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Roland AC Adapter nal R-1600CDBX-4/400BX-8/16Original B-1UPSA-120PSB-1UACA-120PSB-1UPSB-1UNew B-1UPSA-120SPSA-120SPSA-120SNew PSA-120SPSA-120SPSA-120SPSB-1UPSA-120SUpdated 1/2021IncludedXXXXXXXXXXXIncludedXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

20CP-40CR-1000CR-80CS-10CS-1/2/3CT-6Cube LiteCube StreetCube Street EXOriginal A-120PSD-120PSB-1UPSB-12UNew EDR-3/5DR-550/mkIIDR-660DR-670DR-770/880Original A-120SPSA-120SBRA-120PSA-120SBRC-120New 0XX

DS-1/2/3DS-330DSD-2/3Duo-Capture Fantom-XaFA-101F-20F-30/50F-90/100F-110/120F-130R / 140RFA-06 / FA-07 / FA-08BRB-120XOriginal SB-4UNew Adapter/SubstituteIncludedXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOriginal SB-1UNew UREPLXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXIncludedXXXXXXXX

6B/8GT-10/10BGT-100/1000GW-7/8GX-700Original XPSA-120SPSA-120SPSA-120SNew SA-120SPSA-120SPSA-120SPSB-1UOnly for this model XXXXXXXXXXX

ModelHA-5HC-2HD-1/3HF-2HM-2HM-3HP-503 / 504HP-505 / 506HPD-10HPD-15HPD-20HPi-50eHR-2Original B-7UPSB-14UPSB-1UACI-120PSB-1UPSB-14UPSA-120New M-5JM-8Juno-DJuno-DiJuno-DS61/DS76/DS88Juno-G / 10JW-50JS-5JS-8/10JX-1JX-305Original 120BRC-120PSB-1UBRA-120ACI-120New al AdapterPSB-12UPSB-1UPSB-12UPSB-3UNew MB-3LS-2LVC-1NOriginal AdapterACA-120PSA-120PSA-120PSA-120ACN-120New PSB-4UREPLIncludedModelM-10DX/MXOriginal AdapterPSB-1UNew dedXXXXXXXX

5ME-30/33ME-50/50BME-70ME-80ME-XMicro-BRMicro CubeMicro Cube GXMicro Cube RXMicro Cube Bass RXMobile 0BRA-120PSA-120PSA-120ModelNF-1NS-2NS-50Original AdapterACA-120PSA-120BRA-120New odelOC-2OC-3OC-20GOriginal AdapterACA-120PSA-120PSA-120New 120SXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Original -120ACK-120PSA-120PSA-120SPSA-120PSA-120PSA-120New R-5/8/8mkIIR-26R-70RA-30/50Original 20New edXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

/70SG-1SH-01SH-32SH-101Original 1UBRB-120PSA-120PSB-1UACI-120PSA-120New look XXXXXXXXXXXXX

SH-201SI-80SSK-500SL-20Sonic tudio CaptureSuper 16TM-1TM-2TM-3/7TM-6ProTMC-6TR-2TR-505Original -120SPSB-1UPSA-120SPSB-1UBRB-120PSB-1UPSA-120SNew XIncludedXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

TR-606TR-626TR-707/727TR-8 / 0UA-101UA-700UA-1010/1610UM-550Original AdapterACI-120ACI-120PSB-1UACI-120PSB-1UACI-120New 730VS-100VS-2000CDVT-1VT-12VT-3Original ACI-120PSB-6UPSD-120New lW-50WL-50WP-20GWS-20/20MOriginal AdapterACK-120PSA-120SPSA-120ACO-120New 020Original AdapterACI-120PSA-120ACI-120New B-4UREPLXXIncludedXX

Substitute ACR-120ASA-120PSA-120Technical InformationUnregulated DCRegulated DCACNew / e9v9v 15v 21.5v9v12v v13v13v12v12v14v4800mA4A4A500mA1500mA800mA

dc-2/3. psa-120s dd-2/3/5/6/7. psa-120s dd-20. psa-120s dd-500. psa-120s df-2. psa-120s di-1. psa-120s dif-800. aci-120 psb-1u x dj-505/707m/808. psb-1u x dm-2/3 psa-120s. dn-2 psa-120s. dp-90/99

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