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SATO Printer APIVersion 3.013-Aug-2018SATO Global Business Services Pte. Ltd.Page 1

CONTENTSSoftware License Agreement . 5Copyrights. 6Limitation of Liability . 6Trademarks . 6Software Updating Disclaimer . 6Overview . 7System Requirements . 7Software Development Environment. 7Client Computer . 7Download . 7Setup . 8Using the SATO Printer API . 9Printer Communication Functions . 9Initiate the Printer Class . 9Discovery Ports . 9Set Interface Type . 10Set Interface Port . 11Set Serial COM Port Settings . 12Set Timeout . 12Set Permanent Connection. 12Connect . 13Page 2

Send Single Data. 13Send Single Query and Receive Single Reply . 14Receive Data from Printer as Permanent Connection . 14Disconnection. 15Get Printer Status . 15Test Print. 16Clear Printer Buffer . 16Reprint Label . 17Printer Driver Functions. 18Initiate the Driver Class . 18Get List of Printer Driver . 18Get List of Driver Port Name . 19Get Driver Info . 19Set Driver Info . 20Get Number of Jobs in Spooler from Printer Driver . 20Clear Spooler Print Jobs . 21Get Port Info from Driver . 21Get Port Info from Port Name. 22Get Driver Version . 22Send Byte Array Raw Data Through Driver . 23Utilities functions. 24Convert Graphic to SBPL . 24Page 3

Command Data Replace . 24Convert String to Byte Array . 25Convert Byte Array To String . 25Web Socket functions . 27Socket Server. 27Enable Secure Socket Server . 27Start Socket Server . 28Stop Socket Server . 28Example of Calling API function in Web Socket Client . 29Classes . 32Class for Printer.USBInfo . 32Class for Printer.TCPIPInfo . 32Class for Printer.Status . 32Class for Driver.Info . 33Class for Driver.PortInfo . 33Page 4

SOFTW ARE LICENSE AGREEMENTor destroy, the printer and all copies of the Softwareand documentation.PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS ANDCONDITIONS BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT. BYINSTALLING THE PRODUCT YOU THEREBY INDICATEYOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS ANDCONDITIONS. SHOULD YOU DISAGREE WITH ANY OFTHE TERMS OR CONDITIONS LISTED BELOW,PROMPTLY REMOVE ALL FILES RELATED TO THISPRODUCT FROM YOUR HOST PLATFORM ANDRETURN THE PRODUCT TO SATO CORPORATION.1.You explicitly agree to accept a non-exclusive licenseto use the Software identified on the distributionmedia solely for your own customary business orpersonal purposes. Your local and national lawsgovern this Agreement.2.Henceforth, “Software” shall refer to the digitallyencoded, machine-readable data and program. Theterm “Software Product” includes the Softwareidentified on the distribution media, including anyaccompanying documentation. The term “DistributionMedia” refers to any method by which the SoftwareProduct is delivered to the end user, including but notlimited to Floppy Disks, CD-ROM, Magnetic Tapeand On-Line distribution via the Internet. TheSoftware Product is licensed (not sold) to you, andSATO either owns or licenses from other vendorswho own all copyright, trade secret, patent and otherproprietary rights in the Software Product.3.4.To protect the proprietary rights of SATO Corporation,you agree to maintain the Software Product and otherproprietary information concerning the SoftwareProduct in strict confidence and to establishreasonable procedures regulating access to and useof the software.You agree not to duplicate or copy the Softwareexcept that you may make one backup copy. Youagree that any such copy shall contain the sameproprietary notices as those appearing on theoriginal.5.You shall not sub-license, sell, lease, or otherwisetransfer all or any portion of the Software Productseparate from the printer(s), without the prior writtenconsent of SATO Corporation.6.You may not modify or prepare derivative works ofthe Software Product. You may not transmit theSoftware Product over a network, by telephone, orelectronically using any means; or reverse engineer,decompile or disassemble the Software.7.You may transfer the Software Product with theprinter(s), but only if the recipient agrees to acceptthe terms and conditions of this Agreement. Yourlicense is automatically terminated if you transfer theSoftware Product and printer(s).8.This License remains in force until terminated, andmay be terminated by agreement between you andSATO Corporation, or by SATO Corporation, if youfail to comply with the terms of this License if suchfailure is not corrected within thirty (30) days afternotice. When this License is terminated, you shalleither return to the place you obtained them from,9.SATO Corporation warrants that for ninety (90) daysafter delivery, the Software will perform inaccordance with specifications published by SATOCorporation, and that the distribution media will befree from defects in material and workmanship.SATO Corporation does not warrant that theSoftware is free from all bugs, errors and omissions.10. Your exclusive remedy and the sole liability of SATOCorporation in connection with the Software isreplacement of defective distribution media upontheir return to SATO Corporation. SATOCorporation will not be liable for any loss or damagecaused by delays in furnishing a Software Product orany other performance under this Agreement. SATOCorporation does not warrant that the functionscontained in the Software will meet yourrequirements or that the operation of the Software willbe uninterrupted or error free.11. Use, duplication or disclosure by the Government issubject to restrictions as set forth in the relevantguidelines of your country, such as the Rights inTechnical Data and Computer Software clause atFAR 242.227- 7013, subdivision (b) (3) (ii) orsubparagraph (c) (1) (ii), as appropriate. Further use,duplication or disclosure is subject to restrictionsapplicable to restricted rights software as set forth inFAR 52.227-19 (c) (2) or equivalent rules.THE PARTIES AGREE THAT ALL OTHER WARRANTIES,EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OFFITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ANDMERCHANTABILITY ARE EXCLUDED.SATO Corporation reserves the right to make changesand/or improvements in the Software without notice at anytime.IN NO EVENT WILL SATO CORPORATION BE LIABLEFOR LOST PROFITS, LOST DATA, BUSINESSINTERRUPTIONS OR ANY OTHER DIRECT, INDIRECT,INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISINGOUT OF THE USE OF OR INABILITY TO USE THISPRODUCT, EVEN IF SATO CORPORATION HAS BEENADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES,OR ANY DAMAGES CAUSED BY ABUSE ORMANIPULATION OF THE SOFTWARE. SOME STATESDO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OFLIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTALDAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION MAY NOTAPPLY TO YOU.YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ THISAGREEMENT, UNDERSTAND IT, AND AGREE TO BEBOUND BY ITS TERMS AND CONDITIONS. NEITHERPARTY SHALL BE BOUND BY ANY STATEMENT NORREPRESENTATION NOT CONTAINED IN THISAGREEMENT. NO CHANGE IN THIS AGREEMENT ISEFFECTIVE UNLESS WRITTEN AND SIGNED BYPROPERLY AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVES OFEACH PARTY. BY INSTALLING THIS SOFTWAREPRODUCT, YOU AGREE TO ACCEPT THE TERMSAND-CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT.Page 5

COPYRIGHTSAny unauthorized reproduction of the contents of this document, in part or whole, isstrictly prohibited.LIMITATION OF LIABILITYSATO Corporation and its subsidiaries in Japan, the U.S and other countries makeno representations or warranties of any kind regarding this material, including, butnot limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particularpurpose. SATO Corporation shall not be held responsible for errors containedherein or any omissions from this material or for any damages, whether direct,indirect, incidental or consequential, in connection with the furnishing, distribution,performance or use of this material.Specifications and contents of this document are subject to change without notice.TRADEMARKSSATO is a registered trademark of SATO Corporation and/or its subsidiaries inJapan, the U.S and other countries.Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.SOFTW ARE UPDATING DISCLAIMERWhile all efforts have been taken to ensure accuracy and currency of theinformation contained herein, there are instances where the contents of thisdocument may be outdated. In that case, proceed to SATO worldwide websites( to check whether an updated document has been madeavailable for your reference.Page 6

OVERVIEWThe SATO Printer API was developed to simplify the communication between .NETapplications and SATO printers.Software developers can use this API to send printer commands to printer as wellas to receive response from printer if there is any.Also, SATO Printer API can be used for getting SATO printer list from printer driver,check number of job in printer spooler or printer information from printer driver.SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSSOFTW ARE DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (or higher version) Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (or higher version) Visual C Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013oAvailable on Microsoft tails.aspx?id 40784).Please download and install the correct platform (vcredist x86.exe orvcredist x64.exe) Platform Supported: 32bit or 64bit application Platform Target: x86 or x64 (Project properties Build)CLIENT COMPUTERCustom application developed with SATO Printer API must be distributed with theDLL files of SATO Printer API. And following components must be installed on theclient computer. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (or higher version) Visual C Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2013DOW NLOADLatest version of the SATO Printer API is available on following URL -printer-interface-api.aspxPage 7

SETUPExecute the SATO Printer API setup package and follow the guidance of the setupwizard. By default, the SATO Printer API files will be install in below folder.x86 environment:C: Program Files SATO SATO Printer APIx64 environment:C: Program Files (x86) SATO SATO Printer APICopy SATOPrinterAPI assembly (SATOPrinterAPI.dll) into the project folder. Addreference assembly into project references.Page 8

USING THE SATO PRINTER APIPRINTER COMMUNICATION FUNCTIONSINITIATE THE PRINTERInitialize the API to use the printer functions.Class constructor syntaxPrinter()ParametersNot ApplicableReturn ValuesNot ApplicableExample (C#)using SATOPrinterAPI;Printer SATOPrinter new Printer();(Below example will use SATOPrinter as initialized class variable.)DISCOVERY PORTSGets a list of the port available on the computer. For COM port and LPT port, thisreturns all available ports based on Windows device management regardless ofprinter connection. For USB, it will returns connected SATO printer ports.As for TCP/IP, API will discover SATO printers on the same broadcast segmentthrough available TCP/IP interfaces of PC then return a list of discovered SATOprinter information. The information includes printer IP address and MAC address.Method syntaxCOM port:GetCOMList()LPT port:GetLPTList()USB port:GetUSBList()Page 9

TCPIP:GetTCPIPList()ParametersNot ApplicableReturn ValuesCOM port: List of stringLPT port: List of stringUSB port: List of USBInfo classTCPIP : List of TCPIPInfo classSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)COM port:List string COMPorts SATOPrinter.GetCOMList();LPT port:List string LPTPorts SATOPrinter.GetLPTList();USB port:List Printer.USBInfo USBPorts SATOPrinter.GetUSBList();TCPIP:List Printer.TCPIPInfo TCPIPs SATOPrinter.GetTCPIPList();SET INTERFACE TYPEBefore sending data to the printer, require to specify interface type of the printerconnection. Below properties allow setting interface type for COM, USB, LPT orTCP/IP.Properties syntax.InterfaceSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)COM port:Page 10

SATOPrinter.Interface Printer.InterfaceType.COM;LPT port:SATOPrinter.Interface Printer.InterfaceType.LPT;USB port:SATOPrinter.Interface Printer.InterfaceType.USB;TCP/IP port:SATOPrinter.Interface Printer.InterfaceType.TCPIP;SET INTERFACE PORTBefore sending data to the printer, require to specify the interface port of the printerconnection. Below properties allow you to set COM, LPT or USB port or IP addressand IP Port of printer you want to communicate.Properties syntaxCOM port:.COMPortLPT port:.LPTPortUSB port:.USBPortIDTCP/IP port:.TCPIPAddress.TCPIPPortSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)COM port:SATOPrinter.COMPort “COM1”;LPT port:SATOPrinter.LPTPort “LPT1”;USB port:Page 11

SATOPrinter.USBPortID “ ? usb#vid 0828&pid fb951ed}”;TCP/IP port:SATOPrinter.TCPIPAddress "";SATOPrinter.TCPIPPort "1024";SET SERIAL COM PORT SETTINGSWhen using serial COM port for connection, it can change baud rate andparameters. Default baud rate is 9600 and parameters 8-N-1.Properties class syntaxCOMSettingSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)SATOPrinter.COMSetting.Baudrate 115200SATOPrinter.COMSetting.Parameters “8-N-1”SET TIMEOUTThis timeout variable applies to connection timeout, send data timeout and receivedata timeout. The default timeout is 2500 (2.5 seconds), in milliseconds format.Properties syntax.TimeoutSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)SATOPrinter.Timeout 5000; //(5 seconds timeout)SET PERMANENT CONNECTIONThe permanent connection flag allows printer connection open at all time. Thedefault value is false. (SATO Printer only allow for one active connection, pleaseuse it wisely)Page 12

Properties syntax.PermanentConnectSupported socket serverNoExample (C#)SATOPrinter.PermanentConnect true;CONNECTThis method will start to raise permanent connection to the printer if“PermanentConnect” flag set to true otherwise, it will connect and disconnectimmediately. Ensure to set interface port, interface type and PermanentConnectflag before using this method.Method syntaxConnect()ParametersNot ApplicableReturn ValuesNot ApplicableSupported socket serverNoExample (C#)SATOPrinter.Connect();SEND SINGLE DATASend method will send a single command data to the printer. This method willsautomatic raise connection to the printer and sends command. If“PermanentConnect” flag not set or set to false, it will automatic disconnect theconnection. Ensure to set interface port and interface type before using thismethod.Method syntaxSend(byte[] data)ParametersByte Array dataPage 13

Return ValuesNot ApplicableSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)SATOPrinter.Send( Byte Array SBPL command );SEND SINGLE QUERY AND RECEIVE SINGLE REPLYQuery method will send a single command to the printer and return received asingle reply from the printer. This method will connect to the printer and sendcommand data, disconnect connection from the printer when a reply data isreceived. Ensure to set interface port and interface type before use this method.(Note: permanent connection should not use this method)Method syntaxQuery(byte[] data)ParametersByte Array dataReturn ValuesByte Array dataSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)Byte[] Printer Reply SATOPrinter.Query( Byte Array SBPL Query command );RECEIVE DATA FROM PRINTER AS PERMANENT CONNECTIONTo process reply data from printer while using the permanent connection, need touse event handler. Below example in C# shows for initializing the event method:Example (C#)Initialize event method handler:SATOPrinter.ByteAvailable newEventHandler Printer.ByteAvailableEventArgs (ReadMsg);Page 14

Create an event method:private void ReadMsg(object sender, Printer.ByteAvailableEventArgs e){byte[] rawData e.Data;string printerReplied Utils.ByteArrayToString(b);}DISCONNECTIONThis method to disconnect the permanent connection.Method syntaxDisconnect()ParametersNot ApplicableReturn ValuesNot ApplicableSupported socket serverNoExample (C#)SATOPrinter.Disconnect();GET PRINTER STATUSThis method to get printer status and return a class values. Ensure to set interfaceport and interface type before use this method.Method syntaxGetPrinterStatus()ParametersNot ApplicableReturn ValuesPrinter Status ClassSupported socket serverYesPage 15

Example (C#)Printer.Status pStatus SATOPrinter.GetPrinterStatus();TEST PRINTThis method to instruct the printer to print a test label. Ensure to set interface portand interface type before use this method.Method syntaxTestPrint()ParametersNot ApplicableReturn ValuesNot ApplicableSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)SATOPrinter.TestPrint();CLEAR PRINTER BUFFERThis method to empty/clear printer buffer (labels data in printer memory). Ensure toset interface port and interface type before use this method.Method syntaxClearBuffer()ParametersNot ApplicableReturn ValuesNot ApplicableSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)SATOPrinter.ClearBuffer();Page 16

REPRINT LABELThis method to instruct the printer to reprint the last printed label. Ensure to setinterface port and interface type before use this method.Method syntaxReprint()ParametersNot ApplicableReturn ValuesNot ApplicableSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)SATOPrinter.Reprint();Page 17

PRINTER DRIVER FUNCTIONSINITIATE THE DRIVERInitialize the API to use the printer driver functions.Class constructor syntaxDriver()ParametersNot ApplicableReturn ValuesNot ApplicableExample (C#)Driver SATODriver new Driver();(Below example will use SATODriver as initialized class variable.)GET LIST OF PRINTER DRIVERGets list of printer driver on the computer. This will reply SATO printer driver only.Method syntaxGetDriverList()ParametersNot ApplicableReturn ValuesList of Driver InfoSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)List Driver.Info Drivers SATODriver.GetDriverList();Page 18

GET LIST OF DRIVER PORT NAMEGets list of printer driver port name on the computer.Method syntaxGetPortNames()ParametersNot ApplicableReturn ValuesList of stringSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)List string Ports SATODriver.GetPortNames();GET DRIVER INFOGets driver information by the driver nameMethod syntaxGetDriverInfo(string DriverName)ParametersString of Driver NameReturn ValuesDriver Info classSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)Driver.Info dInfo SATODriver.GetDriverInfo(“SATO CL412e”);Page 19

SET DRIVER INFOSet/Update driver informationMethod syntaxSetDriverInfo(DriverInfo driver)ParametersDriver Info classReturn ValuesNot ApplicableSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)Driver.Info dInfo SATODriver.GetDriverInfo(“SATO CL412e”);dInfo.Bidirectional false;SATODriver.SetDriverInfo(dInfo);GET NUMBER OF JOBS IN SPOOLER FROM PRINTER DRIVERGets number of jobs in printer driver spooler by the driver name.Method syntaxGetSpoolerPrintJobsNumber(string DriverName)ParametersString of Driver NameReturn ValuesIntegerSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)Int NoOfPrintJob SATODriver.GetSpoolerPrintJobsNumber(“SATO CL412e”);Page 20

CLEAR SPOOLER PRINT JOBSEmpty/Clear print jobs in printer driver spooler by the driver name.Method syntaxClearSpoolerPrintJobs(string DriverName)ParametersString of Driver NameReturn ValuesNot ApplicableSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)SATODriver.ClearSpoolerPrintJobs(“SATO CL412e”);GET PORT INFO FROM DRIVERGet port information by the driver name.Method syntaxGetPortInfoByDriverName(string DriverName)ParametersString of Driver NameReturn ValuesPort Info ClassSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)Driver.PortInfo pInfos �);Page 21

GET PORT INFO FROM PORT NAMEGet port information by the port name.Method syntaxGetPortInfoByName(string PortName)ParametersString of Port NameReturn ValuesPort Info ClassSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)Driver.PortInfo pInfos SATODriver.GetPortInfoByName(“COM1”);GET DRIVER VERSIONGet printer driver company and printer driver version by driver name.Method syntaxGetVersion(string DriverName)ParametersString of Driver NameReturn ValuesString of driver versionSupported socket serverYesFormatDriver Company Driver Version(example: SEAGULL SCIENTIFIC, INC. CORPORATION (C#)string driverVersion SATODriver.GetVersion(“SATO CL412e”);Page 22

SEND BYTE ARRAY RAW DATA THROUGH DRIVERSend a raw byte array data to the printer driver.Method syntaxSendRawData(string DriverName, byte[] Data)ParametersString of Driver NameByte Array of dataReturn ValuesBool of send resultSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)bool sentResult SATODriver.SendRawData(“SATO CL4NX 203dpi”, Byte array ofSPBL Command );Page 23

UTILITIES FUNCTIONSCONVERT GRAPHIC TO SBPLThis static method to convert image file into SBPL graphic commands (ESC G)Method syntaxConvertGraphicToSBPL(string GraphicFilePath)ParametersGraphicFilePath as stringReturn ValuesSBPL commands as stringSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)string graphicCommands �);Orstring graphicCommands om/my.png”));COMMAND DATA REPLACEThis static method to uses predesigned template file with variable data to replaceddesired value. Mainly use for PRN template file and it created by Nice LabelSoftware.Method syntaxCommandDataReplace(string CommandFilePath, Dictionary string,string VariablesValue)ParametersCommandFilePath as stringVariablesValue list as DictionaryReturn ValuesPage 24

Replaced variables command as stringSupported socket serverYesExample (C#)Dictionary string,string variables new Dictionary string,string ();variables.Add(“@Var1@”,”SATO Printer”);variables.Add(“@Var2@”,” 6789”);SATOstring PRNCommands Utils.CommandDataReplace (“C:/data/my.prn”,variables);Orstring PRNCommands Utils.CommandDataReplace (newUri(“”), variables);CONVERT STRING TO BYTE ARRAYThis static method to convert string data to byte array dataMethod syntaxStringToByteArray(string Data)ParametersString dataReturn ValuesByte array dataSupported socket serverNoExample (C#)byte[] byteData Utils.StringToByteArray( string data );CONVERT BYTE ARRAY TO STRINGThis static method to convert byte array data string dataMethod syntaxByteArrayToString(byte[] Data)Page 25

ParametersByte array dataReturn ValuesString dataSupported socket serverNoExample (C#)string strData Utils.ByteArrayToString( Byte array data );Page 26

WEB SOCKET FUNCTIONSINITIATE THE SOCKET SERVERInitialize the web socket server. (By enable web socket server, it allow webapplication accessing SATO Printer API functions like SATO printer TCP/IPdiscovery, driver settings change etc.) It defaults 8055 port for the socket serverand you may change it if the port is been occupied in the PC.Class constructor syntaxSocketServer()ParametersPort as Integer (default 8055)Web Socket URL for client to connectNon-Secure: ws://localhost:80

The SATO Printer API was developed to simplify the communication between .NET applications and SATO printers. Software developers can use this API to send printer commands to printer as well as to receive response from printer if there is any. Also, SATO Printer API can b

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