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Precision CoolingFor Business-Critical Continuity Ensuring Network AvailabilityWith Mission-Critical Cooling TechnologiesPrecision Control Of Room Environment For Computers, CommunicationsSystems And Other Sensitive Electronic Equipment

As The Temperature Rises — So Does Your RiskEvery operation of your company depends upon the instantaround-the-clock availability of computers, servers and other electronicsystems. If they aren’t working, neither is your company. Unfortunately,every piece of IT equipment your company possesses produces heat.And if you don’t get rid of the heat, you are going to have problems.The first step in taking control of this situation is to understand the threats to yoursystem reliability — and exactly what you can do about them.You Face Many Challenges In The Pursuit Of Business ContinuityBut There Are Real SolutionsMission-Critical Cooling ProvidesProtection Under All ConditionsYes, computers have changed — butthe threats to their operation areas real as ever. An air conditioningsystem that maintains thetemperature and humidity at theproper levels in your critical facility isan absolute necessity for the viabilityof your business.Mission-Critical Systems KeepMoisture And Air CleanlinessRight Where They Need To BeOrdinary building air conditioningand heating systems are designedto keep people comfortable.Computers and other sensitiveelectronics require a system thatprovides humidity control to meetequipment specifications — and airfiltration designed to keep airborneparticles from causing problems.2Because Every Facility Is Unique, Mission-Critical Systems AreDesigned To Meet The Cooling Needs Of Any Critical SpaceA mission-critical cooling system can be engineered to match just aboutany type or size of facility. There are downflow systems for raised floorfacilities and upflow units where the floors are not raised. Supplementalsystems can be used where equipment is tightly packed in racks.Compact models are ideal for small or remote facilities.Mission-Critical Cooling Systems Are Engineered To Get The MostFrom Every Energy DollarEnergy efficiency is no longer just an option for users of air conditioning.

INFRASTRUCTUREMANAGEMENTECO AVAILABILITYBalancing high levelsof availability andefficiency.Improving performanceof the IT infrastructureand environment.FLEX CAPACITYAdapting to IT changes forcontinuous optimizationand design flexibility.HIGH DENSITYDelivering architecturesfrom 10–60 kW/Rack tominimize space and cost.Efficiency Without Compromise Optimizing The Data Center Infrastructure To Reduce Cost And Deliver High AvailabilityTrue data center efficiency is not limited to lower energyEfficiency Without Compromise provides a path to optimize data centerusage — it must encompass efficiency across all aspects ofinfrastructure around design, operating and management efficiencies – whiledesign, operation and management. Focusing purely onmaintaining or improving availability. This is achieved through the properenergy efficiency can result in compromising the efficiencyselection and utilization of cooling, power and monitoring technologies, supportedor reliability of other critical IT operations. Emerson Network by key services and local expertise.Power delivers Efficiency Without Compromise byidentifying and improving on areas of opportunity to createboth energy savings and improved operation and workflow.The Widest Range Of Products Gives You AnInfinite Range Of Solutionsperimeter, row-based, and ceiling-installed precision coolingsystems, extreme density systems, and heat rejection systemsin capacities from 1 to more than 65 tons (3-210 kW). Systemsare available with a choice of cooling methods, including chilledwater, air-cooled and water/glycol-cooled models, as well asultra energy efficient GLYCOOL and Dual-Cool configurations.From high-capacity units such as the Liebert DS — the standard ofthe industry — to compact above-ceiling systems like the LiebertMini-Mate2 , there is a Liebert system designed to cool andprotect your critical computing systems. We make the industry’swidest range of mission-critical environmental controls, including0 to 10.5 kW0 to 3 Tons 10.5 to 35 kW 3 to 10 TonsSpecialized Heat Removal SystemsDesigned to become an integral part of theequipment being protected, these systemsinclude telecom shelter air conditioning,environmentally controlled equipmentenclosures, spot cooling and dedicatedprocess chillers.Liebert InteleCool2 1.5-5 TLiebert RackCooler 2-3 TLiebert XD Systems.5-1 T4TPrecision Air Conditioning SystemsEngineered to meet the year-round reliabilitydemands of computer rooms and othercritical spaces, these systems deliver energyefficient environmental control, includingtemperature, humidity and air filtration. Theiradvanced controls are compatible with avariety of facility monitoring systems.Heat Rejection EquipmentBuilt to complement our air conditioning andfluid chiller systems, Liebert condensers anddrycoolers offer a variety of configurations tomeet your specific installation requirements. 35 kW 10 Tons5TIntegrated CabinetsLiebert Challenger 3000 3-5 TLiebert DataMate 1.5-3 TLiebert DS 6-30 TLiebert Mini-Mate2 1-8 TLiebert CRV 5.5-11TLiebert CW 10-60 TLiebert ICS 40-60 TLiebert Condensers 3 - 60 TLiebert Drycoolers 3-150 TLiebert Condensing units 1-8 T3

HeadlineYou Need To Start With The Right Kind Of CoolingSome operations may be tempted to utilize standard comfort cooling systems to save money or to avoid using additional floorspacewithin their facility. But while these moves may provide some benefits in the short term — they must be balanced against thecost of potential downtime and equipment damage caused by serious overheating, as well as the risk of financial loss.Why Comfort Air ConditioningShould Make You UncomfortableRemoving Heat Without RemovingThe HumidityStandard building air conditioning is designed forone thing: to keep people comfortable. In mostcases, this is done 8-12 hours each day, five days aweek and only during the warmest months. Theseunits are simply not built to handle the 24 hour-aday operation associated with computer rooms andThe biggest problem with ordinary air conditioningsystems is they are designed for the comfort ofpeople — not the protection of computer-basedelectronic systems. Unlike people, computersgenerate dry (also called sensible) heat, butnot humidity.communications facilities.With a large percentage of their total capacitydevoted to the removal of moisture, comfort systemscan lower room humidity far below acceptableMission-critical cooling systems are designed to runstandards for electronic equipment — and they havethe same hours as your network — continuously, yearno provisions for adding moisture. To correct thisin and year out, around the clock. These systems aresituation, precision air conditioning systems typicallyspecifically designed to maintain both temperaturehave a high ratio of sensible-to-total cooling capacityand humidity levels to equipment manufacturers’to remove heat from the air. This allows for muchspecifications, which are several times morelower operating costs since the type of cooling isstringent than those designed for the human body.matched to the load. These units also use integratedhumidification systems to provide the necessary levelof moisture control.The Protection Never StopsComfort AirUsing rigid, overhead ductsprovides insufficient air volume(350-400 CFM/Ton) whichresults in hot spots. They arealso difficult to relocate.Minimal air filtrationis typically providedwith comfort systems.4Comfort systems can over-dryroom air because of theirlower Sensible Heat Ratio.They typically do not provideintegral humidity control.Using separate humidificationsystems, not controlled bythe cooling system, canwaste energy and reduce thestability of the environment.

HeadlineWhat Makes A Mission-Critical AirConditioning System So Different?Mission-Critical AirConditioning SystemsTypical Comfort AirConditioning SystemsHigh sensible heat ratioto provide high ” environmentsproduce high heat/nohumidity“People” produce an equalamount of heat and humidityHigh-efficiencyair filtrationTypical MERV rating of 5Minimum MERV rating of 8Humidity controlIntegral with control systemTypically an add-on systemwith separate controlsYear-round operationPositive operation withoutside temperatures aslow as -30 FTypically used May to OctoberHigh density loadsrequire more roomair changes1 per minute; 2 per minuteat 200w/sq. ft.3-4 per hourMore tons of coolingper square footOne ton of cooling for every10- 60 square feet of spaceOne ton of cooling for every200-400 square feet of spaceControl stagingFast-acting, multiplecooling stages maintaintight controlSlow response systems,typically only on/off controlRequired AttributesThere are several key areas that differentiate mission-criticalcooling from ordinary comfort air conditioning systems.DesignConsiderationsFor AnyComputer RoomEnvironmentEach of these performance criteria has a major impact on theproper environmental protection of your critical facility.Temperature And Humidity ControlMission-Critical Systems are specifically designed tohandle the heat loads generated by electronic equipment.They utilize fast-response microprocessor control systemsto adjust quickly to changing conditions within theroom, while providing you with complete supervision oftemperature and humidity at all times. Emerson NetworkPower lets you choose from several humidificationmethods including integral infrared and steamgeneration units.AdditionalDesignConsiderationsRequired ForHigh DensityEnvironmentsAir Flow ManagementThe higher Sensitive Heat Ratio (SHR) of Mission-CriticalSystems results in lower energy operating costs vs. comfortsystems. Four-Step, GLYCOOL and Dual-Cool options offereven more energy efficiency. These enhancements increasethe performance level of the system and more closely trackthe cooling load of your critical space.8070800, OH.700Typical Comfort System6006050Mission-Critical Glycol500System400403020Mission-Critical Gl300stemycool tdoor Ambient Dry Bulb - FMission-critical environmental control systems are designed to be muchmore energy efficient than their comfort air conditioning counterparts.Mission-Critical AirHigh efficiency air filtersassure maximum roomair cleanliness.High VolumeAir distribution(500-600 CFMper-ton) manageshigh densityheat loads.Air flow canbe changed byrearrangingcomputer roomfloor tiles.High volume air distributioneliminates hot spots.Microprocessor controlsystems manage cooling,heating, humidification,and dehumidification.High sensible heat ratiomatches the cooling needsof computer equipment.5Annual Hours of Occurence - HrsOperating Efficiency900Columbus90Normalized Power ConsumptionProviding the proper volume of air to the specific locationin a data center is as important as the temperature control.Mission-Critical Systems are designed to handle a widerange of static pressures within the duct work or underfloor plenium to address this important requirement.Full System Power Comparison - 100% Load100

Knurr RacksSolutions Oriented With TheSpirit Of InnovationWe have cooling solutions for any of the applications thatProductionare part of your mission-critical business operations.Labs & TestingEmergency SheltersTelecom Wireline / Wireless SpacesMechanical RoomsNetwork ClosetsComputer RoomsData CentersNumberWhere Do You Need Mission-Critical Cooling Technology?Precision Computer Coolingand Fluid-Cooling SystemsLiebert InteleCool 27Liebert MCR, XDF, XDK8Liebert XDC Chiller10Liebert XDP Pumping Unit10Liebert XDO Overhead Cooling Module 10Liebert XDV Rack-top Cooling ModuleData Centers — High availability data and networkapplications are the heart of your enterprise withblade servers and high-density racks that demandincreased cooling protection.Computer Rooms — Smaller-sized network andcomputer facilities, but equally essential toyour operations.10Liebert XDH Row-based Cooling Module 10Liebert XDR Rack Door Cooling Module 11Liebert XDS Server Cabinet11Liebert XDR-W Rack Cooler11Liebert Mini-Mate 212Liebert DataMate13Liebert Challenger 300014Liebert CRV16Liebert CW18Liebert DS20Liebert Condensers / Drycoolers23Smart Solutions24Critical Monitoring and26Connectivity SolutionsService SolutionsNetwork Operations Centers — As networks expandand grow more complex, you need reliable and timelyaccess to mission-critical infrastructure monitoringinformation long before problems arise.11Liebert XDP-W Coolant Pumping Unit30Emerson Network Power has identified nine distinctzones or areas of application, found within manybusiness operations, which have a requirement formission-critical cooling technology. While thesezones have similarities in the importance of theiressential functions, they also have different needs forinfrastructure protection — all of which can be metby Liebert solutions.Network Closets — Housing routers, switches,modems, cabling devices and numerous othercommunications components.Mechanical Rooms — Home of your criticalinfrastructure, from the main electrical distributionsystem to your mission-critical networks.Telecom Wireline / Wireless Sites — Indoor oroutdoor spaces hosting cable, DSL and fiber optics toremote cell sites and enclosures.Emergency Shelters — Emergency operationscenters, 911 response emergency dispatch, policeand fire facilities, medical facilities, public worksoperations and more.Labs & Testing — Sensitive computers and equipmentused for diagnosing patients, analyzing data,performing critical tests, and operating electronictools and lab instruments.Production — Smart factories backed by a complexelectronic network, from computer-controlledmachinery and processes to electronic sensors,business systems and utility equipment.6

HeadlineEven though they look the same on the outside, telecomLiebert InteleCool 2 Product Features Include: Self-contained design with all components enclosed in apainted steel or optional corrosion-resistant aluminum cabinet. Wide range of units available for year-round operation inshelters and other remote buildings have veryambient temperatures ranging from -20 F (-29 C) up to120 F (48.9 C).different requirements. Telecom Package incorporates popular options including lowThat’s why the versatile Liebert InteleCool 2 isn’tjust another shelter air’s a customconfigured model that fits your exact needs andbudget. Whether you need a bare-bones systemat minimum cost top-of-the-line dual units withremote monitoring or anything in between —Liebert InteleCool 2 is designed with the flexibilityto match the multiple protection needs of today’scommunications industry. Units are available in 2, 3,4, and 5 ton models, 50 or 60 Hz, to accommodatepressure switch, low pressure bypass and fan cycle control. Energy efficient scroll compressor operates quietly, which With right hand or left hand compressor location, the spaceused by a pair of units can be reduced while improvingaccessibility to the compressors. Outside air options include economizer for cooling usingvaried cooling requirements.outside air and fresh air damper which allows a continuousamount of air to beintroduced through the unit.The Liebert InteleCool 2 System Is Perfect ForMany Critical Applications: Wired, piped, charged with refrigerant and fully factory ommunications switching facilities includingCcellular, radio paging, microwave/satellite earthstations and PCS services. Modular electronic equipment structures. any other locations requiring cooling in aMlightweight, efficient package.Painted steel oraluminum cabinetsCooling For Shelter Applicationshelps reduce the sound of units when shelters are locatednear neighbors.tested as a system, to ensure easy, trouble-free installationand start-up.Economizer OptionThe Liebert InteleCool 2 can be equippedwith an economizer system that usesmodulating dampers to draw in filtered,outside ambient air for cooling when theexterior temperature drops below a preset level. These outside air temperaturesettings are field adjustable. Theeconomizer saves energy and reducescomponent wear. Heavy-duty doublewidth blowerHigh efficiencyR-407C scrollcompressorOptional Economizerwith spring-returnactuatorChoice of compressoron right or left sideof unitCopper-tube,aluminum fin coilsLi eb ert I ntel eC ool 2Flexible Outdoor WallmountCooling For Shelters AndOther StructuresControlsFor the highest levels of reliability — andto minimize site downtime — criticalshelters can be equipped with two LiebertInteleCool 2 units and an autochangeoversystem that balances runtime andautomatically switches from one unit toanother unit if required.7

Liebert MCR, Liebert XDF, Liebert XDKHigh Density RackEnclosures: Total ProtectionWherever It’s NeededLiebert MCRand servers are deployed outside the large data center, thereThe Liebert Foundation MCR (Mini Computer Room) is an airconditioned cabinet with integrated UPS protection and cooling,designed to ensure the long-term viability of IT equipment. The loadsized, computer-grade air conditioner can be located at the top orbottom of the enclosure. A back-up cooling system ensures coolingsecurity. Power protection is provided by a Liebert rack-mount an increasing need to manage escalating heat densities inFeatures and Benefitsnetwork closets, computer rooms, and other locations with aThe capabilities and features of the Liebert Foundation MCR aredesigned to provide maximum protection for systems housedwithin the enclosure:As a new generation of compact, heat producing IT switchessmall number of racks. These rack-based components must beprotected with the same level of cooling, power and physicalsecurity support as a conventional computer room,but with the economies of scale and price in mind.Liebert rack enclosure protection solutions bringtogether the full range of Liebert support systems intoa single package. Depending on the level of protectionrequired, these self contained systems can includecomprehensive, computer-grade support featuressuch as cooling, power, monitoring and security — allintegrated in a seamless, qualified design.Internal ECMThe integrated ECM(Environmental ControlModule) - enclosure designpromotes the best aircirculation to preventhotspots within theenclosure. Inside and outsideair are isolated formaximum cleanliness.Back-Up CoolingDuring high internaltemperature or poweroutage conditions, theBCM (Back-Up CoolingModule) — powered bythe enclosure’s UPS — isautomatically activated,drawing in filtered outsideair to ensure continuousair flow to protectedequipment.8Comprehensive, integrated Liebert design — combinescomputer-grade support systems, including cooling, power,monitoring and security into a single, pre-tested system.Mobile design for quick deployment — lets you put a selfcontained mini-computer room right where you need it,today or tomorrow.Agency approved as a system — pre-qualified and readyfor installation.ECM (Environmental Control Module) — computer-grade airconditioning load matched to UPS.BCM (Back-up Cooling Module) — provides cooling in the event ofa power loss or can be utilized to reduce energy consumptionwith the BCM Energy Saver Control.Liebert On-Line or Line-Interactive UPS — provides back-uppower protection.Advanced power management — Liebert Managed PowerAdvanced Power Strips are also available as an option to providepower control at the receptacle level.Multiple monitoring options — provide alarm and enclosurestatus monitoring.

Liebert XDFLiebert XDK-WAnother innovative solution for protectinghigh density applications is the Liebert XDK-Wrack enclosure with integrated cooling.This proven enclosure solution creates aprotective, space-saving environment forblade servers and other rack-based, extremedensity IT equipment.Features and BenefitsThe Liebert XDK offers a number of uniquefeatures designed to provide high-level coolingprotection of rack-mounted components:Features and BenefitsThe Liebert XDF includes integrated high capacity cooling thatprovides the benefits of big room support in a cost-effectivepackage. Advantages include:Lower cost cooling — the Liebert XDF uses a digital scrollcompressor which is unique to Liebert and allows for continualand precise adjustments in cooling, resulting in lowerenergy costs.High level control — control and monitoring are providedthrough a cabinet-mounted Liebert iCOM control system,providing local and remote access to monitoring of conditionswithin the Liebert XDF.Quick deployment — easily adaptable, plug-and-play installation.Self-contained air-cooled model requires only ACpower connection.Back-up ventilation— Integrated automatic back-up ventilation.Business-critical power protection — provided through anoptional Liebert GXT, a rack-mounted UPS that features on-linepower protection, remote monitoring, an external maintenancebypass and extended battery runtimes.Advanced power management — Liebert Managed PowerAdvanced Power Strips are also available as an option to providepower control at the receptacle level.Effective heat removal — server heat load is dissipated intothe cold water system through an air-to-water heatexchanger in the bottom of the rack.Automatic front and rear door opener — operates in caseof overheating in the rack.Redundant high-performance variable speed fans — driveclosed loop air circulation in the rack’s interior, whileservers are supplied with cold air at the front of the rack.Can cool more than 25 kW of heat load in the rack— reduces the risks of downtime in extremedensity environments.Highest packing density for high-performance servers.Consequently, up to 80% floor space saving in thedata center.Highest possible leakage safety — with strict separation ofheat exchangers and electronic equipment.Utilizes Liebert XDP-W Coolant Pumping Unit —which houses the isolating heat exchanger between theLiebert XDK-W water circuit and the building chilled water,as well as the control valve, pumps and system controls. Itcontrols the fluid temperature to always be above theactual room dewpoint to prevent condensation on thepiping and the coils.Liebert XDFCondenser FanLiebert XDKChanneled airflowAutomatic Door OpenersGraphicControlDisplayFans with temperaturedependent speed controlEvaporatorCoilHigh performance air-towater heat exchangerPower CordConnectionsStandard Mode(Self Contained Unit Shown)Back-Up Ventilation Mode(Self Contained Unit Shown)9Cool Solutions For Today’s Computer And Com m unications F aci litiesEffective cooling — optimized horizontal air circulation cools theprotected equipment, both in standard mode and in the uniquebackup ventilation mode.Completely sealed from room air — highdensity server racks inside the unit utilizeclosed air circulation for cooling.Li eb ert MC R, Li eb ert X DF, Liebert XDKThe air-cooled Liebert XDF extreme densityenclosure is a fully self-contained plug-andplay rack-enclosure system that requires onlyAC power connection to create an integrated,mission-critical protection system for up to36U and 14kW of sensitive electronics.42U water-cooled unit exhausts the heat fromthe electronic equipment through the waterpiping circuit that is connected to an externaldry cooler.

Liebert XD - Supplemental CoolingRequires less Chiller CapacitykW Chiller Capacity per kWOf Sensible Heat LoadChiller Capacity1.40Latent LoadFan LoadSensible Load1.201.000.80SupplementalSensible Cooling0.6015% Lower0.40High0.20Heat Density Solutions For Rack, Spot And Zone Cooling0.00CW CRACLiebert XDMission-critical heat removal systems can now be configured to targetcooling directly at hot spots. Unique equipment designs also enable usersto handle high heat loads without consuming additional floorspace.kW power to cool 1 kW of sensible heatLiebert XD - Supplemental Coolingwith Lower Operating CostsPower Usage0.600.500.40FanPump (XD)Pump (CW)Chiller0.300.2032% Lower27% Lower0.100.00CW CRACat 100%CapacityCW CRAC Liebert XD Liebert XDat 50%at 100%at 50%CapacityCapacityCapacityPumped RefrigerantApproachA Chiller DesignedFor Direct SystemConfigurationsThe Liebert XDCChiller is a speciallydesigned indoor unitthat connects directlyto the Liebert XDCooling Modulesand provides chilledpumped refrigerantcirculation andcontrol. It ensuresthat the refrigerantis constantly abovethe actual dewpoint in the room,eliminating concernabout condensation.Available with severalheat rejection options.10The smaller chillerplant and lowerfan load result insignificant energysavings. A 27%energy savings isvery conservative.Data Center Cooling Solution Starts With The BestA Liebert DS Mission-Critical Cooling System providesbasic cooling, humidity control and air filtration.The Liebert XD System ProvidesSupplemental Sensible Cooling For HighHeat Density Racks Or Zones.Product Features Include:Energy efficient.Can cool more than 30kW per rack.Pumped refrigerant solutions are ideal for use aroundelectronic equipment.Minimal floorspace requirements.Flexibility to accommodate various equipment layouts.Scalable – add or move cooling modules as your needschange without the need for an HVAC technician.Pumped refrigerant technology is ideal for use around electronic equipment. It operates atlow pressure in the piping circuit and would become a gas at room conditions.Use of pumped refrigerant also makes the system very energy efficient and it saves spacewith smaller piping requirements and the ability to utilize more compact heat exchangers.Pumping UnitDesigned For IndirectConfigurationApplicationsWhen a building chilledwater system is available,the Liebert XDP withiCOM Pumping Unitserves as an isolatinginterface between thebuilding chilled watersystem and the pumpedrefrigerant circuit. Itcirculates refrigerant tothe XD Cooling Modulesat a temperaturealways above the actualdew point to preventcondensation. LiebertXDP features LiebertiCOM controls, enhancingsystem reliability andflexibility.The OverheadCooling SolutionThe ceiling-mountedLiebert XDO OverheadCooling Modulemounts directly abovethe cold aisle. It drawsin hot air from thehot aisle and thendischarges cool airinto the cold aislewhere the equipmentair inlets are located.This energy-efficientunit takes up nofloor space. Availablewith Smart Moduleintegrated controlboard, for increasedmodule control andmonitoring.Space-SavingSolution ThatCools From The TopThe Liebert XDVCooling Module mountsvertically above or onthe IT rack enclosure,drawing hot air frominside the cabinet orfrom the hot aisle. Itthen cools the air anddischarges it downto the cold aisle. Thisspace-saving solutionrequires zero floorspace. Availablewith Smart Moduleintegrated controlboard, for increasedmodule control andmonitoring.Row-based CoolingThat’s Right In LineWith Your NeedsThe modular LiebertXDH HorizontalRow Cooler is placeddirectly in line with rackenclosures. Air fromthe hot aisle is drawn inthrough the rear of theunit, cooled, and thendischarged through thefront of the unit intothe cold aisle. Availablewith Smart Moduleintegrated controlboard, for increasedmodule control andmonitoring.

HOT AISLECOLD AISLEHOT AISLECOLD AISLEHOT AISLEHOT AISLECOLD AISLEHOT AISLECOLD AISLELiebert XDVLi eb ert X D Rack, Sp ot And Zone CoolingHOT AISLELiebert XDOThe Liebert XD units work extremely well with the hot aisle/cold aisle design of raised floor applications byefficiently drawing hot air out of equipment racks and moving cool air into the cold aisle.Liebert XD Piping is pre-fabricateddistribution piping that is installed inanticipation of a growing system. LiebertXD Cooling modules are then added,disconnected, or repositioned as requiredand are quickly made operational withflexible connection piping with quickconnect fittings.The Most EnergyEfficient CoolingAvailableLiebert XDR Rack DoorCooling Module replacesthe back door of a serverenclosure, providingcooling without increasingthe rack footprint. Themodule uses the serverfans within the protectedrack to provide airflow,providing the most energyefficient design.A New Way To Cool HotServersThe innovative LiebertXDS utilizes IntegratedDirect Heat Transfer technology to maximizeenergy efficiency byoperating without coolingsystem fans or server fans.Patent-pending microchannel cooling platesdirectly remove heat fromthe server, eliminatingthe need to expel air fromthe rack and into thedata center. The systemremoves up to 600W per1U slot, for a total of morethan 20kW per rack andprovides an 80% energysavings over traditionalcooling methods.The Heart Of TheWater-based SystemThe Liebert XDP-W CoolantPumping Unit is the key to theperformance, efficiency and spacesaving of the Liebert XDR-WRackCooler and Liebert XDK-Wwater-cooled rack enclosure.The unit houses the isolating heatexchanger between the LiebertXDR-W/XDK-W circuit fluidand building chilled water, thecontrol valve, the dual redundantpumps and the system controls. Itcontrols the fluid temperature toalways be above the actual roomdewpoint to avoid condensation.The Liebert XDP-W can be usedwith other brands of rack coolingequipment.Open Architecture High Dens ity C oolingWater-Cooled ApproachLiebert RackCoolerThe Liebert XDR-W RackCooler utilizes a coolingunit that is attached to theback door of the enclosure.Fans in the module move airfrom the equipment in therack, through a cooling coiland expel it from the back ofthe unit, chilled to the pointwhere the impact on theroom is close to neutral. Thismakes the Liebert XDR-W anideal solution in applicationswhere the hot aisle/cold aislearrangement is not practical.The Liebert XDR-W can beconfigured to eliminate hotspots or uneven heat loadswithin the room.11

Liebert Mini-Mate2 Liebert Mini-Mate2 Overhead Cooling In A VarietyOf Capacities And ConfigurationsPrecision cooling and humidity control of small areas — such as computer, controland equipment rooms — is a lot easier thanks to the

Mini-Mate2 , there is a Liebert system designed to cool and protect your critical computing systems. We make the industry’s widest range of mission-critical environmental controls, including perimeter, row-based, and ceiling-installed precision cooling

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Liebert GXT 10kVA, Liebert GXT2U and Liebert Nfinity Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card-LB - compatible with: Liebert NX and Liebert Hinet UPS models Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card-LBDS - compatible with these Precision Cooling units: Liebert DS , Liebert X

Liebert HPC L . Liebert HPC S . Emerson’s Thermal Management Data Centre Product Portfolio . Liebert CRV Liebert XDV . Liebert PCW Liebert PDX Digital Scroll XDH. Evaporative Air Handlers/Room . Cooling . Knürr DCD Knürr DCL . 35 . Liebert DM . Liebert HPS . Rack and . In Row . Liebert DSE . Room/Perimeter

Liebert Nform Software Frequently Asked Questions Yes, by adding the Liebert MultiLink shutdown license, Liebert Nform can be setup to send shutdown commands to Liebert MultiLink 1.5 clients. Yes. Liebert can custom build templates for your UPSs to work with Liebert Nform. No, Liebert Nform c

The Liebert DSE direct expansion cooling system comprises four primary components: the Liebert DSE indoor computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unit, the Liebert MC micro-channel outdoor condenser, the Liebert EconoPhase pumped refrigerant economizer and Liebert iCOM control with thermal syste

Liebert PDX Floor-Mount Unit Liebert MC Microchannel Condenser Liebert EconoPhase Economizer The Liebert EconoPhase pumped refrigerant economizer is compatible with the Liebert PDX and Liebert MC to improve thermal management and control, while drastically cutting energy costs and lowering p

Liebert NXr Series 30KVA to 200KVA (380V) 2 Today, you need a power infrastructure . Liebert NXr to provide the same level of reliability you have come to expect from the Liebert NX UPS series. 4 The best investment you can make in a UPS system: Efficiency, . Liebert NXr Liebert NXr Li

Liebert mission-critical cooling units. Liebert iCOM may be used to combine multiple cooling units into a team that operates as a single entity, enhancing the already-high performance and efficiency of Liebert’s units. Liebert iCOM is available as a factory-installed assembly or may be ret

a Liebert Deluxe System /3 precision air conditioning unit. THERE IS A LIEBERT LEAK DETECTION SYSTEM TO MEET THE NOTIFICATION NEEDS OF ANY SITE 6 Liebert Liqui-tect 460 Zone Leak Detection Configuration The Liebert Liqui-tect 460 uses flexible cable for zone monito

Pumped R-134a refrigerant is supplied by either a Liebert XDP or Liebert XDC. Either Liebert unit will support up to four Sun Cooling Door 5600 units. Room cooling must be provided by a computer room air conditioner. For further information, refer to the Liebert XD System Design

The Liebert PEX Chilled Water units (hereafter Liebert PEX CW ) are the next generation series of Precision Air Conditioners (PAC) that provide precise environmental control. The Liebert PEX chilled water models consist of wide range of cooling capacity from

administrator is Liebert and the default password is also Liebert. The user name and password can be changed with the Web interface. See 2.2 - Change User Names and Passwords Immediately for details. Table 1-1 Compatibility with Liebert equipment Liebert IntelliSlot Card Compatible with:

Aug 01, 2019 · Liebert EconoPhase pumped refriger-ant economizer) increasing its ability to adapt to diverse application demands. The Liebert EconoPhase pumped refrigerant economizer is compatible with Liebert PDX and Liebert MC to improve thermal management and control,

Liebert Product Topologies Single Phase UPS Liebert PSP – Stand-by (step-wave) – Models: 350VA – 500VA, 120 VAC 500VA – 650VA, 230 VAC Liebert PSA – Line Interactive (step-wave) – Models: 500VA – 1000VA, 120 VAC 500VA – 1000VA, 230 VAC Liebert PSI – Line Interactive (sinewave) – Mode

the Liebert Deluxe System/3, the Liebert CW continues this reputation for dependability, and improves upon the design with energy saving upgrades. The Liebert CW chilled water based precision cooling system is specifically designed to handle the high heat loads generated by computers a

Liebert GXT 6kVA & Liebert . the user manual for the Liebert power or cooling unit for details). Connect a Modbus (RS-485) cable to the TB2 terminal block. Connect an input power supply cable to Pins 1 & 2 on the TB3 terminal bloc

Product Description 3 1.0 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1.1 General Product Information 1.1.1 Product/System Description The Liebert DCP chilled water distribution unit is an interface between the building chilled water system and the cooling modules in the Liebert

Cooling System That Handles The Most Demanding Conditions 2 Based on the historically reliable design of the Liebert Deluxe System/3, the Liebert CW continues this reputation for dependability, and improves upon the design with energy saving upgrades. The Liebert CW chilled water based

Liebert IntelliSlot Unity-DP Card Delivers SNMP and HTTP web-management communications capabilities for monitoring and control through your existing network with no additional software required. Allows remote monitoring and control of Liebert CRV using RS-485 Modbus through Liebert

Communications Options Liebert IntelliSlot IS-485EXT, Liebert SiteScan, IS-WEBL, Liebert Nform Physical Data UPS Dimensions, W X D X H in (mm) 31.8x39.5x78.7 (800, 1000, 2000) Note: 12 inches of rear clearance required for cooling UPS Rating Unit Weight lb (kg) 15kW 919 (417) 705 (320) 30kW

The Liebert CRV, self-contained Thermal Management unit is ideal for the cooling of data center rack rows. The Liebert CRV is a multi-option, precision air conditioner that delivers temperature and humidity control, as well as filtration and notification management, ensuring that dat