of:CountertopsConcrete BlockEngineered Stone SlabGranite & ors of:Concrete FloorsRestorationTile*exclusively through Miles SupplyNot Stone Alone!Construction, WeatherizationIndustrial Supplies, Chain inspections,and always with customized servicealso see Sandblast** & Stone Machines****ask for a catalog or view online 2017POLISHINGModel C2 VT: 800.396.8049 GA: 888.283.5863 PA: 888.278.8383 MN: 800.789.0815 TX: 844.88.4108 milessupply.comUsed on:Park WizardThibaut T108Thibaut T500Ordway MachinesDenver VisionGmm SerioRay Wilsonand more.Model IadapterGA: 888.283.5863 VT: 800.396.8049 PA: 888.278.8383 MN: 800.789.0815 TX: 844.883.4108 milessupply.com 3

SURFACING POLISHINGPOLISHING Tools & Accessories.and More:Flex Wet Polisher5” Variable-speedLE 12-3 100Metabo Grinders & PolishersDiamond padsDry Polishing PadsFlex Variable-speedWet PolisherLW 603 VRAlpha productsDiamond, Resin, & SIC BricksMetal Bond Diamond BricksAbressa, Abra Iride,and Gloex BricksFickerts, FrankfurtsWheels, othersFlex Grinder5” Variable-speedL3410 VRGLupato TexturingAir PolishersFrankfurt BricksGloex FickertsAuto-Edge PolishingDiamond ziz wheelsDiamond router bits.and More:FlexAlphaMetaboMakitaBacker Padsk outChec pads!!EWour NBacking PadsFelt BuffersCoco matsTin oxideCup wheels, dressers,flattenersPneumatic Die Grinders& Diamond BladesAlpha AWS-125 Tile SawAuto Edge PolishingFlat/Radius EdgesBrushes:Round, Fr

Engineered Stone Slab Granite & Marble Bluestone/Limestone Sandstone Monument Contractors of: Concrete Floors . using diamond pads than traditional abrasives or plates! Hone, polish, or texture surfaces on your CNC or other applications. Low-Profile . Carbide & Boride Empire pot-under-pressu