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Packaged Terminal Air ConditionersSG SeriesOur best PTAC ever. More efficient. More reliable. Ultra quiet.Greater guest comfort.FR I E D R I CH . C O MTHE EXPERTS IN ROOM AIR CONDITIONING

Friedrich SG Series PTAC offers the durabilityand efficiencies you’ve come to expect fromFriedrich, and more.Improved performance and design enhancements combineto deliver our most efficient and reliable PTAC yet.Advanced design for greaterenergy efficiency Curved coil design of the SGSeries maximizes the internalsurface area to deliver higherefficiencies EERs up to 13.0Dependable performancebegins with the highestquality materials andcomponents Stainless steel endplates onthe coils for better corrosionresistance Galvanized, zinc-coated steelwall sleeves brought togetherwith durable construction andrigorous testingEngineered for maximumguest comfort Tangential fan provides quiet,yet powerful airflow thatquickly reaches all corners ofthe roomFriedrich reliability is backed by an industry-leading2-year parts and labor and 5-year limited warranty. Two motor design for quieterindoor sound levels Thick insulation on the innerwalls reduce sound transferinto the room Constant Fan mode producesa steady stream of white noisein both cooling and heatingmodes that masks sound levelchanges when the compressorcycles on and off, and alsomasks outdoor noise.2 FRIEDRICH SG SERIES PTACPARTS MITEDWARRANTYSee warranty documentation for full details.

Commercial grade quality PTAC utilizes a modular designthat provides easy access to key componentsKey components can beeasily accessed by yourmaintenance team sounits can be removed,serviced and placed backin service faster.Commercial grade qualitycomponents providereliable performance ineven the most extremeclimates.Reversiblelouvers forair pathmodificationsIndoor coil frost sensorprotects compressorDurable, powdercoat paint finishEasy-access,interchangeableantimicrobial airfilters (2)Outdoor coilhas DiamonblueAdvanced CorrosionProtection andstainless steelendplatesQuiet, efficient rotarycompressor mounted onlarge vibration isolatorsEasy to read and use digital controlsDiamonBlue Advanced CorrosionProtection comes standard on allPTACs for long life in harsh coastalenvironments.The tangential blower wheel creates awide path air flow that reaches the furthestcorner of the guest room more quietly thanconventional fans.5X THE SURFA C EWIDERAREAAIR P AT HFriedrich offers a complete line of PTACs–Available in electric heat and heat pump models7000 to 15000 BtusAll capacities have multiple heater options230 and 265VElectric HeatHeat PumpCOOLING7000-15000 BtuEERs up to 13.0COOLING7000-15000 BtuEERs up to 13.0ELECTRIC HEAT8300-17000 BtuEERs up to 13.0REVERSE HEATING6000-13300 BtuUp to 3.6 COPAUXILIARY ELECTRIC HEAT8300-17000 BtuRECEPTACLES AND FUSE TYPESVoltageAmpsHeater Size230V1520265V301520302.5 kW3.5 kW 5.0 kW 2.5 kW 3.5 kW 5.0 5P7-20P7-30PReceptaclesNEMA#ReceptacleNEMA#Plug3

FEATURESDurable & Reliable ConstructionSound Reduction TechnologyStainless steel endplates reduce outdoor coil corrosion.Two permanently lubricated fan motors for added durabilityand reduced sound levels indoors.Galvanized zinc coated steel wall sleeve and steel base panundergo an 11-step preparation process, are powder coated witha polyester finish and cured in an oven for exceptional durability.Additional heating element bottom plate above an improvedheat shield provides extra thermal protection.Additional thermistor on the blower scroll outlet regulatesinternal temperature.Quiet, efficient rotary compressor mounted with vibrationisolators to keep the compressor running smoothly and quietly.High-density insulation and steel inner wall block outdoor noise.Tangential blower wheel creates a wide path air flow thatreaches the furthest corner of the guest room more quietly thanconventional fans.Factory run-tested units reduce problems in the field.Internal diagnostic program can alert maintenance to componentfailures or operating problems. Fourteen numeric service errorcodes stored in memory facilitate rapid unit diagnostics.Easy access filters simplify maintenance and extend the life ofthe product.Room freeze protection initiates heat if temperature falls to 40 Fin an unoccupied room.Random compressor restart protects electrical systems fromoverload when power is restored.Tamper-resistant, anodized stamped aluminum grillewithstands chalking and oxidation.Break-proof control door design maintains the integrity of the unit.Indoor coil frost sensor protects the compressor to lengthen thelife of the unit.Diamonblue Technology protects the outdoor coil from harshenvironments.Comfort, Health & IAQDehumidification removes up to 3.1 pints/hour of moisture incool mode to improve comfort and reduce the chance of moldand mildew growth.Constant Fan mode provides continuous fan operation in coolingor heating modes to create a steady stream of white noise thatmasks sound level changes when the compressor cycles on/off.Fresh air damper brings in fresh outside air when desired.Intuitive unit controls are user friendly with easy-to-readLED display that can show either set-point or actual roomtemperature as selected by owner.Anti-microbial air filters are easy to access and washable.Instant Heat on heat pump models quickly heats a room to thedesired temperature for increased comfort.Even-heat monitoring checks room temperature andautomatically adds heat boost if necessary.Warranty and SupportAutomatic periodic sampling of room temperature to ensuredesired conditions are maintained.Industry leading warranty features 2-year full warranty on partsand labor and 5-year limited warranty.Reversible indoor air louvers to easily change directionof airflow.Nationwide service network and U.S. based Friedrich experttechnical team ensures you get fast, knowledgeable service.Energy Efficient & Energy SmartSuper-efficient refrigeration design with EERs up to 13.0 andCOP up to 3.6.Exceptional FriedrichLink energy management thermostatsavailable (wired & wireless) with integrated occupancysensor, five distinct energy presets and comprehensive remotemanagement capability.*Advanced coil design adds more surface area leading tohigher efficiencies.Thicker steel inner-wall and foam construction decreasesthermal transfer and energy loss.Energy efficient heat pump models available in our complete line.Electronic defrost control ensures more run time in efficientheat pump mode.Ease of Maintenance & InstallationModular product design ensures easy access to key componentsfor cleaning and repairs; including washable, lift-out air filters.Remote thermostat pop-out wiring moduleallows easier wiring and unit change outwithout rewiring thermostat.Standard heat output power cord comesattached to the unit.Compact front is designed to preserveindoor floor space with a depth of 7¾ inches.Faultless Sure-hold front cover systemsecurely attaches the front each time.Inner wall service plate provides serviceaccess to tangential blower bearing withouthaving to open up the entire inner wall.Unit may be installed flush with the floor.Electronic temperature limiting to adjust low/high temperaturerange limits for reduced energy usage.Slinger ring technology in condensate removal system cools thecoil and increases efficiency.Desk control ready to allow hotel owners to control units from acentral location.* Energy management capability requires purchase of additional hardware and service fee.4 FRIEDRICH SG SERIES PTAC

Save big on energy withoutcompromising guest comfortFriedrichLink Thermostats, the EnergyManagement Solution for Friedrich PTACReal Time Motion and Thermal Occupancy SensorIntegrated Occupancy Sensor uses a combination of motion and thermalsensing technologies for accurate occupancy detection at all times - no needto install additional devices such as door switches or sensors.Wired or Wireless InstallationWired or wireless connectivity with extensive configuration options deliverfull compatibility and easy integration with virtually any packaged HVACsystem.Friedrich’s EMRT1 and EMWRT1thermostats use real-time motionand thermal occupancy detection tosave energy.When the room is unoccupied, thethermostat automatically adjusts thetemperature to eliminate unnecessary heating and cooling.5 Energy Savings Presets5 distinct energy saving modes make it easy tochoose the optimal energy saving settings for anyproperty.Remote Management*Web-based remote management provides expansivesolutions for remote monitoring and configurationfrom any computer connected to the internet.Built-in Wireless Networking enables remote management without usingor interfering with property’s existing wireless infrastructure. True meshnetworking eliminates the need for additional networking equipment such assignal repeaters or multiple data collection boxes.Monitor room status and see theoperation, occupancy and energy efficiency status of each room.*Requires an optional “Online Connection Kit” and a one-time license fee. Optional Humidity Control Feature available throughRemote Management. See accessories page 6.Advanced Energy Saving FeaturesFully configurable energysaving modes maximizeenergy savings withoutcompromising guestcomfort.Setback optimization continuously monitors temperaturerecovery rate in the room andadjusts setback temperatureto maximize energy savings.Temperature setbackautomatically adjusts thetemperature when the roomis unoccupied in order tosave energy.Setback limits allowmaximum and minimumroom temperature to beset when the room isunoccupied.Temperature recoverycalculates the setbacktemperature so that thedesired temperature canbe restored within specifiedtime.Set point limits preventguests from setting roomtemperature to extreme,energy-wasting levels.Room status displaysoperation, occupancy andenergy efficiency status ofeach room.Room detail displaystemperature and occupancychanges in a room.Energy reports monitorenergy use and can evenevaluate the performance ofenergy saving features.User management allowsconfiguration of customaccess permissions andalert notification settings fordifferent users.Built-in diagnostic toolsautomatically send email alertnotifications to hotel staff.Intuitive interface makesit easy to apply differentsettings to different rooms.FriedrichLink For Lodging5

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIESWALL SLEEVEPDXWSAGalvanized steel is prepared in a multi-step process for stronger paint adhesion,then powder coated with a polyester finish and cured in an oven for exceptionaldurability. The wall sleeve is insulated for thermal efficiency and noise reduction.SLEEVE DIMENSIONS: 16" H x 42" W x 13 3 /4" DCUT OUT DIMENSIONS: 16 1 /4" H x 42 1 /4" WFRONT COVER DIMENSIONS: 16" H x 42" W x 7 3 /4" DPDXWSADEEP WALL SLEEVESPDXWSEXT18For walls up to 17 1/2” deep.PDXWSEXT24For walls up to 23 1/2” deep.Deep wall sleeve extension PDXWSEXT18 shown withweather panel in placePDXWSEXT (Custom depth wall sleeve)One-piece, extended wall sleeve with built-in baffle for walls from 13 1/4" to 25 1/2"deep are available by special order.SLEEVE EXTENSION RETROFIT KITPXSE2 1/4" sleeve extension attached to the room side of the sleeve to allow for theinstallation of a PD-series Friedrich PTAC in an 11 1/2" deep T-series sleeve.PXSEDIGITAL REMOTE THERMOSTATWall-mounted digital thermostats with two fan speeds.Single stage cool / heat for PDE models.Single stage cool / dual stage heat for PDH modelsFeatures backlit display and multiple configuration modes, available in wired andwireless options.RT6Wired wall-mounted thermostat (can be battery or unit powered).WRT1Wireless wall-mounted thermostat (battery powered).RT6WRT1FRIEDRICHLINK ENERGY MANAGEMENT THERMOSTATSEMRT1Wired thermostat with occupancy sensor.EMWRT1Wireless thermostat with occupancy sensor.EMOCTEMRAFOnline connection kit. Remote access fee.EMRHCFRemote humidity control fee.REMOTE THERMOSTAT ESCUTCHEON KITPDXRTAKit contains escutcheons that can be placed over the factory control buttons(recommended when a remote wall mounted thermostat is used as controlsbecome inoperable). The escutcheon directs the user to the wall thermostatfor operation and retains the LED window to display error codes and diagnosticinformation. 10 pack.EMRT1, EMWRT1EMOCTPDXRTACONDUIT KIT /JUNCTION BOXPXCJAHard wire conduit kit with junction box for 208/230V and 265V units (subbase notrequired). Kit includes a means of quick disconnect for easy removal of the chassis.PXCJADISCONNECT SWITCHPXDSPXDS6 FRIEDRICH SG SERIES PTAC

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIESSTANDARD GRILLEPXGAStandard, stamped, anodized aluminum to resist chalking and oxidation.ARCHITECTURAL GRILLESArchitectural grilles consist of heavy gauge 6063-T5 aluminum alloy.PXGAPX AA Clear extruded aluminum.PXBG Beige acrylic enamel.PX SC Available in custom colors.DECORATIVE SUBBASE (black)PXSBAProvides unit support for walls less than six inches thick. Includes leveling legs,side filler panels and mounting brackets for electrical accessories. Acceptscircuit breaker, power disconnect switch and conduit kit.PXAAELECTRICAL SUBBASEProvides unit support for walls less than sixinches thick. Includes leveling legs, sidefiller panels, mounting brackets, a plug-inreceptacle and field-wiring access. The subbase also includes electrical knockouts forpower disconnect switch or circuit breaker.PXSB23020Electrical Subbase - 230V 15 & 20APXSB23030Electrical Subbase - 230V 30APXSB26515Electrical Subbase - 265V 15APXSB26520Electrical Subbase - 265V 20APXSB26530Electrical Subbase - 265V 30APOWER CORDSPXSBALengthPXPC23015ALCDI 230V 15A Cord - 2.5 kW67 in.PXPC23020ALCDI 230V 20A Cord - 3.5 kW67 in.PXPC23030LCDI 230V 30A Cord - 5.0 kW67 in.PXPC26515ANon-LCDI 265V 15A Cord - 2.5 kW27 1/2 in.PXPC26520ANon-LCDI 265V 20A Cord - 3.5 kW27 1/2 in.PXPC26530Non-LCDI 265V 30A Cord - 5.0 kW27 1/2 in.PXSBPXPCPXFTAAntimicrobial air filters. 10 pack. Each PTAC requires 2 filters.CONDENSATE DRAIN KITPXDR10Attaches to the bottom of the wall sleeve for internal draining of condensate, orto the rear wall sleeve flange for external draining. Recommended for all units toremove excess condensate. 10 pack.PXFTALATERAL DUCT ADAPTERPDXDAAAttaches to the Friedrich PTAC/PTHP unit to direct up to 35% of the total airflow to asecond room. The unit-mounted duct plenum features a front-mounted aluminumgrille that has two positions to provide the most optimal air direction. The air maybe directed to either the left or the right of the unit through the supplied 3 1/2" H x7" W x 47" L plenum. Plenum may be cut to length by the installer. Kit includes ductplenum, front grille, 47" duct extension, duct discharge grille, duct end cap and allnecessary mounting hardware.PXDR10LATERAL DUCT EXTENSIONPDXDEAAdditional 3 1/2" H x 7" W x 47" L plenum used with the LATERAL DUCT ADAPTER.A maximum of three duct extensions may be used together. Note: Ducted airflowis reduced as duct length is increased.POWER FRESH AIR DOOR KITPXPD*/PXPVPDXDAA and PDXDEA ship togetherPXPD230 / PXPD265 for 230V & 265V units.POWER FRESH AIR VENT KITPXPV230 / PXPV265 for 230V & 265V units.*Fan not included in PXPD.7

SPECIFICATIONSPTAC Electric Heat modelsModels ending in 'K' are 230/208V, models ending in 'R' are 5RPERFORMANCE DATA:Cooling /1420014500Cooling 0Energy Efficiency Ratio, 410.4Moisture Removal (pints/hr.) Heat Ratio0.860.860.850.850.750.750.670.67ELECTRICAL DATA:Voltage (1 PHASE, 60 Hz)230/208265230/208265230/208265230/208265Volt -187292-239Current r factor0.970.970.970.970.970.970.970.97Compressor LRA13.012.519.513.521.519.028.921.6Compressor 0860.0860.0860.086Indoor CFM, HIGH345/315345355/325355400/390400400/390400Indoor CFM, 575757575Outdoor Fan Motor, HPAIRFLOW DATA:Vent CFMPHYSICAL DATA:Sleeve Dimensions (H x W x D)16” x 42” x 13 3/4” (all models)Dimensions with Front (H x W x D)16”x 42”x 21 1/2” (all models)Cut Out Dimensions (H x W x D)16 1/4”x 42 1/4” (all models)Net Weight (lbs.)106107115115119118121121Shipping Weight (lbs.)126127135135139138140140R-410A CHARGE (oz.)2323242436363636Dimensions with Packaging (inches)17 7/8" x 45" x 25 1/4" (all models)PTAC Heat Pump modelsModels ending in 'K' are 230/208V, models ending in 'R' are 5RPERFORMANCE DATA:Cooling /1420014500Cooling 0Energy Efficient Ratio, 410.4Reverse Heating /1300013300Heating P3.6/ Removal (pints/hr.) HEAT RATIO0.860.860.850.850.750.750.670.67ELECTRICAL DATA:Voltage(1 PHASE, 60 Hz)230/208265230/208265230/208265230/208265Volt -187292-239Current rse Heat. Amps2.4/2.6Power Factor0.970.970.970.970.970.970.970.97Compressor LRA13.012.519.513.521.519.028.921.6Compressor 0860.0860.0860.086Indoor CFM, HIGH345/315345355/325355400/390400400/390400Indoor CFM, 575757575Outdoor Fan Motor, HP2.23.4/ DATA:VENT CFMPHYSICAL DATA:Sleeve Dimensions (H x W x D)16” x 42” x 13 3/4” (all models)Dimensions with Front (H x W x D)16”x 42”x 21 1/2” (all models)Cut Out Dimensions (H x W x D)16 1/4”x 42 1/4” (all models)Net Weight (lbs.)113112119119122119124122Shipping Weight (lbs.)133132139139141139144144R-410A CHARGE (oz.)3434343436363939Dimensions with Packaging (inches)17 7/8" x 45" x 25 1/4" (all models)Due to continuing research in new energy-saving technology, specifications are subject to change without notice.Warranty limited to installations in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada only.See warranty documentation for full details.LISTEDULCDTPROOM AIR CONDITIONERS183HFriedrich Air Conditioning Co. l 10001 Reunion Place, Suite 500 l San Antonio, TX 78216 l 877.599.5665 www.friedrich.comBRO SGPTAC COMM 2016 (Rev. 1)Printed in USA

notifications to hotel staff. Save big on energy without compromising guest comfort FriedrichLink Thermostats, the Energy Management Solution for Friedrich PTAC Advanced Energy Saving Features Friedrich’s EMRT1 and EMWRT1 thermostats use real-time motion and thermal occupancy detection to save energy. When the room is unoccupied, the

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